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CVS commit: pkgsrc/time/etm

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Tue Dec 15 13:55:05 UTC 2009

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/time/etm: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 420:

  Added timer label, minutes and seconds to restart detail message.
  Fixed color setting bug involving null attr. Set 'no context' and 'no 
keyword' when appropriate.  Make F1 (help) and F2 (calendar) act as toggles 
that also work when the entry bar is active. Add memoized hash for clip so that 
^S will always save the current view to the clipboard.
  Fixed attr = None bug in OL.htm.
  Added icalendar to 'install_requires' in
  Fixed negative sign bug in date_calculator.
  Added ~ to ` as triggers for leader.
  Improved error handling for date calculator.
  Added calc_days to both the gui and command line.
  Added diff_days to calculate the difference in days between two dates. Bound 
to c in the gui.
  Only process D, f, m an u in agenda and list views.
  When displaying ids, restore the scroll position to its prior position.
  Added max_width setting to class OL and wrapping to this width in reckoning 
reports. Removed depreciated 'extent' setting from rc.
  Fixed bug in processing option for ending date (-e). Fixed bug in setting 
default colors for entry bar to black on black. Display c_position, d_position, 
k_level and itemize settings in reckoning title.
  Cleaned up comments.
  Use default colors from main screen for entry bar when inactive. Use separate 
settings when active.
  Added separate print color settings to etmrc.
  Allow setting a special color for the entry bar text.
  Added filtering to agenda view.
  Added support for setting background and font colors in the gui.
  Fixed missing key error for repeating tasks without an 'o' in
  Run check_rotating when changes.
  Fixed bug in process_entry involving appending to an undefined list.
  Fixed bug in which open_project failed to set changed = True.
  Removed broken support for remind style reminders. Fixed documentation to 
reflect this change.
  Changed prompt for modifying and creating to reflect the action.
  Alert queue display tweaks.
  Various documentation tweaks. When alert queue is empty, state it instead of 
showing an empty queue.
  Restored use of GenStaticText which had inadvertently been eliminated.
  Made alert queue display more succent.
  Make defaults for colors, fonts and window sizes different for mac and not 
  Switched details bar to wx.lib.stattext.GenStaticText to avoid bgcolor 
problems in linux.
  Fixed bug in checking the length of an undefined list in get_next.
  Moved 'etm' from the title bar to the detail bar in the gui.
  Strip entrybar text to avoid key errors. Fixed footer in console cur output.
  Changed fault font specification that raised exception under windows.
  Show confirmation when saving view to clipboard.
  Various documentation tweaks.
  Fixed bug in which a task without a due date would not be processed properly.
  Store calendar_html output to self.html to allow printing.
  Fixed bug in pre formatting.
  Fixed bug in reckoning in which time_hash was not being reset. Added save 
view to clipboard.
  More str() removals.
  Removed str() constructs to avoid unicode problems in linux.
  Removed advance formating requiring python 2.6.
  Fixed bug in which starting and ending times would not be displayed for 
list-only events.
  Added 'T' as an alternative to 't' in show to limit display to unfinished 
  Fixed locale for calendar and allow entry and display of unicode characters.
  Fixed locale bug in calendar.
  Fixed bug in marking the last rep of a list-only task complete.
  Added wxwidth and wxheight to rc. Fixed bug in setting html column widths.
  Background color tweaks for linux.
  Changed binding for return in entry_bar to work in linux.
  Use htmlfont setting from rc.
  Removed locale stuff and added codecs as in wxremind.
  Added font sizes to rc. Set in etm_wx show_view.

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.15 -r1.16 pkgsrc/time/etm/distinfo

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