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CVS commit: pkgsrc/chat/p5-POE-Component-IRC

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   seb
Date:           Sat Nov 21 15:33:46 UTC 2009

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/chat/p5-POE-Component-IRC: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update p5-POE-Component-IRC from version 5.88nb1 to version 6.16.

Pkgsrc changes:
- Adjust dependencies

Upstream changes:
6.16  Sun Oct 11 08:57:18 GMT 2009
    - Emit 'irc_bot_notice' events for bot notices (Hinrik)
    - Log NOTICEs if requested (Hinrik)
    - Fix a regression introduced in 6.05_01. This was causing it
      to be completely broken. Added a test so it won't happen again
      unnoticed (Hinrik)

6.14  Thu Sep 24 15:07:05 GMT 2009
    - More "return" -> "return PCI_EAT_NONE" fixes. This eliminates some
      harmless (but annoying) warnings. (Hinrik)
    - Fix AwayPoll, which wasn't working at all. Also added a
      test for it and made the documentation clearer. Thanks to David E.
      Wheeler for spotting that one. (Hinrik)
    - Document which spawn() options can not be passed to the
      'connect' event. (Hinrik)
    - Split PRIVMSGs with newlines into multiple messages. For other
      commands, don't pass user-supplied newlines through to the IRC server
      as it allows the user to submit raw IRC commands. (Hinrik)

6.12  Thu Sep 10 09:25:02 BST 2009
    - Fix localaddr() issue reported in RT #48791 by Michael Andreen
    - Depend on latest (1.24) POE::Component::Pluggable (Hinrik)
    - Strip colors/formatting before processing (Hinrik)
    - Plugin::AutoJoin S_join should return PCI_EAT_NONE if
      $joiner ne $irc->nick_name() (perigrin)

6.10 Fri Aug 14 21:19:07 BST 2009
    - Implemented netsplit detection and handling of state on netjoin (bingos)
    - Refactored the netsplit code for robustness and sanity (bingos)
    - Added testcase for netsplit handling (bingos)
    - Fixed problem with rejoining password-protected channels
      that were not passed to the plugin constructor (Hinrik)
    - Removed extended debug output from some tests, they've been behaving
      for a while (Hinrik)
    - State and subclasses will use NAMES replies to synchronise
      channel state as well now. Should help RT #46825 (bingos).
    - Refactored the netsplit test slightly to try and eliminate
      race conditions (bingos)
    - Added netsplit detection code to Qnet::State subclass. (bingos)
    - Netsplit restoration now triggers irc_nick_sync event (bingos)
    - Added some diagnostics to the netsplit test. (bingos)
    - Markup test in netsplit as todo due to race condition (bingos)
    - Mark one of the netsplit tests TODO (bingos)
    - Time for a stable release

6.08 Fri May 29 11:46:45 GMT 2009
    - Return an RFC822 date in response to CTCP TIME (Hinrik)
    - Fix RT #46065, help message wasn't being printed (Hinrik)
    - Make the traffic-noticing code more accurate (Hinrik)
    - Allow custom auth checks for the IRC interface (Hinrik)
    - Silence some warnings (bingos)

6.06 Thu Apr 30 12:05:04 GMT 2009
    - Update a paragraph in the Pod (Hinrik)
    - Don't delete all state in S_(error|socketerr|disconnected)
      handlers, removes some warnings (Hinrik)
    - Fixed some bugs, added more tests (Hinrik)
    - Don't rely on for authentication. Eliminates race
      condition when receiving channel commands before the channel has been
      synced (Hinrik)
    - In jailed environments we can't assume that will be that.
      reported by Jase Thew (Bazerka).
    - Replace slashes with underscores before logging to disk,
      spotted by Sebastian Mair.

6.05_01 Sat Apr 11 09:18:28 GMT 2009
    - Don't emit an extra event or print a misleading debug message
      for CTCP ACTIONs on FreeNode (Hinrik)
    - Only join channels after we have asked the server if it
      supports FreeNode's CAPAB IDENTIFY-MSG (Hinrik)
    - Accept commands in private too (Hinrik)
    - Handle CLIENTINFO as well (Hinrik)
    - Added irc_to_utf8 to decode IRC messages (Hinrik)
    - General cleanup. Also fix a bug introduced in 5.66 that caused
      it to keep too many welcome messages (Hinrik)
    - General cleanup. Fixed a bug with the order of irc_nick_sync's
      arguments being reversed (Hinrik)

6.04 Sat Mar  7 23:31:11 GMT 2009
    - Only use portable strftime parameters. Fixes log timestamps
      on Solaris and Windows (Hinrik)
    - Use portable strftime parameters when responding to CTCP TIME
      requests (Hinrik)
    - Document the extra parameters to irc_disconnected, irc_error,
      and irc_socketerr. (Hinrik)
    - Fixed race condition in some tests (Hinrik)

6.02 Fri Mar  6 10:54:22 GMT 2009
    - Fix RT #43856, variable name typo in reported by barnaclebob
    - Add new test for PlugMan plugin (Hinrik)
    - Amend a few tests that were failing (Hinrik)
    - Avoid a warning when setting a mode on a channel on which all
      previous modes have been unset (Hinrik)
    - Add optional Perl::Critic test for the test scripts (Hinrik)

6.00 Wed Mar  4 23:12:57 GMT 2009
    - Fix bug with logging some CTCP ACTIONs (Hinrik)
    - Also log own messages in DCC chats. Add test for it (Hinrik)
    - Added more tests for general IRC activity, and for (Hinrik)
    - Added tests for BotCommand and Logger plugin (Hinrik)
    - Turned off flood control in all the tests, and removed or adjusted many
      of the delays used. This shaves about 70% off the time needed for a full
      test suite run (Hinrik)

5.98 Mon Mar  2 22:51:27 GMT 2009
    - Parse some IRC protocol messages more strictly. Always split on ASCII
      space rather than \s, since tabs are not considered whitespace by the
      IRC protocol. (Hinrik)
    - Most events now tell you what the peer's IP address is (Hinrik)
    - Document the timeout parameter to the dcc command, and fixed
      some errors in the docs. (Hinrik)
    - Actually provide the whole nick!user@host (not just
      the nick) with every dcc_request, like the synopsis suggests (Hinrik)
    - Fix crash when closing a DCC connection with pending outgoing
      data, reported by meneldor (Hinrik)
    - Added test case for the above (Hinrik)
    - Don't crash if dcc_close is called with an invalid id, also
      reported by meneldor (Hinrik)
    - Add DCC chat logging (Hinrik)
    - Document the 'account' key returned by irc_whois (Hinrik)
    - Allow plugins to respond to custom commands without them having
      to be defined explicitly in This allows the removal of the last
      piece of DCC-specific code (Hinrik)
    - Add an option for retrying joins when banned (Hinrik)
    - Support ratbox-based ircds (Hinrik)
    - Synchronised all the version numbering (bingos)

5.96 Wed Jan 28 11:29:28 GMT 2009
    - Added delays to the two failing tests reported by CPAN Testers,
      believe we are seeing race conditions. (bingos)

5.94 Tue Jan 27 21:38:51 GMT 2009
    - Fixed dependency on Date::Format in inc. poco-server-irc (bingos)

5.92 Tue Jan 27 13:18:12 GMT 2009
    - Only require ::State when 'botowner' is set (Hinrik)
    - Fix parsing of MODES and SILENCE parameters (Hinrik)
    - Added 'Rejoin_delay' option (Hinrik)
    - Allow adjusting the time to wait before reconnecting,
      to ease testing. (Hinrik)
    - Fix parsing of CTCPs when no prefix is present
      (i.e. client CTCPs) (Hinrik)
    - Updated included POE::Component::Server::IRC to 1.36 (Hinrik)
    - Fixed up some tests to work with it (Hinrik)
    - Removed ziplink test since PoCo-Server-IRC only supports server
      ziplinks, not client ones (Hinrik)
    - Added tests for the following plugins: AutoJoin, BotAddressed,
      CycleEmpty, CTCP, Connector, ISupport, NickReclaim, Whois (Hinrik)

5.90 Thu Jan 22 10:52:53 GMT 2009
    - Seen.pod: Recipe for a bot implementing the 'seen' command (Hinrik)
    - Reload.pod: How to reload your bot with out reconnecting (Hinrik)
    - Memory leak with stashing $self in $self->{alias}, change to
      stash a stringified version of $self instead. (bingos)

5.88 Thu Aug 28 15:49:48 BST 2008
    - MegaHAL.pod: Bare-bones recipe for a MegaHAL bot (Hinrik)
    - Send responses back via NOTICE, not PRIVMSG (Hinrik)
    - Filter/ Removed, as it is deprecated and unmaintained (Hinrik)
    - Really propagate the plugin_debug flag (Hinrik)
    - Filter/IRC/ - change to _get_ctcp() as per RT #38773

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