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CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang/sbcl

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   asau
Date:           Wed Feb 24 12:16:09 UTC 2010

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/lang/sbcl: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to SBCL 1.0.35.
Tested on FreeBSD, known not to work on NetBSD/i386.


changes in sbcl-1.0.35 relative to sbcl-1.0.34:
  * optimization: ROUND with a single single-float or double-float argument
    is properly inlined when possible.
  * optimization: Slightly better code is generated for integer<->float
    conversions and for single-float<->double-float conversions on x86-64.
  * optimization: SB-ROTATE-BYTE:ROTATE-BYTE now generates more efficient
    code for 32-bit and 64-bit rotations on x86-64.
  * bug fix: The install script changes the ownership of directories as well
    as files for contrib modules using asdf.  (thanks to Eugene Ossintsev;
    launchpad bug lp#508485)
  * bug fix: TRUNCATE with a single single-float or double-float argument is
    properly inlined when possible.  (launchpad bug lp#489388)
  * bug fix: Passing a rotation count of zero to SB-ROTATE-BYTE:ROTATE-BYTE
    no longer causes a compiler error on x86 and ppc.
  * bug fix: GET-MACRO-CHARACTER bogusly computed its second return value
    always relative to *READTABLE* rather than the passed argument.

changes in sbcl-1.0.34 relative to sbcl-1.0.33:
  * minor incompatible change: threading support is now enabled by default
    on x86[-64] Linux.
  * enhancement: SB-INTROSPECT:DEFTYPE-LAMBDA-LIST now also works on most
    builtin types.
  * enhancement: Errors during compile-time-too processing (i.e. EVAL-WHEN)
    are now caught and reported just like errors during macroexpansion.
  * enhancement: SB-POSIX now provides access to tcdrain(), tcflow(),
    tcflush(), tcgetsid(), and tcsendbreak(). (thanks to Jerry James)
  * enhancement: ASDF systems can now depends on SB-QUEUE.
  * fixes and improvements related to Unicode and external formats:
    ** bug fix: error handling and restart usage in the ucs-2 external format
       has been improved.
    ** there is now an implementation of the ucs-4 external format.
    ** the utf-16 and utf-32 external formats are supported.
  * bug fix: SB-POSIX wrapper for putenv no longer tries to put lisp strings
    in the environment. setenv() and unsetenv() are also provided. (reported by
    Fare Rideau; launchpad bug lp#460455)
  * bug fix: LOAD of both .fasl and .FASL type files now forces fasl-style
    loading. This ensures sensible errors for .FASL files from other
    implementations on case-insensitive filesystems. (reported by Willem
    Broekema; launchpad bug lp#489417)
  * bug fix: #p"\\\\" can now be read without error on Win32.  (reported by
    Willem Broekema; launchpad bug lp#489698).
  * bug fix: some minor code rearrangements to reenable warning-free building
    from CMUCL (reported by; launchpad bug lp#491104)
  * bug fix: PRINT-OBJECT for clos instances respects the right margin when
    pretty printing
  * bug fix: FIND-PACKAGE & DEFPACKAGE were not thread safe. (reported by
    Attila Lendvai)

changes in sbcl-1.0.33 relative to sbcl-1.0.32:
  * new port: support added for x86-64 NetBSD.  (thanks to Aymeric Vincent)
  * improvement: support O_LARGEFILE access to files larger than 2GB on
    x86-64/linux.  (thanks to Daniel Janus; launchpad bug lp#453080)
  * new feature: SB-INTROSPECT:WHO-SPECIALIZES-DIRECTLY to get a list of
    definitions for methods specializing on the passed class itself.
  * new feature: SB-INTROSPECT:WHO-SPECIALIZES-GENERALLY to get a list of
    definitions for methods specializing on the passed class itself, or on
    subclasses of it.
  * new build flag: :sb-xref-for-internals; SBCL will collect xref information
    about itself during the build (e.g. for M-? in Slime), if this flag is
    enabled in customize-target-features.lisp. This will increase the core
    size by about 5-6mb, though, so it's mostly interesting to SBCL
  * new feature: various GENCGC tuning parameters have been experimentally
    documented and exported from SB-EXT. See documentation for details.
  * fixes and improvements related to Unicode and external formats:
    ** the Unicode character database has been upgraded to the
       Unicode 5.2 standard, giving names and properties to a number of new
       characters, and providing a few extra characters with case
    ** improvement: restarts for providing replacement input/output on coding
       errors for fd-stream external formats.
    ** improvement: where :<encoding> is a keyword corresponding to an
       external format the system supports, it is now possible to specify
       (:<encoding> :replacement <character>) as an external format which will
       automatically substitute <character> on encoding or decoding errors for
       streams and for STRING-TO-OCTETS and its inverse.  (launchpad bug
    ** improvement: the file streams underlying the standard streams (such as
       *STANDARD-INPUT*, *TERMINAL-IO*) are opened with an external format
       which uses the replacement mechanism to handle encoding errors,
       preventing various infinite error chains and unrecoverable I/O
    ** minor incompatible change: the utf-8 external format now correctly
       refuses to encode Lisp characters in the surrogate range (char-codes
       between #xd800 and #xdfff).
    ** fix a typo preventing conversion of strings into octet vectors
       in the latin-2 encoding.  (reported by Attila Lendvai; launchpad bug
    ** fix a bug in the octet multibyte handling of decoding errors and the
       USE-VALUE restart.  (launchpad bug lp#314939)
    ** fix the bug underlying the expected failure in the FORCE-END-OF-FILE
       restart on fd-stream decoding errors.
    ** fix a bug in the ATTEMPT-RESYNC fd-stream decoding restart when the
       error is near the end of file.
    ** fix a double-error case in unibyte octet conversions, when the first
       use of USE-VALUE is ignored.
    ** fix bugs in handling of undefined code points in unibyte encodings.
    ** fix LISTEN (and consequent hangs in READ-CHAR-NO-HANG) on bivalent
       streams after an UNREAD-CHAR.
  * enhancement: SB-INTROSPECT:ALLOCATION-INFORMATION also reports if the
    object is allocated in a boxed region of dynamic space.
  * enhancement: SB-POSIX:FORK now signals an error if an attempt to
    fork with multiple Lisp threads running is made, instead of going
    ahead with unpredictable consequences. (reported by Leslie Polzer)
  * bug fix: uses of slot accessors on specialized method parameters within
    the bodies of SLOT-VALUE-USING-CLASS methods no longer triggers a type
    error while finalizing the class.  This fix may cause classes with slot
    accessors to be finalized later than previously.  (reported by Lars Rune
    Nøstdal; launchpad bug lp#473699)
  * bug fix: restore buildability on the MIPS platform.  (regression from, reported by Samium Gromoff)
  * bug fix: inspecting closures is less likely to fail with a type error.
  * bug fix: no timer starvation when setting the system clock back.
    (launchpad bug lp#460283)
    standard pprint dispatch table as specified by CLHS.
  * bug fix: give CLISP a hint about a type declaration to enable it to build
    the cross-compiler without warnings.  (thanks to Josh Elasser; launchpad
    bug lp#396597)
  * bug fix: correctly dump literal objects in defaulting forms of arglists.
    (reported by Attila Lendvai; launchpad bug lp#310132)
  * bug fix: distinguish in type specifiers between arrays that might be
    complex and arrays that are definitely complex.  (launchpad bug lp#309129)
  * bug fix: SUBTYPEP knows that the SYMBOL type is not SUBTYPEP the KEYWORD
    type.  (reported by Levente Mészáros; launchpad bug lp#485972)
  * bug fix: setting the value of a symbol-macro within a method in the
    presence of type declarations works properly again.  (reported by Iban
    Hatchondo; launchpad bug lp#485019)

changes in sbcl-1.0.32 relative to sbcl-1.0.31:
  * optimization: faster FIND and POSITION on strings of unknown element type
    in high SPEED policies. (thanks to Karol Swietlicki)
  * optimization: faster CONCATENATE 'STRING in low SPEED policies (reported
    by David Vázquez)
  * improvement: better error signalling for bogus parameter specializer names
    in DEFMETHOD forms (reported by Pluijzer)
  * bug fix: DELETE-FILE once again works on logical pathnames (regression
  * bug fix: LOGICAL-PATHNAME signals a TYPE-ERROR if pathspec is specified
  * bug fix: redefinition of a class via DEFCLASS without :DEFAULT-INITARGS
    removes previous default initargs (reported by Lars Rune Nøstdal and
    Samium Gromoff)
  * bug fix: correct WHO-CALLS information for inlined lambdas with complex
    lambda-lists. (reported by Peter Seibel)
  * bug fix: SAVE-LISP-AND-DIE option :SAVE-RUNTIME-OPTIONS did not work
    correctly when starting from an executable core without saved runtime
    options (reported by Faré Rideau, thanks to Zach Beane)
  * bug fix: (SETF SLOT-VALUE) signalled a warning which should have been
    an optimization note instead. (reported by Martin Cracauer)
  * bug fix: WITH-SLOTS did not work with THE forms. (thanks to David Tolpin)
  * bug fix: Have RUN-PROGRAM with :INPUT T only run the subprocess in a
    new process group if it doesn't need to share stdin with the sbcl
    process. (thanks to Leslie Polzer)
  * bug fix: SATISFIES could be misoptimized to refer to a local function.
    (reported by Stanislaw Halik)

changes in sbcl-1.0.31 relative to sbcl-1.0.30:
  * improvement: stack allocation is should now be possible in all nested
    inlining cases: failure to stack allocate when equivalent code is manually
    open coded is now considered a bug.
  * improvements related to Unicode:
    ** the Unicode character database has been upgraded to the
       Unicode 5.1 standard, giving names and properties to a number of new
       characters, and providing a few extra characters with case
    ** the system now recognizes and produces names for Unicode Hangul
       syllable characters.
    ** the EBCDIC-US external-format is now supported for octet operations
       (as well as for stream operations).
  * new feature: experimental :EMIT-CFASL parameter to COMPILE-FILE can
    be used to output toplevel compile-time effects into a separate .CFASL
  * optimization: COERCE to VECTOR, STRING, SIMPLE-STRING and recognizable
    one-dimenstional subtypes of ARRAY is upto 70% faster when the coercion is
    actually needed.
  * optimization: TRUNCATE on known single- and double-floats is upto 25%
  * optimization: division of floating point numbers by constants uses
    multiplication by reciprocal when an exact reciprocal exists.
  * optimization: multiplication of single- and double-floats floats by
    constant two has been optimized.
  * optimization: ARRAY-IN-BOUNDS-P is resolved at compile-time when
    sufficient type information is available. (thanks to Leslie Polzer)
  * optimization: SLOT-VALUE and (SETF SLOT-VALUE) with constant slot names on
    known structure objects are as efficient as defstruct generated accessors.
  * optimization: unused vector creation can now be optimized away.
  * improvement: ASDF systems can now depends on SB-INTROSPECT.
  * improvement: a STYLE-WARNING is signalled when a generic function
    clobbers an earlier FTYPE proclamation.
  * improvement: the compiler is able to track the effective type of
    generic function across method addition and removal even in the
    absence of an explicit DEFGENERIC.
  * improvement: DESCRIBE now reports on symbols naming undefined
    but assumed or declared function as well.
  * improvement: recompilation of systems using SB-GROVEL now works
    (thanks to Leslie Polzer)
  * improvements to SB-CLTL2 (thanks to Larry D'Anna):
    ** AUGMENT-ENVIRONMENT and DEFINE-DECLARATION have been implemented.
    ** DECLARATION-INFORMATION now supports declaration name DECLARATION as
       well as user defined declaration names.
    ** VARIABLE-INFORMATION is now aware of alien variables.
  * improvement: improved address space layout on OpenBSD (thanks to Josh
  * improvement: pretty-printing of various Lisp forms has been improved
    (thanks to Tobias Rittweiler)
  * bug fix: calls to DECODE-FLOAT and INTEGER-DECODE-FLOAT whose value was
    unused were deleted in safe code. (reported by John Fremlin)
  * bug fix: a failing AVER compiling certain MAKE-ARRAY forms. (reported
    by James Wright)
  * bug fix: some out-of-line array predicates were missing (reported by
    Stelian Ionescu)
  * bug fix: a failing AVER in CONVERT-MV-CALL has been fixed. (thanks to
    Larry D'Anna)
  * bug fix: a failing AVER in %ALLOCATE-CLOSURES conversion has been fixed
    (thanks to Larry D'Anna)
  * bug fix: SLEEP supports times over 100 million seconds on long on OpenBSD
    as well. (reported by Josh Elsasser)
  * bug fix: DELETE-FILE on streams no longer closes the stream with :ABORT T,
    leading to possible attempts to delete the same file twice. See docstring
    on DELETE-FILE for details. (reported by John Fremlin)
  * bug fix: DELETE-FILE once again deletes the file named by the pathname
    designator argument, rather than its truename.  (reported by Luis
  * bug fix: the low-level debugger had 32-bit assumptions and was missing
    information about some array types. (thanks to Luis Oliveira)
  * bug fix: moderately complex combinations of inline expansions could
    be miscompiled if the result was declared to be dynamic extent.
  * bug fix: on x86, SAP-REF of sizes greater than 8 bits with offsets of the
    form (+ <variable> <integer>) were miscompiled under certain
  * bug fix: in some cases no compiler note about failure to stack allocate
    was emitted, even if the objects were in fact heap allocated.
  * bug fix: minor violation of "otherwise inaccessible" rule for stack
    allocation could cause objects users might reasonably expect to
    be heap allocated to be stack allocated.
  * bug fix: DESCRIBE signalled an error for generic functions under
    certain circumstances. (thanks to Leslie Polzer)
  * bug fix: Fixed spelling of an error message.

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