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CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/opendkim

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   pettai
Date:           Thu Apr 28 23:00:08 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/mail/opendkim: Makefile PLIST PLIST.stats distinfo

Log Message:
2.3.2           2011/04/14
        Fix bug #SF3067338: Create a pool of DB handles for SQL operations
                so that queries don't all share one serially.
        Fix bug #SF3156559: Don't compile Lua scripts anew for each execution.
        Fix bug #SF3210385: Fix issue with configuration reload failures
                having some side effects on the remaining active configuration
                handle.  Reported by Andreas Schulze.
        Fix bug #SF3235131: Don't report ADSP errors as signature errors
                in Authentication-Results header fields.
        Fix bug #SF3258459: Don't send progress messages during EOH.  Problem
                reported by Gary Mills.
        Fix bug #SF3276469: When generating "z=" tags, apply omit and sign
                header field lists.  Problem noted by Todd Lyons.
        Add ADSP processing error information to A-R header fields.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Use a time_t to store TTL and clock drift options
                rather than unsigned long.  Patch from Piotr Sikora.
        LIBAR: Include class and type in debugging messages.  Suggested
                by Gary Mills.
        LIBAR: Start the dispatcher on the first query, not in ar_init().
                Allows ar_init() to be called before a fork() safely.
        CONTRIB: Adjust installed path in RedHat start script.  Patch
                from Naresh V.
        CONTRIB: Require the current libopendkim in the opendkim definition
                in the RPM spec file.  Patch from Naresh V.

2.3.1           2011/03/28
        Feature request #SF3196060: Log retrieved reputation values.
                Patch from Andreas Schulze.
        Feature request #SF3199824: Don't log "no signature data" unless
                LogWhy is enabled or the action for unsigned mail is something
                other than "accept".
        Fix bug #SF3196069: Log more detail when dkimf_config_setlib() fails.
                Problem noted by Andreas Schulze.
        Fix bug #SF3197890: Update ARF report format for DKIM verification
                failures to use what's in draft-ietf-dkim-marf-reporting.
        Fix bug #SF3204725: Add "ReplaceHeaders" data set to constrain what
                header fields are affected by "ReplaceRules".  Problem
                noted by Chris Callegari.
        Fix bug #SF3211114: Extract "BaseDirectory" from configuration
                file properly.
        Fix bug #SF3234178: Correct handling of a KeyTable entry for which the
                key data is empty.  Based on a patch from Yoshiaki Yanagihara.
        Patch #SF3205699: Make all header field name and domain name data
                sets case insensitive.  Submitted by Richard Rognlie.
        Add a case-insensitivity flag to odkim.db_open().
        Minor correction to DNS function return codes for unbound, which
                doesn't have an expired/no-reply distinction like libar does.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Fix up timeout handling with a DNS callback is in use.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Update for draft-kucherawy-dkim-atps-03.
        STATS: Fix bug #SF3195449: Omit data from reporters that are not
                currently marked "enabled" in the reporters table.
        STATS: Evaluate "i=" against the "d=" domain, not the "From" domain.
                Problem noted by Mark Martinec.
        STATS: A few more reports.
        MILTERTEST: Don't use non-standard printf() conversions.
        MILTERTEST: Get the SMFIP_HDR_LEADSPC logic right.
        TOOLS: Feature request #SF3200848: Add a backgrounding option
                (on by default) to opendkim-spam.

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    pkgsrc/mail/opendkim/PLIST pkgsrc/mail/opendkim/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r1.1.1.1 -r1.2 pkgsrc/mail/opendkim/PLIST.stats

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