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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/cgdb

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Thu Sep  8 19:46:31 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/cgdb: Makefile distinfo
        pkgsrc/devel/cgdb/patches: patch-aa
Removed Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/cgdb/patches: patch-ab patch-ac patch-ad patch-ae

Log Message:
Update to 0.6.5. From Peter Tworek on pkgsrc-users.

cgdb-0.6.5 (01/01/2010)

   * Turn autosourcereload to on by default. This matches GDB's behavior.

   * CGDB should successfully build on Mac OS X 10.5.
     Thanks Kyle McKay for sending in this patch.

   * Add support for :up and :down in the cgdb status bar.
     Thanks Benoit Pierre for reporting this.

   * Enhanced tgdb in a2 mode. It now understands GNAT's
     pre-instance-choice, instance-choice, post-instance-choice extension.

   * Made searching and :commands a little more vi-like. If you abort a
     search, you can still recall the last search with 'n' or 'N'.  If you
     backspace to the beginning of the line, a :command or /search is

   * Added some new cgdb commands.
       :c is now a synonym for :continue
       :f is now a synonym for :finish
       :n is now a synonym for :next
       :r is not a synonym for :run
       :s is now a synonym for :step
       :start is a new command that will send "start" to the debugger
       :kill is a new command that will send "kill" to the debugger

   * Shortcut mode has been removed from cgdb. If you liked it, you can
     put these commands in your cgdbrc file,
       map r :run<CR>
       map c :continue<CR>
       map f :finish<CR>
       map n :next<CR>
       map s :step<CR>
     and you will get the same functionality. Do not forget that,
       F5 is the same as 'run'.
       F6 is the same as 'continue'.
       F7 is the same as 'finish'.
       F8 is the same as 'next'.
       F10 is the same as 'step'.
     are always available.

   * Added a feature to CGDB which allows it to ask readline what key
     sequence it uses for the Home and End keys. That way, if the terminfo
     database is wrong, but the OS vendor modified /etc/inputrc, CGDB will
     have a working Home and End key.

   * CGDB fully supports the use of maps now. The feature is similar in
     nature to the vim map feature.  It supports map, unmap, imap
     and iunmap. The map/unmap work in CGDB mode and the imap/iunmap
     work in GDB mode.

   * Added the cgdbmodekey configuration option. This allows the user to
     change the key that switches them from GDB mode to CGDB mode. The
     default value is the Escape key. This is useful for users that want
     to use readline in vi-mode.

   * Fixed a bug in CGDB where the Insert and Delete keys were not
     recognized properly all of the time.

cgdb-0.6.4 (04/28/2007)

   * CGDB can now be compiled with -jN option. It would fail previously.

   * CGDB should now build on freebsd with out any patches.

   * Added a new highlighting group, SelectedLineNr. From the documentation:
     This represents the group that is used when CGDB is displaying the
     currently selected line.  This is the line that the cursor is on.

   * CGDB shuts down now when it receives C-d (control d), just like GDB

   * Changed the GDB prompt from "(tgdb)" to "(gdb)". I think users
     will be more comfortable with "(gdb)".

   * Fixed a serious bug in CGDB. After the user entered a command
     CGDB would not accept any more commands. This would only
     happen sometimes, if at all. This is due to the fact that CGDB
     had a bug in it that was sensitive to the amount of data that
     the read system call returns to it.

   * Fixed a bug in CGDB where it would not show a file in the
     source viewer if there was a space in the path.

   * Removed the escdelay option. It has been replaced by the
     timeout, timeoutlen, ttimeout and ttimeoutlen options. Please
     see the CGDB manual for more documentation on these options.

   * Fixed a bug in libkui. If the user quickly typed ESC followed
     by an 'o' while in the GDB window, the 'o' character would not
     get processed by CGDB until another character was hit.

   * CGDB has improved it's -d (Set debugger to use) command line
     option. CGDB used to force the user to have a space between the
     -d and the debugger to use, like "cgdb -d /usr/bin/gdb". Now the
     user can also start CGDB like "cgdb -d/usr/bin/gdb".

   * CGDB now honor's the '--' command line option, which will allow the
     user to explicitly say when they want to end passing arguments to
     CGDB and begin passing arguments to the debugger.

   * Fixed another bug in the configure script. If the getopt.h header
     file is not available on the system, then CGDB will fail to configure.
     It should finish, and most likely build successfully.

   * Fixed yet another bug in the auto tools scripts. cgdb-0.6.3 would
     improperly install gdbmi_driver if make was invoked like
     'make DESTDIR=/foo install'.

   * Fixed another bug in the configure script. If the curses.h header
     file is not available on the system, then CGDB will fail to configure.
     It would previously configure and then end up with a compile error.

cgdb-0.6.3 (06/03/2006)

   * CGDB will no longer crash if you attempt to do a regular expression
     search with / when there is no file in the source viewer.

   * CGDB now uses a psuedo terminal (PTY) to start GDB on, instead of
     using a pipe. Jens Frederich reported that on a Mac, typing Ctrl-C
     while the inferior was running would cause GDB to shut down, thus
     causing CGDB to shut down. This patch fixes that problem. At the
     same time, this patch caused GDB to ask the user several other
     questions regarding shared breakpoints, and quiting while the
     inferior is running. Thus, CGDB acts more as if you were just using

   * CGDB is now maintained in a subversion repository instead of a
     CVS repository. Although this might not appear to effect end users,
     it is possible that there will be problems associated with this
     switch. For this reason, I have documented this here.

   * Fixed another bug in the configure script. CGDB should now be able
     to configure itself on a Mac. Thanks to Jens Frederich for finding
     and reporting this problem.

   * CGDB no longer packages the generated auto tool files in CVS. However,
     the distributions will have these files. This means you will need
     autoconf, autoheader and automake installed to compile CGDB from CVS.

   * CGDB now compiles according to the c89 standard. This should help with
     porting to older systems.

   * The file cgdb.txt is now installed into $PREFIX/share/cgdb/cgdb.txt. This
     is the file CGDB will now use to display the manual when :help is typed.
     This prevents CGDB from copying the data into the users home directory.

cgdb-0.6.2 (04/09/2006)

   * CGDB should run on solaris 2.5 again. I don't think it would since
     CGDB .6.0.

   * Fixed a bug in the configure script that was probably added in .6.0
     when the large readline integration was done. It was possible for
     readline to choose the wrong termcap library, because of a bad
     autoconf macro that CGDB was using. This could potentially cause the
     screen to get corrupted.

   * Fixed a bug in the syntax highlighter for C strings. A line like
     char *s = "\""; would cause the highlighter to break and most of the
     file after that would be displayed in red (string literal color).

   * The message 'CGDB had unexpected results, ...' will no longer be
     displayed when CGDB can not parse a breakpoint. This message was being
     displayed when a watchpoint was issued by the user. It does not fix any
     bugs though, just stops the message from being displayed.

cgdb-0.6.1 (03/06/2006)

   * An improvement for tab completion support. With certain versions of GDB,
     an extra line "server complete ..." would be added to the list of
     possible completions. This is no longer added. I believe this would
     only happen with really old versions of GDB.

   * Improved tab completion support in readline for quoted data. For
     instance tab completing C++ member functions like b 'foo::b<tab>
     will now produce b 'foo::bar()'.

   * Improved tab completion support. This comes in 2 forms. First, CGDB
     honors the readline variable rl_completion_query_items. If the number
     of completions is greater than this variable, then the user will be
     asked if they want the completion to happen. Second, after each page of
     completions, the user will be asked if they want more completions to be
     displayed or not.

   * Thanks to Steve Folta for sending in a patch which added support in CGDB
     for configuring the syntax colors. The colors used to be hard coded and
     could not be changed. Now just use the ":highlight" command to change
     the default colors.  There is a new section in the manual called
     "CGDB highlighting groups" that describes the new functionality.

   * Again, thanks to Steve Folta for getting CGDB to run on terminals with
     background colors besides black. CGDB used to paint the terminal
     background color black regardless of what it was. Now it respects the
     background color. This feature only works when linked to ncurses. If you
     have curses, CGDB will force the background black.

   * CGDB broke it's terminal resizing functionality in cgdb-0.6.0. This is
     now working again. The bug was introduced while bringing readline into
     the same address space as CGDB.

   * The man page now get's installed when 'make install' is done.

cgdb-0.6.0 (01/30/2006)

   * There is a new manual for CGDB. The text version is located in
     cgdb/doc/cgdb.txt. The info version is available at cgdb/doc/
     The text, html, pdf, info and possibly other versions are avialable at

   * There is a new CGDB man page. It is located in cgdb/doc/cgdb.1.

   * Fix a crash in CGDB if the user would type ':e' or ':edit' in the
     source window, and the source window was empty. This crash is considered
     not very significant, since I can't understand why the user would try to
     refresh the file, if it didn't exist.

   * Removed the :q! and :quit! commands, since they don't do anything
     different than :q or :quit.

   * Fix a bug regarding the CGDB source viewer displaying breakpoints. If you
     used the file dialog to open a file, and the file was an absolute
     path, CGDB would display the file. If it was the first time CGDB
     encountered this file, then when you set a breakpoint, CGDB would not
     display the line as having a breakpoint in the source window, even though
     the breakpoint was actually being set. This is now fixed.

   * CGDB now supports getting the initial line, as well as the initial
     file that GDB is on when it first starts the inferior. It used to only
     determine the initial file.

   * CGDB now supports when the terminal does not have control flow turned
     on. If control flow (XON/XOFF) is off, the ^s and ^q will go directly
     to readline instead of freezing and restarting the terminal.

   * CGDB now allows the user to use the \ character for line continuation
     purposes. GDB handles this and now CGDB also handles this. Before this,
     CGDB would break if the user attempted to do line continuation.

   * CGDB no longer needs to do a fork to communicate data back and forth to
     readline, it runs readline in it's own process context. This is a huge
     improvement because it means that when you run CGDB you should only see 1
     process executing instead of the usual 2.

   * CGDB now supports tab completion. This has been a long awaited missing
     feature of CGDB.

   * CGDB now depends on readline 5.1.

   * Fix a bug in the c/c++ syntax highlighter. If a file had "\\" as a
     string literal, the CGDB syntax tokenizer would be built incorrectly
     resulting in incorrect file highlighting.

cgdb-0.5.3 (08/08/2005)

   * CGDB now can detect the version of readline that it is going to link 
   By doing this, it can alert the user at configure time if the readline 
   is OK to build CGDB with. If it is not OK, configure will fail.

   * CGDB has changed it's user interface in a way that is not backwards 
   The 't' key, now sets a temporary breakpoint. The 't' key used to put CGDB 
   insert mode in the TTY window. Now 'I' does that.

   * CGDB is now capable of setting a temporary breakpoint thanks to Marcel 
   He sent in a patch with the functionality. Hitting 't' set's a temporary 

   * It was reported that the "Windows" Key would cause CGDB to shut down.
   This has been fixed.

   * Added a new 'arrowstyle' option, see README for documentation

   * Add the ^l command to the Source window. CGDB will now clear and redraw
   the screen when this command is received.

   * It is now required to have the GNU history library in order
   to configure CGDB successfully. This was always the case, but the
   configure checks wouldn't catch it.

   * Get readline configure check to only look for libreadline. Not libedit, ...
   Future version of CGDB will depend on functionality that only readline will

cgdb-0.5.2 (05/21/2005)

   * Attempt to get autoconf/automake machinery working with command,
   make DESTDIR=... install. This should simplify the job of package 

   * Added the --with-readline-prefix autoconf option. This makes configuring 
   much easier when readline is in a non standard place.

   * Fixed major bug in CGDB-0.5.1 that prevented it from running on Solaris 9,
   FreeBSD 5.2.1 and probably many others. CGDB would hang when trying to read
   input. This bug made it impossible to use CGDB on those platforms. libkui is
   the cause of this problem and was a replacement input library for CGDB in
   cgdb-0.5.1. The bug is now fixed.

cgdb-0.5.1 (04/02/2005)

   * fixed crash when user tries to set a breakpoint on a file that's not
   a source file. This would happen if you typed ':help' to get into the
   help, and then tried to set a breakpoint using the spacebar.

   * obsolete the b and f commands. These were responsible for moving between
   the previous and the next source file. They made CGDB unstable and I don't
   think they were in the spirit of a vi/vim clone.

   * fixed an annoying bug that appeared while searching for a string. If you
   canceled the source view regex search by hitting ESC, 2 bad things would 
   You would end up on the line that you cancelled at
   The currently displayed line would stay the line you can cancelled at, even 
   you start moving around again.

   * reworked the signal handling code when GDB dies. Now CGDB handles the 
   and passes the signal notification to TGDB. This fixes a race condition that
   occurred, even though the race condition appeared to be harmless.

   * Several memory runtime fixes found thanks to valgrind. This could 
   fix crash's that I just never ran into.

   * Fix a bug in the c/c++ syntax highlighter. If a file had a dos file format
   and the C++ style comment // was used, then the file displayed would be
   completely unreadable. This is because the trailing '\r' would get grouped 
   the comment.

   * Fix CGDB command line interface. If the user invoked CGDB like this,
   'cgdb --args ./main one two three', then CGDB would hang or crash. This
   was because it use to add extra command line options to GDB on the end.
   Now it prepends the options to GDB, so that the --args command line
   can still be honored.

   * Added new logger interface. This traps all errors to a file or
   a file descriptor. There is now a mechanism to write warnings and
   errors to a file for inspection by the user.

   * Removed deprecated libinput from the various subdirectory. It has been
   replaced by libkui.

   * Added 'set asr' or autosourcereload option to CGDB. It is off by default.
   It is capable of reloading a source file when CGDB detects that a file has
   been modified. To turn this feature on do ':set asr'.

   * The :edit [:e] colon command has been implemented. It forces CGDB to
   reload the current file in the source viewer.

cgdb-0.5.0 (07/14/2004)

   * "progs" directory is no longer installed in a potentially
   read-only directory. It is installed now in top_builddir, instead of

   * Added libkui into CGDB. This is the fisrt of the 4 new libraries
   designed to make CGDB flexible and modular. Because of this, the version
   number has been bumped up to .5.0.

   * Fixed crash in TGDB when buffering commands. If the user hit
   'n' <Enter> <Enter> ... fast, while GDB was not responding, or working
   on a command, the buffering code in TGDB would enter a bad command into
   a queue, causing it to crash when it tries to execute the command.

   * Fix crash in CGDB when parsing command line parameters. I think this crash
     showed up when I starting compiling CGDB with 3.3 instead of 2.95. It would
     crash when trying to pass the --pid argument to GDB through CGDB.

cgdb-0.4.2 (05/10/2004)

    * CGDB now compiles again on AIX 4.3.  Fixed in various/util/src
      to not have a space between the -L and the path.

cgdb-0.4.1 (04/26/2004)

   * Removed a memory leak from CGDB. When debugging applications that output
   a lot of text, CGDB would reportedly grow well over 400MB. Thanks to the
   sender of this patch, who decided to keep themselves anonymous.

   * Removed all instances of PATH_MAX and replaced with FSUTIL_PATH_MAX.
   PATH_MAX is not defined on HURD, and thus CGDB wouldn't compile in that

   * Fixed TGDB bug. Tab completion was broken during cgdb-0.4.0 release.

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.2 -r1.3 pkgsrc/devel/cgdb/patches/patch-aa
cvs rdiff -u -r1.1 -r0 pkgsrc/devel/cgdb/patches/patch-ab \
    pkgsrc/devel/cgdb/patches/patch-ac pkgsrc/devel/cgdb/patches/patch-ad \

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