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CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang/python27

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   obache
Date:           Mon Jun 13 11:31:13 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/lang/python27: Makefile PLIST.common distinfo
        pkgsrc/lang/python27/patches: patch-al patch-am patch-ao patch-au
Removed Files:
        pkgsrc/lang/python27/patches: patch-ca patch-cb

Log Message:
Update python27 to 2.7.2.

What's New in Python 2.7.2?

*Release date: 2011-06-11*


- Issue #12009: Fixed regression in netrc file comment handling.

Extension Modules

- Issue #1221: Make pyexpat.__version__ equal to the Python version.

What's New in Python 2.7.2 release candidate 1?

*Release date: 2011-05-29*

Core and Builtins

- Issue #9670: Increase the default stack size for secondary threads on
  Mac OS X and FreeBSD to reduce the chances of a crash instead of a
  "maximum recursion depth" RuntimeError exception.
  (patch by Ronald Oussoren)

- Correct lookup of __dir__ on objects. This allows old-style classes to have
  __dir__. It also causes errors besides AttributeError found on lookup to be

- Issue #1195: Fix input() if it is interrupted by CTRL+d and then CTRL+c,
  clear the end-of-file indicator after CTRL+d.

- Issue #8651: PyArg_Parse*() functions raise an OverflowError if the file
  doesn't have PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN define and the size doesn't fit in an int
  (length bigger than 2^31-1 bytes).

- Issue #8651: Fix "z#" format of PyArg_Parse*() function: the size was not
  written if PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN is defined.

- Issue #9756: When calling a method descriptor or a slot wrapper descriptor,
  the check of the object type doesn't read the __class__ attribute anymore.
  Fix a crash if a class override its __class__ attribute (e.g. a proxy of the
  str type). Patch written by Andreas Stührk.

- Issue #10517: After fork(), reinitialize the TLS used by the PyGILState_*
  APIs, to avoid a crash with the pthread implementation in RHEL 5.  Patch
  by Charles-François Natali.

- Issue #6780: fix starts/endswith error message to mention that tuples are
  accepted too.

- Issue #5057: fix a bug in the peepholer that led to non-portable pyc files
  between narrow and wide builds while optimizing BINARY_SUBSCR on non-BMP
  chars (e.g. u"\U00012345"[0]).

- Issue #11650: PyOS_StdioReadline() retries fgets() if it was interrupted
  (EINTR), for example if the program is stopped with CTRL+z on Mac OS X. Patch
  written by Charles-Francois Natali.

- Issue #11144: Ensure that int(a_float) returns an int whenever possible.
  Previously, there were some corner cases where a long was returned even
  though the result was within the range of an int.

- Issue #11450: Don't truncate hg version info in Py_GetBuildInfo() when
  there are many tags (e.g. when using mq).  Patch by Nadeem Vawda.

- Issue #10451: memoryview objects could allow to mutate a readable buffer.
  Initial patch by Ross Lagerwall.

- Issue #10892: Don't segfault when trying to delete __abstractmethods__ from a

- Issue #8020: Avoid a crash where the small objects allocator would read
  non-Python managed memory while it is being modified by another thread.
  Patch by Matt Bandy.

- Issue #11004: Repaired edge case in deque.count().

- Issue #8278: On Windows and with a NTFS filesystem, os.stat() and os.utime()
  can now handle dates after 2038.

- Issue #4236: Py_InitModule4 now checks the import machinery directly
  rather than the Py_IsInitialized flag, avoiding a Fatal Python
  error in certain circumstances when an import is done in __del__.

- issue #11828: startswith and endswith don't accept None as slice index.
  Patch by Torsten Becker.

- Issue #10674: Remove unused 'dictmaker' rule from grammar.

- Issue #10596: Fix float.__mod__ to have the same behaviour as
  float.__divmod__ with respect to signed zeros.  -4.0 % 4.0 should be
  0.0, not -0.0.

- Issue #11386: bytearray.pop() now throws IndexError when the bytearray is
  empty, instead of OverflowError.


- Issue #12161: Cause StringIO.getvalue() to raise a ValueError when used on a
  closed StringIO instance.

- Issue #12182: Fix pydoc.HTMLDoc.multicolumn() if Python uses the new (true)
  division (python -Qnew). Patch written by Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve.

- Issue #12175: RawIOBase.readall() now returns None if read() returns None.

- Issue #12175: FileIO.readall() now raises a ValueError instead of an IOError
  if the file is closed.

- Issue #1441530: In imaplib, use makefile() to wrap the SSL socket to avoid
  heap fragmentation and MemoryError with some malloc implementations.

- Issue #12100: Don't reset incremental encoders of CJK codecs at each call to
  their encode() method anymore, but continue to call the reset() method if the
  final argument is True.

- Issue #12124: zipimport doesn't keep a reference to zlib.decompress() anymore
  to be able to unload the module.

- Issue #11088: don't crash when using F5 to run a script in IDLE on MacOSX
  with Tk 8.5.

- Issue #10154, #10090: change the normalization of UTF-8 to "UTF-8" instead
  of "UTF8" in the locale module as the latter is not supported MacOSX and 

- Issue #9516: avoid errors in sysconfig when MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET is
  set in shell.

- Issue #12050: zlib.decompressobj().decompress() now clears the unconsumed_tail
  attribute when called without a max_length argument.

- Issue #12062: In the `io` module, fix a flushing bug when doing a certain
  type of I/O sequence on a file opened in read+write mode (namely: reading,
  seeking a bit forward, writing, then seeking before the previous write but
  still within buffered data, and writing again).

- Issue #8498: In socket.accept(), allow to specify 0 as a backlog value in
  order to accept exactly one connection.  Patch by Daniel Evers.

- Issue #12012: ssl.PROTOCOL_SSLv2 becomes optional.

- Issue #11164: Remove obsolete allnodes test from minidom test.

- Issue #11927: SMTP_SSL now uses port 465 by default as documented.  Patch
  by Kasun Herath.

- Issue 11999: fixed sporadic sync failure mailbox.Maildir due to its trying to
  detect mtime changes by comparing to the system clock instead of to the
  previous value of the mtime.

- Issue #10684: shutil.move used to delete a folder on case insensitive
  filesystems when the source and destination name where the same except
  for the case.

- Issue #11982: fix json.loads('""') to return u'' rather than ''.

- Issue #11277: mmap.mmap() calls fcntl(fd, F_FULLFSYNC) on Mac OS X to get
  around a mmap bug with sparse files. Patch written by Steffen Daode Nurpmeso.

- Issue #10761: Fix tarfile.extractall failure  when symlinked files are
  present. Initial patch by Scott Leerssen.

- Issue #11763: don't use difflib in TestCase.assertMultiLineEqual if the
  strings are too long.

- Issue #11236: getpass.getpass responds to ctrl-c or ctrl-z on terminal.

- Issue #11768: The signal handler of the signal module only calls
  Py_AddPendingCall() for the first signal to fix a deadlock on reentrant or
  parallel calls. PyErr_SetInterrupt() writes also into the wake up file.

- Issue #11875: collections.OrderedDict's __reduce__ was temporarily
  mutating the object instead of just working on a copy.

- Issue #11442: Add a charset parameter to the Content-type in SimpleHTTPServer
  to avoid XSS attacks.

- Issue #11467: Fix urlparse behavior when handling urls which contains scheme
  specific part only digits. Patch by Santoso Wijaya.

- collections.Counter().copy() now works correctly for subclasses.

- Issue #11474: Fix the bug with url2pathname() handling of '/C|/' on Windows.
  Patch by Santoso Wijaya.

- Issue #9233: Fix json.loads('{}') to return a dict (instead of a list), when
  _json is not available.

- Issue #11703: urllib2.geturl() does not return correct url when the original
  url contains #fragment.

- Issue #10019: Fixed regression in json module where an indent of 0 stopped
  adding newlines and acted instead like 'None'.

- Issue #5162: Treat services like frozen executables to allow child spawning
  from multiprocessing.forking on Windows.

- Issue #4877: Fix a segfault in xml.parsers.expat while attempting to parse
  a closed file.

- Issue #11830: Remove unnecessary introspection code in the decimal module.
  It was causing a failed import in the Turkish locale where the locale
  sensitive str.upper() method caused a name mismatch.

- Issue #8428: Fix a race condition in multiprocessing.Pool when terminating
  worker processes: new processes would be spawned while the pool is being
  shut down.  Patch by Charles-François Natali.

- Issue #7311: Fix HTMLParser to accept non-ASCII attribute values.

- Issue #10963: Ensure that subprocess.communicate() never raises EPIPE.

- Issue #11662: Make urllib and urllib2 ignore redirections if the
  scheme is not HTTP, HTTPS or FTP (CVE-2011-1521).

- Issue #11256: Fix inspect.getcallargs on functions that take only keyword

- Issue #11696: Fix ID generation in msilib.

- Issue #9696: Fix exception incorrectly raised by xdrlib.Packer.pack_int when
  trying to pack a negative (in-range) integer.

- Issue #11675: multiprocessing.[Raw]Array objects created from an integer size
  are now zeroed on creation.  This matches the behaviour specified by the

- Issue #7639: Fix short file name generation in bdist_msi.

- Issue #11666: let help() display named tuple attributes and methods
  that start with a leading underscore.

- Issue #11673: Fix multiprocessing Array and RawArray constructors to accept a
  size of type 'long', rather than only accepting 'int'.

- Issue #10042: Fixed the total_ordering decorator to handle cross-type
  comparisons that could lead to infinite recursion.

- Issue #10979: unittest stdout buffering now works with class and module
  setup and teardown.

- Issue #11569: use absolute path to the sysctl command in multiprocessing to
  ensure that it will be found regardless of the shell PATH. This ensures
  that multiprocessing.cpu_count works on default installs of MacOSX.

- Issue #11500: Fixed a bug in the os x proxy bypass code for fully qualified
  IP addresses in the proxy exception list.

- Issue #11131: Fix sign of zero in plus and minus operations when
  the context rounding mode is ROUND_FLOOR.

- Issue #5622: Fix curses.wrapper to raise correct exception if curses
  initialization fails.

- Issue #11391: Writing to a mmap object created with
  ``mmap.PROT_READ|mmap.PROT_EXEC`` would segfault instead of raising a
  TypeError.  Patch by Charles-François Natali.

- Issue #11306: mailbox in certain cases adapts to an inability to open
  certain files in read-write mode.  Previously it detected this by
  checking for EACCES, now it also checks for EROFS.

- Issue #11265: asyncore now correctly handles EPIPE, EBADF and EAGAIN errors
  on accept(), send() and recv().

- Issue #11326: Add the missing connect_ex() implementation for SSL sockets,
  and make it work for non-blocking connects.

- Issue #10956: Buffered I/O classes retry reading or writing after a signal
  has arrived and the handler returned successfully.

- Issue #10680: Fix mutually exclusive arguments for argument groups in

- Issue #4681: Allow mmap() to work on file sizes and offsets larger than
  4GB, even on 32-bit builds.  Initial patch by Ross Lagerwall, adapted for
  32-bit Windows.

- Issue #10360: In WeakSet, do not raise TypeErrors when testing for
  membership of non-weakrefable objects.

- Issue #10549: Fix pydoc traceback when text-documenting certain classes.

- Issue #940286: ignores input/output init parameters.

- Issue #11171: Fix detection of config/Makefile when --prefix !=
  --exec-prefix, which caused Python to not start.

- Issue #11116: any error during addition of a message to a mailbox now causes
  a rollback, instead of leaving the mailbox partially modified.

- Issue #8275: Fix passing of callback arguments with ctypes under Win64.
  Patch by Stan Mihai.

- Issue #10940: Workaround an IDLE hang on Mac OS X 10.6 when using the
  menu accelerators for Open Module, Go to Line, and New Indent Width.
  The accelerators still work but no longer appear in the menu items.

- Issue #10907: Warn OS X 10.6 IDLE users to use ActiveState Tcl/Tk 8.5, rather
  than the currently problematic Apple-supplied one, when running with the
  64-/32-bit installer variant.

- Issue #11052: Correct IDLE menu accelerators on Mac OS X for Save

- Issue #10949: Improved robustness of rotating file handlers.

- Issue #10955: Fix a potential crash when trying to mmap() a file past its
  length.  Initial patch by Ross Lagerwall.

- Issue #10898: Allow compiling the posix module when the C library defines
  a symbol named FSTAT.

- Issue #6075: IDLE on Mac OS X now works with both Carbon AquaTk and
  Cocoa AquaTk.

- Issue #10916: mmap should not segfault when a file is mapped using 0 as
  length and a non-zero offset, and an attempt to read past the end of file
  is made (IndexError is raised instead).  Patch by Ross Lagerwall.

- Issue #10875: Update Regular Expression HOWTO; patch by 'SilentGhost'.

- Issue #10827: Changed the rules for 2-digit years.  The time.asctime
  function will now format any year when ``time.accept2dyear`` is
  false and will accept years >= 1000 otherwise.  The year range
  accepted by ``time.mktime`` and ``time.strftime`` is still system
  dependent, but ``time.mktime`` will now accept full range supported
  by the OS.  Conversion of 2-digit years to 4-digit is deprecated.

- Issue #10869: Fixed bug where ast.increment_lineno modified the root
  node twice.

- Issue #7858: Raise an error properly when os.utime() fails under Windows
  on an existing file.

- Issue #3839: wsgiref should not override a Content-Length header set by
  the application.  Initial patch by Clovis Fabricio.

- Issue #10806, issue #9905: Fix subprocess pipes when some of the standard
  file descriptors (0, 1, 2) are closed in the parent process.  Initial
  patch by Ross Lagerwall.

- Issue #4662: os.tempnam(), os.tmpfile() and os.tmpnam() now raise a py3k

- Subclasses of collections.OrderedDict now work correctly with __missing__.

- Issue #10753 - Characters ';', '=' and ',' in the PATH_INFO environment
  variable won't be quoted when the URI is constructed by the wsgiref.util 's
  request_uri method. According to RFC 3986, these characters can be a part of
  params in PATH component of URI and need not be quoted.

- Issue #10738: Fix webbrowser.Opera.raise_opts

- Issue #9824: SimpleCookie now encodes , and ; in values to cater to how
  browsers actually parse cookies.

- Issue #1379416: eliminated a source of accidental unicode promotion in

- Issue #5258/#10642: if encounters a .pth file that generates an error,
  it now prints the filename, line number, and traceback to stderr and skips
  the rest of that individual file, instead of stopping processing entirely.

- Issue #10750: The ``raw`` attribute of buffered IO objects is now read-only.

- Issue #10242: unittest.TestCase.assertItemsEqual makes too many assumptions
  about input.

- Issue #10611: SystemExit should not cause a unittest test run to exit.

- Issue #6791: Limit header line length (to 65535 bytes) in http.client,
  to avoid denial of services from the other party.

- Issue #10404: Use ctl-button-1 on OSX for the context menu in Idle.

- Issue #9907: Fix tab handling on OSX when using editline by calling
  rl_initialize first, then setting our custom defaults, then reading .editrc.

- Issue #4188: Avoid creating dummy thread objects when logging operations
  from the threading module (with the internal verbose flag activated).

- Issue #9721: Fix the behavior of urljoin when the relative url starts with a
  ';' character. Patch by Wes Chow.

- Issue #10714: Limit length of incoming request in http.server to 65536 bytes
  for security reasons.  Initial patch by Ross Lagerwall.

- Issue #9558: Fix distutils.command.build_ext with VS 8.0.

- Issue #10695: passing the port as a string value to telnetlib no longer
  causes debug mode to fail.

- Issue #10107: Warn about unsaved files in IDLE on OSX.

- Issue #10406: Enable Rstrip IDLE extension on OSX (just like on other

- Issue #10478: Reentrant calls inside buffered IO objects (for example by
  way of a signal handler) now raise a RuntimeError instead of freezing the
  current process.

- Issue #10497: Fix incorrect use of gettext in argparse.

- Issue #10464: netrc now correctly handles lines with embedded '#' characters.

- Issue #1731717: Fixed the problem where subprocess.wait() could cause an
  OSError exception when The OS had been told to ignore SIGCLD in our process
  or otherwise not wait for exiting child processes.

- Issue #9509: argparse now properly handles IOErrors raised by

- Issue #9348: Raise an early error if argparse nargs and metavar don't match.

- Issue #8982: Improve the documentation for the argparse Namespace object.

- Issue #9343: Document that argparse parent parsers must be configured before
  their children.

- Issue #9026: Fix order of argparse sub-commands in help messages.

- Issue #9347: Fix formatting for tuples in argparse type= error messages.

Extension Modules

- Stop using the old interface for providing methods and attributes in the _sre
  module. Among other things, this gives these classes ``__class__``
  attributes. (See #12099)

- Issue #10169: Fix argument parsing in socket.sendto() to avoid error masking.

- Issue #12051: Fix segfault in json.dumps() while encoding highly-nested
  objects using the C accelerations.

- Issue #12017: Fix segfault in json.loads() while decoding highly-nested
  objects using the C accelerations.

- Issue #1838: Prevent segfault in ctypes, when _as_parameter_ on a class is set
  to an instance of the class.

- Issue #678250: Make mmap flush a noop on ACCESS_READ and ACCESS_COPY.


- Issue #11217: For 64-bit/32-bit Mac OS X universal framework builds,
  ensure "make install" creates symlinks in --prefix bin for the "-32"
  files in the framework bin directory like the installer does.

- Issue #11411: Fix 'make DESTDIR=' with a relative destination.

- Issue #10709: Add updated AIX notes in Misc/README.AIX.

- Issue #11184: Fix large-file support on AIX.

- Issue #941346: Fix broken shared library build on AIX.

- Issue #11268: Prevent Mac OS X Installer failure if Documentation
  package had previously been installed.

- Issue #11079: The /Applications/Python x.x folder created by the Mac
  OS X installers now includes a link to the installed documentation.

- Issue #11054: Allow Mac OS X installer builds to again work on 10.5 with
  the system-provided Python.

- Issue #10843: Update third-party library versions used in OS X
  32-bit installer builds: bzip2 1.0.6, readline 6.1.2, SQLite 3.7.4
  (with FTS3/FTS4 and RTREE enabled), and ncursesw 5.5 (wide-char
  support enabled).

- Don't run pgen twice when using make -j.

- Issue #7716: Under Solaris, don't assume existence of /usr/xpg4/bin/grep in
  the configure script but use $GREP instead.  Patch by Fabian Groffen.

- Issue #10475: Don't hardcode compilers for LDSHARED/LDCXXSHARED on NetBSD
  and DragonFly BSD.  Patch by Nicolas Joly.

- Issue #10655: Fix the build on PowerPC on Linux with GCC when building with
  timestamp profiling (--with-tsc): the preprocessor test for the PowerPC
  support now looks for "__powerpc__" as well as "__ppc__": the latter seems to
  only be present on OS X; the former is the correct one for Linux with GCC.

- Issue #1099: Fix the build on MacOSX when building a framework with pydebug
  using GCC 4.0.


- Issue #11718: IDLE's open module dialog couldn't find the
  file in a package.


- Issue #12205: Fix test_subprocess failure due to uninstalled test data.

- Issue #5723: Improve json tests to be executed with and without accelerations.

- Issue #11910: Fix test_heapq to skip the C tests when _heapq is missing.

- Fix test_startfile to wait for child process to terminate before finishing.

- Issue #11719: Fix message about unexpected test_msilib skip on non-Windows
  platforms. Patch by Nadeem Vawda.

- Issue #7108: Fix test_commands to not fail when special attributes ('@'
  or '.') appear in 'ls -l' output.

- Issue #11490: test_subprocess:test_leaking_fds_on_error no longer gives a
  false positive if the last directory in the path is inaccessible.

- Issue #10822: Fix test_posix:test_getgroups failure under Solaris.  Patch
  by Ross Lagerwall.

- Issue #6293: Have echo back sys.flags.  This is done by default
  in whole runs and enabled selectively using ``--header`` when running an
  explicit list of tests.  Original patch by Collin Winter.

- Issue #775964: test_grp now skips YP/NIS entries instead of failing when
  encountering them.

- Issue #7110: regrtest now sends test failure reports and single-failure
  tracebacks to stderr rather than stdout.

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.1.1.1 -r1.2 pkgsrc/lang/python27/patches/patch-al \
    pkgsrc/lang/python27/patches/patch-ao \
cvs rdiff -u -r1.2 -r1.3 pkgsrc/lang/python27/patches/patch-am \
cvs rdiff -u -r1.1 -r0 pkgsrc/lang/python27/patches/patch-ca \

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