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CVS commit: pkgsrc/misc/dialog

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Thu Feb  3 13:03:14 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/misc/dialog: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 1.1.20110118:

        + fix inconsistency in return-codes for textbox when help-button is
          used by making dlg_exit_buttoncode() a wrapper for
        + modify pause widget to use dlg_ok_buttoncode(), so help-button works.
        + correct two infobox sample scripts, which did not pass extra
          command-line parameters due to quoting problems.
        + add a limit-check to the timebox widget (patch by Garrett Cooper).
        + modify --trace option to also trace the command-line parameters.
        + account for combining characters when wrapping text (Debian #570634).
        + correct handling of SIGWINCH in gauge widget (Debian #305705).
        + add gauge_color, to make guage's progress-bar distinct from
          title_color (request by Dominic Derdau).
        + update fi.po from
          as well as resync line-numbers in the other po-files.
        + modify configure script and dialog program to build with NetBSD's
          wide-character curses functions, including workarounds for its
          incorrect WACS_xxx definitions.  Some of the UTF-8 examples work.
        + add back-tab for traversal of tailboxbg widgets, for symmetry with
        + reduce flicker in tailboxbg by checking if the input file size has
        + modify internals of callbacks to avoid blocking reads of their
          associated files by keyboard input.
        + add command-line option --no-mouse, to suppress use of mouse.
        + add configure option --enable-header-subdir to allow the header files
          to be installed into a subdirectory named for the package.
        + modify dlg_restore_vars() to retain the updated values of
          input_result and input_length, eliminating the need for a caller to
          provide their own user buffer (prompted by report by Thiago Bimbatti
        + add a null-pointer check in show_result() for
          dialog_vars.input_result, and ensure it is set to null after freeing
          (prompted by report by Thiago Bimbatti Felicio).
        + change order of -I options in CPPFLAGS (report by Michel Feldheim)
        + modify pause-widget so that it no longer exits when an unrecognized
          key is pressed (patch by Creidieki M Crouch).
        + add --with-package option to configure script to allow renaming
          of the dialog program and library, to support the package scripts.
        + add Debian and RPM package scripts for test-builds.
        + several improvements to configure script:
          + quote params of ifelse()
          + change obsolete ${name-value} to standard ${name:-value}
          + use new macros CF_ADD_LIB/CF_ADD_LIBS to enforce consistency.
          + AM_GNU_GETTEXT, drop $MKINSTALLDIRS, use "mkdir -p" consistently.
          + CF_ADD_SUBDIR_PATH, workaround - if $prefix was not mkdir'd yet, no
            directories were added.
          + CF_BUNDLED_INTL, add --with-textdomain option, to use with lynx-dev
          + CF_FIND_LINKAGE, simplify save/restore of $LIBS
          + CF_GCC_WARNINGS, fix for Mac OS X (compiler makes conftest.dSYM
          + CF_HEADER_PATH, don't search for variations of everything in the
            current include-path
          + CF_WITH_CURSES_DIR, move the calls to CF_ADD_INCDIR and
            CF_ADD_LIBDIR for the curses-directory here, from
            CF_NCURSES_CPPFLAGS and CF_NCURSES_LDFLAGS, so it will work even
            with the default checking, e.g., no --with-ncurses, etc.
        + updated config.guess, config.sub

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.26 -r1.27 pkgsrc/misc/dialog/distinfo

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