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CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/opendkim

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   pettai
Date:           Mon Feb 21 00:04:22 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/mail/opendkim: Makefile PLIST distinfo
        pkgsrc/mail/opendkim/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
2.2.2           2010/11/28
        Fix bug #SF2903325: Clean up numerous signed vs. unsigned warnings.
        Fix bug #SF3095782: When VBR is enabled, only perform a query when
                the "md" domain in the VBR-Info header field matches the
                "d" field for any valid signature.
        Fix bug #SF3105993: Better handling of missing records in Lua DB
        When reading keys, ensure what's being read is a regular file and
                not something else.
        Complain if TrustAnchorFile names something that can't be opened
                for reading.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Don't complain about multiple records returned if one
                of them was an RRSIG.
        LIBAR: Rework some I/O logic to avoid a deadlock when the nameserver
                becomes unresponsive during response processing.
        BUILD: Move all scripts and executables except opendkim to a bin
                directory for adminstrator convenience. They were previously in
                the sbin directory.
        BUILD: Fix bug #SF3101842: Fix opendkim-genzone build when OpenDBX
                is in use.
        BUILD: opendkim-testkey can require SASL build information when used
                with OpenLDAP, or Lua information when built with Lua.
        BUILD: Dissociate libopendkim and libunbound, as this is now handled
                through the application rather than the library.
        BUILD: Convert to using git for source code management.
        STATS: Additional reporting improvements.
        STATS: Fix bug #SF3107659: Add additional diagnostic output to
                opendkim-importstats when malformed input is found.
        TOOLS: Handle input generated with and without the _FFR_STATS_I

2.2.1           2010/10/25
        Avoid assertion failures when using "-V" and arlib.
        Fix "refile" loading.
        Fix collision between "ReputationRoot" and "StatisticsName" in the
                configuration file.
        Convert sender's domain name to lowercase prior to doing any database
                queries with it.  This was done before, but lost during the
                database overhaul in 1.2.0.
        Fix up Authentication-Results header field generation for VBR.
                Reported by Fredrik Pettai.
        Add _FFR_STATS_I enabling statistics reporting of "i=" signature
        LIBOPENDKIM: Fix bug #SF3081964: dkim.h requires <sys/time.h>.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Fix bug #SF3087251: Use thread-safe resolver functions
                when avaialble.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Cancel completed reputation queries.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Simplify DKIM_OPTS_ALWAYSHDRS handling.
        LIBAR: Fix bug #SF3080720: Don't compute timeouts based on completed
                or dead queries.
        LIBVBR: Fix some pointer errors causing false negatives.
        TOOLS: Write "v=" tags in key records output by opendkim-genzone.

2.2.0           2010/10/03
        Feature request #SF2874043: Add _FFR_ADSP_LISTS allowing control over
                action taken when mail is sent to known lists from
                ADSP "discardable" sources.
        Feature request #SF2964366: Allow arbitrary data set operations
                from inside Lua script hooks.
        Feature request #SF2981598: Add "NoHeaderB" and "SingleAuthResult"
                settings so that only one Authentication-Results header field
                is added, and reduce its variability.
        Feature request #SF3013084: Add "DomainKeysCompat" setting.
        Feature request #SF3017358: Allow a token in the KeyTable that gets
                replaced with the sender's domain name.
        Feature request #SF3019876: Enable registration and use of generic
                DNS functions.
        Feature request #SF3021566: Change "ADSPDiscard" to "ADSPAction",
                allowing selection of what action to take when a message is
                determined by ADSP to be "discardable".
        Feature request #SF3023232: Allow selection of a signer (for the
                signature's "i=" tag) when calling odkim.sign() or via an
                optional second parameter in the SigningTable.
        Feature request #SF3024854: Always log a warning if a key file
                has unsafe group/other read/write bits set.  Further, if the
                new "RequireSafeKeys" setting is true, refuse to use the data.
        Feature request #SF3030548: Add _FFR_DEFAULT_SENDER, adding the
                "DefaultSender" setting.
        Feature request #SF3049483: Use ReportAddress for ADSP Reports and for
                the sender envelope address.
        Feature request #SF3056571: Extend signer selection in the SigningTable
                to include a token that will be replaced by the From:
        Feature request #SF3062077: Allow the specification of additional
                recipients when delivering DKIM/ADSP failure reports through
                a new ReportBccAddress configuration option.
        Fix bug #SF3004995: Don't apply "SenderHeaders" to the library
                as that impacts how ADSP works.
        Fix bug #SF3025856: Fix "AllowSHA1Only", which was not working at all.
        Fix bug #SF3037504: Rework database schema and tools to meet revised
                reporting requirements.
        Fix bug #SF3051536: Allow disabling of reputation queries.
        Fix bug #SF3058204: Fix numerous possible double-free() incidents in
        Fix PeerList to work with IPv6 addresses.
        Fix loop boundary check in dkimf_db_close().
        Fix assertion failure in dkimf_db_get() when used with a "match both"
        Fix "LocalADSP", which was not working at all.
        Fix some Lua test mode logic and a build issue that prevented
                "ScreenPolicyScript" from working.
        Added MTACommand for overriding default (mainly for testing).
        Ignore "Domain" and "Selector" settings if "KeyTable" is set.
        Add "On-PolicyError" to configuration tables.
        Don't automatically temp-fail messages bearing signatures that
                reference revoked keys.
        Some fixes to the "final" Lua script self-test code.
        Include libmilter version in "-V" output.
        Single-thread DB queries done via OpenDBX handles as they can't be
                used to do parallel queries.
        Attempt to reconnect after SQL disconnections.
        Revise text/plain portion of policy reports.
        Fix up DSN parsing so that it is not needlessly restrictive.
        Add _FFR_STATSEXT: Allows arbitrary local extensions to statistics
                gathering via a fourth Lua script that can cause the
                generation of additional SQL insertion operations.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Feature request #SF3026287: Add dkim_getuser() function.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Feature request #SF3065035: Apply library query
                configuration to ADSP lookups as well, mainly to support
                auotmated testing.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Fix bug #SF3071368: Fix tiny memory leak in dkim_init().
        LIBOPENDKIM: Fix bug #SF3051762: Don't error out of dkim_get_key()
                when in test mode by testing signature-specific features when
                against dummy data.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Don't build against pthread libraries if not needed.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Add dkim_get_signer(), dkim_policy_state_new() and
        LIBOPENDKIM: Don't assert a "g=" default when processing keys so that
                statistics reporting can tell whether or not it was originally
        LIBOPENDKIM: Minor fix to internal state machine when dealing with
                unsigned messages.
        LIBOPENDKIM: Improved error reporting from dkim_ohdrs().
        LIBOPENDKIM: Improved re-entrancy of dkim_eoh_verify().
        LIBOPENDKIM: Undefine DKIM_FEATURE_ASYNC_DNS (obsolete).
        MILTERTEST: Feature request #SF3005002: Enable testing of
                "unspecified" protocol family connections.
        MILTERTEST: Add "-u" option to report resource usage statistics on
        MILTERTEST: Add mt.signal() to allow signaling of filters for things
                like configuration file reloads.
        MILTERTEST: Enhance mt.connect() to accept optional retry and interval
        MILTERTEST: Add "-w" option to request no waiting for the child process
                to exit and report status.
        MILTERTEST: Allow partial seconds argument to mt.sleep().
        TOOLS: Feature request #SF3004335: Add support to opendkim-testkey
                to get configuration file values and validate an entire
        TOOLS: Update opendkim-genkeys script to support
        TOOLS: Flip logic of "-a" flag to opendkim-stats.
        TOOLS: Fix bug #SF3037452: Change owner/group/mode of stats database
                when resetting it to whatever the replaced file had.
        CONTRIB: Add opendkim-reportstats, contributed by John Wood.
        BUILD: Fix --with-db.
        Activate _FFR_ZTAGS.

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.1.1.1 -r1.2 pkgsrc/mail/opendkim/patches/patch-aa

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