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CVS commit: pkgsrc/finance/ruby-activemerchant

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   taca
Date:           Sun Jun 19 08:15:29 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/finance/ruby-activemerchant: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update ruby-activemerchant package to 1.15.0.

= ActiveMerchant CHANGELOG

== Version 1.15.0 (May 12, 2011)
* DirecPay: Fix address to not include address2 twice in some cases [Soleone]
* DirecPay: Send company if available [Soleone]
* Realex: Fix hash signature [ntalbott/Soleone]
* SecurePay AU: Update remote tests [ntalbott]
* SecurePay AU: Fix method arity for #capture, #refund, #credit and #void 
* Barclays ePDQ: Make response parsing more robust [Soleone]
* Payflow Express: Add line item support [wolframarnold]
* Payflow Express: Add comment field support [wolframarnold]
* Payflow: Add more optional fields [wolframarnold]
* Beanstream/Paypal: Fix CREDIT_DEPRECATION_MESSAGE errors [Jonathan Rudenberg]
* BraintreeBlue: Return a hash instead of a transaction object [braintreeps]
* BraintreeBlue: Return proper AVS/CVV values [braintreeps]
* Bogus: Add #recurring [trwomey]
* Make Validateable compatible with ActiveModel [CodeMonkeySteve]
* Add DirectEBanking offsite gateway [Gerwin Brunner/Soleone]
* ActiveSupport 3.1 beta support [cgriego]

== Version 1.14.0 (Apr 29, 2011)

* SagePayForm: Implement #cancelled? for Return. [wisq]
* Add #cancelled? to Integrations::Return [wisq]
* Bogus gateway: Add refund support and better tests [wisq]
* Beanstream: Add support for storing cards [duffomelia]
* eWay: Add support for storing cards [duffomelia]
* Add validation mode to update profile request [Ken Miller]
* CIM: Add oldLiveMode [ntalbott]
* CIM: Add extra transaction types [Ken Miller]
* JetPay: gateway tweaks [ntalbott]
* Deprecate a bunch more #credit methods [ntalbott]
* RealEx: Add authorize/capture/credit/void [ntalbott]
* SecurePay AU: Add authorize/capture/credit/void [ntalbott]
* PayPal Express: Make response parsing more robust [ntalbott]
* Test deprecation warnings; add deprecation line numbers [ntabott]
* Add Orbital direct gateway [ntalbott]
* Add WorldPay direct gateway [ntalbott]

== Version 1.13.0 (Apr 19, 2011)

* Add a Gemfile for optional bundler support [ssoroka]
* Stop using has_rdoc= when rubygems version is 1.7.0 or greater, since it's 
deprecated [ssoroka]
* Add tax field to braintree [wisq]
* Quickpay: Also add Sweden as supported country [Soleone]
* Adding refund method for gateways that are using the credit method for 
referenced based refunds, added deprecation worning to the credit method [John 
* Return the Braintree transaction id in the response for void and refund 
transaction calls [John Duff]
* PayPal Express: Extract phone number from address if no contact phone was 
sent [Soleone]
* Unify all offsite gateways that verify the signature of Returns or 
Notifications by always using the #acknowledge method and calling the secret 
:credential2 [Soleone]
* Valitor: Change name of credential for Return and Notification from :password 
to :credential2 in symmetry with the other Integrations [Soleone]
* Moneybookers: Add support for tracking token [Soleone]
* Moneybookers: Require credential when creating Notifications instead of 
adding an argument to #acknowledge [Soleone]
* Moneybookers: Fix Notification to return correct status [Soleone]
* Support default Return class for all Integrations that don't use returns 
* Add support for passing additional options when creating a Notification to 
all Integrations [Soleone]
* Update BraintreeBlue#refund to have consistent method signature [Jonathan 
* Add rails/init.rb for gem campatability in Rails [Rūdolfs Ošiņš]
* Fix Paypal Express response parser [Jonathan Rudenberg]
* Braintree/Transax: Add tax field [wisq]

== Version 1.12.1 (Mar 21, 2011)

* Ogone: Make sure response.params is a real Hash [Soleone]
* WorldPay: Fix service_url in production mode [Soleone]

== Version 1.12.0 (Mar 1, 2011)

* DirecPay: Send phone number as mobile phone by default [Soleone]
* Support sending line items for PayPal Express transactions [Jonathan 
* Update PayPal Express XML format to latest version [Jonathan Rudenberg]
* Fix custom image header for PayPal Express [mwagg]
* Add InvoiceID and OrderDescription to PayPal Express Authorize and Capture 
* Add Moneybookers integration [Alex Diakov]
* Add QBMS (Quickbooks Merchant Services) gateway [ntalbott]
* Add NMI gateway [ntalbott]
* Make fully compatible with Rails 2 & 3, and Ruby 1.8 & 1.9 [ntalbott]
* Authorize.Net: Only return AVS message for AVS-related reason codes. 
* Add Federated Canada gateway [ntalbott]
* Garanti: Fix text normalization for nil values [Selem Delul]
* Valitor: Always send amount without any decimal places [Soleone]
* Add WorldPay integration [Soleone]

== Version 1.11.0 (Feb 11, 2011)

* Bump dependency for activesupport from 2.3.2 to 2.3.8 [Soleone]
* Garanti: Normalize text in xml fields for non-standard characters [Selem 
* Garanti: Make sure order number does not contain illegal characters [Soleone]
* Fix ActionView tests for ActiveSupport 3.0.4 [Soleone]
* DirecPay: Make address information editable by default [Soleone]
* Fix ePDQ credit to expect and handle full authorization [Nathaniel Talbott]
* Add Barclays ePDQ Gateway [Nathaniel Talbott]
* Add default fixture for Garanti and don't use fixture for Garanti [cody]
* Add cms param for ePay [ePay]
* Add Valitor Integration [Nathaniel Talbott]

== Version 1.10.0 (Jan 20, 2011)

* PayPal Express: Support returning payer phone number [Soleone]
* Fix ePay to correctly send order number [Soleone]
* Add BluePay Gateway [Nathaniel Talbott]
* Add Quantum Gateway [Joshua Lippiner]
* Add iDEAL/Rabobank gateway [Jonathan Rudenberg]
* SagePayForm: Added send_email_confirmation (default false) to enable 
confirmation emails [wisq]

== Version 1.9.4 (Jan 5, 2011)

* Update Garanti gateway to integrate with new API [Selem Delul]

== Version 1.9.3 (December 17, 2010)

* Fix BBS Netaxept to change transaction type from C (for MOTO: mail order 
telephone order) to M (for credit card orders) [Soleone]
* Fix Iridium and ePay to work with any object that responds to credit card 
methods not only ActiveMerchant::CreditCard objects

== Version 1.9.2 (December 9, 2010)

* Add support for PayPal mobile payments [wisq]
* Add ePay gateway [ePay, Jonathan Rudenberg]
* Allow access to the raw HTTP response [Jonathan Rudenberg]

== Version 1.9.1 (November 24, 2010)

* PayPal Express and PayPal Pro: Send JPY currency correctly without decimals 
* Netaxept: Make sure password (token) is URL escaped and update remote tests 
for updated server behavior [Soleone]
* DirecPay: Add support for additional options in Return class and add 
convenience method to get transaction status update [Soleone]
* Add new alias credit_card.brand for credit_card.type and handle the brand 
correctly in Netaxept [Soleone]
* Iridium: Do not depend on ExpiryDate class for credit_card [Soleone]
* PayFlow: Use same timeout of 60 seconds in HTTP header and XML for all 
requests [Soleone]
* PayPal Website Payments Pro CA no longer supports American Express cards 
* Updated BIN ranges for Discover to match recent documents [kaunartist]

== Version 1.9.0 (October 14, 2010)

* Add support for DirecPay gateway [Soleone]
* Add SagePay Form integration gateway [wisq]
* Allow Return class to include a Notification for gateways that treat the 
direct response as a notification [wisq]
* Add support for PayboxDirect gateway [Donald Piret]
* Add support for SecureNet gateway [Kal]
* Add support for the Inspire gateway [ryan r. smith]

== Version 1.8.0 (September 24, 2010)

* PayPal Express: Add support for billing agreements [Nathaniel Talbott]
* Allow comparing countries [Nathaniel Talbott]
* Iridium: Fix country handling [Nathaniel Talbott]
* Iridium: Fix missing billing address [Nathaniel Talbott]
* Iridium: Do not pass CV2 if not present [Nathaniel Talbott]
* Add Iridium support [Phil Smy]
* Add Netaxept support [Nathaniel Talbott]
* PaymentExpress: Use Card Holder Help Text for the response message [Nathaniel 
* Sort the country name list [Duff OMelia]

== Version 1.7.3 (September 14, 2010)

* Fix SagePay special handling for Japanese YEN currency to not send fractional 
amounts [Soleone]

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