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CVS commit: pkgsrc/graphics/GraphicsMagick

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   obache
Date:           Sat Aug  8 04:45:28 UTC 2009

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/graphics/GraphicsMagick: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update GraphicsMagick to 1.3.6.

This release fixes many bugs, adds many improvements, and adds new
major features. Quite a few volunteers contributed to this release.

The following are the major changes since the 1.3.5 release:

Security Fixes:

* None.

Bug fixes:

* Composition was failing when the change image overlaps off the
left side of the canvas.

* EPT, PDF, PS: PDF bounding box is sometimes incorrect or not
globally applicable so don't specify bounding box when reading PDF

* OpenMP: Fix (benign) multi-thread cross-contentions (detected by
valgrind's Helgrind).

* TIFF: Fix problem with reading one bit per sample RGB images.

* TIFF: Writer was using rows-per-strip of 8 when writing
JPEG-compressed TIFF. This does not work for vertical
subsampling, and some TIFF readers insist on 16. The
rows-per-strip is now required to be a multiple of 16.

* TIFF: In some cases, the TIFF reader and writer were accessing
planar TIFF in row-order rather than plane-order, which resulted
in sever buffering problems in libtiff, and failure when
compression was used.

* -write now works usefully as documented.

* Temporary file name generator was not random enough, resulting in
some file name collisions for GraphicsMagick processes started at
the same time.

* PerlMagick: Fixed Ping on a BLOB.

* GetImageDepth was leaking memory.

* Convert/mogrify -mask option was leaking memory.

* Mogrify -output-directory option was leaking memory.

* DPX: Fixed memory leak encountered when subsampling to 4:2:2.

* DPX: Values read received insuficient scaling, which round-tripped
correctly, but rounded-down excessively if any image processing
was applied.

New Features:

* Added HRS reader for slow scan TV (contributed by Fojtik Jaroslav).

* Pthreads (POSIX threads) API may now be used under the WIN32 API.

* New access confirmation facility (MagickConfirmAccess) to allow
the API user to monitor and/or block access to files and URLs.
This allows the API user to implement a security policy based on
actual accesses.

* New color matrix function (ColorMatrixImage) to apply a color
matrix similar to Adobe Flash Flash.filters.colorMatrixFilter(),
and Windows GDI+ ColorMatrix class, (order up to 5x5) to the image
pixels. This is accessible via the -recolor command option.

* Added an IDENTITY coder to return a Hald identity CLUT image of
specified order (e.g. "identity:8").

* Added a Hald CLUT capability as described at This allows a
color transformation to be easily created and replicated on any
number of images. The algorithm is accessed by the -hald-clut
option of 'convert' and 'mogrify'. Original algorithm by Eskil
Steenberg and adapted for GraphicsMagick by Cl?ment Follet, with
additional work by Bob Friesenhahn.

* Added support for the ASC CDL transform. Available as -asc-cdl
via the 'convert' and 'mogrify' subcommands. Original
implementation by Cl?ment Follet but considerably re-worked by Bob
Friesenhahn. Implementation passes the +/- 1 count accuracy
requirement required by the ASC CDL SOP tests.

* Added support for reading CALS Type 1 format (contributed by John
Sergeant). CALS is a standard raster format used by the US
Department of Defense for storing blueprint images.

* Added a random number generation system based on George
Marsaglia's multiply-with-carry generator. Somewhat slower than
rand() but produces better random numbers with a period >2^60.
This is a much better random number generator than the C library
rand() and the algorithm is integrated in a way which maximizes
multi-thread performance.

* The 'compare' command now supports a -maximum-error option to
specify the maximum image error so that it may be used to support
boolean logic in automated test scripts.

* For OpenMP-builds, the '-list resource' output now indicates the
number of threads which will be used.

Feature improvements:

* Image resize now avoids adding "halos" around objects when
resizing an image which contains transparency (patch contributed by
Pavel Merdin).

* DICOM: The DICOM reader is completely re-written and is much more
functional now. A few features (e.g. RLE compression) are still
missing. This work is contributed by John Sergeant.

* EXIF: Unprintable characters in EXIF attribute strings are now
returned using three-digit octal notation. Unknown tags are
identified via their four-character hex value.

* PCL: PCL writer is rewritten to fix many bugs, add support for
compression, add support for 8 bit PseudoClass images, and
dramatically improve usability (work contributed by John Sergeant).

* TIFF: Allow the user to force the returned image to be TrueColor
type for min-is-white and min-is-black TIFF files.

* TIFF: User can now specify the predictor using syntax like
'-define tiff:predictor=2'.

* TIFF: User can now specify the rows-per-strip value when using
JPEG compression.

* TXT: The TXT reader is now capable of reading image files written
by the TXT writer, as well continuing to render ASCII text into an
image (work contributed by Fojtik Jaroslav).

* Utilities @file.txt syntax for including a list of files to use as
an argument now really works as expected. This may be used to
inject any other text into the command line as well. As a result,
the 'mogrify' utility may be invoked on thousands of files at once
while obtaining the list of files to process from a text file.

* The 'mogrify' utility now caches argument images so that they are
loaded only once when mogrify is used to process multiple image

Performance Improvements:

* -median and -noise now see reliable linear speedup as threads are

Behavior Changes:

* PerlMagick is configured but no longer built by default.

* Use '-interlace Line' to produce an interlaced GIF, PNG, or
progressive JPEG.

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.18 -r1.19 pkgsrc/graphics/GraphicsMagick/distinfo

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