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CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   asau
Date:           Wed Aug 18 22:32:01 UTC 2010

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/lang/swi-prolog-lite: Makefile.common PLIST distinfo
        pkgsrc/lang/swi-prolog-packages: PLIST

Log Message:
Update to SWI-Prolog 5.11.4

Changes in 5.11.4:

 * ADDED: library, after discussion with Gopal Gupta.
 * CLEANUP: Share more of the Makefiles between Windows and the rest
 * FIXED: destruction of a queue if a thread is waiting to write
 * FIXED: error by current_blob/2.
 * MODIFIED: incorrect handling of (^)/2 in setof/3 and bagof/3.
   The new version should now fully comply to ISO.  As of now,

        - The predicate ^/2 no longer exists
        - ^ is only handled by bagof/setof if it appears
          directly at the toplevel of the 2nd argument.
          E.g., the following is NOT allowed:

            setof(X, (foo(X); Y^foo(Y)), L).

   Code must be rewritten.  At runtime, problems are signalled
   by ^/2 being undefined. compile-time analysis can be achieved using
   gxref/0 (or check/0 for quick-and-dirty).
 * FIXED: GC error when nesting (if->then/*no-else*/) inside \+.
   Thanks to test-case by Keri Harris.
 * FIXED: retractall(x(X,X)).  Roberto Tiella.

Changes in 5.11.3:

 * FIXED: Top level now performs expand_goal/2 *after* correcting the
 * MODIFIED: PL_CUTTED -> PL_PRUNED.  Kept PL_CUTTED as a #define for
 * FIXED: Correctly read RDF/XML that is in UTF-8 on Windows.
 * ENHANCED: Faster enumeration of subjects for writing small RDF gaphs
 * ENHANCED: Better sizing of the hash-tables.
 * CLEANUP: Use size_t in many places for RDF-DB
 * ADDED: RDF-DB index on +,+,+.  This provides a significant speedup in
   loading databases with multiple objects on the same SP.
 * ADDED: Syntax closer to ISO with set_prolog_flag(iso,true).
   See Prolog flag iso for a detailed description.
 * MAINT: Fix compilation under -DO_DEBUG.  Andy Valencia.
 * FIXED: Syntax: proper bracketing of arguments
 * MODIFIED: Simpler syntax within { }.
   According to 6.3.6 the term within curly brackets is read with
   priority 1201, so no extra parentheses are needed.

Changes in 5.11.2:

 * ADDED: lang_equal/2 to RDF library to test language equality.   Jacco
van Ossenbruggen
 * FIXED: Error from http_absolute_location/3 if an alias is not
 * FIXED: Avoid error in edit/1 hook if an HTTP path-alias is undefined.
 * ADDED: Just-in-time creation of thread-pools for the HTTP server
using the new hook
   http:create_pool/1.  Cleanup of the code for faster spawning of
 * MODIFIED: Threaded server defaults: keep-alive-timeout is now 2
seconds (was 5)
   and the worker-count is now 5 (was 2).  Worker-count is increased
because many
   servers need it as since version 5.9.x there is hardly a price for
more workers.
 * ADDED: option hide_children(Bool) to make prefix handlers hide their
   and allow http_delete_handler to delete a handler-by-id.
 * PORT: Realise set_end_of_file in Windows version
 * ENHANCED: Implement safe-locking of the RDF persistent database
 * ADDED: set_end_of_stream/1.
 * PORT: Fix for MS VS2010 compilation.  Degski.
 * ADDED: lang_matches/2 to library(rdf_db)
 * FIXED: url_to_filename/2 in rdf_persistency was broken due to
   fix in DCG (commit 1a1a5699).  Jacco van Ossenbruggen.
 * FIXED: list_settings/0.  Li Li.
 * FIXED: handling of = and contains in xpath.  Carsten van Weelden.
 * ADDED: library(semweb/sparql_client) providing a SPARQL client API.
 * ENHANCED: Layout for listing where the body resides in another
 * ENHANCED: Provide style pldoc(Id) with each PlDoc handler
 * ADDED: reply_html_page/3: re-stylable HTML pages
 * FIXED: Possible crash in cleanup handlers.
   See comment above discardChoicesAfter() for more details.
 * ENHANCED: Make it possible to give syntax-warnings with exact
 * ADDED: Warnings for missing quotes for , and |
 * MODIFIED: Stricter list syntax. E.g. [a,b|c,d] or [a|b|c] are now
   In the unlikely case this was intended, the term after the bar (|)
must be
   enclosed in brackets.  I.e. [a,b|(c,d)] or [a|(b|c)].
 * FIXED: Syntax: proper quoting of | and ,
 * PORT: Improve behavioral consistency between 32-bit and 64-bit
 * FIXED: Memory leak for threads allocating chunks of 512 bytes.  Matt
 * ADDED: computing SHA incrementally.  Ivan Shmakov
 * INSTALL: Item#567: make check of xpce loading user's .plrc
 * FIXED: steadfastness in DCG translation. Item#379
 * FIXED: Item#559: hanging system in GC.  Only affects 32-bit platforms
   when doing GC on large stacks that have >8Mb chunks of continuous
   garbage. Ulrich Neumerkel.
 * DOC: errors for atom_length/2.  Ulrich Neumerkel.
 * ADDED: Library(http/js_write) to embed JavaScript calls into HTML
 * FIXED: Processing of stack-limit options in thread_create/3.  Jacco.
 * FIXED: Avoid direct access to private predicates of module error.
 * ADDED: rdf_reachable/5, providing a distance limit and returning the
 * ADDED: rdf_is_resource/1 and rdf_is_literal/1 for completeness.
 * FIXED: Thread-creation if ulimit -s == infinite.
 * FIXED: Do not skip character after . in turtle parser.  Lourens van
der Meij.
 * PORT: Windows snprintf --> _snprintf
 * MODIFIED: On systems that provide getrlimit(), the default
C-stack-size of
   created threads is the same as that of the main thread.  This was
   the default on Linux, but not on e.g. MacOS.
 * ADDED: statistics(c_stack, StackSize) to query the system (C-)stack
   For consistency, thread_create now also accepts c_stack as parameter.
   This patch also cleans some type-issues with regard to stack-size
   specification and removes 2Gb limit for Win64 due to the use of long.
 * ADDED: Skos prefix
 * ADDED: http_server_property/2.  This patch also does some cleanup to
   the meta-predicate declarations for the multi-threaded HTTP server.
 * FIXED: Check for integer overflows in numeric-arguments for
 * FIXED: Possible buffer overflow on format('~200f', [1]).  Mike
 * ADDED: library(http/http_openid), supporting OpenID consumers and a
 * ADDED: library(http/http_host) to obtain the public hostname of our
HTTP service
 * CLEANUP: Stricter type-checking in load_files/2.  Discussion on
 * FIXED: Old naming conventions.  Julian Zubek.
 * FIXED: Atom-GC for blobs that do not have PL_BLOB_UNIQUE.  Samer
 * ADDED: Allow for selective importing of operators in use_module/2.
   After discussion with Vitor.
 * PORT: Do not use chrpath if the kernel is not a shared object
 * PORT: Some type-issues in socket libs (nonblockio.c)
   I do not think any of these could have been fatal.  They just produce
   alarming messages from the compiler.

Changes in 5.11.1:

 * PORT: Windows: make fake EWOULDBLOCK error compatible with new def in
 * PORT: Fix download of Windows prerequisites for Windows 7.  Degski.
 * ADDED: Support for "406 Not Acceptable" responses in the HTTP server.
 * INSTALL: make prepare check all checked-out modules, regardless of
 * FIXED: Cleanup after uncaught stack-overflow exceptions.  Paul
 * DOC: Fixed code for skeleton client.  Mike Elston.
 * FIXED: ?= for cases where the arguments do not unify.  Marco Montali.
 * FIXED: Possible crash on stack-shift in cleanup handler.  Jochem
 * FIXED: Possibly wrong association of $and in frozen/2.  Samer
 * FIXED: Handling option register_namespaces(true) in rdf_load/2.
   Vangelis Vassiliadis.
 * MODIDIED: rdf_assert/4 now discards *complete* duplicates (incl
 * PORT: Avoid including termios.h into pl-os.h to localise the
   and (hopefully) make the system compile on Solaris.
 * PORT: Get prototype for posix_openpt(), avoiding warning
 * PORT: Move time-dependencies where they are needed; use POSIX
   clock_gettime() if it is provided.
 * DOC: Enhance comments of rb_insert/4 and rb_insert_new/4.
 * MODIFIED: Make rdf_meta/1 module-aware.  This means that calls are
   only expanded if they resolve to the exact predicate that is declared
   using rdf_meta.  This might break code relying on the old behaviour
   that expansion took place regardless of the module.

   It is possible to get a warning on calls that used to be expanded
   and are now not using this call before *loading* the program:

        ?- debug(rdf_meta).

   The new code also expands NS:Local appearing literally in the head
   of rdf_meta-declared clauses.

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.8 -r1.9 pkgsrc/lang/swi-prolog-lite/PLIST
cvs rdiff -u -r1.10 -r1.11 pkgsrc/lang/swi-prolog-lite/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r1.6 -r1.7 pkgsrc/lang/swi-prolog-packages/PLIST

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