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CVS commit: pkgsrc/lang/chicken

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Sat Aug  8 15:12:25 UTC 2009

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/lang/chicken: Makefile PLIST distinfo
Added Files:
        pkgsrc/lang/chicken/patches: patch-aa

Log Message:
Update to 4.1.0, provided by Peter Bex via pkgsrc-wip (wip/chicken-current).


- The new parameter "parantheses-synonyms" and the command-line
  option "-no-parantheses-synonyms" allows disabling list-like behaviour
  of "{ ... }" and "[ ... ]" tokens
- The new parameter "symbol-escape" and the command-line
  option "-no-symbol-escape" allows disabling "| ... |" symbol escape
- Added command-line option "-r5rs-syntax" to disable CHICKEN-specific
- Added compiler command-line-option "-no-compiler-syntax"
- Deprecated "getenv" (use "get-environment-variable" instead)
- Removed "macro?" and "undefine-macro!"
- Support for Microsoft Visual Studio / MSVC has been dropped
- The compiler provides now a simple flow-analysis pass that does
  basic checking of argument-count and -types for core library procedures
  (new option "-scrutinize")
- New compiler-options "-no-argc-checks", "-no-bound-checks",
  "-no-procedure checks", "-no-procedure-checks-for-usual-bindings",
  "-types TYPEFILE" and "-consult-inline-file FILENAME"
- Added a "chicken-setup" stub-application to catch incorrect use of
  this tool (which has been replaced in 4.0.0 with "chicken-install")
- Changed "setup-install-flag" and "setup-verbose-flag" to
  "setup-install-mode" and "setup-verbose-mode" in "setup-api" module,
  the old names are still available but deprecated
- Posix unit:
  added "socket?", "block-device?" and "character-device?", deprecated
  redundant "stat-..." procedures
- Also in Posix unit: "canonical-path" has been deprecated, "normalize-pathname"
  from the "files" unit provides now most of the functionality
- Added "directory-exists?"
- "(for-each (lambda ...) X)" is compiled as a loop
- The argument-count check for format-strings for "[sf]printf" with a constant
  string argument is done at compile-time
- A stub application named "chicken-setup" is installed to catch when a
  user invokes theobsolete tool instead of the new "chicken-install".


- removed `apropos' and `apropos-list' from the "utils" library unit;
  available as an extension
- removed texinfo and PDF documentation - this will possible be added back
- replaced PCRE regex engine with Alex Shinn's "irregex" regular expression
- removed `-extension' option
- removed `-static-extensions' csc option and added `-static-extension NAME'
- `regex' unit: removed `regexp*' and `regex-optimize'
- added `CHICKEN_new_finalizable_gc_root()'
- `length' checks its argument for being cyclic
- removed custom declarations and "link-options" and "c-options" declarations
- deprecated "-quiet" option to "chicken" program
- added "-update-db" option to chicken-install
- the compiler now suggests possibly required module-imports
- moved non-standard syntax-definitions into "chicken-syntax" library unit
- the pretty-printer prints the end-of-file object readably now
- alternative conditional execution paths have separate allocation computation
  (previously the allocation of all alternatives was coalesced)
- removed unused "%kmp-search" from "srfi-13" library unit
- expander handles syntax-reexports and makes unexported syntax available
  for exported expanders in import libraries
- added checks in some procedures in the "tcp" library unit
- the macro system has been completely overhauled and converted
  to hygienic macros
- a macro-aware module system has been added
- added "-sx" option to csi
- removed the following deprecated functions:
   andmap ormap
   byte-vector? byte-vector-fill!
   make-byte-vector byte-vector
   byte-vector-set! byte-vector-ref
   byte-vector->list list->byte-vector
   string->byte-vector byte-vector->string
   make-static-byte-vector static-byte-vector->pointer
   byte-vector-move! byte-vector-append!
   set-file-position! set-user-id! set-group-id!
   macro? undefine-macro!
- the situation-identifiers "run-time" and "compile-time" have
  been removed
- the compiler options "-check-imports", "-import" and "-emit-exports"
  have been removed
- new procedures:
- new macros
- the following macros have been removed:
- "local" mode, in which locally defined exported toplevel variables can
  be inlined
- new options and declarations "[-]local", "[-]inline-global" and 
- optimization levels changed to use inlining:
  -optimize-level 3: enables -inline -local (but *not* -unsafe)
  -optimize-level 4: enables -inline -local -unsafe
- increased default inlining-limit to 20
- support for cross-module inlining
- "make <VARIABLES> bench" runs the benchmark suite
- "chicken-setup" has been replaced by new command line tools
  "chicken-install", "chicken-uninstall" and "chicken-status", which are
  more flexible and allow greater freedom when creating local or application-
  specific repositories
- extension-installation can be done directly from SVN repositories or a local
  file tree
- enabled chicken mirror site as alternative download location

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.25 -r1.26 pkgsrc/lang/chicken/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r0 -r1.14 pkgsrc/lang/chicken/patches/patch-aa

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