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CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   cegger
Date:           Wed Apr  6 09:10:27 UTC 2011

Update of /cvsroot/pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41
In directory

Log Message:
The Xen virtual machine monitor allows running several virtual machines
on a single physical machine.  The xentools41 package contains the
tools to create, destroy and control the virtual machines.

This package contains the tools for Xen 4.1.x

Release notes:
The Xen team is pleased to announce the release of Xen 4.1.

The result of nearly 12 months of development, new features include:
  * A re-architected and improved XL toolstack replacing XM/XEND
  * Prototype credit2 scheduler designed for latency-sensitive workloads and
    very large systems.
  * CPU Pools for advanced partitioning.
  * Support for large systems (>255 processors)
  * Support for x86 Advanced Vector eXtension (AVX).
  * New Memory Access API enabling integration of 3rd party security
    solutions into Xen virtualized environments.
  * Many IOMMU fixes (both Intel VT-d IOMMU and AMD IOMMU).
  * Many toolstack and buildsystem fixes for Linux and NetBSD hosts.
  * Thirdparty libs: libvirt driver for libxl has been merged to upstream
  * HVM guest PXE boot enhancements, replacing gPXE with iPXE.
  * Even better stability through our new automated regression tests.

Detailed release notes, including a more extensive feature list:

To download tarballs:
Or the Mercurial source repository (tag 'RELEASE-4.1.0'):

And the announcement on the Xen blog:

Thanks to the many people who have contributed to this release!

  The Xen Team


Vendor Tag:     TNF
Release Tags:   pkgsrc-base
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/DESCR
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/MESSAGE.NetBSD
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/Makefile
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/PLIST
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/distinfo
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/files/blk_netbsd.c
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/files/blktapctrl_netbsd.c
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/files/
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/files/
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/files/
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/files/
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-aa
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-ab
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-ac
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-ad
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-ae
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-af
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-ag
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-ah
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-ai
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-aj
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-ak
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-ba
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-bb
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-bc
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-ca
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-cb
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-cc
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-cd
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-ce
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-cf
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-cg
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-ch
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-da
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-db
N pkgsrc/sysutils/xentools41/patches/patch-dc

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