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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/slib

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Wed Sep  9 22:56:14 UTC 2009

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/slib: Makefile distinfo
        pkgsrc/devel/slib/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
Update to 3b2 alias 3.2.2:

2009-08-02  Aubrey Jaffer  <jaffer%localhost.localdomain@localhost>

        * require.scm (*slib-version*): Bumped from 3b1 to 3b2.

2009-07-24  Clemens Fischer

        * html4each.scm (htm-fields): Value always is string.

2009-07-18  Aubrey Jaffer  <>

        * prec.scm (prec:parse): Removed input newline flushing.

2009-07-03  Aubrey Jaffer  <>

        * prec.scm (prec:parse): Added initial-column argument.

2009-07-03  Sarah Jaffer

        * prec.scm: Rewrote to make thread-safe; fluid-let variables
        replaced with `dyn' argument to most procedures.

2009-06-15  Aubrey Jaffer  <>

        * prec.scm (prec:parse-nofix, prec:parse-postfix): Changed set! of
        *syn-rules* to fluid-let.

2009-06-05  Andrea Girotto

        * kawa.init (scheme-implementation-version): Update for Kawa-1.9.3.

2009-05-17  Aubrey Jaffer  <>

        * dynamic.scm (dynamic-environment-rtd, dynamic-rtd):
        * priorque.scm (make-heap):
        * queue.scm (make-queue):
        * synclo.scm (make-reserved-name-item):
        * values.scm (values): In SISC (1.16.6), the second argument to
        'record-constructor' is not optional.  Second arguments added.

        * sisc.init (syncase:eval, syncase:load): Added.

2009-02-10  Adam Sampson

        * Makefile (install): Fixed DESTDIR use.

2008-12-14  Aubrey Jaffer  <>

        * format.texi (Format Interface): Updated meta-information.

2008-12-13  Aubrey Jaffer  <>

        * slib.texi (Catalog Creation): Added mention of implcat.
        (Compiled and Implementation-Specific Features): Added section.

2008-12-09  Aubrey Jaffer  <>

        * tzfile.scm (tzfile:read): Made warning more informative.
        (tzfile:read): Commented out warning.

2008-12-07  Aubrey Jaffer  <>

        * slib.texi (System Interface): The procedure `system' is Posix.

2008-11-15  Aubrey Jaffer  <>

        * fdl.texi: Updated to Version 1.3.

        * mitscheme.init(system): Now called run-shell-command.
        (print-call-stack): Added dummy definition for trace.

2008-06-18  Aubrey Jaffer  <>

        * require.scm (report:print): Report locations if given filename

2008-05-17  Aubrey Jaffer  <>

        * html4each.scm (htm-fields): Treat DTDs like comments.  Fixed
        handling of closing tags.  Corrected documentation.

2008-04-09  Aubrey Jaffer  <>

        * qp.scm (qp): Don't add newlines when *qp-width* is #f.

        * trace.scm (debug:trace-procedure): Increased indent increment to
        2; wrap at column 31 so that depths 16 to 31 are offset.

        * guile.init (list->array): Redefine to take 3 arguments.
        (vector->array, array->vector): Define if missing.

2008-02-25  Aubrey Jaffer  <>

        * guile.init (implementation-vicinity): Thomas Bushnell points out
        that %site-dir mashes all slibcat for all versions together.
        %library-dir (since Guile-1.6) is the versioned directory.
        (library-vicinity): Last resort changed to "/usr/share/slib/".

2008-02-10  Aubrey Jaffer  <>

        * slib.texi (Input/Output): Fixed typo in file-position.
        (System): Macro:load doesn't affect current-error-port.

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.5 -r1.6 pkgsrc/devel/slib/patches/patch-aa

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