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CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/Sigil

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Tue Jun 15 12:01:58 UTC 2010

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/editors/Sigil: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 0.2.0:

Sigil v0.2.0 2010.05.11.
    - added new entries to the help menu for the online manual and the FAQ

Sigil v0.2.0 RC4 2010.05.08
    - fixed a regression that broke FindNext opening new tabs when searching 
across HTML files (issue #384)
    - fixed an issue with autocompletion in Find dialog ignoring the case of 
search terms (issue #385)

Sigil v0.2.0 RC3 2010.05.07
    - fixed a regression that messed up the tab order of the controls in the 
Find dialog
    (issue #380)
    - fixed an issue with cross-file FindNext causing a hang when the search 
term is not in
    the book and "Direction: All" is used (issue #378)
    - the Text folder in the Book Browser is now expanded by default after 

Sigil v0.2.0 RC2 2010.05.05.
    - fixed an issue with ReplaceAll across files not using correct replacement 
    - fixed an issue with code in Code View not being pretty-printed
    - fixed an issue with the ReplaceAll across files not informing the opened 
tabs of the change

Sigil v0.2.0 RC1 2010.05.03.
    - changes in the Book Browser now update the modified state of the main 
window (issue #331)
    - the Book Browser can now be opened/closed from the View menu (issue #335)
    - all the toolbars now have UI-facing names
    - by injecting a custom XML reader into QDom, the following issues were 
        - Book View search sometimes skipping over instances (issue #253)
        - Book View ReplaceAll causing Sigil to hang on rare occasions (issue 
        - spaces disappearing from some HTML constructs (issue #352)
    - implemented component-wide search&replace for Code View searches (issue 
    - the Find&Replace dialog now remembers up to 20 previously used search and 
replace strings
    (issue #369)
    - fixed an issue with positive regex lookaheads in normal Replace (not 
ReplaceAll) (issue #261)
    - fixed a rare off-by-one error in Book View searching when the caret was 
at the start of
    the matched string; this made the search skip that instance of the match 
(issue #280)
    - fixed an issue with the Find Dialog not correctly scrolling to the found 
text in
    Book View (issue #195)
    - fixed an issue with Tidy not fixing free ampersands into "&", even 
when configured
    to do so (issue #365)
    - fixed an issue with the current tab unnecessarily reloading after book 
saves (issue #354)
    - fixed issues with filename basenames being read only until the first dot; 
was causing
    problems with OPF manifest ID generation (issue #351)
    - hitting the keyboard shortcut for the Find&Replace window while the 
window is open
    now switches focus to that window (issue #362)
    - fixed an issue with the applied headings not "sticking" and not showing 
up in the TOC
    editor (issue #300)
    - the special iPad- and Calibre-friendly cover meta tag information is now 
    after loading
    - added a new "Cover Image" entry for image resources in the "Add 
Semantics" Book Browser menu
    - if an image is not set as a cover image manually, Sigil now uses 
heuristics on save
    to determine if the epub has a cover image
    - if an epub has an image set as a cover image, Sigil will now write a 
special meta tag
    that identifies this image in the OPF; this tag is then used by the iPad 
(and Calibre)
    for the book cover, for instance
    - all OPF <guide> element information when loading epubs is now preserved
    - added a new "Add Semantics" menu for XHTML documents; it can be used to 
mark XHTMLs as
    "Dedication", "Colophon", "Glossary" etc. for the <guide> element of the OPF
    - the status bar now shows a message after chapter split operations
    - fixed an issue with filenames with characters that should not appear in 
valid XML IDs
    having those characters added anyway (issue #344)
    - fixed an issue with files with uppercase extensions not having a mimetype 
set in the OPF
    (issue #349)
    - fixed an issue with Sigil rewriting headings when the TOC was opened and 
no heading was
    edited (issue #327)
    - fixed an issue where adding an existing HTML file through the Book 
Browser would clear
    the current metadata in the book (issue #329)
    - added a check that prevents Sigil from loading the same resource multiple 
times in
    invalid epubs (issue #339)
    - fixed a bug that made the direct XHTML references in the NCX file less 
likely (issue #333)
    - fixed an issue with Sigil crashing when trying to save a loaded epub that 
had some badly
    formed metadata elements (issue #325)

Sigil v0.2.0 Ã?3 2010.03.23.
    - added two new WYSIWYG actions that work for both Views: "Insert SGF 
Chapter Marker" which
    inserts the old SGF horizontal rule chapter breaking marker and "Split On 
SGF Chapter Markers"
    which splits the current chapter according to the placement of these 
markers (issue #262)
    - chapter splitting now works in Code View
    - fixed an issue with Sigil adding "xmlns=''" 
to every element
    when performing a chapter break operation (issue #313)
    - fixed a rare issue with false spaces being inserted into words during 
import (issue #139)
    - added a confirmation dialog for removing items in the Book Browser (issue 
    - fixed an issue with the line number area overlapping the text in the Code 
    - made Sigil remove the CSS cruft WebKit was adding to the "body" element
    - fixed an issue with spaces in filenames causing bad anchor element path 
    - fixed an issue with spaces in filenames not being URL encoded in "href" 
and "src" attributes
    in the OPF and NCX files
    - fixed an issue with spaces in filenames causing invalid IDs (issue #301)
    - fixed a regression causing Sigil to crash when importing HTML files that 
reference resources
    that don't exist on disk
    - Tidy now converts all uppercase attributes to lowercase; mixed-case 
attributes are left as is
    - fixed an issue with Tidy choking on uppercase attribute names

Sigil v0.2.0 Ã?2 2010.03.10.
    - fixed an issue with exported HTML/CSS/etc. files inside EPUBs having 
superfluous newlines
    - fixed an issue with the TOC editor adding empty "class" attributes to 
headings (issue #297)
    - added a new "Window" menu item with new "Next Tab", "Previous Tab" and 
"Close Tab" actions
    (issue #273)
    - fixed an issue with the font used in the line number area in the Code 
View being incorrect
    when the Code View is first opened; the problem affected mostly Mac 
machines (issue #290)
    - Sigil now handles corrupt epub files with an OPF referencing non-existent 
files (issue #289)
    - the Book Browser now doesn't scroll back to the top when an item is 
deleted or added (issue #263)
    - the Book Browser now allows a file's extension to change between HTM, 
    (issue #264)
    - OPF and NCX files don't rely anymore on UTF-8 XML default parsing, but 
specify their UTF-8
    encoding directly in the declaration
    - fixed an issue with changes in the TOC editor not being reflected in the 
book (issue #277)
    - fixed an issue with the TOC editor not recognizing the "title" attribute 
on headings (issue #271)
    - fixed an issue with the user seeing the old, unclean source in the Code 
View (issue #286)
    - fixed an issue with the user being prompted to save when quitting even 
when no changes
    have been performed on the new/loaded file (issue #276)
    - fixed an issue with Book/Code View keyboard shortcuts firing in the wrong 
view (issue #266)
    - tentatively fixed an issue with Sigil locking up when chapter breaking 
(issue #267)
    - fixed an issue with Tidy adding a superfluous 'lang' attribute that is 
also not allowed
    in XHTML 1.1
    - making sure that ID attributes used in the manifest section of the OPF 
are always valid
    - fixing export of epubs with XML files for OPS documents

Sigil v0.2.0 Ã?1 2010.03.02.
    - after *many* months of work, the complete redesign of the Sigil main 
interface and backend is
    finished, resulting in waaaay too many changes, fixes and modifications 
under the hood that are
    too numerous to list here
    - fixed an issue with anchor elements getting unnecessary "name" attributes 
(issue #226)

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