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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkg_rolling-replace

On 02/01/10 12:25, Greg Troxel wrote:

Jens Rehsack<>  writes:

On 02/01/10 11:00, Tobias Nygren wrote:
On Mon, 1 Feb 2010 09:33:21 +0000
Jens Rehsack<>   wrote:

Log Message:
Updating pkg_rolling-replace (set new version 0.19):

- Add option '-D' to tune "USE_DESTDIR=" and set this defaultly to 'NO'
- Add option '-j' to tune "MAKE_JOBS=" (Default: unset)

I don't think it is a good idea to replicate mk.conf functionality.

This is not the idea behind. I use mk.conf for my default things as
pkgsrc developer. There I test with USE_DESTDIR, with and without
MAKE_JOBS etc., but as a NetBSD user - when wanting my pkg tree
updated, I'm not interested in breaking in the middle because of mk/
changes or packages without DESTDIR support. This is for the developer
part - and I separate between them.

I object to forcing DESTDIR off by default from pkg_rr.  This is a
kludge that doesn't address the underlying issues (and at this point I'm
not sure there are any left).  It also doesn't fix bare make replace;
people who are using pkg_rr can do individual make repalce operations,
and those people should just edit mk.conf.

I also don't understand the -j option.  While I want pkg_rr to "just
work", I also leave PKG_DEVELOPER=YES and MAKE_JOBS=2 in mk.conf so I
can fix/notice underlying package problems.

But I don't want MAKE_JOBS=2 being always active. E.g. when updating a package (let's name it math/pari) and want to see the compile errors.

I see pkg_rolling-replace
as simply doing make replace in the right order, and nothing more, so
whatever options were selected should be used.

So I too would like to see this reverted.

Your wish is my command.

Also, I think USE_DESTDIR=yes is the right way forward for pkg_rr and
would prefer to see remaining issues fixed instead.

With this change, DESTDIR issues wont break simple usage of pkgsrc. I
understand your arguments (and the intension behind joerg@'s changes),
but I'm primary interested in keeping my system up and running. Since
I'm off-site (and mostly without Internet access or at least very
expensive) a lot of time and might refresh pkgsrc tree and distfiles
at weekend and rebuilding during the week should break my system.

Then set USE_DESTDIR=no ...

I've seen that pkg_rr doesn't transports environment variables to ${MAKE}. And there's a difference for me between developing on pkgsrc and using pkgsrc. During developing, I'm present and act on errors. During using (e.g. update X11 & Co.), I'm not present and simply want it working.


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