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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/p5-POE-Test-Loops

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   seb
Date:           Sat Nov 21 20:27:27 UTC 2009

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/p5-POE-Test-Loops: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update p5-POE-Test-Loops from version 1.021 to version 1.030.

Upstream changes:
2009-10-14T04:25:48.467603Z ptl-1_030

  2009-10-14 04:24:18 (r2744) by rcaputo
    New version for a new release.

  2009-10-13 12:43:42 (r2743) by bingosnet
    Explicitly bind to loopback address for the concurrent TCP tests

  2009-10-11 18:53:43 (r2741) by rcaputo
    Fix Marco's name. Oops!

  2009-10-07 01:50:42 (r2736) by rcaputo
    Set version for dev release.

  2009-10-06 03:50:33 (r2735) by rcaputo
    Make the tests generally ASSERT_DEFAULT clean. POE_TRACE_FILENAME hid
    a multitude of sins in the test output file. Update the vim options
    lines while I'm in there.

  2009-10-06 03:39:18 (r2733) by rcaputo
    Redirect STDERR while testing some errors. ASSERT_DEFAULT is on and
    making noise when things are called wrong, even when we do it on

  2009-10-05 05:32:30 (r2727) by rcaputo
    Add an option to enable all the broken MSWin32 tests.

    Set POE_DANTIC=1 before running "make test" to watch the pretty
    fireworks. Oooh! Ahhhhhh!

  2009-10-02 03:47:17 (r2707) by rcaputo

    [ 48715] Apply Craig's patch to skip the IPv6 tests if
    IPv6 isn't actually enabled. The port autodetect code to didn't
    handle failure due to IPv6 unavailability.

  2009-09-29 15:13:53 (r2703) by rcaputo

    !!! Adjust tests for mark-and-sweep session GC changes.

    Some of the tests are sensitive to session GC timing.

  2009-09-16 15:11:30 (r2691) by rcaputo

    Test that POE::Kernel->run() without sessions returns right away.

2009-09-07T19:22:59.577723Z ptl-1_022

  2009-09-07 19:13:43 (r2677) by rcaputo

    Bump up the version, and prevent perl-reversion from seeing test
    version strings (that are commented out, no less).

  2009-09-06 03:32:57 (r2675) by rcaputo

    [rt 36648] Add tests for the new Client and Server TCP component

  2009-09-05 17:56:52 (r2672) by rcaputo

    [rt 49384] Explicitly bind to in tests, reported
    anonymously. [cpan testers 5241203] Bind to INPORT_ANY to avoid
    "address already in use" failures, reported by Oliver Paukstadt.

  2009-09-04 07:49:18 (r2671) by rcaputo

    Make write-combining test optional. The timing of some event loops
    triggers write-combining, and others don't. Resolves
    28804 (finally!), reported by Martijn van Beers.

  2009-09-04 04:28:55 (r2668) by rcaputo

    Tk and fork() don't get along well. Skip some fork() based tests when
    Tk is loaded, to avoid XIO errors that have shown up in FreeBSD.

  2009-09-03 16:08:06 (r2665) by rcaputo

    Skip pty tests in on MSWin32. Change some skip

  2009-08-08 08:25:22 (r2625) by rcaputo

    Skip a known issue regarding pseudy-ttys, Event, and Mac OS X. On OS
    X, poll() returns POLLNVAL for pseudo-ttys. Event cancels its
    watchers in this case without a callback.

  2009-08-08 04:56:28 (r2623) by rcaputo

    Move Philip Gwyn's signals test to POE::Test::Loops, so it can
    exercise everyone's event loops.

  2009-07-27 17:07:20 (r2608) by rcaputo

    Reorganize documentation links.

  2009-07-27 05:10:57 (r2605) by rcaputo

    Added a machine-readable repository directory to the distribution.
    Documented the bug tracker, repository, and other resource URLs.

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -u -r1.6 -r1.7 pkgsrc/devel/p5-POE-Test-Loops/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.3 -r1.4 pkgsrc/devel/p5-POE-Test-Loops/distinfo

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