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CVS commit: pkgsrc/chat/pidgin-facebookchat

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   obache
Date:           Wed Oct  5 09:23:44 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/chat/pidgin-facebookchat: Makefile distinfo
        pkgsrc/chat/pidgin-facebookchat/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
Update pidgin-facebookchat to 1.69.

Version 1.69
 * Buddy list not shown (everyone falsely shown as offline).

Version 1.68
 * Support for new group chats
 * Fix for setting status messages
 * Fix for when FB chat is down for maintenance

Version 1.67
 * Plugin works with new 'Account Security'/'device login'/'register your
   computer' login security feature

Version 1.66
 * Fix for crash on account creation
 * Fix for status messages showing as "like/unlike" rather than the status

Version 1.65
 * Fix for new buddy icons being too small
 * Download all buddies at startup, not just online ones

Version 1.64
 * Fix some friend requests not going away
 * Fix buddy icons not working for some people
 * Fix for logging out of browser while using plugin
 * Fix for buddies with hearts in their status messages
 * Fix for 'Get Info' screen not working (and eating up CPU)

Version 1.63
 * Fix buddy icons not downloading for some people
 * FB inbox message count shows in buddy list again
 * Fix for status messages not downloading
 * Fix for accepting/rejecting/adding buddies

Version 1.62
 * Fix for captcha causing crashes on Windows (the new captcha doesn't work
 * Fix for not getting buddy list/logging out issues/protocol changes
 * Only complain about not being able to fetch buddy list after 3 attempts

Version 1.61
 * An option to disable friends lists/groups in advanced account settings
 * Fixes for 64-bit UID's so no more messages from people/yourself being in
   wrong window (thanks to Evan Schoenberg)
 * Now requires json-glib version 0.7.6 or later (included in the Windows
 * Uses less memory after reconnecting a few times (thanks to Jan Kaluza)
 * Fix for notifications not showing for some people
 * Fix for buddies being added over and over to the same group
 * Fix for every message you send being received back to yourself
 * Regression: buddy status messages no longer show due to a change from

Version 1.60
 * Facebook groups/friend lists
 * Handles bad logins for some people (Facebook captcha)
 * Fix missing buddy icons (kinda, need to delete existing buddy icons)
 * Fix status message setting not working
 * Fix crash on Windows
 * Fix weird 1969 dates on 32-bit Linux systems
 * Fix for other miscellaneous crashes
 * Regression: not all idle buddies appear away

Version 1.54
 * Added an option to disable history
 * Users are now away and idle, not just idle
 * AIM links work in 'Get Info'/Profile screen
 * Fix buddy names not being shown straight away
 * Fix for a crash on 64-bit Linux
 * Fix a crash in friends checking when there's no data
 * Some code cleanups
 * ARMEL version no longer needs latest version of glib, but will not style
   incomming messages

Version 1.53
 * IM History displays when opening a conversation window
 * Improved RSS/notifications code
 * 'New inbox message' count optional, set using "New mail notifications" in
   account settings
 * Fix missing buddy icons
 * Fix dropped/missed messages
 * Fix for crash on 64-bit Linux
 * Fix to set status messages when marked as 'away' in Pidgin
 * Fix for 'get info' screen for people with usernames (Thanks to hanzz.k)
 * Fix for 'numbers instead of aliases'
 * Fix some memleaks
 * Regression: No longer marks messages as read in Facebook website
 * Regression: Does not work with 64-bit UID's

Version 1.52
 * Quick release to fix a crash that occurs sometimes

Version 1.51
 * Fix idle status of buddies
 * Less disconnects for people with large friends lists
 * gzip compression for smaller page downloads
 * Fixes for notifications for non-English users
 * Display messages sent from website in Pidgin
 * Inbox count display
 * Usernames and/or passwords with utf-8 characters should work now
 * Display *bold* and _underline_ formatting in incoming messages
 * Memleak fixes
 * Proxy server fixes
 * Fixed some crashes on disconnect
 * Fixes some buddy's appearing offline when they weren't
 * New channel finding code, should mean less conflicts with Facebook website
 * Uses json-glib library for parsing buddy list and is a required dependency

Version 1.50
 * Should fix bandwidth usage problems
 * Fix a crash-on-quit bug
 * Can set status to 'idle' by changing to 'away' in Pidgin
 * Sends correct local language for using non-default languages (eg English) in
   other countries (eg Japan)

Version 1.47
 * Removes the "(via Pidgin)" part of the status message
 * Fixes some rare crashes

Version 1.46
 * Added pokes!
 * Improved idle/away behavior
 * Buddy aliases also behave better now
 * Buddy icons are now uniformly large

Version 1.45
 * Added plugin version info to menu for easier updates
 * Fixed a bug related to idle time
 * Fixed a number of small memory leaks
 * Fixed a rare crash

Version 1.44
 * Fixes a couple of crashes

Version 1.43
 * .deb Package works for Finch and libpurple installs
 * Fixed setting of status messages again
 * Fixed crash when getting info on a buddy too quickly at startup

Version 1.42
 * Fixed a crash on Windows if the debug window was showing

Version 1.41
 * More crash fixes
 * Notification fixes
 * New layout of source tarball
 * Minimum version of Pidgin needed now 2.3.0

Version 1.40
 * Stability improvements (no more crashes)

Version 1.39
 * Large buddy icons are back!
 * Chat windows close on Facebook when closing chat windows in Pidgin
 * Fix for offline buddies showing in buddy list
 * Fix for high bandwidth problems
 * Fix for notification feeds not showing as emails in Pidgin

Version 1.38
 * Some crashing fixes
 * Stores url of buddy icon to stop icon being downloaded more than once
 * Uses smaller buddy icons to decrease bandwidth

Version 1.37
 * Fixes receiving an error message of "lol" or "Test" when sending a message

Version 1.36
 * Fixed startup crash which would say "No error." before promptly dying, should
   also fix some random disconnects
 * Fixed the 'Get Info' and 'Buddy Search' screens
 * Fixed the 'All buddys re-added' bug that happened when renaming the Facebook
   group however this means...
 * Buddies cannot be removed from the Pidgin buddy list anymore. If you do, they
   will be re-added when the buddy list is synced

Version 1.35
 * Fix for new Facebook message type that was causing crashes
 * Fix so that if the IP address isn't found, Pidgin won't crash
 * Fix buddy statuses being updated properly

Version 1.34
 * Minor update to make the plugin work with the Facebook iPhone app

Version 1.33
 * Lots of stability fixes (mainly for Windows users)
 * Memory leak fixes
 * Using the "Set Facebook status through Pidgin status" option won't send lots
   of updates to Facebook
 * Less problems with appearing offline to other Facebook users

Version 1.32
 * Made it easier for people using the new Facebook layout to use the plugin 
(no   more having to change the Host in the Advanced settings)
 * Fixed up the Get Info to get rid of the useless links and to fix the profile
   link at the bottom
 * Shouldn't use 100% cpu now if the server asks us to refresh the connection

Version 1.31
 * Get Info works for the new Facebook layout

Version 1.30
 * Fix for those people using the new Facebook layout - edit the Facebook
  account, and set the Host to "" (without the quotes), in
  the Advanced section

Version 1.29
 * Buddy info should have the buddy name and status (if any)
 * Buddy info can be accessed from search box for buddies not on your buddy list
   but only for those buddies that allow it
 * Fix for occasional crash (new type of message being sent by Facebook)
 * Online buddies won't show as going Online->Online in system log any more

Version 1.28
 * A few more fixes for the 'crash on logout' problem
 * If you have the option to hide yourself in the buddy list on, you wont appear
   online when sending messages any more
 * A big version of the profile picture will appear in the 'get info' screen
 * A 1 second delay in re-sending messages after an error means you'll get less
   "Error: Destination not online" messages
 * Removing the alias from a buddy wont make it only show numbers in the buddy
 * Buddies with } in their status won't stuff up your buddy list

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.2 -r1.3 pkgsrc/chat/pidgin-facebookchat/patches/patch-aa

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