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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/ruby-mocha

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   obache
Date:           Tue Aug  3 02:56:32 UTC 2010

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/ruby-mocha: Makefile PLIST distinfo
Removed Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/ruby-mocha/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
Update mocha to 0.9.8.

= 0.9.8 (645024765b2d92018efc511652e1174163844e39)
* Fixed bug "NameError raised when using Mocha as a Rails plug-in" - Since 0.9.6 the
  Rails plugin has been broken. See bug report for details. You will need to
  explicitly load Mocha *after* the test framework has been loaded, e.g. by
  adding "require 'mocha'" at the bottom of test/test_helper.rb.
* Make Mocha::ParameterMatchers#regexp_matches, #includes, #has_value, #has_key
  more robust. Thanks to Sander Hartlage.
* Allow passing a block to Mocha::Configuration methods to only change
  configuration for the duration of the block. Thanks to Dan Manges.
* Fixed bug "doc generation fails in 0.9.7 gem" -
* Remove rdoc template incorporating google analytics from source control. The
  file just needs to exist locally and be ignored by source control. This should
  stop the warning showing up on e.g. RunCodeRun build results.

= 0.9.7 (80d816f250dc13aaf856f3f9cbd97ebe9c371839)
* Although I had provided a deprecation warning for people using
  Mocha::Standalone, I had assumed people wouldn't be explicitly loading the
  mocha/standalone.rb file. It turns out this assumption was incorrect at least
  in the case of Rspec. This is now fixed.

= 0.9.6 (57f8f77d715b7f1d9efee2e1a9438f7905c0006b)
* Version 2.0.1 of the test-unit gem introduced a private 'run_test' method on
  TestCase which clashed with the public TestRunner#run_test method. So this
  latter method has been renamed to 'run_as_test'.
* Stop requiring rubygems - this should be an environmental choice for the user. - describes why requiring rubygems in your
  library code is a bad idea.
* It seems like overkill to vendorize coderay and meta_project when they're 
only needed to generate the examples for documentation and for publishing files 
on RubyForge. So I'm removing them and installing them locally as gems when I 
need them.
* Added support for 'test-unit' gem (version >= 2.0). Note that as with other
  versions of Test::Unit I'm completely replacing the TestCase#run method.
  Unfortunately in version 2.0.0 this method differs slightly from the same
  method in version 2.0.1 & 2.0.2, so we have to provide different
  implementations to ensure that the internal working of Test::Unit are not
  compromised by Mocha. Note also that unless the 'test-unit' gem is loaded,
  requiring 'test/unit' leads to a mixture of stdlib and gem classes being
  loaded causing errors. To avoid a dependency on rubygems, the gem is loaded
  only if MOCHA_OPTIONS is set to 'use_test_unit_gem' - this option is only
  intended for use in running Mocha's own tests. It might be worthwhile to
  create a shim gem like minitest_tu_shim to allow the test-unit gem to
  completely replace the stdlib, but that's a job for another day. The changes
  in the Rakefile are to make the default task run with the 'test-unit' gem
  (version >= 2.0).
* Renamed Mocha::Standalone to Mocha::API to better reflect its purpose. Added a
  deprecation warning for those who are referencing Mocha::Standalone.
* Fix exception raised by HasEntry#matches? if first param is not a Hash (thanks
  to Taylor Barstow).
* Ken Collins reported [1] that Mocha is always loading MiniTest if it is
  available and loading it causes some Rails/ActionPack tests to break. I've
  removed the loading of MiniTest, but this now means the user has to ensure
  that if they want to use MiniTest in conjunction with Mocha, he must load
  MiniTest before loading Mocha.
* Implemented Bacon integration (thanks to Ubiratan Pires Alberton), but this
  was then removed after deciding only to maintain integration with Test::Unit
  and MiniTest which are both Ruby standard libraries. See mailing list for
* Don't monkey-patch MiniTest if it's already been monkey-patched by Mocha.
* Fixed bug: MiniTest integration was counting ExpectationErrors as errors not
* Fixed bug: Some Bacon tests were failing in Ruby 1.9.1.
* Chad Humphries pointed out that in Ruby 1.9.1, if you are not using Test::Unit
  or MiniTest, Mocha will attempt to load and monkey-patch Test::Unit. Mocha
  will now only monkey-patch Test::Unit and/or MiniTest if they have already
  been loaded. MiniTest tests will now run in both Ruby 1.8.6 (with MiniTest
  gem) and in Ruby 1.9.1 (with MiniTest std lib). See Ligthouse ticket -
* Made Mocha compatible with minitest 1.4.0 and above (thanks to Denis 

= 0.9.5 (93cad010345ce5d68f31422cfc32ed9dd6de13ec)
* Fixed Lighthouse bug #32 - stub_everything should mean mock responds to
* Added Expectation#twice to improve readability. Thanks to pull request from
  Celestino Gomes.
* In Ruby 1.9.1, requiring 'test/unit' loads a thin wrapper around MiniTest and
  Test::Unit::TestCase ends up inheriting from MiniTest::Unit::TestCase. So we
  need to avoid including the Mocha modules more than once to avoid nasty
  consequences. Thanks to Matthias Hennemeyer for help with this.
* Ruby 1.9 includes rake, but not rake/contrib. For the moment I've moved the
  sshpublisher require into the only rake task that needs it, so that I can at
  least run the tests in Ruby 1.9. It looks like I will need to build a
  rake/contrib gem or similar to get this working properly -

= 0.9.4 (8a59c6ff0f99f34b02bd99f19536a7893be2b340)
* Added mocha.gemspec file generated with Chad Woolley's new rake task, so that
  a floehopper-mocha gem will get built on GitHub.
* Add rake task to update mocha.gemspec with unique version, which will cause
  gem to be auto-built on github
* As Tobias Crawley correctly pointed out in feature request #23055
  "stubs(with_hash) not working with existing object" [1], following the
  principle of least surprise, it should be possible to call
  ObjectMethods#expects & ObjectMethods#stubs with a Hash of method_names vs
  return_values like you can with Mock#expects & Mock#stubs. I've also updated &
  improved the docs to reflect the changes.
* Removed deprecated gem autorequire.

= 0.9.3 (8219bb2d2881c8529c93fc21e97a11d01203c759)
* Added support for MiniTest thanks to Jeff Smick.
* Fixed a possible bug with some of the non-default Configuration options
  relating to the argument to Object#respond_to?
* As per Jay Fields recommendations [1] and with further impetus from a talk at
  Ruby Manor, any methods added to core classes are now added by including a
  module. This means that Mocha is a better citizen of the Ruby world and it's
  behaviour is more easily extended.
  [1] &
* Removed deprecated gem autorequire.

= 0.9.2 (r355)
* Improved documentation to address [#22530] 'Mock methods with multiple return
  values not possible?'
* respond_with parameter matcher was not available in tests.
* Patch [#22630] Fix for a bug in running Rails tests with Ruby 1.8.7.
  Array#flatten was being called which in turn was checking whether each element
  responded to #to_ary. This check was using the two parameter version of
  #respond_to?, but Mock was only defining a one parameter version.

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