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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/libmtp

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Mon Jan 18 10:06:15 UTC 2010

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/libmtp: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 1.0.1:

2009-09-12  Linus Walleij <>

        * bump version to libmtp 1.0.1 and release!
        * src/ bump soversion to

2009-09-11  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/music-players.h: tag all SONY NWZ walkmen with

2009-08-27  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/libmtp.c: modernize the album retrieveal functions
          so they work just as nicely as the track/playlist etc
          functions. Triggered by Nyalls excellent bug report that
          showed how libmtp tried to get "composer" info for an
          album eventhough the device didn't support it.

2009-08-27  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/libmtp.c: bugfixes again...

2009-08-25  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/libmtp.c: fix a bug where the metadata was cached
          twice, thx to Marcus for the patch!

2009-08-23  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/ptp.c: sync to upstream
        * src/ptp.h: dito.
        * src/libmtp.c: patch from Thomas Schweitzer to not use
          C++ reserved words like "private" and "new", this was
          changed to "priv" and "newlist" making C++ happy.
        * src/libusb-glue.h: inclusion guard, export functions to
          C++ (whoever wants to do that...)
        * src/libusb-glue.c: define USB_CLASS_PTP unless defined,
          out-commented code to detect all PTP devices as MTP
          devices as well.

2009-08-12  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/libusb-glue.c: patch from Simon Berg to detect PTP
          interface descriptors.
        * src/ptp.c: sync to upstream with correct MTP interface
          detection in accordance with MTP spec.
        * src/ptp.h: dito.

2009-08-02  Linus Walleij <>

        * tag for libmtp 1.0.0!
        * src/ bump to compatible API/ABI
          result =
        * src/libmtp.c: missing flag fix from Marcus.

2009-07-24  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/device-flags.h: add a flag for unknown FLAC type.
        * src/music-players.h: tag the Cowon iAudio S9 with this.
        * src/libmtp.c: implement unknown FLAC type.

2009-07-24  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/music-players.h: a number of new devices.
        * src/ptp.c: sync to upstream.
        * src/ptp.h: sync to upstream.
        * src/ptp-pack.c: sync to upstream.

2009-06-24  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/music-players.h: tag most all Samsung devices with
          the UNLOAD_DRIVER flag. Broken GET_ALL info in all
          Creative devices.

2009-06-20  Linus Walleij <>

        * examples/pathutils.c: detect VCF files too.

2009-06-15  Marcus Meissner <>

        * use the AC_SYS_LARGEFILE macro instead
          of the ugly largefile hacks.
        * src/libmtp.c: fix use of largefile back to the simple
          functions instead.
        * examples/albumart.c: dito.
        * examples/sendfile.c: dito.
        * examples/sendtr.c: dito.
        * examples/thumb.c: dito.

2009-06-15  Linus Walleij <>

        * some buildsystem updates.
        * INSTALL: some doc updates.

2009-06-15  Marcus Meissner <>

        * src/libmtp.c: synced to new libgphoto2 code.
        * src/device-flags.h: dito.
        * src/ptp.h: sync to upstream.
        * src/ptp.c: dito.
        * src/ptp-pack.c: dito.

        The handles, the PTPObjectInfo and the MTP proplists
        are now consolidated into "PTPObject"s.

        This and abstraction and the resulting helper functions
        allow implementation of easier dynamic operations like
        I need for libgphoto2.

        Some corner stones:

        - PTPParams now contains the device flags itself.
          (from device-flags.h) This is needed due to
          ptp_object_want() needing to decide whether it can call
          GetObjPropList, and it makes it cleaner.

          So the ptp-bugs and device-flags handling are unified.

        - PTPObjects are sorted by object handle. This allows binary
          search by handle.

        - New generic helper functions.

          * uint16_t ptp_object_find (PTPParams *params,
            uint32_t handle, PTPObject **retob)
            binary searches the handle in the object list and returns
            a pointer to the object.

          * uint16_t ptp_object_find_or_insert (PTPParams *params,
            uint32_t handle, PTPObject **retob)
            binary searches the handle in the object list, inserts it
            if not there yet, and returns a pointer to the object.

          * uint16_t ptp_object_want (PTPParams *params, uint32_t handle,
            int want, PTPObject **retob)
            The most magic function, which does the "on demand" loading
            of objectinfos, mtp proplists (and more).
            want is a flag mask of PTPOBJECT_*_LOADED
            PTPOBJECT_CANONFLAGS_LOADED   (special canon flags)
            PTPOBJECT_MTPPROPLIST_LOADED  mtp properties for this object
            PTPOBJECT_DIRECTORY_LOADED    (only used by libgphoto2 currently)
            PTPOBJECT_PARENTOBJECT_LOADED this and storageid are
                                          interesting for directory based
            PTPOBJECT_STORAGEID_LOADED    and can be filled out by directory

          * void ptp_objects_sort (PTPParams *params);
            Sort the objects list if you did any modification of your own
            on it and the order of object handles might not be linear

        - Multiple object information loading strategies are possible.
          libmtp uses getobjecthandles() /getobjectinfo() and
          getobjectproplist() loading strategies for initial setup. This
          stays of course, it will just fill out the PTPObject array.

          libgphoto2 now uses a per-directory getobjecthandles() /
          getobjectinfo() loading approach, and I will readd the
          getobjectproplist() approach.

          It is open what you chose to use here. For libmtp the "load all
          handles at startup" is good, dynamic loading is better for

          Only rule is: The objectlist must be in order of objecthandles!

2009-06-02  Linus Walleij <>

        * examples/hotplug.c: change the udev match rule from
          ATTR{dev}!="?*" to ENV{MAJOR}!="?*" at the suggestion of
          Alan Jenkins, this should be faster.
        * src/libusb-glue.c: include config.h (Marcus Meissner found
          this is needed when you're not using iconv().)

2009-05-09  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/libmtp.c: include <config.h> for iconv() compatibility.
        * src/unicode.c: dito. NOTE: this file needs fixing to work
          without iconv!
        * src/ptp.h: sync to upstream and get all the embedded support
          for FREE!
        * src/ptp.c: dito.
        * src/ptp-pack.c: dito.

2009-05-06  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/ptp.h: sync to upstream.
        * src/ptp.c: dito.
        * src/ptp-pack.c: dito.

2009-05-06  Linus Walleij <>

        A host of Windows fixes from
        Carlo Bramini <>
        With this patch everything works fine with cygwin and
        Debian 5.0. Unfortunately, with MSys the "make install"
        still fails at the very last actions. It happens that
        everything is re-linked (strange, but not a big problem)
        and for some unknown reason it loops forever when executing
        "examples/hotplug > libmtp.usermap". But hopefully the
        simple "make" completes without errors.

          * iconv is now detected with autotools, this makes libmtp
            linkable on cygwin too (previously it was not).
          * the presence of Microsoft LIB.EXE is checked; if it is
            absent then the MSVC libraries won't be generated.
          * Added checking for some include files not available on
            Windows: arpa/inet.h, byteswap.h, sys/uio.h.
          * Check for presence of mkstemp: a replacement has been
            written for Windows.
        * examples/ the creation of the links failed:
          I added source path and $(EXEEXT) extension for executables.
          This is tested and working with Mingw+MSys, Cygwin, Debian 5.0.
        * examples/albumart.c: include sys/uio.h only if it's available.
        * examples/trexist.c: u_int32_t does not exists, into almost all
          other parts libmtp is using uint32_t so I fixed it in that
          manner. (Same for u_int64_t/uint64_t).
        * examples/getfile.c: dito.
        * examples/pathutils.c: dito, plus rindex() does not exist under
          Windows, we must user strrchr() instead.
        * examples/pathutils.h: fixes for prototypes changes made into
        * examples/thumb.c: include sys/uio.h only if it's available.
        * src/
          * Several fixes because the check on the presence of LIB.EXE
            libmtp.sym is now prefixed by $(srcdir), this allows to
            configure libmtp outside the source tree in Windows too.
          * Libraries are put into LIBADD instead of LDFLAGS, this is the
            right place.
          * Previously the linker crashed because there was -ws2_32
            instead of -lws2_32.
        * src/playlist-spl.c:
          * include sys/uio.h only if it's available.
          * include replacement for mkstemp() function.

2009-05-03  Richard Low <>

        * src/libmtp.c: add external property types just like file
          types so any property can be retrieved/set. Add function
          LIBMTP_Is_Property_Supported to determine if a property is
          supported for a given object type. Add function
          LIBMTP_Get_Allowed_Property_Values to get alowed range/enum
          of a property value. Make
          LIBMTP_Get_Representative_Sample_Format get the size parameter
          to allow us to determine the maximum size for a representative
        * src/ ditto
        * src/libusb-glue.c: update to check the handler function return
          value so the handler can return PTP_ERROR_CANCEL to cancel the

2009-05-02 Richard Low <>

        * src/ptp-pack.c: add a NULL check

2009-04-18  Richard Low <>

        * src/ptp-pack.c: add terminating NULL character

2009-04-11  Richard Low <>

        * src/libusb-glue.c: Make get_playlist_extension return type
          const char *
        * src/libusb-glue.h: ditto
        * src/libusb-glue.c: In probe_device_descriptor, check to see if
          dev->config is NULL before going round the first loop
        * src/libmtp.c: Add LIBMTP_Get_File_To_Handler,
          LIBMTP_Send_File_From_Handler, LIBMTP_Get_Track_To_Handler,
          LIBMTP_Send_Track_From_Handler functions to get/send files/tracks
          from/to handler functions. Add modificationdate to file and track

2009-03-17  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/device-flags.h: discovered a new device that cannot even
          read out battery level but still claims to be able to. Sigh.
        * src/libusb-glue.h: flag macro.
        * src/music-players.h: flag the Slacker.
        * src/libmtp.c: avoid battery level getting on these devices.
        * preparing for 0.3.7.
        * src/ preparing for 0.3.7 (
        * Release libmtp 0.3.7.

2009-03-08  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/libmtp.c: refactored OGG extenstion check again, same
          code in three places, broke it out and made it foolproof
          (hopefully) in one single spot.

2009-03-04  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/libusb-glue.c: patch from Marcus to fix an issue
          with retransmit originally reported by Florent Pillet.

2009-02-21  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/libmtp.c: some additional NULL checks from
          Florent Pillet.

2009-02-18  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/libmtp.c: error report from RedHat BZ

          led to strange code for detecting anonymous OGG files
          being rewritten to handle NULL filenames and filenames
          that do not exceed 4 chars.

2009-01-30  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/libmtp.c: store albums and playlists in the default
          music folder if no default folder for albums resp.
          playlists has been detected.

2009-01-22  Linus Walleij <>

        * bump to 0.3.6 and release.
        * src/ interface bump to

2009-01-16  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/ptp.c: sync to upstream.
        * src/ptp.h: dito.

2009-01-15  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/libmtp.c: include fixes from Yuri Pankov for *BSD.
        * src/playlist-spl.c: dito.
        * examples/*.c: (more or less) dito.

2009-01-14  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/device-flags.h: new device flag for broken
          SendObjectPropList, as found broken in MEU202
        * src/music-players.h: use the new flag.
        * src/libmtp.c: implement this device flag.
        * src/libusb-glue.h: dito.

2009-01-10  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/ mingw32 fixes from James Ravenscroft.
        * src/libmtp.c: dito. Replaced "rindex" with "strrchr"
        * src/ dito.
        * examples/albumart.c: dito.

2009-01-06  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/ patch from Rafael Laboissiere removing a
          build artifact in distclean.

2009-01-02  Linus Walleij <>

        * examples/connect.c: usage patch from Riley Patterson.
        * examples/sendtr.c: dito. Plus only try to add track to an
          album if and only if an album name was given.
        * examples/newfolder.c: real bad bug fixed, didn't even work
          due to bad args check.
        * examples/sendfile.c: another bad bug...
        * examples/common.h: include <config.h> not "config.h"
        * src/unicode.h: no reason for this to include config.h!

2008-12-21  Linus Walleij <>

        * Release libmtp 0.3.5.

2008-12-15  Nathan Bullock <>

        * src/libmtp.c: get folders to a flat list and we get O(n) searching
          instead of the previous O(n^2) algorithm!

2008-12-13  Linus Walleij <>

        * examples/detect.c: make mtp-detect dump out default-capabilities.xml
          if such a file exists on the device.
        * m4/stdint.m4: update to newer macro from libgphoto2.
        * m4/byteorder.m4: update to newer macro from libgphoto2.
          We find these here:

        * fix the renamed _stdint.h too.
        * some config option got obsolete.
        * libmtp.c: start to use PTP error redirection to the libmtp error
          stack. This also makes it possible to stop the annoying debug prints.
        * libusb-glue.c: dito.
        * ptp.c: sync to upstream.
        * ptp.h: sync to upstream.

2008-12-02  Linus Walleij <>

        * examples/util.c: another NULL check.

2008-11-25  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/libmtp.c: fix a bug on handling folder children with an illegal
          ID of 0. Occured in the ZEN Xi-Fi in the "Recordings" folder, when
          that is created on the device.

2008-11-17  Alistair Boyle <>

        * change release to 0.3.5.
        * libmtp.c: change metadata const*const to *const to allow playlist_id
          to be modified by LIBMTP_Update_Playlist. (Samsung playlists)
        * match libmtp.c

2008-11-11  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/libmtp.c: allow for playlists with zero tracks on them,
          also in update.

2008-11-09  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/ptp.h: sync from upstream.
        * src/ptp.c: sync from upstream.
        * src/ptp-pack.c: sync from upstream.

2008-11-07  Linus Walleij <>

        * Release libmtp 0.3.4.
        * let's release 0.3.4.
        * src/ compatible API and ABI.

2008-11-05  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/libmtp.c: fix the association type problem on
          LIBMTP_Create_Folder(). This causes folders not to
          work properly on some devices!!

2008-11-01  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/ptp.h: sync to upstream.
        * src/ptp.c: sync to upstream.
        * src/ptp-pack.c: introduce Richards bugfix on top of
          upstream and take advantage of the ptp_debug() function.
        * src/libusb-glue.c: make ptp_debug() non-static since
          ptp-pack.c needs it.

2008-10-21  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/device-flags.h: actually the SanDisks cannot handle
          PTP_OPC_DateModified at ALL, not even as part of the
          initial update so rename the flag to something sensible.
        * src/music-players.h: consequental changes.
        * src/libmtp.c: disable all use of PTP_OPC_DateModified if
          flag is set, not just updates.

2008-10-16  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/device-flags.h: new flag for broken updates of
        * src/music-players.h: tag all SanDisk devices with this
          flag. Bug appeared in them.
        * libmtp.c: avoid updating PTP_OPC_DateModified on broken

2008-09-28  Alvin <>

        * src/libmtp.c: fix several bugs in Ogg filetype support.

2008-09-26  Richard Low <>

        * src/libmtp.c: check propdesc before setting props in

2008-09-25  Linus Walleij <>

        * bump to 0.3.3.
        * src/ interface to .so.8.1.0
        * Release as 0.3.3.

2008-09-24  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/ add new filename setting functions, patch
          from Florent Mertens <>.
        * src/libmtp.c: implementation.
        * src/playlist-spl.c: consequental changes.
        * src/libmtp.sym: consequental changes.
        * Fixup patch from Alvin later this day.
        * Note to self: remember to bump soname to .so.8.1.0.

2008-09-23  Richard Low <>

        * src/libmtp.c: check for NULL storage
        * src/libusb-glue.c: return PTP_RC_OK on zero read
        * src/music-players.h: give Samsung YP-10 DEVICE_FLAG_NO_ZERO_READS

2008-09-22  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/libmtp.c: make sure we don't try to fit a new file onto
          a ROM storage. Add some pretty-print to FourCC codecs so
          you can actually understand the enumerations.

2008-09-20  Joe Nahmias <>

        * examples/sendtr.c: added option to specify which
          storage_id the track should be copied.

2008-09-20  Linus Walleij <>

        * bump to 0.3.2.
        * src/ bump to, compatible
        * Release this as 0.3.2 mainly to get the Creative fixes out.

2008-09-17  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/ new helper macros from
          Alvin <> plus some docs.

2008-09-12  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/music-players.h: drop bug flags off the Creative devices.
          I am confident that the bugs they were masking have been
          fixed now.

2008-09-07  Richard Low <>

        * src/music-players.h: added Panasonic P905i

2008-09-05  Marcus Meissner <>

        * src/libmtp.sym: update symbol export table.
        * src/ fix up some magic for symbol export.

2008-09-04  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/libmtp.c: look up the filename for playlists if the name is
          missing or not properly set. Not doing the same for albums -
          these must have proper metadata.
        * src/music-players.h: more players as usual.
        * examples/sendtr.c: more warnings.

2008-08-31  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/ptp.h: sync to upstream.
        * src/ptp.c: sync to upstream.

2008-08-30  Chris Bagwell <>

        * src/libusb-glue.c: make it possible to have per-command
          or otherwise altered timeout values for different PTP
          request/response sequences.
        * src/libusb-glue.h: dito.
        * src/libmtp.c: increase USB timeout to 30s when getting
          a complete track listing off the device.
        * src/music-players.h: as a consequence, the Sirus Stiletto
          no longer needs any brokenness flag.

2008-08-30  Linus Walleij <>

        * src/ptp.c: sync to upstream.

2008-08-28  Linus Walleij <>

        * examples/sendtr.c: fix non-strdup():ed strings to be
          copied, patch courtesy of Juanan Pereira.

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