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CVS commit: pkgsrc/x11/x11vnc

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   obache
Date:           Wed Dec 23 06:20:53 UTC 2009

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/x11/x11vnc: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update x11vnc to 0.9.9.

New in the 0.9.9 x11vnc release:

        A new option -findauth runs the FINDDISPLAY script that applies
                heuristics to try to determine the correct XAUTHORITY
                file.  The use of '-auth guess' will use the XAUTHORITY
                that -findauth reveals.  This can be handy in with
                the lastest GDM where the ability to store cookies in
                ~/.Xauthority has been removed.

                If x11vnc is running as root (e.g. inetd or XDM/GDM/KDM)
                the FD_XDM=1 mode will be tried if the above -findauth
                or '-auth guess' command fails; it will find the
                correct XAUTHORITY for the given display (this works for
                XDM/GDM/KDM if the login greeter panel is up or if someone
                has already logged into an X session.)  You can also
                set -env FD_XDM=1 to force it to be done on the first try.

        The -unixpw_system_greeter option, when used in combined
                unixpw and XDMCP FINDCREATEDISPLAY mode (e.g. -xdmsvc),
                enables the user to press Escape to jump directly to the
                XDM/GDM/KDM login greeter screen.  This way the user
                avoids entering his unix password twice at X session
                creation time.  For subseqent logins to the same session,
                he uses the regular x11vnc unixpw "login:" prompt.   Also,
                the unixpw login panel now has a short help displayed
                if the user presses 'F1' that lists the options.

        The -appshare option enables simple application sharing based on
                the -id/-sid mechanism.  Every new toplevel window that
                the application creates induces a new viewer window via
                a reverse connection.  The -id/-sid and -connect options
                are required.  Run 'x11vnc -appshare -help' for more info.

        Heuristics are applied to try to determine if the X display
                is currently in a Display Manager Greeter Login panel
                (e.g. GDM.)  If so, x11vnc's creation of any windows and
                use of XFIXES are delayed.

                This is to try to avoid x11vnc being killed after the user
                logs in if the GDM KillInitClients=true is in effect.
                So one no longer needs to set KillInitClients=false in
                gdm.conf.  Note that in recent GDM the KillInitClients
                option has been removed.

                Also delayed is the use of the XFIXES cursor fetching
                functionality; this avoids an Xorg bug that causes Xorg
                to crash right after the user logs in.

        x11vnc now tries to be more aggressive in keeping up with VNC
                client's framebuffer update requests.  Some broken VNC
                clients continuously spray these requests at VNC servers
                (regardless of whether they have received any updates
                or not.)  The -extra_fbur option allows one to fine tune
                the setting.

        The "-display WAIT:cmd=...", -find, -create modes now work
                correctly for the user-supplied login program scheme
                "-unixpw_cmd ...", as long as the login program supports
                running commands specified in the environment variable
                "RFB_UNIXPW_CMD_RUN" as the logged-in user.  The mode
                "-unixpw_nis ..." has also been made more consistent.
                The username option "tag=..." can be used to set FD_TAG.

        The -stunnel option (like -ssl but uses stunnel as an external
                helper program) now works with the -ssl "SAVE" and "TMP"
                special certificate names.  The -sslverify and -sslCRL
                options now work correctly in -stunnel mode.  Single port
                HTTPS connections are also supported for this mode.

        The remote control command -R can be used to instruct x11vnc
                to resend its most recent copy of the Clipboard,
                Primary, or Cutbuffer selections: "x11vnc -R
                resend_clipboard", "x11vnc -R resend_primary", and
                "x11vnc -R resend_cutbuffer".

  miscellaneous new features and changes:

        The fonts in the GUI (-gui) can now by set via environment
                variables, e.g. -env X11VNC_FONT_BOLD='Helvetica -16 bold'
                and -env X11VNC_FONT_FIXED='Courier -14'.

        The value of the -timeout option is now also used for the timing
                out of reverse connections.  The -timeout exit will
                occur if no client has made it to normal operating state
                (instead of merely trying to connect.)

        One can add extra URL parameters to the HTTPS (-ssl) urls
                via X11VNC_EXTRA_HTTPS_PARAMS without needing to edit
                index.vnc. E.g.: -env X11VNC_EXTRA_HTTPS_PARAMS='?GET=1'

        One can make the libvncserver HTTP (non-SSL) server listen on
                localhost: -env X11VNC_HTTP_LISTEN_LOCALHOST=1 (this way
                only the single-port VNC+HTTPS is exposed to the network.)

        Warnings are printed out at startup if $DISPLAY appears to
                start with "localhost:" (SSH X11 forwarding) or
                "hostname:" (remote X display; will fail w/o -noshm)

        The -solid option now uses the DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS env. var
                if available.  The -solid option now works in xfce.
                If available, the dbus_launch(1) will be used in
                FINDCREATEDISPLAY for gnome sessions.

        The bcx_xattach remote control command was added to facilitate
                xattach and x2x desktop cursor switching.  Other new
                remote control commands: grab_state, ping:mystring,
                grablocal, resend_cutbuffer, resend_clipboard,
                resend_primary, keycode, keysym, fakebuttonevent,
                ptr, sleep, get_xprop, set_xprop, wininfo, pointer_pos,
                mouse_xy, noop, guess_dbus, DIRECT:query.  Remote control
                scripting, -query_retries, and -remote_prefix were
                also added.

        In -rawfb mode the X display will not be opened at all unless
                the -rawfb string is prefixed with '+' or -display
                was specified on the cmdline.

        For multiple, separate x11vnc instances on the same X display,
                one can rename the X11VNC_REMOTE, X11VNC_TICKER, and
                VNC_CONNECT property names to unique ones.

        The -showrfbauth option prints out the VNC rfbauth password.

        The XDAMAGE mechanism is now automatically disabled for a
                period of time if a game or screensaver generates too
                many XDAMAGE rectangles per second.  This avoids the X11
                event queue from soaking up too much memory.

        x11vnc does not switch on server autorepeat if any keys are
                pressed down to work around a recent Xorg server and/or
                gnome bug where the key will never stop repeating.

        Thse list of current clients is kept more up-to-date in the
                tkx11vnc gui.  Bugs in the gui setpass mode have been

        Threads stability is further improved.  See under the -threads
                option help info about -env X11VNC_THREADS_NEW_FB_SLEEP=ms

        There is an experimental workaround: "-env X11VNC_WATCH_DX_DY=1"
                that tries to avoid problems with poorly constructed
                menu themes that place the initial position of the mouse
                cursor inside a menu item's active zone.

        The crypt(3) function is now declared inside the x11vnc code on
                all platforms (not just Linux).  To disable this, set
                CPPFLAGS='-DDO_NOT_DECLARE_CRYPT' while configuring.
                (crypt is declared to avoid problems with header files.)

        Error reasons are printed for -storepasswd failures.

        Two scripts are added to x11vnc/misc: connect_switch and

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