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CVS commit: [pkgsrc-2009Q4] pkgsrc/mail

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   spz
Date:           Mon Feb 15 07:37:32 UTC 2010

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/mail/fetchmail [pkgsrc-2009Q4]: Makefile distinfo
        pkgsrc/mail/fetchmailconf [pkgsrc-2009Q4]: Makefile

Log Message:
Pullup ticket 3006 - requested by tron
security update

Revisions pulled up:
- pkgsrc/mail/fetchmail/Makefile        1.170
- pkgsrc/mail/fetchmail/distinfo        1.41
- pkgsrc/mail/fetchmailconf/Makefile    1.78

   Module Name:    pkgsrc
   Committed By:   wiz
   Date:           Sun Feb 14 09:46:00 UTC 2010

   Modified Files:
           pkgsrc/mail/fetchmail: Makefile distinfo

   Log Message:
   Update to 6.3.14:

   fetchmail 6.3.14 (released 2010-02-05, 25487 LoC):

   * SSL/TLS certificate information is now also reported properly on computers
     that consider the "char" type signed. Fixes malloc() buffer overrun.
     Workaround for older versions: do not use verbose mode.
     See fetchmail-SA-2010-01.txt for details, including a minimal patch.

   * The IMAP client no longer skips messages from several IMAP servers 
     Dovecot if fetchmail's "idle" is in use.  Causes were that fetchmail (a)
     ignored some untagged responses when it should not (b) relied on EXISTS
     messages in response to EXPUNGE, which aren't mandated by RFC-3501 (the 
     standard) and aren't sent by Dovecot either.
       Fix by Sunil Shetye (the fix also consolidates IMAP response handling,
     improving overall robustness of the IMAP client), bug report and testing by
     Matt Doran, with further hints from Timo Sirainen.
   * The SMTP client now recovers from errors (such as servers dropping the
     connection after errors) when sending an RSET command.
       Fix by Sunil Shetye. Report by James Moe.
   * The IMAP client now uses "SEARCH UNSEEN" rather than "SEARCH UNSEEN NOT
     DELETED" again on IMAP2, to fix a regression in fetchmail 6.2.5 reported by
     Will Stringer in June 2004. (Sunil Shetye)
   * The IMAP client now uses "SEARCH UNSEEN UNDELETED" on IMAP4 and IMAP4r1
     servers (Sunil Shetye).
   * Workaround: The IMAP client now falls back to "FETCH n:m FLAGS" if the 
     does not support "SEARCH". (Sunil Shetye)
   * The IMAP client now requests message numbers in batches of 1,000 to avoid
     problems if there are more than 1860 unseen messages. (Sunil Shetye)
       Note that this wasn't security relevant because fetchmail would only 
read up
     to the maximum buffer size and leave the remainder of the string unread, 
     out of synch afterwards.
   * Stricter validation of IMAP responses containing byte or message counts.

   * Only include gssapi.h if we're not including gssapi/gssapi.h, to fix a 
     compiler warning about gssapi.h being obsolete.

   * The README.SSL document was revised for grammar, spelling, and clarity.
     Courtesy of Robert Mullin.

   fetchmail 6.3.13 (released 2009-10-30, 25333 LoC):

   * The multiline SMTP error fix in release 6.3.12 caused fetchmail to lose
     message codes 400..599 and treat all of these as temporary error. This 
     cause messages to be left on the server even if softbounce was turned off.
     Reported by Thomas Jarosch.

   fetchmail 6.3.12 (released 2009-10-05):

   * The CVS-2009-2666 fix in fetchmail release 6.3.11 caused a free() of
     unallocated memory on SSL connections, which caused crashes or program 
     on some systems (depending on how initialization and free() of unallocated
     memory is handled in compiler and libc).
     Workaround for older versions: run in verbose mode.
     Patch courtesy of Thomas Heinz, fixes Gentoo Bug #280760.
     This regression affected only the 6.3.11 release, but not the patch that 
     part of the security announcement fetchmail-SA-2009-01.

   * Fix error reporting for GSSAPI on Heimdal (h5l) Kerberos.
   * Look for MD5_Init in libcrypto rather than libssl, fixes Gentoo Kerberos
     builds; fixes upstream parts of Gentoo Bugs #231400 and #185652, and fixes
     BerliOS Bug #16134.
   * Report multiline SMTP errors properly, reported by Earl Chew; fixes Debian 
     #529899, reported by Akihiro Terasaki.
     Note: This fix introduced a regression, fixed in 6.3.13.
   * Replace control characters in SMTP replies by '?'.
   * Fetchmailconf: Fix descriptions for smtpaddress and smtpname options;
     smtpaddress is for RCPT TO, not MAIL FROM. Found by Gerard Seibert. well as translation updates in all three releases.

   To generate a diff of this commit:
   cvs rdiff -u -r1.169 -r1.170 pkgsrc/mail/fetchmail/Makefile
   cvs rdiff -u -r1.40 -r1.41 pkgsrc/mail/fetchmail/distinfo

   Module Name:    pkgsrc
   Committed By:   tnn
   Date:           Sun Feb 14 13:06:32 UTC 2010

   Modified Files:
           pkgsrc/mail/fetchmailconf: Makefile

   Log Message:
   catch up w/ fetchmail

   To generate a diff of this commit:
   cvs rdiff -u -r1.77 -r1.78 pkgsrc/mail/fetchmailconf/Makefile

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -u -r1.169 -r1.169.4.1 pkgsrc/mail/fetchmail/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.40 -r1.40.4.1 pkgsrc/mail/fetchmail/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r1.75 -r1.75.4.1 pkgsrc/mail/fetchmailconf/Makefile

Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
copyright notices on the relevant files.

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