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CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/p5-Net-DNS

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Wed Jan 20 14:45:38 UTC 2010

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/net/p5-Net-DNS: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 0.66:

**** 0.66 Dec 30, 2009

Feature Truncation for Nameserver
    fixes #33547 and #42744

    this feature may cause unexpected behavior for your nameservers
    and can be turned off by setting Truncate to 0 during the creation
    of the nameserver.
    my $ns = Net::DNS::Nameserver->new(
                Truncate => 0,


    Net::DNS::Packet::truncate is a new method that is called from
    within Net::DNS::Nameserver that truncates a packet according to
    the rules of RFC2181 section 9.

    Acknowledgement Aaron Crane for an elegant test and for
    inspiration for a direction.

Feature: Added Net::DNS::Domain
    Net::DNS::Domain is an attemt to consistently approach the various
    ways we interface with what RFC 1035 calls <domain-name>.

    The class and its test script t/02-domain.t are included to be
    exposed to various architectures.

    The class and its methods may be subject to change, both in terms of
    naming and functionality.

    A contribution by Dick Franks

Fix improved fuzzy matching of CLASS and TYPE in the Question
    constructor method.

    A contribution by Dick Franks.

Fix #43770

    Update->rr_del() was reported broken for AAAA after 0.65.
    The same bug also occured in HINFO RR.

Fix #43765

    Code inconsistent with documentation for loop_once.

    Note: Keeping timeout undefined in loop_once will now block until
    something arrived on the socket.

Fix #47050

    Fixed logic error in bgsend socket acquisition code.

Fix #47265 (partial)

    Frequently Net:DNS under Windows XP has a UDP problem which is
    caused by a buggy implementation of SOCKS under Windows.

    One liner added to not continue UDP processing when that happens.

Feature KX RR

    Added support for the KX RR, RFC2230
    The implementation is trivial since the KX inherets almost all of
    its functionality by inheritance from the MX RR.

Fix NSAP RR string representation

    RFC1706 specifies the masterfile format to have a leading "0x" and
    optional dot. This was not how the RR was represented with the
    rdatastr method (and hence string and print).

Fix #52307 AAAA v4compat parsing bug
    Acknowledgement: BLBLACK

Fix AAAA dynamic update

    Dynamic update of AAAA caused FORMERR on the prerequisite caused
    by AAAA creating rdata even when an address whas never specified.
    This fix may cause difference in behavior for people who expect a

    NULL address ("::") when creating a AAAA without an address

Feature HIP RR

    Added support for the HIP RR, RFC5205
    perldoc Net::DNS::RR::HIP for more information.

Feature DHCID RR
    Added rudimentary support for the DHCID RR.

Fix #50883
    This is basically #11931 but for cygwin.

    Codepath in Cygwin and Win32 are now the same. This adds a
    dependency in cygwin.
    Acknowledgements "mikaraento"

Fix #45407 and #43190
    Fixed escaping of semicolon.

    Note a change in behavior:
    For TXT and SPF the rdatastr method (and therefore the
    print, and string method) returns the escaped format while the
    chr_str_list method will return unescaped format.

Fix #43393
    Typo in 01-resolver.t

Fix #43273
    Added check for unitialized opcode in headermask in

Fix #46635
    Minor documentation error in

Fix #51009
     Fixed handling of empty string in Net::DNS::stripdot.
     Elegant one-liner supplied by JMEHNLE.

Fix #49035

    Comment parsing fixed: Semicolon in character string blocks (such
    as in TXT and NPTR) were only recognized when escaped.
    Also fixed the NAPTR regular expression to not interpret
    "bla' 'foo" as two strings bla and foo, but as one: bla' 'foo

Fix cd flag settings

    Resolver bug and fix reported by Jon Haidu.

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.22 -r1.23 pkgsrc/net/p5-Net-DNS/distinfo

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