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CVS commit: pkgsrc/security/netpgp

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   agc
Date:           Fri Nov  5 03:48:34 UTC 2010

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/security/netpgp: Makefile

Log Message:
Update netpgp to version 3.99.13/20101104

Changes from previous version (20100601)

Changes to 3.99.13/20101104

+ fix up GNU autoconf framework to reflect new structure
+ add ability in netpgpkeys(1) and netpgp(1) to specify the cipher
  (symmetric algorithm)
+ add the camellia cipher implementation from openssl as specified in RFC 5581
+ changes from Peter Pentchev to get rid of an exit(3) in library context
+ changes from Peter Pentchev for manual page hyphens
+ changes from Peter Pentchev to clean up after tests
+ changes from Arnaud Ysmal to avoid dereferencing possible NULL pointers
+ change from Arnaud Ysmal to clean up usage message in netpgpkeys(1)
+ avoid calling bzlib functions if they aren't present
+ when writing out the key as an ssh key, don't include the user id
  information at the end, in-line with expectations about standard ssh
  key formats
+ since the signing key changed its "menu line" entry from "pub" to
  "signature", the offset of the key id moved 7 chars to the right, so
  take this into consideration when generating new keys
+ allow the user specification of the secret key file as the
  --sshkeyfile or -S argument, and check that the public key file exists
  before trying to read it

Changes to 3.99.12/20100907

+ add a pretty print function mj_pretty(3) to libmj
+ added netpgp_write_sshkey(3) to libnetpgp
+ added pgp2ssh(1)
+ added preliminary support for ElGamal decryption, needed for DSA keys
  as yet untested, unworking, and a WIP
+ add support for using all ssh keys, even those protected by a passphrase,
  for decryption and signing. This rounds off ssh key file support in netpgp.
+ add a single character alias (-S file) for [--sshkeyfile file] to
  netpgpkeys(1) and netpgp(1)

Changes to 3.99.11/20100809

+ update hkpd(8) to reflect the -S argument to hkpd(8)
+ add reachover Makefile support for hkpd(8) and hkpc(1)
+ regen autoconf with new version and date information

Changes to 3.99.10/20100809

+ check return value from option setting function in netpgpkeys(1)
+ be smarter when checking for a null id
+ add test for crap being returned when listing specific keys in netpgpkeys(1)
+ take the public key from the pubring, not the secring when exporting
+ allow hkpd to serve ssh keys in pgp format
+ test on whether a seckey is needed, not on a userid needed, for ssh keys

Changes to 3.99.9/20100809

+ add single character options to netpgp(1) and netpgpkeys(1)
+ add -o long-option (=value)? to netpgp(1) and netpgpkeys(1)
+ save subkeys when parsing keys. when listing keys, note that the first
  subkey is for encryption
+ rationalise birthtime/expiration timestamps into a single function
+ clean up some 64-bit (amd64) lint

Changes to 3.99.8/20100805

+ free a regular expression after using it
+ be a bit less typedef-happy when it's not needed
+ added minimalist JSON (libmj) to distribution
+ add a function in ops layer to construct JSON serialised text from keys
+ use json output from the library in netpgpkeys(1)
+ added check for alternative openssl location

Changes to 3.99.7/20100701

+ recognise ascii-armoured encrypted messages properly, in memory and
  in files
+ fix a bug when printing out the public key when prompting for a secret
+ print error message and exit for now when trying to encrypt with a DSA key
+ fix bug reported by dyoung when trying to print out the encryption key

Changes to 3.99.6/20100701

+ make some synonyms for --ssh-keys
+ make proper defaults for home dir for ssh key files as well as pgp files
+ modify regression test script to ensure that ssh-keygen and netpgpkey's
  idea of ssh keys are the same
+ return any error codes when reading ssh pub or private keys

Changes to 3.99.5/20100613

+ make ssh fingerprints (md5) match netpgp listing
+ use the more functional hexdump function from ssh2pgp in place of the
  older hexdump function from openpgpsdk
+ pass hash type down from command line where needed
+ add test for netpgp/ssh key fingerprint matching
+ make netpgpkeys(1) take a --hash= option

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -u -r1.12 -r1.13 pkgsrc/security/netpgp/Makefile

Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
copyright notices on the relevant files.

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