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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/coccinelle

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   jym
Date:           Sat Aug  7 14:23:23 UTC 2010

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/coccinelle: DESCR Makefile PLIST distinfo
Removed Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/coccinelle/patches: patch-aa patch-ab patch-ac

Log Message:
Update to 0.2.3.
- smaller DESCR (avoids pkglint's complaints)
- remove patch-a{a,b,c} (paths seem to be fixed inside configure/make scripts).


* 0.2.3
** Language:
- <= constraints relating an expression metavariable to one or more
  inherited expression metavariables that it should be a subexpression of
- the -inplace and -outplace options have been renamed -in_place and
  -out_place.  -in_place no longer makes a backup.  A backup can be
  requested using the option -backup_suffix, eg -backup_suffix .bk
- identifiers can be constrained to be different from an inherited
  identifier metavariable, or from a set containing both concrete
  identifiers and inherited identifier metavariables.
- support for ocaml scripting
- ast available in ocaml scripts

** Features:
- drop inconsistent paths check when only one node was matched
- allow #define id with no definition
- attempt to add newlines in the generated code when function calls in the
  smpl cause passing column 80
- allow - in front of statement level nests, if everything inside the nest
  is also -
- 'configure' looks for some system libraries: menhirLib, sexplib, pycaml.
  Not available libraries are replaced by a copy provided with the sources.
- added static for a function goes just before what is specified in the
  semantic patch, not before any comments etc.
- Add a new option, -ignore_unknown_options, to ease the integration
  of Coccinelle as a checker in a toolchain.
- error in python code causes immediate abort of spatch
- use the same algorithm for collecting grep tokens as for collecting
  glimpse tokens
- Add scripts/spatch.bash_completion for automatic completion of common
  options under the bash shell.
- Print rule name when a script rule crashes
- Allow the declaration of an expression list or parameter list
  metavariable to specify the number of expressions or parameters,

** Bugfix:
- drop inconsistent paths check when only one node was matched
- better take into account virtual rules when selecting glimpse tokens
- print diff when only a comment is added
- the type of the C code !x should be int regardless of the type of x
- allow python code at the beginning of an included file
- better adjustment of whitespace when deleting adjacent lines.  Thanks to
  Wolfram Sang for pointing out the problem.
- allow metavariables to be inherited from included files
- allow ? on goto
- more graceful failure on finding a strange character in a macro parameter
- support Parameter metavariables
- add space after the last comma in an added portion of an argument list
- SmPL nameless struct should only match a nameless struct, not a nameless
  union.  Thanks to Peter Tummeltshammer for pointing out the problem.
- adjustments to storage don't modify inline as well
- matching and transformation allowed on inline
- allow removed field between two ... in structure initialization
- allow removing an entire structure initialization
- manage labels within do while 0 macros
- added space after : in printing a conditional expression.  Thanks to Josh
  Triplett for noticing the problem.
- dropped trailing whitespace when code at the end of a line is deleted.
  Thanks to Josh Triplett for noticing the problem.
- Fixed environment management when script rule uses cache.  Thanks to
  Bissyande for finding the problem.
- when false matches if with no else
- ensure { ... } with whencode checks to the end of the function.  Thanks to
  Rene Rydhof Hansen for finding the problem.

* 0.2.2
** Language:
- Added ToTestExpression to iso language, see standard.iso for an
- Added depends on to initialize and finalize script code

** Features:
- Update Emacs mode (cocci.el) to support 'virtual' rules and fix other
  keywords sush as 'depends on', 'using', 'disable'
- better treatment of != 0 in isos, communtativity for ==/!= for all
- allow adding // comments and blank lines (even after cocci + code)
- Add support for multiple -I options

** Bugfix:
- correct interaction between virtual rules and included .cocci files
- improvement in treatment of ! in isos, to avoid duplicating + code
- improvement in treatment of metavars as isos, to avoid duplicating + code
  between toplevel and variable instantiation
- test expression of smpl conditional, etc no longer assumed to have type
- correct + line numbers in the patch produced when using *
- iso constant metavariable matches an identifier whose name is all capital
  letters, eg NULL
- allow / at the end of the name of a directory (-dir) or patch prefix
- dropped space in + code after the binding of a type metavariable that is
  a pointer type
- better handling of . or .. in -dir name
- allow keywords and metavariable names in identifier constraints (not sure
  keywords is very useful, though)
- no lubtype on arguments of && and || in SmPL
- allow unknown as type for array indices in SmPL
- support matching of static annotation on functions that are both static
  and inline
- support ENOTDIR error in Common.lfile_exists, to allow for the case where
  an include file is in a subdirectory that exists but is an ordinary file,
  not a directory.
- better management of unbound position variables that appear in
- cause python parser to skip over // comments, hoping that // is not
  meaningful inside python
- require + on every line of a multiline comment
- correct calculation of line numbers when there is script code
- always annotate arguments of && || and ! as test expressions in C code.

* 0.2.1
** Language:
- Add virtual identifiers
- Add and coccilib.trac Python modules
- and are imported by default but not loaded
  in the current scope.

** Features:
- Parse_error_msg now more helpful.  New option -verbose_parsing for even
  more information.
- Improve Python import handling. They are imported once during script

** Bugfix:
- correct treatment of depends on with || for virtual rules

* 0.2.0
** Language:

** Features:
- Remove duplicated code in disjunctions
- Better error message when grep finds nothing relevant.  Thanks to Joe
  Perches for the suggestion.
- added -keep_comments option for the unparsing of the transformed code
- Option "-version" now also gives information about built-in
  Python binding support.
- slightly faster environment manipulation in pathological cases
- hack added to accept well-formed #define after function header

** Bugfix:
- Proper consideration of #define macro arguments in checking for the use
  of metavariables and in computing the line numbers of complex terms
- Better parsing of included .cocci files
- Put included .cocci files in the right order
- Bind position variables only once for #include
- Fix bug in include_match that caused everything to halt when all matches
  were discarded
- Merge unlikely/likely iso rules under a iso rule named unlikely
- Some fixes to coccicheck rules, thanks to Andrew Lunn
- Support groups in regular expression, thanks to Michael Stefaniuc

* 0.1.11

** Language:
- Meta-identifier/function and constant could be filtered from SmPL by
  regular expressions using the "~=" and "!~=" operators followed by
  an OCaml regular expression (see man Str) in double quote.
- Virtual rules, which can be referenced in depends, and set and unset
  using the command-line options -D
- ++ for multiple additions

** Features:
- coccicheck: a framework to check a series of SmPL files on a project
  see scripts/coccicheck for more information

** Bugfix:
- bind position variables to the correct starting position in the case of a
  complex statement such as an if or while.  Thanks to Derek Jones for
  pointing out the problem.
- checking for non mentioned case lines in switch should be unchecked.
- space should be printed after sizeof when there are no parentheses around
  the argument.  Thanks to Daniel Walker for pointing out the problem.
- avoid introducing sharing in propagating ! over () in treatment of isos
- save_excursion has to handle and rethrow exceptions
- eliminate unnecessary consideration of CVS strings.  Thanks to David
  Young for pointing out the problem.
- completely new treatment of statement metavariables
- better type checking for macro definitions
- drop regression testing in -parse_c

* 0.1.10

** Language:
- declarations allowed in switch, suggested by Derek M. Jones

** Features:
- use interval timer for timeouts.  Thanks to Derek M. Jones for the
- more flexible, thanks to Derek Jones.
- faster Python invocation
- simplify unparsing in the sgrep case

** Bugfix:
- for glimpse there is no point to create a pattern containing a numeric
  constant because glimpse doesn't index them
- add spaces after commas in function calls and function headers
- made python integration more like the ubuntu version
  this fixes some memory management problems with None, True, and False
- correct labels associated with a switch in the CFG so that a statement
  metavariable can match a switch.  Thanks to Derek Jones for pointing out
  the problem.
- keep switch pattern within switch body.  Thanks to Derek Jones for
  pointing out the problem.
- Allow expanded tokens to be stored in metavariables, as long as they are
  not removed.  But this does currently allow them in + code, which will
  produce the expansion.  Thanks to Ali-Erdem Ozcan for pointing out the
- improved adjustment of spacing when code removed at the beginning of a line

* 0.1.9

** Language:
- allow fresh identifiers to be declared using ## such that the value mixes
  both strings and previously declared metavariables

** Features:
- better handling of expanded code containing ##. Now compute the
- more precise warning message for the "'\' outside define".
  Thanks to Nicholas Mc Guire for pointing out the problem.
- more precise warning message related to ifdefization.
  Thanks to Derek Jones for pointing out the problem.
- we don't create any more certain files in /tmp (they may be a cause
  of security problems).
  Thanks to Eugeniy Meshcheryakov for pointing out the problem.
- More optimization for the case of just deleting a complete function.
  Allows this to happen without tracing through all the control-flow
  paths.  Thanks to Francois Bissyande for pointing out the problem.
- prevent code from being added to the beginning or end of a disjunction
- more information about why a script is not applied when using -debug option
- added -no_safe_expressions option
- added -no_loops option.  Ignores back edges derived from looping
  constructs.  This is unsafe, but perhaps useful for bug finding, as it can
  be more efficient.
- for semantic matches, allow "minus" on same code with multiple
- better error message for mismatch of parenthesis in column 0 with normal
  parenthesis.  Thanks to Derek Jones for pointing out the problem.
- allow disjunctions on function return types.  Thanks to Pierre Habouzit
  for pointing this out.

** Bugfix:
- keep disjunction in the proper order for structure initialization fields
- variables declared in different places should not seem to match each
- drop complaints about label metavariables not being used
- drop test information from the type of an expression when the expression
  is bound to a metavariable
- nests should not extend beyond the before and after code, even if the
  before and after code matches the nest code
- nests should extend into conditionals that end in error exit
- take into account metavariables on "else".  Thanks to Derek Jones for
  pointing out the problem.
- print single quotes on generated character constants
- better typedef handling in the initialisation/affectation builtin
  isomorphism, cf -test init_affect_typedef
- support disjunction of types on variable declaration
- allow @ within strings in script code.  ignore // comment lines in script
- don't drop + code placed after the transformed code
- drop spaces produced by removing code before semicolons
- adjusted spacing within generated code
- less verbose -sp.  Thanks to Derek Jones for pointing out the problem.
- accept multiple type names in a SmPL typedef declaration.

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -u -r1.1.1.1 -r1.2 pkgsrc/devel/coccinelle/DESCR
cvs rdiff -u -r1.8 -r1.9 pkgsrc/devel/coccinelle/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.4 -r1.5 pkgsrc/devel/coccinelle/PLIST
cvs rdiff -u -r1.6 -r1.7 pkgsrc/devel/coccinelle/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r1.3 -r0 pkgsrc/devel/coccinelle/patches/patch-aa \
    pkgsrc/devel/coccinelle/patches/patch-ab \

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