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CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/p5-Padre

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   sno
Date:           Fri Aug 20 07:01:35 UTC 2010

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/editors/p5-Padre: Makefile distinfo
        pkgsrc/editors/p5-Padre/patches: patch-aa patch-ab

Log Message:
Updating editors/p5-Padre from 0.58nb1 to 0.69

pkgsrc changes:
- adjust dependencies

Upstream changes:
0.69 2010.08.17
    - Landed ConfigSync branch (MATTP)
    - Task 2.0 restores support for having tasks send unlimited messages
      back to the main application while they are running (ADAMK)
    - Added Padre::Task::Run for background process execution with STDOUT
      lines streaming as events back to the main window. (ADAMK)
    - Fixed test failure in t/93-padre-filename-win.t under win32 (SEWI)
    - Devel plugin now has the option to dump the Task Manager (GARU)
    - Refactored, reskinned and polished ConfigSync functionality (ADAMK)
    - Added ->status to ::Main to allow rapid transient messages to be
      presented in the status bar, as fast as 100/sec (ADAMK)
    - Fixed the file-changed-on-disk dialog: Show "Reload" button instead
      of "Close" (SEWI)
    - Adding a ton of additional $BACKCOMPATIBLE variables so that every
      class consumed by the current family of plugins has them (ADAMK)
    - Nudging up the default background thread count now that we will
      start to see long-running threads looking after background
      processes (ADAMK)
    - Allow the opening of files exceeding the editor_file_size_limit of
      500_000. The file is opened if the user answers Yes to the
      dialog (MULANDER)
    - The Task Manager now records per-worker statistics on which tasks they
      have run in the past. This is needed to support various worker
      optimisation strategies to be implemented in the future (ADAMK)
    - Added a simple initial Task Manager optimisation strategy to favour
      workers which have run a task at least once before (ADAMK)
    - "Find method declaration" will not find forward-declaration (CHORNY)
    - Task manager now has separate maximum and minimum thread counts (ADAMK)
    - Minimum thread count set to zero. Padre starts up 600ms faster, at the
      cost of the directory tree appearing 200ms slower if you use it (ADAMK)
    - Command line switch to select locale (CHORNY)
    - Added configuration option to modify the cursor blink rate in Padre
      as requested via the padre-dev mailing list closes ticket number
      983 (PLAVEN)
    - Added Padre::Task::Daemon for bidirectional communication support in
      tasks. When the task is launched, messages to the chlid can be sent
      down the worker thread's message queue, and they will be tunneled
      through to the task, which can retrieve them Erlang-style via a
      dequeue method (ADAMK)

0.68 2010.07.28 - Unstable - Post Birthday Hackathon Weekend
    - Fixed rare bug in t/23_task_chain.t (CHORNY)
    - Refactored the Action subsystem into a simpler model. The old layout
      artificially broke it up based on menu structure. The new layout
      also makes it simpler to do further refactorings (ADAMK)
    - Removed half the usages of Wx::Perl::Dialog (ADAMK)
    - Use a hyphen to a separate the current vs native names of the languages
      in the View menu, as the bracing looked weird with the bracing of some
      of the languages themselves (ADAMK, ZENOG)
    - Don't show a additional translated string for the language that is
      currently active (ADAMK, ZENOG)
    - When the advanced setting "feature_fontsize" is disabled, Padre will
      remove the Font Size menu, disable Ctrl-+ and Ctrl--, and (most
      importantly) will not change the font size in an editor on
      Ctrl-Scroll (ADAMK)
    - Added integration with the PPI::Transform API for modifying Perl
      documents, so the transform objects can modify Padre documents (ADAMK)
    - Added the "Move POD to __END__" refactoring that lets you extract all
      the POD scattered through a document, merge it together, and move it
      to the bottom of the file after an __END__ statement (ADAMK)
    - If the Open Selection expression only matches one file, immediately
      open it without showing a pointless dialog (ADAMK)
    - Removed Wx::Perl::Dialog by inlining it into Padre::Wx::Dialog, this
      will remove the need to import ':everything', saving 50-100k (ADAMK)
    - Actions now only need to be declared once, and are all declared in one
      place in advance (ADAMK)
    - Directory Tree sort order is now (advanced) configurable between
      directory-first and directory-mixed (ADAMK)
    - Moved the Padre::Action* classes to Padre::Wx::Action* as they are now
      much more tightly dependant on Wx (ADAMK)
    - Plugins will now do full compatibility testing, which means that when we
      change an internal API we can just update $COMPATIBLE in that package
      and any impacted plugins will be automatically disabled until they do a
      new release. That is far better than "They just crash blindly" (ADAMK)
    - Create a new main_directory_root settting distinct from the existing
      default_projects_directory one, specifically for setting the default
      root of the directory tree. It will continue to be pointed to
      my_documents by default (the original may change) (ADAMK)
    - Made Padre::Wx::Dialog::ModuleStart configuration translation-safe (ZENOG)
    - Updated German translation (ZENOG)
    - Add Java and BibTeX to MIME types (ZENOG)
    - Ack ("find in files") output is now more 'clickable', but still not
      perfect (ZENOG)
    - Fix File::Open3::open3() call to be IPC::Open3::open3() (BRICAS)
    - Fix #969: crash when switching language after using Ack (ZENOG)
    - Remove unnecessary Wx::gettext calls from Padre::Wx::Dialog::Preferences
      that lead to missing translations (ZENOG)
    - Description field is hidden by default in the regex editor dialog.
      A checkbox now optionally toggles its visibility (AZAWAWI)
    - Padre::Wx::FindResult: Get rid of global variable, shorter column
      titles, both columns now wxLIST_AUTOSIZE (ZENOG)
    - Call relocale() for all elements of the Bottom panel (ZENOG)
    - Remember sorting order in session manager (SEWI)
    - Nicer workflow for renaming variables: Now we check for some conditions
      before prompting the user for a name; renamed function
      'lexical_variable_replacement' to 'rename_variable' (ZENOG)
    - Simplify the code for the Bottom pane a bit (-1 method), no warnings
      any more (ZENOG)
    - Fixed #970: Switching language removes plugin menus (ZENOG)
    - Padre::MimeTypes: Fixed some Wx::gettext handling problems, switched
      keys of menu_view_mimes() so that the names (not the MIME types) of
      file types are shown in the View menu (ZENOG)
    - Documentation of Padre::Current (SEWI)
    - Include only changed files in changed-file-list (SEWI)
    - Added wxwidgets.pod which contains the method documentation of all Wx
      classes (AZAWAWI)
    - Padre has wxWidgets method documentation in F2 help search (AZAWAWI)
    - Added Padre::Wx::Nth to group first/nth-time startup magic (ADAMK)
    - Fixed #781 : Unicode should not be used for accessing file system on
      Win32 (CHORNY)
    - The New Installation Survey now only appears on the third time that
      Padre starts, so it doesn't confuse people with locale issues (ADAMK)
    - Split Padre::Wx::Dialog::WhereFrom into main and FBP classes to try
      out the designer-based approach experimentally (ADAMK)
    - Tab width is configurable for opened file too (CHORNY)

0.67 2010.07.27
    - 0.67 never made it to public release.  All changes listed for 0.68 are 
what 0.67
      would have had.

0.66 2010.07.01
    - Improved the quality and integration of the default window size (ADAMK)
    - The non-blocking IO upgrade in 0.65 meant that Padre could no longer
      open files on Windows. Fixed (ADAMK)
    - Minor improvements to the About dialog (ADAMK)

0.65 2010.07.01
    - Task 2.0 API landed on trunk (and everything breaks) (ADAMK)
    - Converted the FunctionList GUI component to work via a task (ADAMK)
    - Padre::Role::Task role added to allow any object in Padre
      to be the "owner" of task and automatically handle which
      tasks are still relevant to the UI state at the time the task
      is completed, and ignore the ones that aren't (ADAMK)
    - New compulsory Padre::Wx::Role::View for editor GUI componants
      that want to live in the left/right/bottom tool panels (ADAMK)
    - Renamed a number of classes to simpler names. Because we are
      breaking everything anyway, this is an opportune time to lump
      in these low-importance changes (ADAMK)
    - Padre::DocBrowser --> Padre::Browser (ADAMK)
    - Padre::Wx::DocBrowser --> Padre::Wx::Browser (ADAMK)
    - Padre::Wx::Role::MainChild --> Padre::Wx::Role::Main (ADAMK)
    - Language-specific task sub-classes now live under the document class
      instead of under the Padre::Task tree, to encourage concentration
      of language-specific code within the document tree (ADAMK)
    - Padre::Task::Perl::Syntax --> Padre::Document::Perl::Syntax (ADAMK)
    - Padre::Task::Perl::Outline --> Padre::Document::Perl::Outline (ADAMK)
    - Startup config file now uses a custom hyper-minimalist format
      which avoids the need to load YAML::Tiny before the first thread
      spawn, saving about 400k per thread (ADAMK)
    - Padre::Logger now allows the PADRE_DEBUG environment variable to be
      set to a specific class name, enabling logging only for that class.
      This simplies tracing around a specific problem now that the number
      of classes with debugging hooks is getting large (ADAMK)
    - Moved the startup tool enabling of the syntax check and error list
      from the startup timer to the constructor, and prevent them from
      writing back to the config. We no longer need to write the config
      at all during startup, making startup faster (ADAMK)
    - Scroll the output window down on outputs (kthakore)
    - Directory browser rewritten to operate in the background (ADAMK)
    - Improved directory tree search to take advantage of new background
      file scanning. It is now instantaneously quick (ADAMK)
    - Added the PPI::Cache API to provide a simple common mechanism for
      stashing GUI model data such that all cache data can be cleaned up in
      one go when the relevant project or document is released (ADAMK)
    - Fixing some new bugs or adding temporary workarounds for them (SEWI)
    - Rebuild History using non-blocking IO on Padre start (SEWI)

0.64 2010.06.12
    - Last Stable before merge of new Task 2.0 API
    - zh-cn translation updated (jagd)

0.63 2010.06.02
    - Autocomplete "sub new" for Perl modules (SEWI)
    - fixed ticket #956: crashes if Outline is active (ZENOG)

0.62 2010.05.21
    - Any 3 column table layout in the preferences dialog now has a
      stretched middle column. (PLAVEN)
    - Add a warning for versions of with broken HTML rendering
    - Mousing over a sub/method name with ctrl pressed now highlights it
      to indicate it can be clicked on (Sam Crawley)
    - Regex editor: Support global flag for substitute (ZENOG)
    - Updated Turkish translation (Burak G??rsoy)

0.61 2010.05.12
    - MIME types: added a few C++ file extensions, added LaTeX .sty files
      (Zeno Gantner)
    - About dialog: increase height of the window so that the translated
      licensing terms also fit in without a scrollbar (Zeno Gantner)
    - Debugger: improved variable detection in the document (Zeno Gantner)
    - Menu: More consistent capitalization of menu entries (Zeno Gantner)
    - Updated German translation (Zeno Gantner)
    - fixed ticket #538: "outline view info takes too long to refresh" by
      adding an outline cache (Zeno Gantner)
    - fixed ticket #541: "wrong outline can get displayed for a document"
      (Zeno Gantner)
    - fixed ticket #940: "crashes when right clicking in code editing area"
      (Zeno Gantner)
    - fixed ticket #878: "Tabs like 'Outline', 'Functions'... should have
      a close button, just like the documents tabs" (Zeno Gantner)
    - fixed behaviour of the close button for the bottom tabs (Output,
      Errors, Syntax Check): closing a tab now toggles the corresponding
      menu and config items (Zeno Gantner)
    - Updated German translation (Zeno Gantner)
    - Updated Chinese translation (Chuanren Wu)
    - fixed ticket #939: "Padre 'help' depends on POD2-Base on Strawberry
      Perl on Windows XP" (ADAMK)
    - Updated Italian translation (SBLANDIN)
    - Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (GARU)
    - Updated Dutch translation (Dirk De Nijs)
    - Updated Spanish translation (ENELL)

0.60 2010.04.20
    - Add FTP connection caching/sharing (SEWI)
    - Add interactive template functions (SEWI)
    - Fixed ticket #900: opening binary files may crash Padre (Zeno Gantner)
    - Improved some menu entries: added missing "...", better labels, better
      comments (Zeno Gantner)
    - Clearer error message if debugger is not started yet (Zeno Gantner)
    - Complete language/locale switch on Unix platforms: also correctly
      translate the Wx default labels (Zeno Gantner)
    - Fixed ticket #921: regex syntax error in Regex Editor
      (reported by leprevost)
    - Updated German and Turkish translation (Zeno Gantner, SEWI and Burak
    - Added licensing information to About dialog (Zeno Gantner)
    - Skip '.' when indexing installed modules in @INC (dam)
    - Fixed bug related to search history (Sam Crawley)
    - Added file type filter "script file" (which includes Unix shell scripts
      and Windows .bat files) to the Open dialog (Zeno Gantner)
    - MIME types: added .mo to the list of binary file extensions,
      improved/gettext-ified some descriptions, changed LaTeX extension from
      latex to tex (Zeno Gantner)
    - Autocomplete no longer displays the dialog when only one option is
      available (unless 'Autocomplete while typing' is on) (Sam Crawley - #927)

0.59 2010.03.31
    - Don't crash open file list dialog on unsaved files or without
      files (SEWI)
    - Added a small survey for new Padre installation (SEWI)
    - Resolved the clash between threads and SQLite by temporarily
      disconnecting from SQLite during a thread spawn (ADAMK)
    - Slave master quick-spawning in Padre::Startup, so that
      we get smaller thread spawn memory penalty from the
      interpreter copy. On Win32 the per-thread cost drops from
      34.1meg to 20meg with a reduction in total memory use for a
      typical user of about 20% (ADAMK)
    - Add language names/translated texts to select_language list (SEWI)
    - Fixed ticket #865 Wrong document type in View Document As (PLAVEN)
    - New Padre::Wx::Display screen geometry library for handling multiple
      screens, weird geometry setups and other weird stuff that coders
      have on their development setups. Padre's main window uses this to
      calculate an elegant golden-ratio uniform-margin default position
      and size (ADAMK)
    - When showing a toolbar panel for the first time, make sure it's lock
      state is consistent with the main_lockinterface config setting (ADAMK)
    - Local file and remote file installation switched from pip to
      cpanm (ADAMK)
    - Completed the 'Insert Special Value' functionality (Zeno Gantner)
    - Updated German translation (Zeno Gantner)
    - When refresh_windowlist was sped up, sorting regressed. Fixed (ADAMK)
    - Fixed ticket #889: Padre saves non-ASCII characters as \x{XXXX} (AZAWAWI)
    - New Win32 launcher #677: the Padre process is now named "padre.exe"
      in the Task Manager (instead of wperl.exe) and it embeds the Perl
      interpreter instead of being just a launcher (DOLMEN)
    - On Win32 the manifest file (which tells Windows to use new Vista/7
      styles on such systems) is now embedded as a resource in the binary, so
      any wperl.exe.manifest containing the string 'name="Padre"' is obsolete
      and must be removed (DOLMEN)
    - Fixed ticket #904: Win32 taskbar icon is only 16x16 (Windows 7 may uses
      48x48) (AZAWAWI)
    - Small improvements/fixes to some dialogs: Refactoring, Open URL, Goto,
      Save as, Preferences, Insert File, New Perl Distribution (Zeno Gantner)
    - New document statistics dialog, faster computation of document statistics
      (Zeno Gantner)
    - Added missing File::pushd Padre dependency (AZAWAWI)
    - Fixed ticket #894: search for non-ASCII characters (Zeno Gantner)

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