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CVS commit: pkgsrc/textproc/asciidoc

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   gls
Date:           Wed Aug 25 02:16:24 UTC 2010

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/textproc/asciidoc: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update asciidoc to 8.6.1.

pkgsrc changes:
- set license
- Install more docs. Note html docs is no longer part of the upstream tarball.
- Add options pdf and epub to ensure the proper tools are installed.
  Both are off by default.

Upstream changes:

Version 8.6.1 (2010-08-22)
.Additions and changes
- 'a2x': `--resource-dir` option renamed to `--resource`.
- 'a2x': `--resource` option accepts both file and directory names.
- 'a2x': Added `-m,--resource-manifest` option.
- Added Vim syntax highlighting for quote attribute lists.
- Load 'asciidoc.conf' from all configuration directories before any
  other configuration files. This ensures that attributes used for
  conditional inclusion are set before backend configuration files are
  processed. Previously if you wanted to control global conf file
  inclusion your only choice was to modify the global 'asciidoc.conf'
- AsciiDoc 'Quote element' attributes have been simplified and
  generalized -- positional color and size attributes and named 'role'
  attribute have been replaced by a single positional attribute.

.Bug fixes
- 'FIXED': '': `BACKEND` command argument was being
- 'FIXED': Broken 'docinfo' file functionality in 'html4' and
  'xhtml11' backends (previously the docinfo file was included in
  the 'body' instead of the 'header').

Regression issues
This release breaks compatibility with quoted element positional color
and size attributes (HTML backends). To revert to the deprecated quote
behavior define the 'deprecated-quotes' attribute in the global
`asciidoc.conf` file or on the command-line.  For a more detailed
explanation of the rationale behind this change see

Version 8.6.0 (2010-08-16)
.Additions and changes
- The AsciiDoc distribution can now be built ``out of the box''
  from the distribution tarball or the Mercurial repository
  (provided you have the requisite build applications installed).
- The global configuration files directory is ignored by both
  'asciidoc' and 'a2x' if AsciiDoc configuration files are installed
  in the same directory as the asciidoc executable.  This change
  allows both a system wide copy and multiple local copies of AsciiDoc
  to coexist on the same host PC.
- CSS 'quirks' mode is no longer the default 'xhtml11' output
- Relaxed anchor ID name syntax
- Added document files: `doc/epub-notes.txt`,
- 'a2x': If all other resource locations are exhausted then recursively
  search directories named 'images' and 'stylesheets' in the
  'asciidoc' configuration files directory.
- 'a2x': options can also be set in the AsciiDoc source file. If the
  source file contains a line beginning with '// a2x:' then the
  remainder of the line will be treated as a2x command-line options.
- Added dblatex table-width processing instruction -- tables generated
  by dblatex now observe the AsciiDoc table width as a percentage
  (thanks to Gustav Broberg for suggesting this enhancement).
- 'a2x': Don't exit if the `--epubcheck` option is set and 'epubcheck'
  is missing, issue warning and continue.
- Added a global 'plaintext' attribute for dealing with large amounts
  of imported text.
- The author name format has been relaxed, if the the author does not
  match the formal specification then it is assigned to the
  'firstname' attribute (previously asciidoc exited with an error
- FAQ and documentation updates.
- Refactored chunked.xsl and epub.xsl files.
- Exchanged article.epub for more relevant book.epub on website.
- Put asciidoc.epub User Guide on website.
- 'a2x': Chunking EPUB and HTML outputs set to a per chapter basis and
  the first chapter is separate from preceding contents.
- Changed dates format in example article and books to suppress EPUB
  validation error.
- Added 'style' and 'role' CSS classes to xhtml11 section templates.
- Added the 'role' element to xhtml11 backend block templates.
- Suppressed md5 module deprecation warning from music and Graphviz filters.
- Pygments ( option added to source code
  highlight filter.  Based on Pygments source code filter written by
  David Hajage
- xhtml11: Added a new theme (volnitsky). Written and contributed by
  Leonid V. Volnitsky.
- xhtml11: Set body element class name to document type.
- Added refentryinfo element and contents (including revdate) to man
  page DocBook output. Man pages are now dated using the revdate
  attribute value if it has been defined.  Based on patch supplied by
  Rainer Muller
- Added `{template:...}` system attribute.
- Table of contents attribute 'toc' can now be specified in the
  document header.
- Reimplemented music and latex filter -m option functionality when
  the input is stdin using MD5 checksums.
- Added 'latex' filter.
- Added auto file name generation to image generating filters
  (latex,music, graphviz).
- Added `counter2` and `set2` system attributes (to implement image
  auto file name generation).
- Undefined attribute in filter command generates error but does not
- Attribute substitution proceeds from start line to end line
  (previously was in reverse order which was really confusing).
- Tidied up music filter code:
  * Format option is optional and default to 'abc' unless Lilypond
    notation detected.
  * The -m option does not apply to stdin input.
- Added paragraph styles to music and graphviz filters.
- Documented dynamic template names.  753: Graphviz filter can now
  generate SVG format images. Patch submitted by Elmo Todurov, see:
  The xhtml11 SVG Graphviz template marked EXPERIMENTAL. No SVG
  support for other backends.
- AsciiDoc template names can now contain embedded attribute
- Added 'legalnotice' tag to `doc/article-docinfo.xml` example.
- xhtml11 backend: Callouts and callout lists display callout icons
  when the 'icons' attribute is defined. See
- Document attribute names are case insensitive everywhere, this makes using
attribute entries more consistent e.g. previously :VERS: had to be refered to
with {vers} ({VERS} did not work).
- Hungarian translation of footer-text (submitted by Miklos Vajna).
- 0.1.2: Can now load AsciiDoc script named asciidoc.
  Based on patch submitted by Phillip Lord.
- German translation of footer-text (submitted by Simon Ruderich). See
- Pushed HTML footer text into language conf files with the
  introduction of a [footer-text] configuration file template section.

.Bug fixes
- *FIXED*: Sometimes multiple double quoted text elements in the same
  paragraph were mistakenly seen as starting with an inline literal.
- *FIXED*: 'localtime' and 'doctime' attributes calculated incorrect
  daylight saving / non daylight saving timezones and consequently so
  did HTML footers.  Patch submitted by Slawomir Testowy. See
- *FIXED*: Missing selector for 'List of examples' title in DocBook
  CSS file. Patch submitted by Laurent Laville. See
- *FIXED*: Broken accents in lang-hu.conf. See:
- *FIXED*: DocBook XSL generated HTML callout lists are properly
  aligned.  Submitted by Lionel Orry. See
- *FIXED*: Filter execution now occurs prior to filter markup template
  substitution to ensure image data URI encoding happens after image
  generation (see
- *FIXED*: The section numbers no longer increment when the 'numbered'
  attribute is undefined (see

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.8 -r1.9 pkgsrc/textproc/asciidoc/distinfo

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