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CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/sendmail

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   jnemeth
Date:           Sat Jun 11 04:44:08 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/mail/sendmail: Makefile.common PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 8.14.5, a general bugfix release:

8.14.5/8.14.5   2011/05/17
        Do not cache SMTP extensions across connections as the cache
                is based on hostname which may not be a unique identifier
                for a server, i.e., different machines may have the
                same hostname but provide different SMTP extensions.
                Problem noted by Jim Hermann.
        Avoid an out-of-bounds access in case a resolver reply for a DNS
                map lookup returns a size larger than 1K.  Based on a
                patch from Dr. Werner Fink of SuSE.
        If a job is aborted using the interrupt signal (e.g., control-C from
                the keyboard), perform minimal cleanup to avoid invoking
                functions that are not signal-safe. Note: in previous
                versions the mail might have been queued up already
                and would be delivered subsequently, now an interrupt
                will always remove the queue files and thus prevent
        Per RFC 6176, when operating as a TLS client, do not offer SSLv2.
        Since TLS session resumption is never used as a client, disable
                use of RFC 4507-style session tickets.
        Work around gcc4 versions which reverse 25 years of history and
                no longer align char buffers on the stack, breaking calls
                to resolver functions on strict alignment platforms.
                Found by Stuart Henderson of OpenBSD.
        Read at most two AUTH lines from a server greeting (up to two
                lines are read because servers may use "AUTH mechs" and
                "AUTH=mechs"). Otherwise a malicious server may exhaust
                the memory of the client.  Bug report by Nils of MWR
        Avoid triggering an assertion in the OpenLDAP code when the
                connection to an LDAP server is lost while making a query.
                Problem noted and patch provided by Andy Fiddaman.
        If ConnectOnlyTo is set and sendmail is compiled with NETINET6
                it would try to use an IPv6 address if an IPv4 (or
                unparseable) address is specified.
        If SASLv2 is used, make sure that the macro {auth_authen} is
                stored in xtext format to avoid problems with parsing
                it.  Problem noted by Christophe Wolfhugel.
        CONFIG: FEATURE(`ldap_routing') in 8.14.4 tried to add a missing
                -T<TMPF> that is required, but failed for some cases
                that did not use LDAP.  This change has been undone
                until a better solution can be implemented.  Problem
                found by Andy Fiddaman.
        CONFIG: Add cf/ostype/solaris11.m4 for Solaris11 support.
                Contributed by Casper Dik of Oracle.
        CONTRIB: Deal with H entries that do not have a
                letter between the question marks.  Patch from
                Stefan Christensen.
        DOC: Use a better description for the -i option in sendmail.
                Patch from Mitchell Berger.
                Add support for Darwin 10.x (Mac OS X 10.6).
                Enable HAVE_NANOSLEEP for FreeBSD 3 and later.  Patch
                from John Marshall.
                Enable HAVE_NANOSLEEP for OpenBSD 4.3 and later.
                Use new directory "/system/volatile" for PidFile on
                Solaris 11.  Patch from Casper Dik of Oracle.
                Fix compilation on Solaris 11 (and maybe some other
                OSs) when using OpenSSL 1.0.  Based on patch from
                Jan Pechanec of Oracle.
                Set SOCKADDR_LEN_T and SOCKOPT_LEN_T to socklen_t
                for Solaris 11.  Patch from Roger Faulkner of Oracle.
        New Files:

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