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CVS commit: pkgsrc/misc/orca

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Tue Nov 17 15:47:27 UTC 2009

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/misc/orca: Makefile PLIST distinfo
Removed Files:
        pkgsrc/misc/orca/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
Update to 2.28.1:

2.28.1 - 19-Oct-2009


* Fix for bgo#596257 - Generator arguments are not passed along with

* Fix for bgo#596340 - Exception if no selection is given when
  choosing a language

* Fix for bgo#596364 - Create a script for the OpenSolaris Device
  Driver Utility

* Fix for bgo#596384 - Orca sometimes fails to speak a newly-focused
  table in certain OpenSolaris utilities

* Fix for bgo#598797 - Gnome-Terminal and VTE dump core when using Orca


* Fix for bgo#592634 - The Gecko script's handling of caret navigation
  interferes when navigating editable messages in Thunderbird

* Fix for bgo#593520 - The Gecko script's getBottomOfFile needs to be
  more efficient

* Fix for bgo#593594 - Orca says "blank" when Firefox returns a bogus
  value for getTextAtOffset

* Fix for bgo#593596 - When the user Up Arrows to a line in Firefox
  which begins with a nested paragraph, Orca fails to present that

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

    da          Danish               Kenneth Nielsen
    de          German               Simon Bienlein
    el          Greek                Jennie Petoumenou
    it          Italian              Luca Ferretti
    ru          Russian              Leonid Kanter


2.28.0 - 21-Sep-2009


* Fix for bgo#595117 - Need to customize the presentation of the
  packagemanager package list toggle

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

    bg          Bulgarian           Alexander Shopov
    ca          Catalan             Gil Forcada
    ca@valencia Catalan (Valencian) Carles Ferrando
    cs          Czech               Lucas Lommer and Petr Kovar
    da          Danish              Kenneth Nielsen
    de          German              Chrisitan Kirback
                                    and Mario Blättermann
                                    and Simon Bienlein
    en_GB       British English     Bruce Cowan
    es          Spanish             Jorge González
    fi          Finnish             Ilkka Tuohela
    gl          Galician            Antón Méixome
    ml          Malayalam           Ani Peter
    nb          Norwegian Bokmål    Kjartan Maraas
    pl          Polish              Tomasz Dominikowski
                                    and Piotr LeszczyÅ?ski
    ro          Romanian            Adi Roiban
    sl          Slovenian           Matej UrbanÄ?iÄ?
    uk          Ukranian            Maxim Dziumanenko
    zh_HK       Traditional Chinese Chao-Hsiung Liao
    zh_TW       Traditional Chinese Chao-Hsiung Liao


2.27.92 - 06-Sep-2009


* Fix for bgo#594022 - cannot launch orca preferences - GError:
  Duplicate object id

* Rename X-FullName to X-GNOME-FullName in desktop file


* Fix for bgo#592917 - Orca doesn't present OOo Writer's Style combo
  box correctly

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

    eu       Basque               Iñaki Larrañaga Murgoitio
    fr       French               Laurent Coudeur and Claude Paroz
    nb       Norwegian Bokmål     Kjartan Maraas
    pt       Portuguese           Rui Batista and Duarte Loreto
    pt_BR    Brazilian Portuguese Og B. Maciel and Marco de Freitas
    ta       Tamil                I. Felix


2.27.91 - 24-Aug-2009


* Fix for bgo#591282 - add a switch to activate debug when executing

* Fix for bgo#591289 - Need to remove duplicate speechTabLabel from

* Fix for bgo#591382 - Need to add "word_char" to for localization

* Fix for bgo#591729 - Using cursor routing keys when the caret
  is panned off the display can cause cursor to jump

* Fix for bgo#591734 - "No break space" character not spoken

* Fix for bgo#591805 - Orca speaks the "restrict progress bar update
  to" label when the app preferences dialog loads

* Fix for bgo#591907 - "All" hard to translate

* Fix for bgo#592517 - Cursor position based upon uncontracted text
  when typing text and contracted braille is enabled

* Fix for bgo#592741 - Fix .desktop file to meet GNOME goal


* Fix for bgo#356060 - Provide access to tree item level and state in
  OOo Navigator

* Fix for bgo#590682 - Orca does not always speak the Paths table of
  the OOo Options dialog correctly

* Fix for bgo#592138 - Orca speaks the next character rather than the
  next word when a paragraph boundary is crossed in Writer


* Fix for bgo#592708 - Orca should attempt to recognize Evo's Setup
  Assistant and present the (non-focused) prompts


* Fix for bgo#577899 - Strange cursor movements in Firefox

* Fix for bgo#584103 - Cursor problems when I compose a new message
  with Thunderbird 3.0B3 pre

* Fix for bgo#591336 - Need a sanity check in Gecko's

* Fix for bgo#591351 - SayAll document function doesn't work correctly
  on some webpages

* Fix for bgo#591592 - Orca does not speak and braille the appropriate
  information when moving by headings on all sites

* Fix for bgo#591807 - Orca sometimes presents the previous line when
  Home/End is pressed in Gecko

* Fix for bgo#591860 - Orca grinds to a halt when Ctrl+End is pressed
  in a really long message in Thunderbird

* Fix for bgo#592383 - Orca gets stuck when it encounters a paragraph
  in Firefox which begins with a multi-line-high character

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

    bg       Bulgarian            Alexander Shopov
    de       German               Christian Kirbach and Simon Bienlein
    es       Spanish              Francisco Javier Dorado Martinez
    fr       French               Claude Paroz
    ga       Irish                Seán de Búrca
    gl       Galician             Antón Méixome
    gu       Gujarati             Ankit Patel and Sweta Kothari
    he       Hebrew               Mark Krapivner
    hu       Hungarian            Attila Hammer and Gabor Kelemen
    pt       Portuguese           Rui Batista
    pt_BR    Brazilian Portuguese Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle
    sv       Swedish              Daniel Nylander


2.27.90 - 09-Aug-2009


* Fix for bgo#480883 - User can pan right in braille indefinitely at
  the end of a web page

* Fix for bgo#523693 - Positioning of the cursor when editing text

  This fixes a 'jumping cursor' problem when deleting text in the
  middle of a long text area and also adds a _realignViewport method
  to  The method works off new settings (you need to
  hand-edit your ~/.orca/ or ~/.orca/
  file for now):

    brailleAlignmentMargin  = 3
    brailleMaximumJump      = 8
    brailleAlignmentStyle   = ALIGN_BRAILLE_BY_EDGE

  The default alignment style matches what we have today.

  The ALIGN_BRAILLE_BY_MARGIN style uses brailleAlignmentMargin and is
  effectively a "push" model - when you get to the edge of the
  display, the viewport is pushed to keep the cursor cell at the
  margin (until you reach the edge of the text).

  The ALIGN_BRAILLE_BY_WORD style uses brailleAlignmentMargin in the
  same push model above, but when it pushes the viewport, it pushes it
  so the edge lands on a word boundary.  In the event we hit a really
  long word, the brailleMaximumJump setting limits how far we jump.

* Fix for bgo#570070 - Remove 'item' from spoken string that
  represents position/index information

* Fix for bgo#574344 - Support for different progress bar "verbosity
  levels" should be implemented

* Fix for bgo#576847 - Add ability to 'flash' braille messages

  This adds a 'flashTime' parameter to the braille.displayMessage and
  braille.displayRegions methods.  If it is 0, the message will not be
  flashed.  If it is greater than 0, the current message on the display
  will be saved and the new message will be flashed for flashTime
  milliseconds.  If it is less than 0, the current message on the display
  will be saved and the new message will be shown until some other action,
  such as a keypress or cursor routing key press, causes the display to
  revert back to the original message.

* Fix for bgo#578832 - Flash locking modifier key state in braille

  This flashes a message for the Caps Lock modifier if the "Enable
  locking keys" checkbox is checked on the "Key Echo" tab in the Orca
  preferences UI. The flash time is settable via the
  'brailleFlashTime' setting which represents the number of
  milliseconds to flash a message.

* Fix for bgo#582318 - Pressing panning buttons on the braille display
  should not interrupt speech

* Fix for bgo#582491 - Strange message table behavior with Evolution

* Fix for bgo#589610 - isupper should be used on unicode and not UTF-8

* Fix for bgo#590219 - Incorrect text displayed with Orca quit
  confirmation dialog when the user using non english locale

* Fix for bgo#590378 - and need updating for
  compile and runtime dependencies.

* Fix for bgo#590382 - Orca should have a script for packagemanager


* Fix for bgo#363820 - Orca should inform the user when text in given
  cell in Calc is too wide for that column


* Fix for bgo#590267 - Thunderbird's rendering of smileys as named
  paragraphs without accessible text causes Orca to speak the tutorial
  message inappropriately

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

    bn       Bengali              Maruf Ovee and Jamil Ahmed
    es       Spanish              Francisco Javier Dorado Martínez
    hu       Hungarian            Attila Hammer and Gabor Kelemen


2.27.5 - 27-Jul-2009


* Migrated to GtkBuilder (bgo#582506 and bgo#589362)

* Fix for bgo#434600 â?? cursor routing keys cannot be used to position
  caret at end of line

* Re-fix for bgo#568696 - locus of focus changes when updating list of
  files in nautilus

* Work on bgo#575784 - accented characters are not echoed correctly.
  Orca now has two new checkboxes on the "Key Echo" tab of the
  preferences UI.  The first, "Enable non-spacing diacritical keys",
  specifies whether dead keys are echoed or not.  The second, "Enable
  echo by character", specifies if the exact character typed in an
  editable text area is to be spoken.  This differs from the "Enable
  alphanumeric and punctuation keys" setting in that it echos the
  characters that are typed vs. the keys that were pressed.  If both
  are enabled, preference is given to character echo where it applies.

* Fix for bgo#578106 - Gtk Warning on starting Orca Preferences GUI

* Fix for bgo#585049 - When I select paragraphs with Ctrl+Shift+Down
  key combination, Orca says incorrect information message

* Fix for bgo#585417 - Allow pauses to be inserted in speech output

* Fix for bgo#585948 - Automatic position index spoken request.  Orca
  now has a "Speak child position" on the "Speech" tab in the
  preferences UI.  When selected, Orca will speak the child position
  (e.g., 'item 6 of 7') of various objects.

* Fix for bgo#588471 - Orca's clicking functionality should click on
  the locusOfFocus when not in flat review

* Fix for bgo#588774 - Tooltips aren't always presented

* Fix for bgo#589244 - Remove libgail-gnome usage, use gail in gtk+

* Fix for bgo#589497 - orca shouldn't speak entering / leaving flat
  review mode when verbosity is set to brief

* Fix for bgo#589504 - Orca double speaks typed characters when input
  method is enabled


* Fix for bgo#480883 - Braille navigation on Webpages. The pan left
  and pan right buttons on the braille display should now allow you to
  scroll through the page content in linear order.

* Fix for bgo#586399 - Orca should provide support/access to "Mouse
  Overs" in web content.  See the following message for a complete

* Fix for bgo#588910 - Orca should support the spellcheck as you go in
  mozilla applications

* Fix for bgo#589455 - Can not activate links with structural
  navigation keys

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

    es       Spanish              Francisco Javier Dorado Martinez
    fr       French               Claude Paroz


2.27.4 - 13-Jul-2009


* Fix for doo#9676 - Orca fails to launch.  Make sure setting the PATH
  follows sh syntax and not bash.

* Latent work for bgo#400729 - Orca should provide support for general
  audio.  This adds some latent support for audio that gives people
  something to experiment with as soon as bgo#570658 is done.

* Fix for bgo#561452 - Factor out included "louis" C extension.  This
  now requires liblouis 1.6.2 and the liblouis 1.6.2 "louis" python
  module in order for contracted braille to work with Orca.  See for more information.

* Fix for bgo#568696 - locus of focus changes when updating list of
  files in nautilus.

* Much more work on bgo#570658 - Refactor the speech and braille
  generators. This refactor is almost complete. After a pass to
  simplify and consolidate the formatting strings, we should be ready
  to document how you can customize Orca presentation for yourself.

* More work on bgo#575614 - Please add speakable characters: â?? and â??.

* Fix for bgo#583199 - orca should not hang itself, or the desktop
  when brltty is killed. This fix allows BrlTTY to be killed,
  restarted, started before Orca, started after Orca, etc.  This
  requires a fix in BrlTTY that will appear in a to-be-released
  version of BrlTTY (i.e., the fix is not in BrlTTY 4.0).  Note that
  this change has caused us to change the default value of
  settings.enableBraille to False to prevent speech-only users from
  incurring unnecessary overhead.

* Fix for bgo#584796 - Invoking the application specific preferences
  for Orca when in the Orca Quit dialog freezes speech.

* Fix for bgo#585103 - Inconsistent behavior of flat review.

* Provisional work on bgo#585417 - Allow pauses to be inserted in
  speech output.  This provides code that will modify the speech
  formatting strings if orca.settings.useExperimentalSpeechProsody is
  True (the default value is True for this release).  This allows
  users to experiment with the prosody work Hammer Attila has done
  before we finally commit to it.

  NOTE: to indicate things are still experimental, informational
  messages will be included on the command line where you run Orca.
  These informational messages say that pauses have been added to the
  formatting strings.  When the integration is done, these messages
  will be removed.

* Fix for bgo#585897 - Pronunciation substitution can miss words due
  to word delimiters

* Fix for bgo#586385 - When I using where am I function with Calc, the spoken row and column information are not
  marked for translation.

* Fix for bgo#586580 - Orca repeats the coordinates of Calc cells.

* Fix for bgo#588403 - Implement ability to route the mouse pointer
  without clicking. This implements support for routing the pointer to
  the current location (either the area under flat review or the

* Fix for crash (no bug number) - Prevent stack trace when contracted
  braille is being used. The trace would also kill speech.


* Fix for bug #583811 - Doing a select all in OOo Writer causes Orca
  to say "selected" for each paragraph.


* Fix for bgo#584263 - When I compose or reply to a message with
  Thunderbird, the Ctrl+End key combination does not work.

* Fix for bgo#584837 - Find dialog fails to move caret to desired
  location in Thunderbird.

* Fix for bgo#568658 - Sometimes Orca announces the wrong subject in


* Fix for bgo#584540 - Orca should not duplicate images and lines of
  text on facebook

* Fix for bgo#585871 - WhereAmI info in FF doesn't include link

* Fix for bgo#587794 - In some pages I cannot read using the Down
  Arrow key.

* Fix for bgo#588344 - Missed text on a page in Firefox.

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

    cs       Czech                Lucas Lommer
    es       Spanish              Francisco Javier Dorado Martinez and
                                  Jorge Gonzalez
    hu       Hungarian            Attila Hammer and Gabor Kelemen
    uk       Ukranian             Maxim Dziumanenko


2.27.3 - 15-Jun-2009


* We no longer manually update the ChangeLog each time we commit a
  change.  Instead, the ChangeLog will be automatically generated from
  the git logs when we create a new release.  If you pull from git,
  you can use 'git log' for a detailed list of changes.

* Much work on bgo#570658 - Refactor the speech and braille
  generators.  This represents a HUGE REFACTOR for Orca.  The speech
  generators have been completely rewritten to use formatting strings,
  and they are now used by the focus tracking and where am I code.
  This has simplified the code base a lot, increased performance in
  some areas, and has fixed a number of latent bugs.  It also enables
  finer granularity for switching voices and helps set us up for
  incorporating audio cues.  Please help us by testing with the latest
  code and by reporting issues and suggestions at

* Fix for bgo#583274 - portability for orca script (Thomas Klausner)

* Fix for bgo#585017 - Orca should speak the toggled state of flat
  review mode

* Fix for bgo#585792 - i18n strings should use parameterized forms


* Significant progress on bgo#574720 - Table Navigation Keys for
  OpenOffice Writer. Structural navigation can be enabled/disabled in
  OOo with Orca+Z. It is disabled by default in OOo because, unlike in
  Gecko, odds are that you'll want to type. :-) Mind you right now we
  don't have structural navigation by headings, etc. in Writer. But
  one day we will. Alt + the arrows move by cell, Alt + Home/End move
  to the beginning/ending of the table respectively.

* Fix for bug #583414 - Orca should announce when is at last cell on
  a table in OOo.

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

  See also the overall translation status:

    es       Spanish              Francisco Javier Dorado Martinez
    sv       Swedish              Daniel Nylander
    ta       Tamil                drtvasudevan


2.27.2 - 25-May-2009


* Work on bug #354471 - Text selection from braille input device.
  This is the first step of implementing this feature.  Here's the

  KEY_CMD_CUTBEGIN (Dot 1 + cursor routing key on my display) -
  this will specify the start of a selection.  Orca will merely
  move the caret to the given spot and will clear any existing

  KEY_CMD_CUTLINE (Dot 4 + cursor routing key on my display) -
  this will specify the end of a selection and the selected text
  is automatically copied to the system clipboard.  If a selection
  doesn't exist, Orca creates a new one where the other endpoint
  of the selection is where the caret is.  If a selection exists
  and the selection point is outside the existing selection, Orca
  extends the existing one.  If a selection exists and the
  selection point is inside the existing selection, Orca trims the
  selection from the right (i.e., the selected text that's after
  the selection point becomes unselected).

  Known issues that need to be resolved:

  1) This only works in text areas.  It doesn't work across things
     such as paragraphs in OpenOffice.

  2) There's some strangeness with speech feedback: it sometimes
     says "unselected" when the text is selected.  This should be
     fixable, but there also probably shouldn't be any speech
     feedback when doing this from the braille display.

* Fix for bug #466841 - Orca doesn't announce items when Alt+Tabbing
  if Compiz is enabled. This fix is designed to improve Orca's access
  to the basic window switcher in Compiz. There are still bugs in
  Compiz which make providing compelling access difficult, but this
  should at least make switching windows accessible.

* Fix for bug #511468 - Ekiga chat window accessibility problem.

* Fix for bug #574221 - left-pane in Ekiga's preference box can't be
  read at start-up.

* Fix for bug #575614 - Please add speakable characters: â?? and â??.

* Fix for bug #577977 - provide speech feedback for "repeat last find"
  in Gedit.

* Fix for bug #581372 - Move cursor routing and six dot key handling
  from to script.  With the cleanup from bug #581532 to
  remove the custom brl module and move directly to the brlapi module
  provided by BrlTTY/BrlAPI, we are now able to handle BrlAPI commands
  much better.  This patch 'uncovers' the handling the cursor routing
  keys and the six dot keys; they are no longer swallowed/handled by
  the module alone.  Instead, they go to the script like
  any other event.  By default, the script just turns around and calls methods, but it can also feel free to override them.  For
  example, it might look at keyboard modifiers along with a cursor
  routing key to see if it wants to select text or not.

  As a note, the BrlAPI events come to us as a dictionary containing a
  bunch of information about the event.  For example, the cursor
  routing command contains information about which routing key was
  pressed.  The six dots command, which is used to turn contracted
  braille on or off, contains information about whether the user wants
  to turn contracted braille on (dots 2-3-5 on my Baum display) or off
  (dots 2-3-6 on my Baum display).  Right now, expressing interest in
  braille events is still done by the command (e.g.,
  brlapi.KEY_CMD_HOME, brlapi.KEY_CMD_ROUTE, brlapi.KEY_CMD_SIXDOTS)
  and it is up to the event handler to determine how to handle the

* Fix for bug #581532 - Remove brl module.  Orca now uses the BrlAPI
  python bindings.

* Fix for bug #582028 - Character pronunciations are not used when
  navigating by line. This provides a fallback to the chnames

* Fix for bug #582684 - Arrowing left/right across tree tables causes
  whole row to be spoken.


* Work on bug #574720 - Table Navigation Keys for OpenOffice Writer.
  This adds in support for Alt + the cursoring keys for navigation in
  OOo tables. Note that you will need to first enable structural by
  pressing Orca + Z. We plan to add in the customizations/settings
  available in the Gecko preferences, as well as for the announcement
  of dynamic row and column headers when navigating.


* Fix for bug #530784 - whereAmI info for list items in web content
  needs to be improved.

* Fix for bug #577900 - Blank lines in Firefox text areas incorrectly

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

  See also the overall translation status:

    hu       Hungarian            Attila Hammer and Gabor Kelemen
    ta       Tamil                drtvasudevan


2.27.1 - 04-May-2009


* Much work to handle the transition from subversion to git.
  (Willie Walker, Olav Vitters, Mesar Hameed)

* Updated script writer's guide -- the document lives in
  docs/doc-set/internals.html. (Willie Walker)

* Add setting to disable the pyatspi GIL idle handler:
  useGILIdleHandler.  This change is made in response to where it appears as
  though the GIL idle handler in pyatspi is causing consumers of
  pyatspi (e.g., Orca and accerciser) to start consuming 100% of a CPU
  when the machine is idle.  We're pretty sure the GIL handler is not
  necessary, so this change gets rid of it for the 2.27.1 development
  build of Orca.  If we see that users notice strange lock ups,
  however, we may need to change things back. (Willie Walker)

* Adjust debug utilities to print to console and debug log.
  (Willie Walker)

* Fix for bug #579052 - Orca should be able to run with AT-SPI/D-Bus.
  (Willie Walker)

* Fix for bug #573535 - Orca should use the 16x16 pixels application
  icon for Main and Preferences windows. (Stephen Brandt)

* Fix for bug #575921 - When I working with the gcalctool application,
  Orca says too lot of the result of the mathematic operations.
  (Willie Walker)

* Fix for bug #576037 - Bind F1 key to help page. (Willie Walker)

* Fix for bug #576438 - Provide state change information for radio
  buttons that require you to press space to select them.
  (Willie Walker)

* Fix for bug #577239 - Cannot navigate by line through multi-line HTML
  list items in Firefox/Thunderbird when arrowToLineBeginning is
  False. (Joanmarie Diggs)

* Fix for bug #577330 - Detect whether speech dispatcher is installed
  or not. (Tomas Cerha)

* Fix for bug #577977 - provide speech feedback for "repeat last find"
  in Gedit. (Nolan Darilek)

* Fix for bug #577979 - Pressing Down Arrow from the middle of a
  multi-line HTML list item initially moves to the beginning of the
  line when arrowToLineBeginning is False.  (Joanmarie Diggs)

* Fix for bug #580423 - Remove deprecated libgnomeui dependency. Use
  DBus org.gnome.SessionManager.Logout instead of
  gnome.ui.master_client().request_save. (Willie Walker)

* Fix for bug #580329 - Use show_uri() to display help window.
  (Vincent Legoll)


* Fix for bug #577245 - Present paragraph-style information in
  OpenOffice. (Willie Walker)

* Fix for bug #578072 - Orca does not always present text attributes
  in braille in OOo documents. (Joanmarie Diggs)

New and updated translations (THANKS EVERYONE!!!):

  See also the overall translation status:

    bg       Bulgarian            Alexander Shopov
    ca       Catalan              Jordi Mas i Hernandez
    uk       Ukranian             Maxim Dziumanenko
    zh_CN    Simplified Chinese   Aron Xu

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -u -r1.22 -r1.23 pkgsrc/misc/orca/Makefile
cvs rdiff -u -r1.7 -r1.8 pkgsrc/misc/orca/PLIST
cvs rdiff -u -r1.12 -r1.13 pkgsrc/misc/orca/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r1.3 -r0 pkgsrc/misc/orca/patches/patch-aa

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