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CVS commit: pkgsrc/www

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   taca
Date:           Sat May 14 02:58:09 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/www/zope211: Makefile PLIST distinfo
        pkgsrc/www/zope211/patches: patch-ai
Added Files:

Log Message:
Update zope211 package to 2.11.8 (Zope 2.11.8)

  Zope 2.11.8 (2011/02/04)

    Bugs fixed

      - Prevent publication of acquired attributes, where the acquired
        object does not have a docstring.

  Zope 2.11.7 (2010/09/01)

    Bugs Fixed

      - Prevent uncaught exceptions from killing ZServer worker threads.

      - Ensure that mailhosts which share a queue directory do not double-
        deliver mails, by sharing the thread which processes emails for
        that directory.

      - Process "evil" JSON cookies which contain double quotes in violation
        of RFC 2965 / 2616.

      - Ensure that Acquistion wrapper classes always have a ``__getnewargs__``
        method, even if it is not provided by the underlying ExtensionClass.

      - Fix the ``tp_name`` of the ImplicitAcquisitionWrapper and
        ExplicitAcquisitionWrapper to match their Python visible names and thus
        have a correct ``__name__``.

      - Expand the ``tp_name`` of Acquisition's extension types to hold the
        fully qualified name. This ensures classes have their ``__module__``
        set correctly.

      - Updated 'pytz' external to point to '2010b' version.

      - Protect ZCTextIndex's clear method against storing Acquisition wrappers.

      - LP #195761: fixed ZMI XML export / import.

      - MailHost should fall back to HELO when EHLO fails.

  Zope 2.11.6 (2010/01/12)

    Bugs Fixed

      - LP #491224: proper escaping of rendered error message

      - Also look for ZEXP imports within the clienthome directory. This
        provides a place to put imports that won't be clobbered by buildout
        in a buildout-based Zope instance.

      - LP #143444: add labels to checkboxes / radio buttons on import
        / export form.

      - Fixed improper handling of IF_MODIFIED_SINCE header
        inside Five/browser/

  Zope 2.11.5 (2009/12/22)

    Bugs Fixed

      - LP #490514:  preserve tainting when calling into DTML from ZPT.

      - LP #360761 (backported from Acquisition trunk): fix iteration proxy
        to pass `self` acquisition-wrapped into `__iter__` and `__getitem__`.

      - LP #414757 (backported from Zope trunk): don't emit a IEndRequestEvent
        when clearing a cloned request.

      - updated to ZODB 3.8.4

  Zope 2.11.4 (2009/08/06)


      - Moved exception MountedStorageError from ZODB.POSExceptions
        to Products.TemporaryFolder.mount (now its only client).

      - LP #253362:  Moved Zope2-specific module, ZODB/, to
        Products/TemporaryFolder/ (its only client is

      - Removed spurious import-time dependencies from

    Bugs Fixed

      - Fixed vulnerabilities in the ZEO network protocol
        affecting ZEO storage servers.

  Zope 2.11.3 (2009/05/04)

    Features added

      - SiteErrorLog now includes the entry id in the information copied to
        the event log. This allowes you to correlate a user error report with
        the event log after a restart, or let's you find the REQUEST
        information in the SiteErrorLog when looking at a traceback in the
        event log.


      - Updated to match all new versions from the yet-unreleased Zope 3.4.1
        release (`

      - Updated to include all new versions from the final Zope 3.4.0 release

      - Added 'InitializeClass' alias in 'App.class_init' to ease migration.
        In Zope 2.12 it will be recommended to import 'InitializeClass' from
        'App.class_init' instead of 'Globals'.

      - Moved 'ApplicationDefaultPermissions' from 'App.class_init' to
        'AccessControl.Permissions', in order to break an import cycle
        in third-party code which avoids imports from 'Globals.'  Left
        the class importable from its old location without deprecation.

      - configure script: setting ZOPE_VERS to '2.11'

      - Products.PluginIndexes.PathIndex:  backported doc fixes /
        optimizations from trunk (and ExtendedPathIndex).

      - Updated 'pytz' from '2007f' to '2008i'.

      - Moved svn:externals for 'mechanize', 'ClientPath', and 'pytz' to
        versions managed outside the Zope3 trunk.

      - Testing.ZopeTestCase: Remove quota argument from DemoStorage calls in
        preparation for ZODB 3.9.

    Bugs Fixed

      - Launchpad #373299: Removed bogus string exception in OFS.CopySupport.

      - ZPublisher response.setBody: don't append Accept-Encoding to Vary
        header if it is already present - this can make cache configuration
        difficult. (merged 99493)

      - Launchpad #267834: proper separation of HTTP header fields
        using CRLF as requested by RFC 2616. (merged 90980, 92625)

      - Launchpad #348223: optimize catalog query by breaking out early from
        loop over indexes if the result set is already empty.

      - "Permission tab": correct wrong form parameter for
        the user-permission report

      - Launchpad #290254, DateTime/
        added '__setstate__' to cope with old pickles missing a '_micros'
        attribute;  Python's pickling support was creating a new instance,
        *with* a '_micros' attribute, but not clearing that attribute before
        updating the instance dict with the unpickled state.

      - Launchpad #332168, Shared/DC/RDBMS/
        do not expose DB connection strings through exceptions

      - Launchpad #324876: tighened regex for detecting the charset
        from a meta-equiv header

      - Launchpad #174705:  ensure that the error info object exposed to a
        'tal:on_error' handler has attributes visible to restricted code.

      - Acquisition wrappers now correctly proxy __iter__.

To generate a diff of this commit:
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cvs rdiff -u -r1.5 -r1.6 pkgsrc/www/zope211/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.4 -r1.5 pkgsrc/www/zope211/PLIST pkgsrc/www/zope211/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r1.1.1.1 -r1.2 pkgsrc/www/zope211/patches/patch-ai
cvs rdiff -u -r0 -r1.1 \

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