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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/p5-PPIx-Regexp

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Tue Aug 16 22:52:41 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/p5-PPIx-Regexp: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 0.021:

0.021           T. R. Wyant     22-Jul-2011
  Modified tokenizer to correctly handle a back slash used as a
    delimiter. I believe.
  PPIx::Regexp::Dumper now dumps the results of ppi() if that method is
    present and -verbose is asserted.

0.020           T. R. Wyant     02-Apr-2011
  Corrected perl_version_introduced():
    \R is now 5.009005 (was 5.000).

0.019           T. R. Wyant     01-Mar-2011
  Various corrections to perl_version_introduced():
    \X is now 5.006 (was 5.000);
    \N{name} is now 5.006001 (was 5.006);
    \N{U+xxxx} is now 5.008 (was 5.006).
  The \C is now parsed as a PPIx::Regexp::Token::CharClass::Simple. It
    was previously considered a PPIx::Regexp::Token::Literal.
  Ensure that \N{$foo} parses as a Unicode literal, not a quantified \N.
    The ordinal() method returns undef for this.
  Understand the /aa modifier, introduced with 5.13.10.
  Report perl_version_introduced() of 5.013010 for the new semantic
    modifiers when modifying the entire expression.
  Correct handling of interpolations like ${^foo} and $#{foo}.

0.018           T. R. Wyant     16-Feb-2011
  No changes (other than version) since 0.017_02.

0.017_02        T. R. Wyant     31-Jan-2011
  Override ppi() in PPIx::Regexp::Token::Interpolation to provide the
    proper PPI when variable names are bracketed.
  Properly parse bracketed variable names (I hope!), which may not be

0.017_01        T. R. Wyant     28-Jan-2011
  Take account of possible '$' or '@' casts before a symbol in an
    interpolation (e.g. $$foo{bar}, which is equivalent to $foo->{bar}).

0.017           T. R. Wyant     26-Jan-2011
  Add the /a modifier to PPI::Regexp::Token::Modifiers, legal only in
    the (?:...) construction. This was introduced in Perl 5.13.9.
  When parsing an interpolation from a replacement string (rather than a
    regular expression), take subscripts at face value rather than
    trying to disambiguate them from quantifiers and character classes,
    which they can't be in this context.

0.016           T. R. Wyant     05-Jan-2011
  The PPIx::Regexp::Token::Code perl_version_introduced() method now
    returns the minimum Perl version (currently set to 5.000) if it is
    used to represent the substitution portion of s///e.
  Update copyright to 2011.

0.015           T. R. Wyant     25-Oct-2010
  Documented intent to revoke support for features introduced in a
    development Perl which do not make it to a production release. This
    is necessary because in this case the syntax could be reused with
    different semantics.
  Added support for Perl 5.13.6 (?^...) construction.
  Added support for Perl 5.13.6 d, l, and u modifiers.
  Fixed inconsistency in perl_version_introduced() results between
    PPIx::Regexp::Token::Modifier and
  Corrected PPIx::Regexp::Constant RE_CAPTURE_NAME docs, somehow missed
    back at 0.010_01.

0.014           T. R. Wyant     14-Oct-2010
  Recognize \o{...} as a PPIx::Regexp::Token::Literal, with
    perl_version_introduced() of 5.0013003.
  Terminate \0.. through \7.. after three characters, as Perl does.
    These two were brought to my attention by Brian D.  Foy's "The
    Effective Perler" for October 11 2010,
  Correct the PPIx::Regexp::Token::Literal ordinal() method for '\b'. As
    a literal, this is a back space.

0.013           T. R. Wyant     10-Oct-2010
  Declare a parse failure if characters are found between the '}' and
    the ')' of (?{...}) and (??{...}), and rebless the tokens to
    ::Unknown. Perl does not accept anything here, so I think I should
    not either.
  Whitespace tweak in the PPIx::Regexp::Dumper test output for the
    failures test.
  Replace the PPI logic in PPIx::Regexp::Token::Code with a call to
    $tokenizer->find_matching_delimiter(). This is actually the way Perl
    works, as a look at toke.c and regcomp.c makes clear.
  Push the perl_version_introduced() back to 5.0 at the request of
    Alexandr Ciornii, for the potential benefit of Perl::MinimumVersion.
    This was done mostly by reading the various perlre, perldelta, and
    perlop documents, so these should be taken with a HUGE grain of

0.012           T. R. Wyant     26-Sep-2010
  Track all the features reported as introduced (or removed) in Perl
    5.010 back to Perl 5.009005, and report them as such.
  Report modifier /r as having been introduced in Perl 5.013002, rather
    than the default of 5.006.

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