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CVS commit: pkgsrc/emulators/bochs

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   ryoon
Date:           Wed Mar  2 15:43:12 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/emulators/bochs: Makefile PLIST distinfo
Added Files:
        pkgsrc/emulators/bochs/patches: patch-.bochsrc
Removed Files:
        pkgsrc/emulators/bochs/patches: patch-aa patch-ab patch-ac patch-ad
            patch-ae patch-af

Log Message:
Update to 2.4.6.

pkgsrc changes:
* Support GUI debugger.

Upstream Changelog:
Changes in 2.4.6 (February 22, 2011):

Brief summary :
- Support more host OS to run on:
  - Include win64 native binary in the release.
  - Fixed failures on big endian hosts.
- BIOS: Support for up to 2M ROM BIOS images.
- GUI: select mouse capture toggle method in .bochsrc.
- Ported most of Qemu's 'virtual VFAT' block driver
  (except runtime write support, but plus FAT32 suppport)
- Added write protect option for floppy drives.
- Bugfixes / improved internal debugger + instrumentation.

Detailed change log :

- CPU and internal debugger
  - Implemented Process Context ID (PCID) feature
  - Implemented FS/GS BASE access instructions support
    (according to document from
  - Rewritten from scratch SMC detection algorithm
    - Implemented fine-grained SMC detection (on 128 byte granularity)
  - Bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness and stability
    - Fixed failures on Big Endian hosts !
  - Print detailed page walk information and attributes in
    internal debugger 'page' command
  - Updated/Fixed instrumentation callbacks

- Configure and compile
  - Bochs now can be compiled as native Windows x86-64 application
    (tested with Mingw gcc 4.5.1 and Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2010)
  - Added ability to configure CPUID stepping through .bochsrc.
    The default stepping value is 3.
  - Added ability to disable MONITOR/MWAIT support through .bochsrc
    CPUID option. The option is available only if compiled with
    --enable-monitor-mwait configure option.
  - Determine and select max physical address size automatically at
    configure time:
    - 32-bit physical address for 386/486 guests
    - 36-bit physical address for PSE-36 enabled Pentium guest
    - 40-bit physical address for PAE enabled P6 or later guests
  - Update config.guess/config.sub scripts to May 2010 revisions.
  - Update Visual Studio 2008 project files in 
  - Added Bochs compilation timestamp after Bochs version string.

- GUI and display libraries (Volker)
  - Added new .bochsrc option to select mouse capture toggle method.
    In addition to the default Bochs method using the CTRL key and the
    middle mouse button there are now the choices:
    - CTRL+F10 (like DOSBox)
    - CTRL+ALT (like QEMU)
    - F12 (replaces win32 'legacyF12' option)
  - display library 'x' now uses the desktop size for the maximum guest 

  - Support for up to 2M ROM BIOS images

- I/O Devices
  - 3 new 'pseudo device' plugins created by plugin separation (see below)
  - Fixes for emulated DHCP in eth_vnet (patch from @SF tracker)
  - Added support for VGA graphics mode with 400 lines (partial fix for SF bug 
  - NE2K: Fixed "send buffer" command issue on big endian hosts
  - USB
    - converted common USB code plus devices to the new 'usb_common' plugin
      Now the USB device classes no longer exist twice if both HC plugins are 
    - added 'pseudo device' in common USB code for the device creation. This 
      the HCs independent from the device specific code.
    - USB MSD: added support for disk image modes (like ATA disks)
    - USB printer: output file creation failure now causes a disconnect
    - re-implemented "options" parameter for additional options of connected
      devices (currently only used to set the speed reported by device and to
      specify an alternative redolog file of USB MSD disk image modes)
  - hard drive
    - new disk image mode 'vvfat'
      - ported the read-only part of Qemu's 'virtual VFAT' block driver
      - additions: configurable disk geometry, FAT32 support, read MBR and/or
        boot sector from file, volatile write support using hdimage redolog_t
        class, optional commit support on Bochs exit, save/restore file
        attributes, 1.44 MB floppy support, set file modification date/time
    - converted the complete hdimage stuff to the new 'hdimage' plugin
    - new hdimage method get_capabilities() that can return special flags
    - vmware3, vmware4 and vvfat classes now return HDIMAGE_HAS_GEOMETRY flag
    - other disk image modes by default return HDIMAGE_AUTO_GEOMETRY if
      cylinder value is set to 0
    - multiple sector read/write support for some image modes
    - new log prefix "IMG" for hdimage messages
  - floppy
    - added write protect option for floppy drives (based on @SF patch by Ben 
    - vvfat support
    - bugfix: close images on exit
  - SB16
    - converted the sound output module stuff to the new 'soundmod' plugin

- SF patches applied
 [3164945] hack to compile under WIN64 by Darek Mihocka and Stanislav
 [3164073] Fine grain SMC invalidation by Stanislav
 [1539417] write protect for floppy drives by Ben Lunt
 [2862322] fixes for emulated DHCP in eth_vnet

- these S.F. bugs were closed/fixed
 [2588085] Mouse capture
 [3140332] typo in mf3/ps2 mapping of BX_KEY_CTRL_R
 [3111577] No "back" option in log settings
 [3108422] Timing window in NE2K emulation
 [3084390] Bochs won't load floppy plugin right on startup
 [3043174] Docbook use of '_' build failure
 [3085140] Ia_arpl_Ew_Rw definition of error
 [3078995] ROL/ROR/SHL/SHR modeling wrong when dest reg is 32 bit
 [2864794] BX_INSTR_OPCODE in "cpu_loop" causes crash in x86_64 host
 [2884071] [AIX host] prefetch: EIP [00010000] > CS.limit [0000ffff]
 [3053542] 64 bit mode: far-jmp instruction is error
 [3011112] error compile vs2008/2010 with X2APIC
 [3002017] compile error with vs 2010
 [3009767] guest RFLAGS.IF blocks externel interrupt in VMX guest mode
 [2964655] VMX not enabled in MSR IA32_FEATURE_CONTROL
 [3005865] IDT show bug
 [3001637] CMOS MAP register meaning error
 [2994370] Cannot build with 3DNow support

- these S.F. feature requests were closed/implemented
 [1510142] Native Windows XP x64 Edition binary
 [1062553] select mouse (de)activation in bochsrc
 [2930633] legacy mouse capture key : not specific enough
 [2930679] Let user change mouse capture control key
 [2803538] Show flags for pages when using "info tab"

Changes in 2.4.5 (April 25, 2010):

Brief summary :
- Major configure/cpu rework allowing to enable/disable CPU options at runtime
  through .bochsrc (Stanislav)
- Bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness and stability
- Implemented X2APIC extensions (Stanislav)
- Implemented Intel VMXx2 extensions (Stanislav)
  - Extended VMX capability MSRs, APIC Virtualization,
    X2APIC Virtualization, Extended Page Tables (EPT),
    VPID, Unrestricted Guests, new VMX controls.
- Implemented PCLMULQDQ AES instruction
- Extended Bochs internal debugger functionality
- USB HP DeskJet 920C printer device emulation (Ben Lunt)

Detailed change log :

- Configure rework
  - Deprecate --enable-popcnt configure option. POPCNT instruction will be
    enabled automatically iff SSE4_2 is supported (like in hardware).

  - Make --ignore-bad-msrs runtime option in .bochsrc. Old --ignore-bad-msrs
    configure option is deprecated and should not be used anymore.

  - Enable changing part of CPU functionality at runtime through .bochsrc.
    - Now you could enable/disable any of SSEx/AES/MOVBE/SYSENTER_SYSEXIT/XSAVE
      instruction sets using new CPUID option in .bochsrc.
    - When x86-64 support is compiled in, you could enable/disable long mode
      1G pages support without recompile using new CPUID option in .bochsrc.
    Configure options:
       --enable-mmx, --enable-sse, --enable-movbe, --enable-xsave,
       --enable-sep, --enable-aes, --enable-1g-pages
    are deprecated and should not be used anymore.

  - Local APIC configure option --enable-apic is deprecated and should not
    be used anymore. The LAPIC option now automatically determined from
    other configure options. XAPIC functionality could be enabled using
    new CPUID .bochsrc option.

  - Changed default CPU configuration (generated by configure script with
    default options) to BX_CPU_LEVEL=6 with SSE2 enabled.

  - Implemented PCLMULQDQ AES instruction
  - Implemented X2APIC extensions / enable extended topology CPUID leaf (0xb),
    in order to enable X2APIC configure with --enable-x2apic
  - Implemented Intel VMXx2 extensions:
    - Enabled extended VMX capability MSRs
    - Implemented VMX controls for loading/storing of MSR_PAT and MSR_EFER
    - Enabled/Implemented secondary proc-based vmexec controls:
       - Implemented APIC virtualization
       - Implemented Extended Page Tables (EPT) mode
       - Implemented Descriptor Table Access VMEXIT control
       - Implemented RDTSCP VMEXIT control
       - Implemented Virtualize X2APIC mode control
       - Implemented Virtual Process ID (VPID)
       - Implemented WBINVD VMEXIT control
       - Implemented Unrestricted Guest mode
    In order to enable emulation of VMXx2 extensions configure with
        --enable-vmx=2 option (x86-64 must be enabled)
  - Bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness
  - Fixed Bochs crash when accessing the first byte above emulated memory size

- Internal Debugger
  - Introduced range read/write physical watchpoints
  - Allow reloading of segment registers from internal debugger
  - Improved verbose physical memory access tracing

  - Fix MTRR configuration (prevented boot of modern Linux kernels)
  - Fix interrupt vectors for INT 60h-66h (reserved for user interrupt) by
    setting them to zero
  - Fix BIOS INT13 function 08 when the number of cylinders on the disk = 1

- I/O Devices
  - USB HP DeskJet 920C printer device emulation (Ben Lunt)

- Misc
  - Updated Bochs TESTFORM to version 0.5

- SF patches applied
 [2864402] outstanding x2apic patches by Stanislav
 [2960379] Fix build with -Wformat -Werror=format-security by Per Oyvind Karlsen
 [2938273] allow instrumentation to change execute by Konrad Grochowski
 [2926072] Indirection operators in expressions by Derek Peschel
 [2914433] makesym.perl misses symbols by John R. Jackson
 [2908481] USB Printer by Ben Lunt

- these S.F. bugs were closed/fixed
 [2861662] dbg_xlate_linear2phy needs to be updated
 [2956217] INT13 AH=8 returns wrong values when cylinders=1
 [2981161] Allow DMA transfers to continue when CPU is in HALT state
 [2795115] NX fault could be missed
 [2964824] bad newline sequence in aspi-win32.h
  [913419] configure options and build process needs some work
 [2938398] gdbstub compile error with x86_64 enabled
 [2734455] shutdown/reset type 05 should reinit the PICs
 [1921294] extended memory less than 1M wrong size
 [1947249] BX_USE_EBDA_TABLES and MP table placement
 [1933859] BX_USE_EBDA_TABLES and memory overlapping
 [2923680] "help dregs" is a syntax error
 [2919661] CPU may fail to do 16bit near call
 [2790768] Memory corruption with SMP > 32, Panic BIOS Keyboard Error
 [2902118] interrupts vectors 0x60 to 67 should be NULL !
 [2912502] Instruction Pointer behaving erratically
 [2901047] Bochs crashed, closed by guest os
 [2905385] Bochs crash
 [2901481] Instruction SYSRET and SS(PL)
 [2900632] Broken long mode RETF to outer priviledge with null SS
 [1429011] Use bx_phyaddr_t for physaddr vars and bx_adress for lin adr

- these S.F. feature requests were closed/implemented
 [2955911] RPM preuninstall scriptlet removes /core
 [2947863] don't abort on unrecognised options
 [2878861] numerics in the disassembler output
 [2900619] make more CPU state changeable

Changes in 2.4.2 (November 12, 2009):

- CPU and internal debugger
  - VMX: Implemented TPR shadow VMEXIT
  - Bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness (mostly for VMX support).
  - Bugfixes and updates for Bochs internal debugger
    - On SMP system stepN command now affects only current processor

- Memory
  - Bugfixes for > 32-bit physical address space.
  - Allow to emulate more physical memory than host actually could or would
    like to allocate. For more details look for new .bochsrc 'memory' option.

- Cleanup configure options
  - All paging related options now will be automatically determined according
    to  --enable-cpu-level option. Related configure options
        --enable-global-pages, --enable-large-pages,
        --enable-pae, --enable-mtrr
    are deprecated now. Only 1G paging option still remaining unchanged.
  - Deprecate --enable-daz configure option. Denormals-are-zeros MXCSR control
    will be enabled automatically iff SSE2 is supported (like in hardware).
  - Deprecate --enable-vme configure option, now it will be supported iff
    CPU_LEVEL >= 5 (like in hardware).

- I/O Devices
  - Bugfixes for 8254 PIT, VGA, Cirrus-Logic SVGA, USB UCHI

- SF patches applied
 [2817840] Make old_callback static by Mark Marshall
 [2874004] fix for VMWRITE instruction by Roberto Paleari
 [2873999] fix CS segment type during fast syscall invocation by Roberto Paleari
 [2864389] Debugger gui maximize on startup by Thomas Nilsen
 [2817868] Rework loops in the memory code by Mark Marshall
 [2812948] PIT bug by Derek

- these S.F. bugs were closed/fixed
 [2833504] GUI debugger bug-about GDT display
 [2872244] BIOS writes not allowed value to MTRR MSR causing #GP
 [2885383] SDL GUI memory leak
 [2872290] compilation in AIX5.3 ML10 failes
 [2867904] crash with cirrus bx_vga_c::mem_write
 [2851495] BIOS PCI returns with INT flag = 0
 [2860333] vista 64 guest STOP 109 (GDT modification)
 [2849745] disassembler bug for 3DNow and SSE opcodes
 [1066748] Wrong registers values after #RESET, #INIT
 [2836893] Regression: Windows XP installer unable to format harddrive
 [2812239] VMX: VM-Exit: Incorrect instruction length on software int
 [2814130] bx_debug lex/yacc files incorrectly generated
 [2813199] MP Tables Missing From BIOS
 [2824093] VMX exception bug
 [2811909] VMX : CS Access-rights Type.Accessed stays 0
 [2810571] Compile Errors on OSX
 [2823749] GCC regression or VM_EXIT RDMSR/WRMSR bug
 [2815929] Vista/XP64 unnecessary panic
 [2803519] Wrong example in man page bochsrc

- these S.F. feature requests were closed/implemented
  [422766] Large Memory configurations
 [1311287] Idea for a better GUI
  [455971] USB support
  [615363] debugger shortcut for repeat last cmd

Changes in 2.4.1 (June 7, 2009):

- Fixed bunch of CPUID issues
  - Bochs is now able to install and boot 64-bit Windows images!
    (special thanks to Mark Ebersole for his patch)
- Several bugfixes in CPU emulation (mostly for x87 instructions)
- Fixed two critical deadlock bugs in the Win32 gui (patches from @SF tracker)
- Fixes related to the 'show ips' feature
  - removed conflicting win32-specific alarm() functions ('win32' and 'sdl' gui)
  - feature now works in wx on win32
- Added support for gdb stub on big endian machine (patch by Godmar Back)
- Rewritten obsolete hash_map code in dbg symbols module (patch from @SF)
- BIOS: implemented missing INT 15h/89h (patch by Sebastian Herbszt)

Changes in 2.4 (May 3, 2009):

Brief summary :

- Added graphical Bochs debugger frontend for most of the supported platforms.
  - Thanks for Chourdakis Michael and Bruce Ewing.
- Many new CPU features in emulation
  - Support for > 32 bit physical address space and configurable MSRs
  - VMX, 1G pages in long mode, MOVBE instruction
- Bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness, debugger and CPU instrumentation.
- New config interface 'win32config' with start and runtime menu
- USB: added OHCI support, external hub and cdrom
- Added user plugin interface support.

Detailed change log :

- CPU and internal debugger
  - Support for VMX hardware emulation in Bochs CPU, to enable configure with
        --enable-vmx option
    Nearly complete VMX implementation, with few exceptions:
       - Dual-monitor treatment of SMIs and SMM not implemented yet
       - NMI virtualization, APIC virtualization not implemented yet
       - VMENTER to not-active state not supported yet
       - No advanced features like Extended Page Tables or VPID
  - Support for configurable MSR registers emulation, to enable configure with
        --enable-configurable-msrs option
    Look for configuration example in .bochsrc and msrs.def
  - Support new Intel Atom(R) MOVBE instruction, to enable configure with
        --enable-movbe option
  - Support for 1G pages in long mode, to enable configure with
        --enable-1g-pages option
  - Support for > 32 bit physical address space in CPU. Up to 36 bit could be
    seen in legacy mode (PAE) and up to 40 bit in x86-64 mode.
    Still support the same amount of the physical memory in the memory object,
    so system with > 4Gb of RAM yet cannot be emulated.
    To enable configure with --enable-long-phy-address option.
  - Implemented modern BIOSes mode limiting max reported CPUID function
    to 3 using .bochsrc CPU option. The mode is required in order to
    correctly install and boot WinNT.
  - Added ability to configure CPUID vendor/brand strings through .bochsrc
    (patch from @SF by Doug Reed).
  - Many bugfixes for CPU emulation correctness (both x86 and x86-64).
  - Updated CPU instrumentation callbacks.
  - Fixed Bochs internal debugger breakpoints/watchpoints handling.

- Configure and compile
  - Added ability to choose Bochs log file name and Bochs debugger log file
    name from Bochs command line (using new -log and -dbglog options)
  - Removed Peter Tattam's closed source external debugger interface from
    the code.
  - Removed --enable-guest2host-tlb configure option. The option is always
    enabled for any Bochs configuration.
  - Removed --enable-icache configure option. The option is always enabled
    for any Bochs configuration. Trace cache support still remains optional
    and could be configured off.
  - Added configure option to compile in GUI frontend for Bochs debugger,
    to enable configure with --enable-debugger-gui option.
    The GUI debugger frontend is enabled by default with Bochs debugger.
  - Removed --enable-port-e9-hack configure option. The feature now could be
    configured at runtime through .bochsrc.
  - Added configure option to enable/disable A20 pin support. Disabling the
    A20 pin support slightly speeds up the emulation.
  - reduced dependencies between source files for faster code generation

  - Added S3 (suspend to RAM) ACPI state to BIOS (patch by Gleb Natapov)
  - Implemented MTRR support in the bios (patches by Avi Kivity and Alex
    Williamsion with additions by Sebastian Herbszt)
  - Bug fixes

- I/O Devices
  - Added user plugin support
  - remaining devices converted to plugins: pit, ioapic, iodebug
  - added 'plugin_ctrl' bochsrc option to control the presence of optional
    device plugins without a separate option. By default all plugins are 
  - added register mechanism for removable mouse and keyboard devices
  - Hard drive / cdrom
    - PACKET-DMA feature now supported by all ATAPI commands
    - ATAPI command 0x1A added (based on the Qemu implementation)
  - sb16
    - Added ALSA sound support on Linux (PCM/MIDI output)
    - FM synthesizer now usable with MIDI output (simple piano only)
      - Fixed OPL frequency to MIDI note translation
      - Fixed MIDI output command
  - keyboard
    - added keyboard controller commands 0xCA and 0xCB
  - USB
    - USB code reorganized to support more HC types and devices
    - added USB OHCI support written by Ben Lunt
    - added external USB hub support (initial code ported from Qemu)
    - added USB cdrom support (SCSI layer ported from Qemu)
    - added status bar indicators to show data transfer
  - VGA
    - VBE video memory increased to 16 MB
    - implemented changeable VBE LFB base address (PCI only, requires latest
      BIOS and VGABIOS images)
  - I/O APIC
    - implemented I/O APIC device hardware reset

- Config interface
  - new config interface 'win32config' with start and runtime menu is now
    the default on Windows ('textconfig' is still available)
  - win32 device config dialogs are now created dynamicly from a parameter list
    (works like the wx ParamDialog)
  - changes in textcofig and the wx ParamDialog for compatibility with the new
    win32 dialog behaviour
  - Bochs param tree index keys are case independent now
  - some other additions / bugfixes in the simulator interface code

- Misc
  - updated LGPL'd VGABIOS to version 0.6c
  - Updated Bochs TESTFORM to version 0.4

- SF patches applied
 [2784858] IO Handler names are not compared properly
 [2712569] Legacy bios serial data buffer timeout bug by grybranix
 [2655090] 64 bit BSWAP with REX.W broken by M. Eby
 [2645919] CR8 bug when reading by M. Eby
 [1895665] kvm: bios: add support to memory above the pci hole by Izik Eidus
 [2403372] rombios: check for valid cdrom before using it by Sebastian
 [2307269] acpi: handle S3 by Sebastian
 [2354134] TAP networking on Solaris/Sparc repaired
 [2144692] The scsi device can not complete its writing data command by naiyue
 [1827082] [PATCH] Configurable CPU vendor by Marcel Sondaar
 [2217229] Panic on EBDA overflow in rombios32 by Sebastian
 [2210194] Log pci class code by Sebastian
 [1984662] red led for disk write and titlebar mod by ggbsf
 [2142955] Fix for monitor/mwait by Doug Gibson
 [2137774] Patch to fix bug: cdrom: read_block: lseek returned error by Gabor 
 [2134642] Fix scan_to_scanascii table for F11 and F12 by Ben Guthro & Steve 
 [2123036] sdl fullscreen fix by ggbsf
 [2073039] Remove CMOS accsess from AML code by Gleb Natapov
 [2072168] smbios: add L1-L3 cache handle to processor information by Sebastian
 [2055416] bochsrc cpu options for cpuid vendor and brand string by Doug Reed
 [2035278] rombios: Fix return from BEV via retf by Sebastian
 [2035260] rombios: El Torito load segment fix by Sebastian
 [2031978] Fix VMware backdoor command 0Ah by Jamie Lokier
 [2015277] Remove obsolete comment about DATA_SEG_DEFS_HERE hack by Sebastian
 [2011268] Set new default format and unit only if both are supported by 
 [2001919] gdbstub: fix qSupported reply by Sebastian
 [2001912] gdbstub: enclose packet data by apostrophes by Sebastian
 [1998071] fix missing SIGHUP and SIGQUIT with term ui on mingw by Sebastian
 [1998063] fix wrong colors with term ui by Sebastian
 [1995064] Compile fix needed for --enable-debugger and gcc 4.3 by Hans de Goede
 [1994564] Fix typo in RDMSR BX_MSR_MTRRFIX16K_A0000 by Sebastian
 [1994396] Change hard_drive_post #if by Sebastian
 [1993235] TESTFORM email address update by Sebastian
 [1992322] PATCH: fix compilation of bochs 2.3.7 on bigendian machines by Hans 
de Goede
 [1991280] Shutdown status code 0Ch handler by Sebastian
 [1990108] Shutdown status code 0Bh handler by Sebastian
 [1988907] Shutdown status code 0Ah handler by Sebastian
 [1984467] two typos in a release! (2.3.7)
 [1981505] Init PIIX4 PCI to ISA bridge and IDE by Sebastian

- these S.F. bugs were closed/fixed
 [2784148] an integer overflow BUG of Bochs-2.3.7 source code
 [2695273] MSVC cpu.dsp failure in
  [616114] Snapshot/Copy crash on Win2K
 [2628318] 'VGABIOS-latest' bug
 [1945055] can't 'make install' lastest bochs on loepard
 [2031993] Mac OS X Makefile bug
 [1843199] install error on mac osx
 [2710931] Problem compiling both instrumentation and debugger
 [2617003] ExceptionInfo conflicts with OS X api
 [2609432] stepping causes segfault (CVS)
 [2605861] compile error with --enable-smp
 [1757068] current cvs(Jul19, 07) failed to boot smp
 [2426271] cannot get correct symbol entry
 [2471982] VGA character height glitches
 [1659659] wrong behaviour a20 at boot
 [1998027] minwg + --with-term + --with-out-win32 = link failure
 [1871936] bochs-2.3.6 make fails on
 [1684666] info idt for long mode
 [2105989] could not read() hard drive image file at byte 269824
 [1173093] Debugger totally not supports x86-64
 [1803018] new win32debug dialog problems
 [2141679] windows vcc build broken
 [2162824] latest cvs fails to compile
 [2164506] latest bochs fails to start
 [2129223] MOV reg16, SS not working in real mode due to dead code
 [2106514] RIS / install ALMOST works
 [2123358] SMP (HTT): wbinvd executed by CPU1 crashes CPU0
 [2002758] Arch Linux: >>PANIC<< ATAPI command with zero byte count
 [2026501] El Torito incorrect boot segment:offset
 [2029758] BEV can return via retf instead of int 18h
 [2010173] x command breaks after one error about x/s or x/i
 [1830665] harddrv PANIC: ATAPI command with zero byte count
 [1985387] fail to make using gcc4 with --enable-debugger
 [1990187] testform feedback
 [1992138] Misspell in cpu/ia_opcodes.h

- these S.F. feature requests were closed/implemented
 [2175153] Update MSVC project files
  [658800] front end program and bios
 [1883370] Make cd and floppy images more usable
  [422783] change floppy size without restarting
 [2552685] param tree names should be case insensitive
 [1214659] PC Speaker emu turnoff. Plugin Controll.
 [1977045] support 40 bit physical address
 [1506385] Intel Core Duo VT features
 [1429015] Support for user plugins
 [1488136] debugger access to floppy controller
 [1363136] Full debugger SMP and 64 bit support
 [2068304] Support for ACPI
  [431032] debugger "x" command
  [423420] profiling ideas (SMF)
  [445342] Add FM support?
  [928439] alsa

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -u -r1.58 -r1.59 pkgsrc/emulators/bochs/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.14 -r1.15 pkgsrc/emulators/bochs/PLIST
cvs rdiff -u -r1.24 -r1.25 pkgsrc/emulators/bochs/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r0 -r1.1 pkgsrc/emulators/bochs/patches/patch-.bochsrc \
    pkgsrc/emulators/bochs/patches/ \
    pkgsrc/emulators/bochs/patches/patch-configure \
    pkgsrc/emulators/bochs/patches/ \
cvs rdiff -u -r1.12 -r0 pkgsrc/emulators/bochs/patches/patch-aa
cvs rdiff -u -r1.9 -r0 pkgsrc/emulators/bochs/patches/patch-ab \
cvs rdiff -u -r1.7 -r0 pkgsrc/emulators/bochs/patches/patch-ac \
cvs rdiff -u -r1.10 -r0 pkgsrc/emulators/bochs/patches/patch-ad

Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
copyright notices on the relevant files.

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