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CVS commit: pkgsrc/games/warzone2100

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Sun Aug 16 21:21:52 UTC 2009

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/games/warzone2100: Makefile PLIST distinfo
        pkgsrc/games/warzone2100/patches: patch-ad
Added Files:
        pkgsrc/games/warzone2100/patches: patch-af patch-ag

Log Message:
Update to 2.2.1.

2009-06-21: Version 2.2.1
 * General:
   * Change: No longer require space between rearm pads, allow dragging pad 
production with mouse, and droids may drive over inactive rearm pads (r7701, 
   * Fix: Various crashes related to failing orders (r7699)
   * Fix: Show translations for finished research display (r7730)
   * Change: Add more information to the crash dump file (r7740, 7745)
   * Fix: Mac users can read in .wz files (r7754)
   * Fix: Experience speed adjustment happens after max speed limit; fix bug 
with speed calculation. (r7761)
   * Fix: Numerous issues with NTW mod (r7676-7677, r7713-7716)
   * Fix: fix to *never* control the transport in SP games. (really this time!) 
(r7776, ticket:568)
   * Change: Allow droids to grab artifacts and oil drums from up to 1 tile 
away (r7779)
   * Change: Bump up MAX_RESEARCH to 500 from 450. (r7774, ticket:599)
   * Fix: Make sure we take xOffset into account, we don't always start at 0 
for the FMV text. (r7780, ticket:625)
   * Change: When host drops from the lobby, abort the game. (r7787 ticket:583)
   * Fix: Make sure either parameter isn't below the minimum screen res. that 
we support. (r7786)
   * Fix: Make sure we take xOffset into account, we don't always start at 0 
for the FMV text. (r7780, ticket:625)
   * Fix: Clear the keyboard/mouse input on lost focus correctly. (r7797, 
 * AI:
   * Fix: Resolve AI droid traffic jams by clearing orders and make jammed 
droids stop going for repair (r7700, ticket:597)
 * Campaign:
   * Fix: Flashing box around mission timer was too small, resulting in a 
graphics glitch. (r7672, ticket:596)
 * Translations:
   * Fix: Italian and Slovakian translations updated (r7769, ticket:621, r7772, 
 * Build system:
   * Fix: Various build system issues (r7669, r7664, r7663, r7661, r7655, 
r7642, r7640)
 * Graphics:
   * Fix: No more ugly texture seams (r7718, r7724, r7757)

2009-05-31: Version 2.2.0
 * General:
   * Fix: Tells user if mod entered on the command line / shorcut is enabled, 
or is invalid. Output is to stdout or stderr. (r7586)
   * Fix: Launching the game from installer now works (r7568 ticket:364)
   * Fix: Angel missile no longer obsoletes long-range artillery, Ripple 
Rockets no longer autoupgrades to Archie, and Mortar Fast Loader requires 
Mortar Rapid Loader Mk3 (r7559, ticket:533, 292, 398)
   * New: Add a new translation:  zh_TW.po  by chtsau (r7561, ticket:239)
   * Change: Allow up to 36 savegame 'slots' (r7535)
   * Change: add 'mod/music' directory to be use for custom music. (r7557)
   * Fix: set the volume of the FMV based on the user's preferences (r7489, 
   * Fix: Check if the unit has weapons, before trying to see what weapons they 
have. (r7488, ticket:523)
   * Change: remove 'autoload' handling.  (r7474)
   * Fix: Fix windows crash dump output (r7473)
   * Fix: Fix handling of limbo & expand missions (r7454)
   * Change: Let players save games with Num-Enter as well as Return - should 
make it easier on international keyboards (r7412)
   * Change: translation of ru.po by Maxim (r7444, ticket:347)
   * Fix: We now return the truncated string, instead of returning NULL if the 
string is too long. (r7426, ticket:493)
   * Fix: pl.po file by Makary (r7423, ticket:241)
   * New: Slovenian translation sl.po file by ThomasCarstein (r7422, ticket:392)
   * Fix: pt_BR.po update by Tucalipe (r7421 ticket:350)
   * Fix: Clear out old effects (prevents burning lasting between missions) 
   * Fix: Don't allow the transporter to be controlled in SP games.  (r7414)
   * Fix: Remember player number and tech level for map selection screen (r7400)
 * Gameplay:
   * Fix: Make AI ignore hostile structures for path-finding when armed. (r7579)
   * Fix: Allow Fog mode to be set based on user preferences for campaign 
games. (r7597, ticket:561)
   * Fix: Don't allow 2x the experience points in a campaign game, when this is 
reserved for MP games. (r7598, ticket:562)
 * Graphics:
   * Fix: Fix issue with radar / mini-map. (r7458, ticket:333)
   * Fix: Fix issue with radar / mini-map drawing objects outside its scope. 
   * Change: Better map previews (patch by Florian Schanda, color scheme by 
Zarel). (r7434)
 * Network:
   * Change: Increase timeout delay to 2500ms for dial-up modem users. (r7556, 

2009-05-10: Version 2.2_rc1
 * General:
   * New: Windows installer has option to download and install videos (enabled 
by default). (r7328)
   * Change: Windows installer no longer has any license agreements, since they 
are not EULAs. (r7328)
   * Change: Flash the intel button when we get new intel. (r7317)
   * Fix: Don't count cheated games as multiplayer wins and losses. (r7228)
   * Fix: Windows installer doesn't redownload the music mod if it's already 
installed. (r7328)
   * Fix: Let's not underflow a unsigned variable. (r7335)
   * Change: Remove 'grim' mod, since it is broken for 2.2 (r7385, r7386, 
   * Fix: NTW Mod 1.8.6b for 2.2 by Delphino (r7368, r7369)
 * Gameplay:
   * New: Repair facilities will repair nearby units if they don't have 
anything else to do. (r7234, patch #413)
   * Change: Multi-turret units have been removed due to graphics bugs. (r7274)
   * Fix: Trucks will never, ever, ever build on burning oil resources. Ever. 
Not even if you're an AI. (r7340)
   * Fix: Droids with Fire-At-Will will fire upon anything within range. 
(r7234, patch #413)
   * Fix: Pretty much every known bug involving repair facilities have been 
fixed. (r7234)
   * Fix: Trucks will not help enemies build structures. (r7234, patch #413)
   * Fix: Multi-turret units will always shoot with both weapons. (r7261)
   * Fix: Target prediction works correctly again. (r7279, r7383, ticket:374)
 * GUI:
   * Fix: Interface no longer disappears for a few seconds when someone changes 
team/color/location/readiness in multiplayer staging area. (r7259)
   * Change: Add new icons for when player leaves or gets disconnected.  Icons 
by Zarel.  (r7373, ticket:274)
 * Graphics:
   * Change: Do not use texture compression for interface textures. (r7348)
   * Change: Scale down textures used for 3D when they exceed the size 
specified with the textureSize option (r7347)
 * Network:
   * Fix / Change: Modify the server & client code to detect when the Host 
can't host a game, Change how 'addg' works + other enhancements (r7325)
   * Change: Use a more descriptive error message instead of the worthless 
SDLnet message. (r7344)

2009-05-01: Version 2.2_beta2
 * General:
   * New: Add radar detector turret. It will detect and target enemy sensors up 
to twice their range (r6955, ticket:340)
   * Fix: Crash when a person aborts multiplayer early then tries to start 
single-player (r6991)
   * Change: No longer requires the texture rectangle OpenGL extension to play 
video (r7022)
   * Change: F10 is now always the screenshot key (r6993)
   * Change: New config directory (r6995)
 * Network:
   * Add: Version checking added of connecting clients (r6992)
   * Change: Game now runs on port 2100, and lobby port is now 9990 (r6994)
   * Change: Games can now be password protected (r7078)

2009-04-01: Version 2.2_beta1
 * General:
   * New: Multi-threaded path-finding should make path-finding much faster 
(r5735, patch #1064)
   * New: Original sound tracks added (r5261)
   * New: Playing of Ogg Theora full motion videos are now supported (r6119, 
ticket:64, ticket:46)
   * New: Fonts are now configurable (r5841, patch #1095)
   * Fix: Clean up input stream after saving a save game, to prevent it from 
going into chat mode.
 * Graphics:
   * Change: The skybox texture is now more easily moddable.
   * Fix: The map is now properly capped on the edges.
   * Fix: The "deity" cheat now correctly shows the area that was cheated 
   * Fix: The background in the loading screen no longer flickers.
 * GUI:
   * New: Add mouse menu option.
   * New: Add ability to toggle between hardware (SDL) and software (colored) 
cursors, in new mouse menu option.
   * New: The radar minimap now shows the entire map, can be scaled and rotate 
to ease navigation (r5266, patch #969, r6410)
 * Commandline options:
   * New: Use --join <host> to join into a game lobby directly from the 
   * New: Add a --host option (to compliment the --join option), so you can 
create games via an external program. It takes you directly to the host screen.
   * Fix: Difficulty now works when you start the campaign with the --game 
   * Fix: --nosound works correctly with videos now.
 * Gameplay:
   * New: Make repair facilities that are close to each other share the 
workload if one is overloaded and others are out of work.
   * Change: Allow VTOLs to uncover fog of war and land-move to unseen areas in 
distance fog mode.
   * Change: Remove limitation that VTOLs cannot pass over tall cliffs, and 
allow that VTOLs to fly over anything to rearm.
   * Fix: Restrict direct fire to weapons range only instead of minimum of 
sensor range and weapon range.
 * AI:
   * Fix: Allow a droid to pick a new target while auto-repairing. (ticket:35, 
bug #12217)
   * Fix: Improve targetting AI so that it does not select bad targets, and 
make it use full weapon range instead of limited to sensor range. (ticket:97)
   * Fix: Fix AI bug that made it build on burning oil derricks (r5883, patch 
 * Buildsystem:
   * Fix: Only compile the translations when $(TRANSLATION) is "yes". 
   * Change: Former "raw" Makefiles are now used for Windows only and thus 
named makefile.win32
 * Tools:
   * New: OBJ to PIE format converter (r5774)
 * Map:
   * New: 8c-cockate and 4c-cockpit by zydonk (r5567, r5566, r5286)
 * Engine:
   * New: Support for naval propulsion type (r5803)

2009-04-01: Version 2.1.3
 * General
   * Fix: Fixed issue that prevented information about enemy research to be 
shared between hosts. (r6915)
   * Fix: Fixed crashes in netlog code, path-finding, pregame chat, and burning 
scavengers (r6899, r6898, r6878, r6857)
 * Multiplayer:
   * Fix: Players no longer drop from game after too much data has been sent, 
usually happens in long games (r6890)
 * Maps:
   * New: New map 4c-Urban-Chaos (r6827)
   * Fix: Water tiles on little egypt map fixed (r6825, bug #9658)

2009-03-07: Version 2.1.2
 * General:
   * Fix: No longer crash if more than six players join a game (r6658, 
   * Fix: Fix crash when too many maps are available (r6742)
   * Fix: Some other crash bugs may have been prevented (r6688, r6629, r6596, 
r6762, r6746, r6744)
 * Sound:
   * Fix: When sound isn't enabled (at runtime, unrelated to --disable-sound, 
e.g. when no sound device is available) do not attempt to set up an AUDIO_STREAM
 * Buildsystem:
   * Fix: If the target system to run on already provides strlcpy and/or 
strlcat, check whether they work as expected, and if they do, use them instead 
(r6556, r6557)
   * Change: Allow compiling without OpenAL and Vorbis when compiling with 

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.1.1.1 -r1.2 pkgsrc/games/warzone2100/patches/patch-ad
cvs rdiff -u -r0 -r1.1 pkgsrc/games/warzone2100/patches/patch-af \

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