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CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/py-gdata

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Sun Aug 16 16:17:01 UTC 2009

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/www/py-gdata: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 1.2.4. Set LICENSE. Replace lots of python interpreters.

=== 1.2.4 ===
Jan 22, 2009 (revision 603)

- Added a new AtomPubClient class (and supporting classes) which begins a
    foundation on which support for version two of the Google Data protocol
    will be built.
- OAuth methods can now specify the desired OAuth server with the default
    being the Google Accounts end point (thanks Dag Brattli!).
- Improved support for unicode strings in XML element class attributes and
    text nodes (thanks again to Dag).
- Fixed constructors for Service classes which inherit from GDataService
    to ensure that all parameters are passed up to the superclass
    constructor (thanks Guillaume Ryder!).
- Added a 'contact_list' property to ContactsService to simplify API usage
    for shared contacts (thanks Guillaume once again).
- For Google Contacts, added a GetFeedUri method to help users generating
     feed URIs (Guillaume for a hat-trick).
- New unit tests to ensure that the ordering of entry objects within a feed
    is preserved when converting to and from XML.

=== 1.2.3 ===
Dec 3, 2008 (revision 585)

- Added support for OAuth (thanks to Kunal Shah!). Your client can now obtain
    an authorization token using the OAuth protocol.
- Added support for Secure AuthSub (thanks Eric Bidelman!). Your client can
    digitally sign requests using RSA allowing Google service to verify that
    the request came from your application.
- Added a new module for parsing XML which will be used in future versions to
    support version of the Google Data APIs protocol. This new library handles
    versioning of XML schemas.
- The Google Contacts API sample now pages through results.
- Added phone number rel types using in the Google Contacts API.
- The YouTube service module will use cElementTree if it is available.
    Improves XML parsing speed.
- Fixed typo in gdata.geo, changed longtitude to longitude but kept an alias
    for backwards compatibility.
- Fixed Blogger's GetBlogId regular expressions to extract the ID from
    multiple kinds of entries.
- Fixed type check in atom.http to allow unicode URL strings.
- Added webmastertools test to the packaged download which fixed failures
    when running all data tests.
- Improved compatibility of unit tests with Python2.3.
- Added copies of tlslite and dependencies to support secure AuthSub and
- Changed the default host for Google Apps API requests to

=== 1.2.2 ===
Oct 15, 2008 (revision 556)

- Added support for the following APIs:
      Google Apps Email Migration API
      Google Apps Email Settings API
      Google Webmaster Tools Data API
    Some modules for the above are not yet fully tested, so please file an
    issue if you notice something is not working as expected.
- Restored support for gdata.http_request_handler when using App Engine to
    preserve backwards compatibility.
- Simplified auth token management by adding a current_token member to
    service classes. Also added settings to control when the token_store
    is updated when using SetXToken() methods. The token_store will only be
    queried if there is no current_token.
- Fixed issue with requests to HTTPS URLs in which an AuthSub token was seen
    as invalid because the request contained the default port number (443).
    The library no longer includes the port in the Host header if it is using
    the default.
- Resolved issues with YouTube token scopes.
- Fixed issue which appeared when the Calendar API issues a redirect to a
    PUT request. The library now correctly retries with a PUT (instead of
    a POST).
- Added workaround for differences in how the App Engine SDK handles
- Fixed typo in gdata.EntryLink declaration.
- Fixed invalid host errors seen when using some HTTP proxies.

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