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CVS commit: pkgsrc/textproc/ruby-haml

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   seb
Date:           Thu Apr 15 20:28:09 UTC 2010

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/textproc/ruby-haml: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update ruby-haml from version 2.2.13 to version 2.2.23.

Pkgsrc changes:
- adjust PLIST

Upstream changes:
* 2.2.23
[haml/sass] Donâ??t crash when rake gems is run in Rails with Haml
installed. Thanks to Florian Frank.

[haml ]Donâ??t remove \n in filters with interpolation.

[haml] Silence those annoying "regexp match /.../n against to UTF-8 string"

[sass] When raising a file-not-found error, add a list of load paths that were

[sass] If an import isnâ??t found for a cached Sass file and the :full_exception
option is enabled, print the full exception rather than raising it.

[sass] Fix a bug with a weird interaction with Haml, DataMapper, and Rails 3
that caused some tag helpers to go into infinite recursion.

* 2.2.22
[haml/sass] Add a railtie so Haml and Sass will be automatically loaded
in Rails 3. Thanks to Daniel Neighman.

[haml] Add a deprecation message for using - with methods like form_for that
return strings in Rails 3. This is the same deprecation that exists in
Rails 3.

[haml] Make sure line numbers are reported correctly when filters are being

[haml/sass] Make loading the gemspec not crash on read-only filesystems like

[haml] Donâ??t crash when methods like form_for return nil in, for example, 
3 beta.

[haml] Compatibility with Rails 3 betaâ??s RJS facilities.

* 2.2.21
[haml/sass] Fix a few bugs in the git-revision-reporting in
Haml::Version#version. In particular, it will still work if git gc has
been called recently, or if various files are missing.

[hamll/sass] Always use __FILE__ when reading files within the Haml repo
in the Rakefile. According to this bug report, this should make Haml
work better with Bundler.

[haml] Make the error message for - end a little more intuitive based on user

[haml] Compatibility with methods like form_for that return strings rather than
concatenate to the template in Rails 3.

[haml] Add a with_tabs helper, which sets the indentation level for the
duration of a block.

* 2.2.20
[haml] The form_tag Rails helper is now properly marked as HTML-safe when using
Railsâ?? XSS protection with Rails 2.3.5.

[haml/sass] Calls to defined? shouldnâ??t interfere with Railsâ??
autoloading in very old versions (1.2.x).

[haml] Fix a bug where calls to ActionViewâ??s render method with blocks and
layouts wouldnâ??t work under the Rails 3.0 beta.

[haml] Fix a bug where the closing tags of nested calls to
Haml::Helpers#haml_concat were improperly escaped under the Rails 3.0

[sass] If the cache file for a given Sass file is corrupt because it
doesnâ??t have enough content, produce a warning and read the Sass file
rather than letting the exception bubble up. This is consistent with
other sorts of sassc corruption handling.

* 2.2.19
[haml] Fix a bug with the integration with Railsâ?? XSS support. In particular,
correctly override safe_concat.

[sass] There were no changes made to Sass between versions 2.2.18 and

* 2.2.18
[haml] Support the new XSS-protection API used in Rails 3.

[haml/sass] Use Rails.env rather than RAILS_ENV when running under Rails
3.0. Thanks to Duncan Grazier.

[haml] Add a --unix-newlines flag to all executables for outputting Unix-style
newlines on Windows.

[haml] Fix a couple bugs with the :erb filter: make sure error reporting uses
the correct line numbers, and allow multi-line expressions.

[haml] Fix a parsing bug for HTML-style attributes including #.

[sass] Support :line_numbers as an alias for :line_comments, since
thatâ??s what the docs have said forever. Similarly, support
--line-numbers as a command-line option.

[sass] Add a --unix-newlines flag to all executables for outputting
Unix-style newlines on Windows.

[sass] Add a :unix_newlines option for Sass::Plugin for outputting
Unix-style newlines on Windows.

[sass] Fix the --cache-location flag, which was previously throwing
errors. Thanks to tav.

[sass] Allow comments at the beginning of the document to have arbitrary
indentation, just like comments elsewhere. Similarly, comment parsing is
a little nicer than before.

* 2.2.17
[haml] Fix compilation of HTML5 doctypes when using html2haml.

[sass] nil values for Sass options are now ignored, rather than raising

[sass] When the :full_exception option is false, raise the error in Ruby
code rather than swallowing it and printing something uninformative.

[sass] Fixed error-reporting when something goes wrong when loading Sass
using the sass executable. This used to raise a NameError because
Sass::SyntaxError wasnâ??t defined. Now itâ??ll raise the correct exception

[sass] Report the filename in warnings about selectors without

[sass] Fix a bug that appears when Plugin template locations have
multiple trailing slashes. Thanks to Jared Grippe.

[sass] Must Read! When @import is given a filename without an extension,
the behavior of rendering a CSS @import if no Sass file is found is
deprecated. In future versions, @import foo will either import the
template or raise an error.

* 2.2.16
[haml] Abstract out references to ActionView::TemplateError,
ActionView::TemplateHandler, etc. These have all been renamed to
ActionView::Template::* in Rails 3.0.

[sass] Fixed a bug where modules containing user-defined Sass functions
werenâ??t made available when simply included in Sass::Script::Functions
(Functions needed to be re-included in Functions::EvaluationContext).
Now the module simply needs to be included in Sass::Script::Functions.

* 2.2.15

[haml] Allow if statements with no content followed by else clauses. For

- if foo - else bar

[sass] Added Sass::Script::Color#with for a way of setting color
channels thatâ??s easier than manually constructing a new color and is
forwards-compatible with alpha-channel colors (to be introduced in Sass

[sass] Added a missing require in Sass that caused crashes when it was
being run standalone.

* 2.2.14
[haml] Donâ??t print warnings when escaping attributes containing
non-ASCII characters in Ruby 1.9.

[haml] Donâ??t crash when parsing an XHTML Strict doctype in html2haml.

[haml] Support the HTML5 doctype in an XHTML document by using !!! 5 as the
doctype declaration.

[sass] All Sass functions now raise explicit errors if their inputs are of the 
incorrect type.

[sass] Allow the SassScript rgb() function to take percentages in addition to 
numerical values.

[sass] Fixed a bug where SassScript strings with # followed by #{} 
interpolation didnâ??t evaluate the interpolation.

[sass] SassScript Ruby API
These changes only affect people defining their own Sass functions
using Sass::Script::Functions.

    Sass::Script::Color#value attribute is deprecated. Use
    Sass::Script::Color#rgb instead. The returned array is now frozen as

    Add an assert_type function thatâ??s available to
    Sass::Script::Functions. This is useful for typechecking the inputs
    to functions.

[sass] Rack Support
    Sass 2.2.14 includes Rack middleware for running Sass, meaning that
    all Rack-enabled frameworks can now use Sass. To activate this, just

    require 'sass/plugin/rack'
    use Sass::Plugin::Rack

   to your See the Sass::Plugin::Rack documentation for more

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    pkgsrc/textproc/ruby-haml/PLIST pkgsrc/textproc/ruby-haml/distinfo

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