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CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/aria2

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   ryoon
Date:           Thu Jul 14 06:00:08 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/net/aria2: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 1.12.0


 * Use ServerStat to find faster server. This is useful when several
   downloads were started in parallel, but one download is slow and
   the other downloads have completed. Then aria2 knows which servers
   are fast by the results of completed downloads, and check the
   available URIs of slow downloads to see faster server is available
   there. If so, use it instead of current slow one to make download

 * Added Russian translation of man page and HTML manual contributed
   by ITriskTI.

 * Added aria2.getGlobalStat RPC method.  It returns overall
   download/upload speed and the number of active/stopped/waiting

 * Added --pause option.  This option pauses download after
   added. This option is effective only when --enable-rpc=true is
   given.  When --save-session option is used and there are paused
   downloads, they are saved with --pause=true so that it will become
   paused state when the session is recovered.

 * Abort aria2 if it could not setup any RPC server.

 * Added --truncate-console-readout option.  This option truncates
   console readout to fit in a single line.  This is default. Give
   false value to this option to tell aria2 not to truncate console

 * Cache and reuse RpcMethod objects.

 * Allowed missing params in system.multicall RPC method.

 * Added --stream-piece-selector option.  This option specifies piece
   selection algorithm used in HTTP/FTP download. Piece means fixed
   length segment which is downloaded in parallel in segmented
   download. If 'default' is given, aria2 selects piece so that it
   reduces the number of establishing connection. This is reasonable
   default behaviour because establishing connection is an expensive
   operation.  If 'inorder' is given, aria2 selects piece which has
   minimum index. Index=0 means first of the file. This will be useful
   to view movie while downloading it. --enable-http-pipelining option
   may be useful to reduce reconnection overhead.  Please note that
   aria2 honors --min-split-size option, so it will be necessary to
   specify a reasonable value to --min-split-size option.

 * Removed unnecessary template parameter from std::make_pair call.
   The patch was contributed from Dan Fandrich.

 * Implemented fast file allocation in MinGW32 build.  We use
   SetFilePointerEx and SetEndOfFile to allocate extents.  This only
   works with NTFS. To enable this feature, --file-allocation=falloc
   must be given.

 * Only percent-encode non-printable ASCII chars(0x00-0x1f), non-ASCII
   chars(>0x7f), ' ', '"', '<' and '>' for URIs supplied by user and
   remote server(usually Location header field).

 * Don't throw exception if Z_BUF_ERROR is encountered in GZipEncoder.
   This fixed the bug that compressed RPC request failed.

 * Don't save removed download in --save-session text file.  Now stat
   column of removed downloads in Download Results is 'RM' instead of


 * Updated Japanese, Spanish and Simplified Chinese translation.
   Thanks to all translators.

 * Eliminated few seconds delay when downloads stop or pause.

 * Added --metalink-base-uri option.  --metalink-uri option specifies
   base URI to resolve relative URI in metalink file stored in local
   disk. If URI points to a directory, URI must end with '/'.

 * Run batch file with cmd.exe. Quoted user command.  It seems that we
   have to specify the full path to cmd.exe in the first argument of
   CreateProcess() to run batch file in proper manner.  We first
   determine the full path to cmd.exe. To do this, we get windir
   environment variable and concatenate it with "\system32\cmd.exe".

 * Fixed the bug that the message "Loaded cookies from ..." appears
   when loading cookies from that file failed.

 * Applied patch from Dan Fandrich. This patch fixes compatibility
   issue when compiling aria2 on older systems.

 * Support relative URI in Metalink file.  If relative URI is found in
   Metalink file, aria2 resolves its full URI contatenating the URI
   from which Metalink file is retrieved and relative URI in Metalink
   file. This feature is not available if Metalink file in local disk
   is specified in command line.

 * Erase user and password specified in command-line from argv.  The
   user and password is masked with '*'.

 * If no data type tag is used in XML-RPC, treat the data as string.

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.19 -r1.20 pkgsrc/net/aria2/distinfo

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