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CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/lynx

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Sun Aug  9 08:20:28 UTC 2009

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/www/lynx: Makefile PLIST distinfo
        pkgsrc/www/lynx/patches: patch-af
Added Files:
        pkgsrc/www/lynx/patches: patch-ac

Log Message:
Update to 2.8.7:

New features (some are compile-time options):

    * add session save/restore feature
          o bind ^X to toggle view of page showing session information
          o add binding for ^U to previous-document (outside of
          o documented command-line options and configuration data
          for this feature.
          o document -child_relaxed option in Lynx users's guide.
    * add -passive-ftp option.
    * add -child_relaxed option.
    * add "read_timeout" to lynx.cfg, and -read_timeout option to
    * add -show_cfg option.
    * add LYNX_HELPFILE environment variable to allow override of
    location of the help-file
    * add NO_PAUSE setting to lynx.cfg, .lynxrc and Options menu
    * implement a LONG_LIST equivalent for ftp, configurable as
    * add XWINDOWS / NON_XWINDOWS environment-variable field to
    DOWNLOAD, etc., in lynx.cfg to specify whether a downloader
    (printer, etc) is enabled when the X display variable is set
    * configure script improvements
          o add --with-mime-libdir option to set MIME_LIBDIR in
          userdefs.h file
          o add --with-destdir configure option to set a default
          value for the DESTDIR variable in makefiles, and modified
          makefiles to ensure that setting DESTDIR in the top-level
          makefile propagates to lower levels
          o add --enable-local-docs option to link doc-directory
          from help-page
          o add --enable-ascii-ctypes option to enable EXP_ASCII_CTYPES

Other enhancements:

    * improve SSL support:
          o improve X.509 certificate validation This is tested
          for OpenSSL, ifdef'd to not break gnutls. Changes:
                + peer certificate is cached, no need to call
                SSL_get_peer_certificate() twice
                + support foo.domain:port and [] and
                []:port and [i:p:v:6:ad:dr:es:s] and
                + add support for checking X.509v3 SubjectAltName
                extensions (of type DNS - tested - and IP - untested)
                when the X.509 commonName check fails.
                + when displaying a list of failed CNs, change
                format from foo:bar:baz to
                so that we know where what comes from (in "Your
                recent statusline messages")
                + if the peer certificate can *NOT* be verified,
                output a message to the log as well
                + fix a possible use of an uninitialised value
                + output certificate issuer to the logs as well
                (so that you can, before entering your online
                banking PIN, see if the certificate has been issued
                not only _to_ your bank but also _from_ a place
                you trust, in case /etc/ssl/certs/ contains a lot
                of Root CA certs)
          o add support for the X.509 extension subjectAltName
          using GNUTLS.
          o log SSL/TLS (HTTPS connection) X.509 certificate issuer
          information into the "recent statusline messages"
          (accessible via the backspace key)
          o add TNS SNI support for the OpenSSL configuration
          o modify CF_SSL configure macro to check for -ldl needed
          for recent OpenSSL versions
          o modify CF_SSL configure macro to build with MSYS for
          MinGW configuration
          o extend configure macros CF_SSL and CF_GNUTLS to check
          for pkg-config, using that for the default if the
          corresponding openssl or gnutls packages are installed.
          o add configure --with-nss-compat option, for building
          with NSS library's OpenSSL-compatible interface
          o add SSL_CERT_FILE to lynx.cfg
          o rewrite strcasecomp_asterisk() to support wildcards as
          in RFC 2818
          o add --enable-gnutls-compat configure option and associated
          files to configure with GNU TLS without its gnutls-openssl
          library, whose newer versions are available only under
          a restrictive license.
          o fix src/tidy_tls.c X509_get_issuer_name to actually
          take the issuer DN of the present certificate and not
          hope that it is the same as taking the subject DN of the
          "next" certificate which may or may not exist.
    * improve HTML interpretation:
          o update Lynx's tables of HTML attributes to cover (except
          for events) the keywords from HTML 4.01
          o use RFC-822 encoding for filenames passed via file-upload
          o provide navigation to script-buttons, to make them more
          visible, showing their name
          o add "Bad HTML messages" to Options menu, letting the
          user disable the warning message, write the detailed
          messages to the LYNXMESSAGES: status buffer.
          o remove "Bad HTML" warning for buttons outside a form,
          since those can be inline, according to the HTML 4 DTD
          o correct check for default type of HTML BUTTON, which
          is "submit". The code treated this as "button".
          o implement "readonly" attribute for TEXTAREA and TEXT
          o accommodate (in)compatibility "feature" in HTML5 draft
          which replaces ISO-8859-1 with Windows-1252, as indicated
          o add support for HTML5 rel=author in link.
          o modify SGML_write() to check for UCS-2 BOMs, to provide
          support for UCS-2 pages.
          o modify SGML_write() to check for UTF-8 BOM, using that
          as a hint to set the default document charset to UTF-8.
          o parse xml processing-instruction to turn on UTF-8
          decoding, as well as disable upper/lower case transforming
          in source view.
          o parse doctype for xhtml, to tell when empty tags such
          as "<textarea />" can be discarded
          o translate named entities, etc., for "content" field of
          o add switch -xhtml-parsing and lynx.cfg XHTML_PARSING
          setting to control whether the extensions for XHTML 1.0
          are used.
          o modify Lynx's DTD information to allow it to display
          form-related tags that are inline, even without being in
          a form as indicated in


            for %inline.forms and %misc.inline.
    * improvements to character sets and display:
          o improve drawing of menus for multibyte characters by
          changing the way the number of fill-characters is computed
          in LYpaddstr
          o fix some uses of gettext in options menu and info page
          where a translated string might contain angle-brackets
          or ampersand
          o modify popup for externals added in 2.8.4dev.20 to
          number the entries if keypad mode is set to one of the
          numbered forms
          o ie multibyte editing of text-fields.
    * improvements to color-style:
          o bug-fixes only
    * improve interaction with user:
          o remove check for -dump option from HTHandleAuthInfo(),
          allowing Lynx to -dump or -source NNTP urls
          o change the phase during which "-help" option is processed,
          to allow it to reflect the configured values of the options
          in the help-message
          o check if there is piped-in data when starting without
          "-" or "-stdin" options, warn about the ignored input
          data in that case.
          o add ncurses scroll-wheel support, which requires the
          extended-mouse configure option of ncurses.
          o modify initial active link in download-page to be the
          first download action rather than the "help" link whided
          in Novice mode.
          o make the size of LYNXMESSAGES configurable in lynx.cfg
          with STATUS_BUFFER_SIZE
    * improve interaction with other programs:
          o discard anchor's post_data field in HTLoadDocument()
          if Lynx is about to reload a do. That would happen if
          the result of the form includes a link back to the form.
          Removing the data causes Lynx to prompt the user, e.g.,

                    Resubmit POST content to
                    http://localhost/cgi-bin/ ? (y/n)

            to offer the user the choice between revisiting form
            or re-POST'ing the data that was on the form
          o pass a newline after the start of PRE-section in
          HTGopher.c to force the first newline between records to
          be seen and cause the lines to split
          o add POSITIONAL_EDITOR setting to configure editors
          which accept a "+line" parameter
          o modify external editing of TEXTAREA to not do
          o modify behavior of "-nonumbers" option for -dump so it
          can be combined with -listonly to obtain a list of the
          URLs without reference numbers.
          o implement "chunked" transfer-encoding to work with
          servers that ignore the version number in HTTP get's
          o add an Options menu checkbox to tell if Lynx should
          send a user-agent string. Unless the useragent restriction
          is set, the default for this checkbox is off, so that
          Lynx will not send the string. The corresponding setting,
          send_useragent, may be saved to ~/.lynxrc, but normally
          is not.
          o change default for configure --enable-ascii-ctypes to
          o modify exit code when doing a "-dump" to exit with
          error if the server returned an error status for the
    * improve cookie support:
          o modify cookie-writing to not write if no cookies were
          read from the file and none are available.
          o adapt/extend parsdate.y from tin to improve parsing of
          cookie expiration times.
    * improvements to debug/traces:
          o change initialization of trace file, handing this during
          the first part of argument parsing along with -help and
          -version, to show steps done for initialization of
          presentors, etc
    * improvements to scripting/logging:
          o bug-fixes only
    * other improvements:
          o build/install "en" po file so that GNU gettext LANGUAGE
          environment variable can find the corresponding English
          message file.
          o if iconv_open() using transliteration fails, retry
          without the transliteration feature.
          o improve change for UCSetBoxChars() from 2.8.6dev.16
          for EXP_CHARTRANS_AUTOSWITCH which assumed that the
          line-drawing character set was always different from the
          display character set. If both are US_ASCII for example,
          ASCII lines would be drawn, which is not good
          o modify scanning of floats from lynx.cfg to allow Lynx
          to read POSIX values in non-POSIX locales
          o replace BROKEN_PROFTPD and BROKEN_WU_FTPD logic with
          configurable list of strings in lynx.cfg, i.e.,
          BROKEN_FTP_RETR and BROKEN_FTP_EPSV, and add "spftp/" to
          the predefined values for the former.
          o modify to handle a special case where the content-type
          is given as one of the compressed types, to check if the
          address (after stripping the file suffix for that
          compression) has a suffix that lynx could present For


            would display the uncompressed "bar.html" rather than
            offering to download the file. This also allows one to
            add SUFFIX commands to lynx.cfg to display the
            corresponding plain files. For example:




          o fix ipv6 literal command-line parsing.
          o setup locale before writing version-message.

New/improved sample files:

    * add sample scripts for configuring MinGW version using Cygwin.

New ports:

    * none
      (it seems to run everywhere, but there are a few possibilities)

Improvements to existing ports:

    * UNIX:
          o add definition for _FILE_OFFSET_BITS in CF_LARGEFILE,
          needed for Solaris 64-bit compiles.
          o modify UCdomap.c to work with Solaris iconv and handle
          additional encodings:
                + if "TRANSLIT" feature (an extension of glibc)
                does not succeed, retry the call to iconv_open
                without "TRANSLIT"
                + add check for any MIME name beginning "iso8859",
                mapping to "iso-8859"
                + recognize "eucjp" MIME name as alias for "euc-jp"
                + recognize "pck" MIME name as alias for "shift_jis"
                + recognize "ansi-1251" MIME name as alias for "windows-1251"
          o modify parsdate.y to convert between EBCDIC/ASCII to work on z/OS
    * Linux:
          o bug-fixes only

Improvements for maintainability and testing:

    * modify definitions in LYStructs.h for union to cast to a
    void* rather than a long, to help with 64-bit ports
    * fix some mismatched BOOL vs BOOLEAN from compiler warnings
    due to dev.13 change to LYStructs.h
    * change a few options such as --enable-locale-charset option
    to non-experimental
    * free leaks of LYLeaks.c, to make it simpler to check it with
    a second tool such as valgrind.
    * use off_t rather than long for representing file sizes, e.g.,
    when used to print progress messages
    * use dtd_util to replace most of HTMLDTD.h and HTMLDTD.c with
    source generated from the existing tables in those files
    * rename variable defined by CF_PATHSP to PATH_SEPARATOR, use
    this consistently to ease use in later autoconf versions

As well as security-related changes:

    * modify prompt in LYLoadCGI() from 2.8.6dev.15 to always prompt
    user (from FEDORA-2008-9597), and modify compiled-in configuration
    default for consistency with other lynx.cfg settings to require
    that lynx.cfg be set to permit use of lynxcgi scripts.
    * modify logic for reading PERSONAL_EXTENSION_MAP and
    PERSONAL_MAILCAP to ensure that they are files that are controlled
    only by the user. The default values for these allow lynx to
    read configuration information from the user's current directory
    at lynx's startup.
    absolute pathnames, performing tilde expansion as needed.
    Pathnames that are not given in absolute form will be sought
    under the user's home directory as if they began with "~/".
    * ensure that the configured values for GLOBAL_EXTENSION_MAP
    and GLOBAL_MAILCAP are absolute pathnames.

And finally:

    * A lot of bug fixes
    * A lot of documentation changes.
    * A lot of dead code removed

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.25 -r1.26 pkgsrc/www/lynx/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r0 -r1.3 pkgsrc/www/lynx/patches/patch-ac
cvs rdiff -u -r1.5 -r1.6 pkgsrc/www/lynx/patches/patch-af

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