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CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/lsof

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   sbd
Date:           Mon May 10 08:21:41 UTC 2010

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/sysutils/lsof: Makefile distinfo
        pkgsrc/sysutils/lsof/patches: patch-ag

Log Message:
Update lsof to 4.83

Release Notes:

4.83            January 18, 2010
                Converted Solaris 10 and above ZFS support to use the CTF
                debugger library, libctf.  Code was supplied by Robert
                Byrnes <>.

                Corrected a typo in the testing of the LINUX_HASSELINUX
                environment variable in the Configure script.  The error
                was reported by Mike Frysinger <>.
                At Mike's request made Configure script accept LSOF_RANLIB
                (ranlib command), LSOF_CFGF (additional configuration flags)
                and LSOF_CFGL (additional library specifications) from the

                Enabled complilation of Solaris 10 lsof after a recent Sun
                patch which changed the PC file system's structure. Peter
                Vernam <> reported the problem and 
                with the fix.

                Made the sort of configuration CFLAGS in the CkTestDB
                script impervious to locale settings.

                Ported to Solaris 11, using a test system kindly provided
                by David Day <>.

                Adjusted to the disappearance of <nfs/rpcv2.h> in FreeBSD

                Changed Solaris node type lookup to a hashed method and
                added some ability for it to handle duplicate vnodeop names
                in /dev/ksyms.

                Updated for FreeBSD 9.0-CURRENT.  Andrzej Tobola
                <> provided a test system.  Extends 
                fix to FreeBSD 6.0 and above via a Configure test and a
                compile-time definition.  The need for the extension was
                reported by Erik Trulsson <>>

                Made corrections to FAQ typographical errors, suggested
                by Josh Soref <>.

                Added __UCLIBC__ test to Linux dlsof.h so lsof would compile
                on an Intel ARM XScale processor.  The addition was provided
                by Doug Kehn <>.

                Added test for <utmpx.h> to FreeBSD configuration.  Improved
                its use in lsof.h.  The changes were supplied by Martin Wilke

4.82            March 25, 2009
                Corrected an over-zealous exclusion test that caused
                lsof to report nothing when it was given no arguments
                and built with HASSECURITY and HASNOSOCKSECURITY enabled.
                Joshua Kinard <> reported the bug and
                supplied information for reproducing it.

                Based on a report from Dan Trinkle 
                corrected use of <sys/utsname.h> for 32 bit Solaris 10
                and above compilations.  Simultaneously eliminated a
                casting complaint in arg.c and updated Configure to use
                the appropriate 64 bit compilation option (-xarch=v9 or
                -m64) with the Solaris Sun C compiler.

                Updated for FreeBSD 7.1-PRERELEASE with information
                supplied by Larry Rosenman <>.

                Updated the Darwin libproc sources with changes from
                Allan Nathanson <>.  Tested them on a 
                mini, provided by Apple Inc.  Allan also provided man
                page corrections.

                Updated the FreeBSD Makefile to use the ${MAKE} variable
                for ZFS dnode2.c module compilation, based on a suggestion
                from Alexis Ballier <>.

                Improved the Solaris VxFS library location test, based on a
                suggestion from Jason Fortezzo 
                Jason tested the change.

                Updated Solaris 10 ZFS support for ZFS version 4 and ZFS
                pool version 10, using a test system kindly provided by
                Vladislav Nespor <>.  
                Maria Dart <> tested on ZFS
                version 4, verifying that the update works there, too.
                (ZFS pool version 10 is apparently the ZFS version shipped
                with the 10/08 update to Solaris.  The original ZFS
                support targeted ZFS version 3.)

                I still consider ZFS support in Solaris lsof a hack,
                because it depends on a znode structure definition that
                I developed using dbx.  Sun is remiss in not distributing
                the ZFS header files used to build the distributed kernel.

                Because of the znode structure definition hack, I can't
                guarantee that lsof ZFS support will work for any other
                versions of ZFS.

                Solaris 10: adjusted to a change in the way devices are
                stored in the kernel; fixed a problem in zone handling;
                and added rudimentary sharedfs support.  Carson Gaspar
                <> reported the device number 
                provided a test system, and tested the changes.  Peter
                Vines <> reported the zone
                handling problem and tested the fix.

                Adapted to FreeBSD 8.0-CURRENT changes in device number
                computation.  Problem was reported by Erwin Lansing
                <>.  Larry Rosenman 
                provided a test system.

                Corrected Solaris Configure test for appropriate VxFS
                library when using gcc to compile lsof.

                Updated for loss of KAME IPv6 FreeBSD accommodations.

                Adapted to FreeBSD 7.2.  Made Configure script recognized
                FreeBSD 6.3.

4.81            October 21, 2008
                Updated the Darwin libproc sources with changes from
                Allan Nathanson <>.  Tested them on a 
                mini, provided by Apple Inc.

                Changed dummy declarations in library source files to
                eliminate complaints about unused variables and empty
                object files.  This change may not work on dialects I
                can no longer test; it has been tested on some versions
                of AIX, Darwin, FreeBSD, Linux and Solaris.

                At the request of Hal Brooks <> added 
                for Linux /proc/net/packet files.  Hal tested it.

                Added socket file only performance enhancements to Linux
                and PSTAT-based HPUX lsof.

                Added htonl call around improper usage of INADDR_LOOPBACK;
                report from an Apple engineer forwarded by Allan Nathanson

                Adjusted for FreeBSD-8.0 change in device number handling.
                The adjustment should work for FreeBSD 5 and above, should
                the 8.0 change be propagated downward.  The problem was
                reported by Pav Lucistnik <>.  An 
                test system was provided by Erwin Lansing 

                Reduced AIX support to version 5.3, since test systems with
                older versions are no longer available to me.

                At the request of Marjo F. Mercado 
                and Phil Shin <> applied some speed
                improvements to lsof, particularly when the files of
                interest are /Internet files -- i.e., selected with lsof's
                -i" option.  Added a two new options to assist the
                improvements: 1) "-c^<command>" to tell lsof to exclude the
                named command(s); and 2) "-stcp|ud>:[^]state' to tell lsof
                to include in its reporting or exclude ('^') from its
                reporting Internet files in the named states (e.g., LISTEN,
                ^CLOSE_WAIT, IDLE, etc.)  For the most part these changes
                apply only to AIX, Darwin, FreeBSD, PSTAT-based HP-UX, Linux
                and Solaris, since those are the only places I could test
                them.  They are controlled by the HASTCPUDPSTATE definition
                in each dialect's machine.h header file.  Marjo and Phil
                provided HP-UX 11.23 and 11.31 test systems.

                Fixed a stat(2) problem on HP-UX 11.31 while testing the
                speed improvements.

                Adjusted for kernel header file changes in FreeBSD
                8.0-CURRENT.  Larry Rosenman <> provided
                a test system.

                Added a warning for Solaris systems where VxFS node info
                can't be obtained from the VxFS utility library.  The
                warning was requested by Tom Matthews 

                Corrected mishandling of file system path name arguments
                that have trailing slashes, except, of course, the root
                file system, "/".  Allan Nathanson <> 
                the bug.

4.80            May 12, 2008
                Updated for a FreeBSD 7.0 and above byte level locking
                change.  The problem was reported by Conrad J. Sabatier
                <>, who helped test the update.  Wesley
                Shields <> provided an 8.0-CURRENT test

                Propagated the FreeBSD 7.0 and above locking changes to
                FreeBSD 6.x, based on a report from Edwin Groothuis

                Added warnings for unsupported dialects or versions.

                Added Linux support for the UDPLITE protocol.  Eric
                Dumazet <> supplied a patch.

                Added a missing quote to the Configure script's
                FreeBSD stanza.

                Added a usage.o rule to the HP-UX PSTAT-based
                Makefile.  I mistakenly deleted the rule at revision
                4.79.  The missing rule was reported by Kawaljeet Kaur
                <> who tested the corrected

4.79            April 15, 2008

                **************** IMPORTANT NOTE ******************
                *                                                *
                * Lsof support has been reduced to the following *
                * dialects: AIX, FreeBSD, Linux and Solaris, and *
                * only in selected versions of those dialects.   *
                * The selected versions are listed in this file  *
                * and in other lsof documentation.               *
                *                                                *
                * I have made this move because of retirement    *
                * and because I no longer have many test systems *
                * available to me.                               *
                *                                                *
                * Vic Abell                                      *
                *                                                *

                Fixed a Solaris VXFS permission problem when accessing
                the VXFS inode offsets.  The bug was reported by
                Gregory A. Ivanov <>.  Gregory tested the

                Moved an #include <string.h> later in FreeBSD dlsof.h
                to enable compilation on recent FreeBSD releases.  The
                change was supplied by Roy Marples 

                Improved Linux /proc file stream reading speed by applying
                an expanded version of a patch from Eric Dumazet
                <> that allocates a page size 
                to each stream.  Improved TCP, TCP6, UDP and UDP6 hashing
                by determining the hash bucket count from the /proc/net
                sockstat and sockstat6 files.  The improvement was
                suggested by Eric and he provided sample code.  Eric also
                tested both improvements.

                Modified Configure script to build lsof on FreeBSD
                6.2.  Tested it on a system provided by Larry Rosenman

                Fixed a Linux maps file processing bug that prevented path
                names from having an embedded colon.  James Lingard
                <> reported the bug and helped with 

                Based on reports from Eric Dumazet and Samuel Thibault
                <> added support for the
                Linux 2.6.22 kernel's /proc/<PID>/fdinfo files -- i.e.,
                file offset and flags.  Samuel Thibault provided a test

                Fixed a Linux UNIX socket memory leak, reported by
                Philip Shin <>.  Phillip supplied 

                With generous assistance from HP added support for an HP-UX
                11.23 patch that makes TLI/XTI socket address information

                Fixed a header file problem for FreeBSD 6.2 on the Alpha
                architecture.  The problem was reported by Pekka Honkanen
                <>.  Pekka tested the fix.

                Based on a report and using suggested fixes from Karel Zak
                <>, made these changes to Linux lsof: 
                a getpidcon() error message; insured that inode numbers are
                handled correctly for their unsigned long long type; and
                improved SELinux handling.  At the request of Alon Bar-Lev
                <> added the LINUX_HASSELINUX 
                variable to enable or inhibit SElinux support unconditionally.

                Updated Configure for FreeBSD 8.0-CURRENT and tested lsof on
                AMD64 there.

                Added a patch provided by Oles Hnatkevych
                <> for FreeBSD systems where the 
                file system is on a CD9660 device.

                Added compensation for the disappearance of FMARK and FDEFER
                from the FreeBSD 8.0-CURRENT <sys/file.h>.

                Updated FreeBSD lsof with ZFS support.  Larry Rosenman
                <>, Erwin Lansing 
<>, Wesley
                Shields <> and Dmitry Morozovsky
                <> provided test systems.

                Fixed a socket file identification problem reported by
                Pavol Rusnak <>.  Pavol also reported the
                cause of the problem.

                Added the ability to format the repeat mode marker line
                with strftime(3), where the dialect supports the
                localtime(3) and strftime(3) C library functions.  The
                addition was suggested by Mike Depot 
                who also tested it.  The addition required creating a new
                main lsof source module, util.c, that contains functions
                whose compilation conflicts with the general header file
                tree defined by lsof.h and dlsof.h.

                Based on reports from Andrei V. Lavreniyuk
                <> and Pav Lucistnik
                <> updated the FreeBSD 7.0 and above
                file lock handling to use new locking structures.  The
                update requires a terrible hack to get a definition for
                the lock owner structure from a kernel source module
                into a local lsof header file.

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.78 -r1.79 pkgsrc/sysutils/lsof/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r1.5 -r1.6 pkgsrc/sysutils/lsof/patches/patch-ag

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