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CVS commit: pkgsrc/time/etm

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Tue Jun 15 13:22:59 UTC 2010

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/time/etm: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 622:
622   bd116bf2e994   2010-06-15 08:30 -0400   daniel
  Removed redundant files from packaging. Replaced erroneous reference to 
curses output with color output using tput.

621   7054f7ea2279   2010-06-14 09:02 -0400   daniel
  Fixed bug in displaying undated, waiting tasks with prerequisites. Don't 
change main display options after modifying a task.

620   82d68fd9f25e   2010-06-13 17:20 -0400   daniel
  Fixed bug in processing ledger view with k_level = 0. Fixed bug in processing 
options for report views. Show total in ledger view.

619   1b46066902ab   2010-06-13 09:11 -0400   daniel
  Fixed bug in setting non-default display options.

618   72aff8ed40fe   2010-06-12 14:36 -0400   daniel
  Fixed bug in cmdline help.

617   ca8cf0fbe833   2010-06-12 13:05 -0400   daniel
  Removed IsModified tests for expando since they seem to fail on Linux. Fixed 
bug in ^U update reload. Added -u update option for to update. Fixed help 
for cmd line version.

616   38a2529adc97   2010-06-11 17:30 -0400   daniel
  Fixed bug in action_interval alert. Fixed bug in updating action timer.

615   036e0d5da58f   2010-06-10 08:47 -0400   daniel
  Added action_interval setting to etmRC and sound on this interval in minutes 
when the action timer is active. Added binding to ^R to open rc file in 
external editor. Now ^U updates data files. Added option to beep at specified 
intervals when action timer is running. Fixed bug in omitting beginby. Added 
option to rotate_files.

614   7e98cbc854d4   2010-06-09 08:52 -0400   daniel
  Allow has to return true if the hash value is zero. This fixed bug in 
recording actions with zero times. Cleaned up comments.

613   e8f372607a76   2010-06-08 14:20 -0400   daniel
  Only show non-default items in history lists. Fixed bug to allow context, 
keyword and project filters to work in busy and ledger views.

612   ec9f7abab330   2010-06-07 21:01 -0400   daniel
  Fixed erroneous print cmd  in etmItem.

611   104df73ab645   2010-06-07 16:23 -0400   daniel
  Fixed bug in setting status bar display options. Added statusbar.Refresh() to 
restore active font. Changed rightnow default from 'now' to ''.

610   ee4a9591c8f2   2010-06-06 15:42 -0400   daniel
  Added today as the default for d when it is required but missing. Fixed bug 
in actions when p is zero.

609   898b13ef6ecc   2010-06-06 14:11 -0400   daniel
  Fixed downinlist bug when list is empty. Added cleanPkls binding to ^R. Fixed 
bug in setting initial time for action timer. Removed unused editnew and 
renamed editold -> editcmd. Added d to required for reminders unless @r l.

608   62e8653c63f4   2010-06-04 19:18 -0400   daniel
  Fixed missing default for reminders in current_hash.

607   9340642e1a0a   2010-06-04 12:33 -0400   daniel
  Fixed completion bug by changing binding from F3 to ` (backquote).

606   de102d4733e0   2010-06-04 09:04 -0400   daniel
  Added font adjustments and background color tweaks.

605   2137deb673dd   2010-06-03 13:17 -0400   daniel
  Added 0, 1...9 main option hotkeys. Removed restore defaults from spacebar 

604   90e533ca0842   2010-06-02 15:55 -0400   daniel
  Restored internal alerts. Fixed sound bug. Eliminated clearing options from 
spacebar binding.

603   510ed448a28c   2010-06-02 07:25 -0400   daniel
  Removed doc files.

602   51126aaf6556   2010-06-02 07:20 -0400   daniel
  Renamed -> and added to .hgignore along with and Fixed bug in updating alerts after changes.  
Added CSV export to both item (all fields) and ledger.

601   b316f45f7df6   2010-06-01 09:02 -0400   daniel
  Fixed bug in exporting repeated items to vcal.

600   9f40b72cde0c   2010-05-31 16:33 -0400   daniel
  Command line parsing works including upper case help. Export to vcal works 
for both command line and gui.

599   902977462dd1   2010-05-31 08:33 -0400   daniel
  Fixed selday problem after newItem. Fixed -p instead of -i in busy history 

598   8e3e0e5cb0c4   2010-05-30 17:54 -0400   daniel
  First pass at cmd line processing for etmData.

597   942386895283   2010-05-30 15:29 -0400   daniel
  Renamed etm as etmWX to fix packaging problem.

596   affc6ca45a29   2010-05-30 14:17 -0400   daniel
  Added etmSunMoon and etmWeather.

595   3b1a857362ef   2010-05-30 14:15 -0400   daniel
  First pass at packaging. Fixed prep_dist, setup and setup_app. Added close 
and iconify bindings.

594   b42d6310cc3c   2010-05-30 11:42 -0400   daniel
  Added weather, sun moon.

593   d13504ec2c65   2010-05-30 08:05 -0400   daniel
  Added date calculator, version check.

592   6d3316a0cf69   2010-05-29 10:31 -0400   daniel
  Added export to vcal.

591   b99a96ebcb20   2010-05-28 16:41 -0400   daniel
  Added busy/free report. Added open project in external editor.

590   b9e6defc61e6   2010-05-27 09:23 -0400   daniel
  Fixed backup bug in update_task. Show loading errors as html instead of 
printing in etm.

589   682639fb7d8f   2010-05-20 05:15 -0400   daniel
  Fixed bug involving multiple calls to select_items. This apparently fixed bug 
in busy panel as well.

588   c3c4827f31c1   2010-05-15 19:18 -0400   daniel
  Fixed bug in which competed tasks would be included in the list of prereqs 
for other tasks.

587   d90a89fd7a88   2010-05-10 16:55 -0400   daniel
  list only restart, skip and keep now work. Fixed bug in which tasks with 
finished prereqs would not have the correct attr.

586   7d16f89dbe60   2010-05-09 16:04 -0400   daniel
  Working on resetting completed repeated tasks.

585   8ec5fa86f974   2010-05-04 13:06 -0400   daniel
  Fixed bug in which setting -b would show the correct days but the calendar 
would not.

584   33ae44a886ff   2010-05-04 12:27 -0400   daniel
  Bug fixes, changed project char from '#' to '$' to avoid comment line 

583   240c76846c25   2010-05-04 11:32 -0400   daniel
  Added 12month calendar to view and create with functional up/down/home and ^Q 
bindings. Polished help text.

582   dde3716bef4b   2010-05-03 13:26 -0400   daniel
  Ledger and item views now work with options properly processed.

581   5e885d435920   2010-05-02 10:54 -0400   daniel
  Various visual tweaks with border sizes and background colors. Fixed bug in 
searching with an empty string.

580   45465214f7c9   2010-05-02 10:24 -0400   daniel
  Item view now works.

579   e86dec921f20   2010-05-01 16:36 -0400   daniel
  Added cur, str, htm, com (comma delimited) output to show.

578   cf6122d9735c   2010-05-01 13:54 -0400   daniel
  List undated tasks under today so that filters apply. Removed defaults from 
parsers for 'd', 'b' and 'e' so that they aren't added to saved string.

577   6856239f66c8   2010-04-30 14:00 -0400   daniel
  Added filters for context, keyword and project. Basic functionality is now 

576   c4197caefa8e   2010-04-30 13:47 -0400   daniel
  Fixed bug in setting attr for task with prereqs. Fixed bug in processing 
overdue/skip tasks.

575   b7f354725387   2010-04-30 08:42 -0400   daniel
  Added omit to main view.

574   6912ffa1b217   2010-04-30 07:50 -0400   daniel
  First pass at view options. Main view groupby works.

573   98862f1fea99   2010-04-27 08:39 -0400   daniel
  Bug fixes. version ->

572   35b24f8c8179   2010-04-27 08:23 -0400   daniel
  Added reminders.

571   fb9cbca5b991   2010-04-24 17:02 -0400   daniel
  Implemented search.

570   071d74807d65   2010-04-23 12:59 -0400   daniel
  Added finish and unfinish and new event, task, note and reminder.

569   a0d77148f4f0   2010-04-21 14:07 -0400   daniel
  Fixed timer toggle to avoid confirmation and timer stop to check entry, 
return parsed dates and either to show errors and return to dialog or to close 
dialog and return checked entry. Ditto for editing existing items.

568   ab3108dc05e8   2010-04-19 16:47 -0400   daniel
  Many changes. etmITEM how contains all code for creating/editing including 
tab completion, date selection, templates and context sensitive help. Fixed 12 
month calendar to allow arrow keys.

567   210ee262396d   2010-04-18 13:07 -0400   daniel
  Added etmANS and etmCAL. Start timer and display in statusbar. Refresh 

566   a8dfccdd1d07   2010-04-17 17:39 -0400   daniel
  Fixed bug in which and self.sel_events reloaded duplicate items.

565   f038e3275b39   2010-04-17 16:16 -0400   daniel
  Collapsed html display into etmHTML. Improved edit logic and cursor movement.

564   bebd71b8653d   2010-04-15 17:46 -0400   daniel
  Added get_modifications to etmData and check for changes on update_alerts.

563   4b536ccf1467   2010-04-15 11:05 -0400   daniel
  Added stuff from old etmRC.

562   4c4947e7fceb   2010-04-14 22:51 -0400   daniel
  Color and past_due tweaks.

561   455b6118361c   2010-04-14 20:02 -0400   daniel
  First working version of and

560   5845289225a5   2010-03-14 16:45 -0400   daniel
  Fixed bug in dialog for creating new project.

559   03ed2ea7373a   2010-03-11 23:19 -0500   daniel
  Don't reset advance for list, busy and reckoning views to preserve display 
period when switching between these views.

558   6e59bd7dca8c   2010-03-09 08:40 -0500   daniel
  Fixed bug in setting options.end.

557   1ec2f7e53821   2010-03-03 14:16 -0500   daniel
  Added 'relative days' to fuzzy parsing of dates. E.g. if it is currently Feb 
15, 2010 then in a field calling for a date, '+45' would give '2010-04-01' and 
'-90' would give '2009-11-17'.

556   84a94a9ab727   2010-03-01 16:58 -0500   daniel
  Added self.repeats to store repeat option strings from events and tasks. 
Removed F5 leader option. Added tab completion for contexts, keywords and 
repeat strings. Bound F5 to select_date. Added documentation for changes. Added 
check for data['speed'] in

555   1eaafc5e3936   2010-02-28 12:51 -0500   daniel
  Moved attrs to get_attrs to avoid invoking tput unless outputting format cur.

554   8ea85f21936a   2010-02-27 08:34 -0500   daniel
  Fixed bug in which a task due today with with an earlier begin by date would 
not display in agenda view.

553   48342d4a5da4   2010-02-26 16:54 -0500   daniel
  Removed print encoding warning from rc. Many changes to documentation and 

552   d31d50cd998a   2010-02-26 10:04 -0500   daniel
  Replaced -> get_today in Moved process_items from 
loadData to select_items. Removed call to sort_listofhashes_by_field. Show 'N' 
instead of starttime for notes. Remove @e from fields shown in verbose view.

551   5db57b83b38a   2010-02-25 11:10 -0500   daniel
  Replaced 'event' with 'note' in onChar 'n'. Replaced 
with get_today() in process_items.

550   74ae6fca3b19   2010-02-23 16:10 -0500   daniel
  Added confirm_finish option to etmrc.

549   e15941f2264f   2010-02-22 16:35 -0500   daniel
  Added notes to events, actions and tasks. Custom color for notes can be set 
in etmrc.

548   f22370e79c2e   2010-02-22 11:06 -0500   daniel
  Added check_idnum to check for valid idnum and show error message if not 
valid. Called by delete_item, mark_finished, mark_unfinished, edit_entry, 
edit_item and copy_entry to avoid raising an exception with a bad idnum.

547   24bacc7cbadb   2010-02-21 16:56 -0500   daniel
  Allow up and down arrows to scroll the 12 month calendar. When grouping by 
keyword in agenda and list view, do not split on colons.

546   392d8041cdea   2010-02-21 14:26 -0500   daniel
  Changed 12 month calendar to begin showing current year and to use different 
background colors for past, current and future years. These background colors 
can be set in etmrc.

545   cd53fa66f9c3   2010-02-21 13:00 -0500   daniel
  When grouping by date, show tasks whose begin and due dates fall within the 
displayed period only on the begin date in agenda view and only on the due date 
in list view. More tweaks to get the automatic date change displays working 
properly. Fixed bug which list view options given in the gui would be ignored.

544   ec93bc561e52   2010-02-20 15:53 -0500   daniel
  Added the options in etmrc either to require or skip confirmations for 1) 
cancelling a an entry in the entry bar (skip); 2) deleting an item (confirm); 
and 3) creating or modifying an item (confirm). More fixes for the automatic 
updating of the current date. Removed 'break' that prevented proper date being 
set for a waiting task.

543   42eecc7fbcfd   2010-02-19 16:54 -0500   daniel
  Fixed bug in which an undated task when finished would not display on the 
finish date.

542   c47f3ded5550   2010-02-19 16:08 -0500   daniel
  Fixed bug in which display would not properly refresh after creating and 
modifying items.

541   df007c5ca607   2010-02-19 07:52 -0500   daniel
  Fixed bug in which begin date would not automatically reset to the current 
date when the date changes. Removed all references to startdate and stopdate 
which are unused. Allow F2 to be processed when showing calendar.

540   1bccd3009f96   2010-02-19 07:10 -0500   daniel
  Don't reload with date change, only with lastmtime change. Clear memoized 
caches when date changes or lastmtime change. Only call show_view if 
in_getresponse is false - it will be called automatically when the entry is 
completed or canceled. Call maybereload before writing new or modified entries. 
Eliminated startdate and stopdate references since they appear not to be used. 
Popup an alert whenever the data is automatically reloaded by maybereload.

539   f2c1c76d919f   2010-02-16 21:05 -0500   daniel
  Allow left and right arrow keys to shift the 12-month calendar display 
backward and forward by one year at a time.

538   4cda1dc2deb4   2010-02-16 13:08 -0500   daniel
  Set due date of waiting task by default to the last due date of its 
prerequisites. Fixed bug in which waiting for tasks without due dates would 
erroneously be displayed when show does not contain 'w'.

537   2c7c41f9ab79   2010-02-15 21:37 -0500   daniel
  Fixed typo in select_items in which only the first keyword a colon separated 
group would be used.

536   9091fce888b0   2010-02-15 17:45 -0500   daniel
  Removed waitingPrior and beginBy from rc. Tweaked main_bclr and main_wclr. 
Improved documentation relating to agenda and list view differences.

535   188a88f67b61   2010-02-15 10:04 -0500   daniel
  Added ability to set slotsize for busy time bars in etmrc and with the busy 
view option -S.

534   e4b182d066f7   2010-02-14 16:30 -0500   daniel
  Fixed error in setting gui headers. Fixed busy options error where -o should 
be -O and -c should be -C. Added note in documentation that dates with spaces 
such as 'mar 2' must be inclosed in spaces, i.e., use "-b 'mar 2'" rather than 
"-b mar 2".

533   37762ef18f98   2010-02-14 15:13 -0500   daniel
  Added show option to reckoning view with option to include e) events and/or 
a) actions. Fixed bug involving show option for busy view. Removed version 
numbers from the example tgz files. Determine the number of columns in busy 
view automatically using the opening and closing hour settings.

532   a529b5cb8d2a   2010-02-14 10:21 -0500   daniel
  Removed 'add default ...' for history lists from etmrc and added instructions 
to show_history which shows a message dialog when the list is emtpy and a 
selection list otherwise. Added reload stuff to maybe-reload so that data can 
be loaded without modifying the display.

531   8a957f5c0f35   2010-02-13 11:49 -0500   daniel
  Returned to MessageDialog for confirmation in hopes of fixing Windows XP 

530   1a8a881f9eda   2010-02-12 17:37 -0500   daniel
  Show event time conflicts in busy/free graphical using 'conflictchar' set in 

529   b055ddf00e83   2010-02-12 17:15 -0500   daniel
  Call MyDialog with entry_bar as parent for confirmation. Possible fix for 
binding 'entry key' in Windows.

528   10642c8a3ea3   2010-02-12 16:53 -0500   daniel
  Give agenda view the same show options as list view: e) events; a) actions; 
t) available tasks; f) finished tasks; b) begin task dates; w) waiting tasks.

527   e5f0a36957c5   2010-02-11 08:09 -0500   daniel
  Fixed bug involving setting beginby incorrectly.

526   a0c0d55861f3   2010-02-10 12:22 -0500   daniel
  Fixed bug in which update_alerts would cancel an in-progress getresponse. 
Fixed bug in which past due tasks would appear in list view. Use MyDialog for 
the date calculator. Updated documentation and images to reflect folding 
'waiting for' and 'begin by' into standard groups.

525   6231d572a75b   2010-02-09 17:30 -0500   daniel
  Fixed bug in which update_alerts would cancel an in-progress getresponse. 
Fixed bug in which past due tasks would appear in list view.

524   f6687ed9dc9e   2010-02-09 08:35 -0500   daniel
  Removed 'waiting for' and 'begin by' groups from sort by date agenda view. 
Use special colors to display these whatever the group by choice. In agenda 
view always display task on beginby date or startdate, whichever is later 
provided beginby date falls in the displayed period unless the task is due on 
or before startdate.

523   e9c00fc320f1   2010-02-07 22:15 -0500   daniel
  Added MyDialog and changed cancel to add confirmation in modifying and 
creating entries.

522   63ce9e969727   2010-02-06 14:49 -0500   daniel
  Added regex matching to busy view and added support for matching strings with 
unicode characters. Improved parsing of entry bar option strings using shlex. 
Added groupby context, project and keyword options to agenda view.

521   4bd575ec0977   2010-02-05 10:34 -0500   daniel
  Fixed bug in mark_incomplete and improved confirmation message for both 
mark_incomplete and mark_complete. Added to version control.

520   22baf5833be5   2010-02-02 17:08 -0500   daniel
  Updated documentation.

519   de0c1d172aa1   2010-02-02 08:36 -0500   daniel
  Allow busychar and freechar to be set in etmrc and make the defaults '*' and 

518   5f5b8dd322fa   2010-02-01 20:16 -0500   daniel
  Fixed error processing spaces in options entered in the gui entrybar, .e.g., 
-k client 1 would be processed as -k client. Insert new history items at the 
beginning of the list rather than at the end.

517   3913f9eabca4   2010-02-01 11:38 -0500   daniel
  By default, do not display actions in agenda view and changed options include 
'e', 'T' and 'a'. Changed show options to include 'e', 't', 'T' and 'a'. For 
both, silently ignore invalid options and resort to default if there are no 
valid options. Shortened 'L/R arrow keys: changed displayed period' to 'L/R 
arrows: shift interval'.

516   22d402ae577c   2010-01-30 14:16 -0500   daniel
  Changed docs to use etm-eg images. Updated help screens to reflect up-arrow 
access to select from history.

515   798cc9deb3de   2010-01-29 15:08 -0500   daniel
  Added up-arrow binding for select from history in entrybar. Added 'L/R arrow 
keys: change displayed period' to details prompt for list, busy and reckoning 

514   58c669073bd9   2010-01-29 10:21 -0500   daniel
  Added code to iconize to the task bar when wxMSW is in PlatformInfo. 
Corrected description of 'next' and 'agenda' in rc.

513   998acddc1fda   2010-01-28 15:45 -0500   daniel
  Made modifications to hide the application from the task bar when minimized 
to the task tray.

512   ce1263589e88   2010-01-28 08:20 -0500   daniel
  In list view don't show finished or unavailable tasks when show includes T.

511   ed747177f503   2010-01-27 22:29 -0500   daniel
  Administrative changes adding etm-prob and etm-test to the available example 

510   27b880aef050   2010-01-27 13:00 -0500   daniel
  Fixed clear command to use "cls" for windows and "clear" for os x and linux.

509   95cb04f11646   2010-01-27 11:49 -0500   daniel
  Changed entrybar 'leader' from backquote to F5. Added command line option to 
begin a persistent loop in which commands can be repeated without reloading the 
data files.

508   a499d0988467   2010-01-22 13:37 -0500   daniel
  In maybereload, wrap call to show_view in CallAfter.

507   633f01f55765   2010-01-22 10:59 -0500   daniel
  Tweaked border size for better MSW appearance.

506   c0b3cc5532d3   2010-01-22 10:47 -0500   daniel
  Set panel color to details background color, set sunken border for the html 
and entrybar and increased size for both. Only show next alert in detail bar 
when there is one. Don't show next alert when displaying temporary (pause=True) 

505   917e21d09099   2010-01-21 12:55 -0500   daniel
  Simplified alert display in the details bar.

504   58208d01cba2   2010-01-21 12:37 -0500   daniel
  Call maybereload before update_queue and then callafter refreshprompt to show 

503   9ff7077b8af2   2010-01-20 15:51 -0500   daniel
  Documentation changes. Added discussion of to installation section. 
Changed make and upload files to avoid unnecessary copying.

502   e71ba294d7e4   2010-01-20 11:41 -0500   daniel
  Use rsync for uploading. Documentation and web site changes. Created

501   f1ab1cf6489d   2010-01-19 18:29 -0500   daniel
  Changed setup status to production/stable. Separated alert status display in 
details line with additional spaces. Add count to last modified to catch file 
deletion as well as modification in determining whether last modified has 

500   b39875c5d2cc   2010-01-19 10:28 -0500   daniel
  Added 'modify using external editor' to documentation.

499   59ca7b7e5a8e   2010-01-19 09:17 -0500   daniel
  Allow blank lines and leading spaces experimentally.

498   01ec33d2af82   2010-01-19 08:55 -0500   daniel
  Added edit_item bound to M to open external editor at line corresponding to 
selected item id.

497   47603c0251f4   2010-01-18 13:00 -0500   daniel
  Changed detail bar to show the number of alerts pending and, if any are 
pending, the time of the next alert.

496   56b25b89e5d4   2010-01-18 12:13 -0500   daniel
  Added getmtime to and maybereload to When queue is 
updated, reload if last modification time is later or if the date has changed.

495   58611ecf8437   2010-01-18 10:49 -0500   daniel
  Fixed bug in creating new project. Ignore empty project files in loadData. 
Use releases/ to keep release versions so that dist/ can be flushed.

494   1cf283e131e8   2010-01-17 19:30 -0500   daniel
  Improved checks for os type in setting icons. Use releases/ for released 
versions of tar.gz and dmg files. Documentation tweaks.

493   900e69806c73   2010-01-17 13:42 -0500   daniel
  Fixed packaging error involving etm_alert.wav in creating an OS X app.

492   d2222daabc14   2010-01-17 13:10 -0500   daniel
  Added etm_alert.wav for use with internal alert.

491   344dbc02eeb4   2010-01-17 11:16 -0500   daniel
  Fixed problem in packaging etmlogo.ico.

490   cb4361b3ad53   2010-01-17 11:09 -0500   daniel
  Changed documentation to reflect the new internal alert.

489   081a8334e9ba   2010-01-17 11:00 -0500   daniel
  An internal method for displaying alerts has been added and made the default 
when the setting for alertcmd in etmrc is an empty string. The internal alert 
is displayed for this number of seconds specified by 'seconds' in etmrc if non 
zero and otherwise displayed until dismissed. Problems encountered when running 
the gui under Windows XP have been corrected and a ICO file is now used for 
Windows icons. A one minute action is recorded in the default action file when 
etm is installed or updated to a new version.  Tasks in files with empty lines 
can now be marked complete without raising an error.

488   c14811b31a57   2010-01-16 12:07 -0500   daniel
  Added method for displaying alerts and made this method the default if 
alertcmd is an empty string. Added seconds to etmrc. Internal alert is display 
for this number of seconds if non-zero and otherwise displayed until dismissed. 
Write one minute action to the action file for the current month when etm is 
installed or updated to a new version.

487   b29d2d30c7c4   2010-01-15 11:19 -0500   daniel
  Removed OnPaint - now works under Windows XP.

486   3541e0a55913   2010-01-14 08:53 -0500   daniel
  Added tag windows for changeset f2b1ba4e15b4

485[windows]:480   f2b1ba4e15b4   2010-01-14 08:49 -0500   daniel
  self.panel.Refresh -> self.Refresh; removed style=wx.FULL_REPAINT_ON_RESIZE.

484   b7a8f6587347   2010-01-14 08:43 -0500   daniel
  self.panel.Refresh -> self.Refresh, removed style=wx.FULL_REPAINT_ON_RESIZE.

483   0292572b48d4   2010-01-13 21:04 -0500   daniel
  More windows xp tweaks.

482   dbeb891cf7df   2010-01-13 17:47 -0500   daniel
  Windows xp stuff: removed Refresh().

481:479   c83cd6cfa8b9   2010-01-13 17:25 -0500   daniel
  Several tweaks aimed at fixing windows problem.

480   78a086e482d7   2010-01-13 16:28 -0500   daniel
  Tweaked test for encoding.

479   184e544d0e04   2010-01-13 15:34 -0500   daniel
  Warn but don't change sys.stdout if it differs from encoding. Changing it 
seems not to work on windows.

478   859515ee3966   2010-01-13 11:33 -0500   daniel
  More tweaks to get icon working for windows.

477   85d3c8ee5118   2010-01-13 11:21 -0500   daniel
  Added etmlogo.ico to package for windows.

476   060ff3e6dcd4   2010-01-13 10:20 -0500   daniel
  Added tag icon for changeset 396b4b34d0c4

475[icon]   396b4b34d0c4   2010-01-13 10:18 -0500   daniel
  Replaced stock icon with custom icon designed by Will Graham.

474   26373f228fd2   2010-01-12 16:12 -0500   daniel
  Yet another attempt to use the icns icon for and the png icons for 
everything else.

473   f3df7543edcb   2010-01-12 13:28 -0500   daniel
  Include correct icon for os x in package. Improved distribution preparation 
and uploading scripts.

472   315a970270de   2010-01-12 12:23 -0500   daniel
  Reintroduced icons using pkg_resources to locate them within egg and app. 
Automatically make etm-<version>.dmg from app and ditto to 

471   ddfc591c6297   2010-01-11 19:02 -0500   daniel
  Removing last aspects of icon installation.

470   b663f0a78109   2010-01-11 18:40 -0500   daniel
  Removed icons - they're not worth the trouble. is now stand alone.

469   6eb9498e9864   2010-01-11 17:42 -0500   daniel
  Install icons in sizes suitable for mac, linux and windows. Added for 
OS X (created by py2app) to distribution.

468   2cf14154f548   2010-01-11 12:50 -0500   daniel
  Streamlined taskbar icon. Added e.pyw for starting the gui without a 
temporary terminal.

467   038b7dc50ea2   2010-01-10 16:14 -0500   daniel
  Fixed taskbar icon menu.

466   fce88679fa1f   2010-01-10 16:01 -0500   daniel
  Fixed bug in which last minutes digit would be deleted when using 24 hr time. 
Added ETMUsersManual. Added hourglass icon.

465   23c2695b9a04   2010-01-08 12:55 -0500   daniel
  Added try/except to setlocale to try using the user's setting first and, if 
that fails, use locale.LC_ALL. Fixed bug in which error in project line would 
not be reported.

464   293729a172fd   2010-01-08 12:22 -0500   daniel
  Improve on-line documentation for tasks using outline format.

463   1288362c7f45   2010-01-06 12:50 -0500   daniel
  Restored overwriting etm.log with starting date and time at gui startup. 
Append stopping date and time at gui close.

462   5cb75e64031f   2010-01-06 08:41 -0500   daniel now looks first for etmrc in the current working directory and reflects this change. Reset advance to 0 in show_agenda, show_busy 
and show_reckoning.

461   b875a1e679ee   2010-01-05 08:56 -0500   daniel
  Put encoding comparison in rc in a try/except. Seems to fix the failure for w to load using Alt-F2.

460   b542c89b0adb   2010-01-04 17:36 -0500   daniel
  Nearly works.

459   fbdb2f4097c3   2010-01-02 17:10 -0500   daniel
  Removed panel.

458   d025ef651fd9   2010-01-02 13:47 -0500   daniel
  Split into and e.pyw.

457   602143f2885e   2010-01-02 13:15 -0500   daniel
  Clear etm_wx log before starting App.

456   849fbd2f22e4   2010-01-02 12:39 -0500   daniel
  Restore eg txt files after making tarball.

455   275f9a664dfa   2010-01-02 12:35 -0500   daniel
  Moved encoding check to rc.

454   d268a363251b   2010-01-02 09:05 -0500   daniel
  Added -x to version numbers when hg status is not null. Version numbers 
without a -x suffix will thus correspond exactly to the corresponding hg 

453   c073e0cca7a1   2010-01-02 08:44 -0500   daniel
  Added time to etm_redirect and clear old log with startup. Removed calls to 
wx.CallAfter which raised exceptions.

452   49e1e21a2fca   2010-01-01 15:31 -0500   daniel
  Fixed bug in process_entry involving erroneous warning for changing type of 

451   93562f80ae13   2010-01-01 15:11 -0500   daniel
  Sort project file list for selection dialog.

450   8fe5c51d7ed3   2010-01-01 13:10 -0500   daniel
  If encoding is not the same as sys.stdout.encoding try resetting sys.stdout 

449   978ce1ce2033   2009-12-31 16:43 -0500   daniel
  Added utf8_terminal = False to rc.

448   7d536225202c   2009-12-31 11:42 -0500   daniel
  Added ability to specify the etmdata directory on the command line for 
testing purposes. Add confirmation of successful export to ical or limit 
display to error message if unsuccessful. Fixed various warnings identified by 

447   01ef353749e2   2009-12-30 07:53 -0500   daniel
  Only report missing module when exporting to ical if has_icalendar is false.

446   9bb970a3abe3   2009-12-29 11:23 -0500   daniel
  Added templates to rc. Select from templates list bound to `t in entry bar.

445   4330c9dbe809   2009-12-29 10:44 -0500   daniel
  Added copy_entry. Prompt for id and copy item to system clipboard.

444   261ffe7135ac   2009-12-28 15:51 -0500   daniel
  Print error message when exporting to ical if icalendar module is not 
available. Search for and replace 'range(...)' expressions with 
'eval(range(...))'. Updated task documentation to include outline (period and 
underscore) format for tasks.

443   4dc391f6a6c1   2009-12-28 14:26 -0500   daniel
  Allow @ in tasks if not preceded by whitespace. Add tasks in outline 
(period/underscore) format. Fixed %f instead of %s bug in get_filelines.

442   1cf850f2af46   2009-12-26 12:12 -0500   daniel
  First pass at new dot tasks.

441   a3aca98ea519   2009-12-23 16:12 -0500   daniel
  Added binding for EVT_PAINT to refresh panel. Redirect stdio to ~/etm/etm.log.

440   8e344d0d7c82   2009-12-23 11:54 -0500   daniel
  Added SetDoubleBuffered(True).

439   0f36bc876e3f   2009-12-23 11:10 -0500   daniel
  Added xpos and ypos to rc. Added SetMinSize. Added SetDaemon(1) to 
start_alerts to allow python to close immediately.

438   06ce66851e39   2009-12-23 07:34 -0500   daniel
  Added SetDimensions(5,5, wxwidth, wxheight) to self.frame. Scroll bars now 
work with resizing.

437   fc4fcafbdbf7   2009-12-22 09:22 -0500   daniel
  Added self.Layout to init.

436   e95c111cc643   2009-12-21 17:05 -0500   daniel
  Respect verbose setting from etmrc.

435   9ed201eb925a   2009-12-21 13:47 -0500   daniel
  Removed 'repaint on resize'.

434   464e3ef999a5   2009-12-21 13:40 -0500   daniel
  Removed Refresh statements.

433   91948b59de69   2009-12-20 19:27 -0500   daniel
  Another linux/gtk2 blank screen tweak.

432   673bdaa97800   2009-12-20 18:21 -0500   daniel
  Added panel to main frame to (hopefully) fix blank screen problem.

431   057ad1deb7a5   2009-12-20 17:46 -0500   daniel
  Yet another attempt to fix the linux/gtk2 blank screen problem.

430   881a111fc72f   2009-12-20 16:49 -0500   daniel
  Yet another attempt to fix the blank screen problem under linux/gtk2.

429   e9db2b409be9   2009-12-20 16:05 -0500   daniel
  More tweaks for MyHTMLWindow to fix the blank screen problem under Linux/gtk2.

428   fb2208399b7e   2009-12-20 07:53 -0500   daniel
  SetStandardFonts if gtk2 to address blank screen problem under linux.

427   2dcdaa9caa90   2009-12-19 15:15 -0500   daniel
  Make queue_count consistent with the actual length of the alert queue.

426   a03ee03e969b   2009-12-19 14:49 -0500   daniel
  Another tweak to allow graceful shutdown of alert queue.

425   5c1abcf2a81d   2009-12-18 16:12 -0500   daniel
  Moved alert stuff into a separate class and added code to clear the queue 
when quitting etm_wx.

424   7e6dca99d9ef   2009-12-16 14:37 -0500   daniel
  Removed which was erroneously left in package.

423   692dfa0778a0   2009-12-16 10:45 -0500   daniel
  Fixed uppercase color name bug in rc. Removed and and moved 
alert code to etm_wx. Queue is now active iff the GUI is running. Queue count 
is displayed in detail bar.

422   081152140b96   2009-12-15 08:59 -0500   daniel
  Restored 'extent'. Fixed bug in parsing @e in which an integer would not be 
interpreted as a number of minutes after @s.

421   453af0e55589   2009-12-14 14:43 -0500   daniel
  Put sunmoon connection in try/except to report connection failure instead of 
exception trace. Allow modification of entry type as well as content provided 
change is not to or from project.

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