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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/py-urwid

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   tonio
Date:           Mon Jun 14 17:54:16 UTC 2010

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/py-urwid: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
update devel/py-urwid to
Fix PR pkg/43104

     o added documentation and example
     o use setuptools

- Urwid
    * Fix for ListBox snapping to selectable widgets taller than the
      ListBox itself
    * raw_display switching to alternate buffer now works properly with
    * Fix for BoxAdapter backwards incompatibility introduced in 0.9.9
    * Fix for a doctest failure under powerpc
    * Fix for systems with gpm_mev installed but not running gpm

- Urwid 0.9.9
    * New support for 256 and 88 color terminals with raw_display
      and html_fragment display modules
    * New palette_test example program to demonstrate high color
    * New AttrSpec class for specifying specific colors instead of
      using attributes defined in the screen's palette
    * New MainLoop class ties together widgets, user input, screen
      display and one of a number of new event loops, removing the
      need for tedious, error-prone boilerplate code
    * New GLibEventLoop allows running Urwid applications with GLib
      (makes D-Bus integration easier)
    * New TwistedEventLoop allows running Urwid with a Twisted reactor
    * Added new docstrings and doctests to many widget classes
    * New AttrMap widget supports mapping any attribute to any other
      attribute, replaces AttrWrap widget
    * New WidgetDecoration base class for AttrMap, BoxAdapter, Padding,
      Filler and LineBox widgets creates a common method for accessing
      and updating their contained widgets
    * New left and right values may be specified in Padding widgets
    * New command_map for specifying which keys cause actions such as
      clicking Button widgets and scrolling ListBox widgets
    * New tty_signal_keys() method of raw_display.Screen and
      curses_display.Screen allows changing or disabling the keys used
      to send signals to the application
    * Added helpful __repr__ for many widget classes
    * Updated all example programs to use MainLoop class
    * Updated tutorial with MainLoop usage and improved examples
    * Renamed WidgetWrap.w to _w, indicating its intended use as a way
      to implement a widget with other widgets, not necessarily as
      a container for other widgets
    * Replaced all tabs with 4 spaces, code is now more aerodynamic
      (and PEP 8 compliant)
    * Added saving of stdin and stdout in raw_display module allowing
      the originals to be redirected
    * Updated BigText widget's HalfBlock5x4Font
    * Fixed graph example CPU usage when animation is stopped
    * Fixed a memory leak related to objects listening for signals
    * Fixed a Popen3 deprecation warning

- Urwid
    * Fixed incompatibilities with Python 2.6 (by Friedrich Weber)
    * Fixed a SimpleListWalker with emptied list bug (found by Walter
    * Fixed a curses_display stop()/start() bug (found by Christian
    * Fixed an is_wide_character() segfault on bad input data bug
      (by Andrew Psaltis)
    * Fixed a CanvasCache with render() used in both a widget and its
      superclass bug (found by Andrew Psaltis)
    * Fixed a ListBox.ends_visible() on empty list bug (found by Marc
    * Fixed a tutorial example bug (found by Kurtis D. Rader)
    * Fixed an Overlay.keypress() bug (found by Andreas Klöckner)
    * Fixed setuptools configuration (by Andreas Klöckner)

- Urwid
    * Fixed a canvas cache memory leak affecting 0.9.8, and (found by John Goodfellow)
    * Fixed a canvas fill_attr() bug (found by Joern Koerner)

- Urwid
    * Fixed incompatibilities with Python 2.3
    * Fixed Pile cursor pref_col bug, WidgetWrap rows caching bug, Button
      mouse_event with no callback bug, Filler body bug triggered by the

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.5 -r1.6 pkgsrc/devel/py-urwid/PLIST \

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