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CVS commit: pkgsrc/geography/qlandkartegt

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   jkunz
Date:           Thu Jan 13 22:55:20 UTC 2011

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/geography/qlandkartegt: Makefile PLIST distinfo
Added Files:
        pkgsrc/geography/qlandkartegt/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
Update to version 1.0.0


--- 2010.12.27 ---

Request #237:
Add timeout to route calculation
Request #238:
Add order to selected waypoints to create a route
Request #239:
Add Garmin BirdsEye support (display only)

--- 2010.12.06 ---

Request #231:
Make anti-aliasing an option
Bug     #232:
Photos in the south eastern hemisphere are referenced badly
Request #233:
Make tracks and routes semi-transparent
Request #234:
Add legend for Garmin maps
Request #235:
Fixes and improvements for NMEA support
Request #236:
Move map with Alt+mouse move

--- 2010.11.15 ---

Request #218:
Add "description" as additional field to waypoints.
Request #219:
Make routing language a selection
Bug     #220:
Fixed: Garmin Custom Maps fail on maps with lon/lat projection
Bug     #221:
Fixed: Crash when exporting maps with bad or missing mdr file
Request #222:
Make baudrate selectable for NMEA device.
Request #223:
Update Spanish translation
Request #224:
Update italian transaltion
Request #225:
Update dutch translation
Request #226:
Add location search via OpenRouteService
Request #227:
Add most important web links to help menu
Bug     #228:
Fixed: Add big endian fixes for OS X
Request #229:
Distance over time graph
Bug     #230:
Fixed: Strings for 20bit type polylines and polygons are decoded badly

--- 2010.11.02 ---

Bug     #217:
Forgot to do a commit before the release

--- 2010.11.02 ---

Request #210:
Make UI fit for GNOME
Request #211:
Add tooltip (optional) for items below cursor on Garmin maps
Request #212:
Make zoom level and track maxima labels optional
Request #213:
Prepare route object for autorouting information
Request #214:
Add autorouting via openroute service
Request #215:
Use secondary (autorouted) route for gpx export
Request #216:
Use secondary (autorouted) route for garmin device upload

--- 2010.09.26 ---

Request #170:
Show extended data of tracks
Bug     #202:
Various user supplied bugfixes.
Request #203:
Pimp up map canvas
Request #204:
Add min/max elevation markers to highlighted track
Bug     #205:
File dialog for screenshot, save track stat plot and save canvas behaves 
Request #206:
GeoDB: add summary about item as tooltip rather than the real comment.
Request #208:
Add track profile preview on canvas
Request #209:
Make scale and wind rose optional

--- 2010.09.11 ---

Request #195:
Export raster maps to KMZ
Request #196:
Export raster maps as Garmin Custom Map tiles
Request #197:
Make folder system of geo database a bit more flexible
Bug     #198:
Optimize geo database access and fix many glitches.
Bug     #199:
Some tiles on OSM maps are not selectable
Bug     #200:
Fix glitches in track profile/ edit/ toolview interaction
Request #201:
Enhance guideline and snap algorithm for drawing distance polylines

--- 2010.08.15 ---

Bug     #192:
Fixed Garmin map: Small vertical or horizontal lines are not drawn
Request #193:
Use SQLite database for user data
Request #194:
Add project explorer for the database

--- 2010.07.28 ---

Request #184:
Detect proxy from environment variable
Request #185:
Get elevation data for artificial tracks from
Request #186:
Improove snap to line for distance polyline
Bug     #187:
Fix: endian bugs in Garmin label decoding
Request #188:
Split track in segements of size N
Request #189:
Sort tracks by name and time
Request #190:
Copy-n-paste for distance polyline.
Request #191:
Combine several distance polyline overlays

--- 2010.07.04 ---

Request #177:
Keep on adding points when adding points to start or end of distance polyline
Bug     #178:
Fix: End points are deleted when moving around is aborted.
Request #179:
Add speed and estimated time to distance polyline
Request #180:
Select items for export/upload
Bug     #181:
Fix: Proximity circles are not drawn if waypoint leaves viewport
Request #182:
Make distance polyline follow lines in vector map
Bug     #183:
Change shortcut description from Del to Ctrl + Del in left hand tool widgets

--- 2010.06.06 ---

Bug     #172:
Fixed: typ file not working on device.
Request #173:
Sort waypoints by name, icon or position
Request #174:
Make track bubbles an option
Request #175:
Fine tune reference offset for raster maps
Bug     #176:
Fix performance stall when loading large quantity (>2000) of waypoints

--- 2010.05.10 ---

Request #167:
Dutch translation
Request #168:
Add gpsd support
Request #169:
Optimize map rendering for Garmin maps
Request #171:
Add selection for typ file if there are several

--- 2010.04.03 ---

Bug     #157:
Fixed: Bad zoom factor for "zoom to fit"
Request #158:
Sort list entries in tool views
Request #159:
Accept more formats for waypoint coords and related.
Bug     #160:
Fixed: Typ file is not used in gmapsupp.img
Request #161:
Code map set name into gmapsupp.img
Request #162:
Allow use of *.hgt files to import elevation data
Bug     #163:
Fixed: GDAL tools not found on OS X port
Bug     #164:
Fixed: Endless loop on profile over time for tracks with no timestamp.
Request #165:
Revert track
Request #166:
Speed up loading of Garmin tiles.

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.2 -r1.3 pkgsrc/geography/qlandkartegt/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r0 -r1.1 pkgsrc/geography/qlandkartegt/patches/patch-aa

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