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CVS commit: pkgsrc/audio/amarok

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Sun Jun 13 23:39:26 UTC 2010

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/audio/amarok: Makefile PLIST distinfo
        pkgsrc/audio/amarok/patches: patch-ab
Removed Files:
        pkgsrc/audio/amarok/patches: patch-aa patch-ac

Log Message:
Update to 2.3.1:


    * Improved responsiveness when expanding/collapsing items in the collection 
browser when using single-click mode.
    * The Collection scanner now runs with idle priority when invoked by 
Amarok. Batch scan users can invoke it with the --idlepriority flag.


    * File browser: fixed sorting files by date. (BR 226941)
    * Fixed issue with file browser bookmarks not working when the file browser 
was showing "places".
    * Fixed crash when right clicking in file browser while it is showing 
"Places". (BR 237562)
    * Fixed strange selection behaviour in the music sources pane (BR 222760).
    * Fixed factor used when filtering lengths in collection browser.
    * Fixed wrong value used when filtering comments in collection browser.
    * Don't truncate the "Label:" label in the TagDialog. (BR 235957)
    * Display extended characters properly in names of streams. (BR 
    * Cover fetcher: prevent automatic fetcher from setting album's cover if it 
is done manually during the download. (BR 236839)
    * File browser: show folders first, files afterwards. Patch by 
<>. (BR 226599)
    * Queued track's contextual menu entry about dequeueing was written wrong 
and misleading. (BR 235047)
    * Custom color setting in the On Screen Display was only applied after 
restart. Patch by Frank Steinmetzger <>.
    * Track Rating was not always displayed correctly in the On Screen Display. 
Patch by Frank Steinmetzger <>.
    * Improved layout for applet setting dialogs. Patch by Felix Geyer 
    * Made icons in applets react correctly in double-click environments. 
Thanks to Felix Geyer <>.
    * Several bug fixes for the bundled LyricWiki script. Patch by Oleg G 
<>. (BR 233605)
    * Better fix for pausing SHOUTcast streams, without advancing to the next 
track after resume. (BR 192878)

Version 2.3.1-Beta 1

    * Persistant Queue Saving: The playlist queue is now saved when Amarok is 
closed and restored upon startup. (BR 215057)
    * Automated Playlist Generator: allows smart creation of playlists that 
match user-specified constraints. Combines the features of "Smart Playlists" in 
Amarok 1.4 with the Bias system of Amarok 2.0.
    * It's now possible to mark all episodes in a channel as old or new at once.
    * New "Upcoming Events" applet, displays future concerts for the artist of 
the currently playing track. The event info is fetched from
    * New "Similar Artists" applet, displays a list of artists which are 
similar to the one currently played. The list is fetched from
    * The scripting system now offers a new function for detecting that a track 
has finished. Patch by Michael MacDonald <>. (BR 
    * Support for the new System Tray technology from KDE SC 4.4. This adds 
nice animations and a better looking popup menu to the System Tray. Thanks to 
Aurelien Gateau <> for the patch.
    * Allow playlist layouts to group tracks by directory. (BR 230594)
    * Cover fetcher: The UI was improved. Now an icon view is used to display 
results, with an informational sidebar that may show interesting bits about an 
    * Cover fetcher: Added ability to enter custom queries via Yahoo!, Google, 
or Discogs (in addition to Lasf.Fm). Note the source for automatic cover 
fetching is still only.


    * Allow changing the number of recently added albums in the albums applet.
    * store: Added "Home" link to all artist and album pages 
leading to the front page.
    * store: Improved front page.
    * store: Completely remove option to purhcase single albums 
as this is no longer supported by and the API for doing so will 
be disabled in the future.
    * The new file browser now supports "places".
    * Added "up" and "home" buttons to the new filebrowser.
    * Items in the breadcrumb navigation bar are now hidden if there is not 
enough room to show all of them (similar to how it works in Dolphin) (BR 231497)
    * Improved performance (dramatic in some cases) when filtering the Playlist 
    * Remove information that is already displayed elsewhere in the playlist 
from the playlist tooltips.
    * Make showing the playlist tooltips a per playlist layout option.
    * When bookmarking a view in the local collection, also store (and restore) 
the setings for "Show Cover Art" and "Show Years". (BR 230562)
    * Allow moodbar files witout the leading '.' (both .<trackfilename>.mood 
and <trackfilename>.mood now work)
    * Change example SQL command for setting up an external database to remove 
(sometimes incorrect) host name and possibly fix some random regression in some 
MySQL versions. (BR 225052)


    * Fixed Youtube videoclip broken engine due to their recent change.
    * Fixed Wikipedia no loading the css on KDE 4.4 (due to a regression in Qt 
4.6.) (BR 222875)
    * Settings dialog could become too wide with translations. (BR 233752)
    * Fixed re-mounting iPhoneOS devices after having been unplugged without 
being unmounted. Thanks to Jeffrey Dodge <>. (BR 
    * Fixed connection to iPod Touch devices. Patch by Jeffrey Dodge 
<>. (BR 233257)
    * Fixed the deletion of empty directories after deleting, or organizing. 
(BR 190881)
    * Fixed a hang that would occur when organizing a track and the source file 
was the same as the destination file. (BR 233181)
    * Fixed the double delete confirmation dialog when organizing tracks. (BR 
    * Fixed broken rendering of ratings in Current Track applet on startup.
    * Fixed command type names shown in the Bookmark Manager not being 
translated. (BR 226829)
    * Fixed crash on startup for users of MySQL 5.5. Thanks to Bartosz 
Fabianowski for figuring it out. (BR 231166)
    * Readded missing hover info for the new filebrowser.
    * Fixed missing images in the hover info shown for various browser 
    * Fixed crash when running some Amarok urls on startup. (such as when 
passed on the command line or cliked in another app) (BR 231626)
    * Fixed crashes when Amarok is started and the Info applet is loaded with 
certain version of Qt. (BR 227639) (BR 229756)
    * Fixed organize collection dialog deleting tracks at new location instead 
of old. (BR 217002)
    * Fixed a broken podcast feed that had a minor compliance issue in date 
format. (BR 231062)
    * Fixed "files" bookmarks not storing the actual path shown in the file 
browser (BR 231437)
    * Fixed incorrectly displayed cover images for albums with the same name, 
e.g. "Greatest Hits". (BR 170146)
    * Fixed problems with new Main Toolbar and SHOUTcast streams: Since these 
streams cannot be paused, we detect this now and stop them instead.
    * Fixed permission errors with each file copied to an iPhone via iFuse. 
Thanks to Colin Guthrie <> for the patch. (BR 
    * Fixed issues with using random navigators while filetering or searching 
the Playlist. (BR 229226) (BR 222129)
    * Fixed crash related to the new playlist tooltips. (BR 229696)
    * Fixed some artist/album/track names not getting shown or getting shown 
incorrectly in the Current Track applet because of html encoding. (BR 222765)
    * Fixed issue with the Albums applet not correctly updating when playing a 
track by an artist not present in the local collection.
    * Fixed Albums applet not getting updated if the artist of the currently 
playing track was edited. (BR 210296)
    * Fixed bad window title for the details edit dialog in the playlist layout 
editor. (BR 227912)
    * Fixed wrong track getting dragged from the Playlist when sorting and/or 
filtering is active. (BR 226503)
    * Fixed visual indication for "Stop After This Track" not getting shown 
immediately when using the global shortcut. (BR 230569)
    * Cover fetcher: Fixed a crash involving reappearing cover found dialogs 
and pending cover fetches. (BR 230215)
    * Display tooltips with applet names in the context toolbar. (BR 230736)
    * File browser: "Add to Playlist" doesn't add playlist files to the 
playlist. (BR 229290)

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.83 -r1.84 pkgsrc/audio/amarok/Makefile
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cvs rdiff -u -r1.40 -r1.41 pkgsrc/audio/amarok/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r1.17 -r0 pkgsrc/audio/amarok/patches/patch-aa
cvs rdiff -u -r1.5 -r1.6 pkgsrc/audio/amarok/patches/patch-ab
cvs rdiff -u -r1.6 -r0 pkgsrc/audio/amarok/patches/patch-ac

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