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CVS commit: pkgsrc/misc/dialog

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Tue Jul 12 13:50:08 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/misc/dialog: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 1.1.20110707:

        + modify util.c to work better with old versions of ncurses:
          + suppress use of wchgat() before fix in 20060715 which is needed
            for simple shadow manipulation used here in 2011/06/30 (report
            by xDog Walker).
          + add a null-pointer check in dlg_print_scrolled()
        + fix a regression in dlg_getc() introduced by changes to intercept
          F1 for help-popup (report by xDog Walker).

        + correct license statement for prgbox.c (Debian #632198).
        + correct layout when "--colors" is used, by discounting characters in
          the escape sequences from the column counts (report by xDog Walker).
        + modify dlg_checklist() so that only one item in the list can
          initially be selected (report by xDog Walker).
        + add/use macro dlg_enter_buttoncode() to improve implementation of
          "--nook" option (report by xDog Walker).
        + add option "--no-nl-expand" to suppress the conversion of "\n"
          strings into newlines (request by xDog Walker).
        + modify LIB_CREATE symbol in to include the library
          dependencies such as ncurses.  This is needed when dynamically
          loading the library (report/analysis by xDog Walker).
        + modify dlg_exit_label() to suppress the Cancel button, for
        + modify dlg_exit_label() to honor the --nook option, except when there
          is no other button, e.g., the help-button.
        + modify dlg_exit_buttoncode() so that it returns the proper code for
          help-button (report by xDog Walker).
        + correct loop limit when processing "--column-separator" (report by
          xDog Walker).
        + modify handling of "--version" and "--help" to ensure that they are
          processed, and exit before widgets.  Separate "--print-version"
          from "--version", allowing its output to be interspersed with
          widget output (report by xDog Walker).
        + correct a few places where "--version" or "--help" options went
          always to stdout rather than allowing redirection with the "--stderr"
          option (report by xDog Walker).
        + improve repainting after erasing a widget and its shadow.
        + add "--hline" and "--hfile" options for compatibility with FreeBSD
          dialog (request by Devin Teske).
        + add dialog version message when opening a trace file (request by
          xDog Walker).
        + show filename of rc-file in traces.
        + add piped-in data for gauge widget to traces.
        + add entrypoints to gauge widget, for allocating, updating and freeing
          the widget (adapted from patch by Stephen Hurd).
        + fix a reference to freed memory in the gauge widget.
        + fix --no-mouse option by actually closing the mouse (report by
          xDog Walker).
        + add sk.po from
        + limit Solaris xpg4 portability fix for redefinition of ERR to cover
          the specific value found in <sys/regset.h>, in case an application
          includes dialog.h after curses.h (FreeBSD #156601, report by Jaakko
          Heinonen, Stephen Hurd).
        + updated configure macros:
          + CF_CURSES_LIBS, make checks for special libraries on hpux10 and
            sunos4 optional
          + CF_CURSES_FUNCS, workaround for bug in gcc 4.2.1 (FreeBSD 8.1)
            which caused part of test program to be omitted, i.e., when it saw
            two return-statements in a row it omitted the _first_ one.  Also
            add expression to pointer check to help FreeBSD's linker decide it
            should be validated.  Just an assignment was not enough.  Also, add
            check for unctrl.h
          + CF_CURSES_HEADER, change order for curses.h / ncurses.h pairs to
            put ncurses.h first, which will tend to provide the same #define's
            as in CF_NCURSES_HEADER (report by Dennis Preiser).
          + CF_CURSES_TERM_H, modify to avoid spurious check for
            <curses.hterm.h> if there is no ncurses version.  Look for
            ncurses's term.h anyway, to work around breakage by packagers who
            separate ncurses' header files.
          + CF_DISABLE_RPATH_HACK, fix garbled message
          + CF_LD_RPATH_OPT, add mirbsd
          + CF_MAKEFLAGS, filter out GNU make's entering/leaving messages.
            This only appeared when using the macro in a dpkg script, though it
            should have in other cases.
          + CF_RPATH_HACK, add a check for libraries not found, e.g., from
            suppressed functionality of gcc in linking from /usr/local/lib, and
            add a -L option to help work around this.
          + CF_XOPEN_SOURCE, workaround for cygwin to get ncurses' configure
            script to define _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED (cygwin's features.h
            doesn't do anything, so it needs a crutch).
        + updated config.guess, config.sub

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