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CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/gmime24

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Sat Jul 18 19:27:08 UTC 2009

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/mail/gmime24: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 2.4.7:

2009-04-27  Jeffrey Stedfast  <>

        * README: Bumped version

        * Bumped version to 2.4.7

        * build/vs2008/gmime.vcproj: Bumped version.

2009-04-25  Jeffrey Stedfast  <>

        * gmime/gmime-object.c (g_mime_object_set_disposition): Unref the
        disposition after setting it on the GMimeObject, don't ref it
        again. Oops.

        * gmime/gmime-message.c (unblock_changed_event): Oops, this needs
        to /unblock/ the event handler.

        * gmime/gmime-header.c (g_mime_header_list_set_raw): Added back
        just in case someone was foolish enough to use this API.
        (g_mime_header_list_has_raw): Same.

2009-04-24  Jeffrey Stedfast  <>

        * gmime/gmime-parser.c (struct _GMimeParserPrivate): Added
        message_headers_begin/end and changed the meaning of
        headers_begin/end to be for the current MIME part rather than for
        the current message itself.
        (g_mime_parser_init): Init the boolean state variables before
        calling parser_init() so that parser_init() can use them.
        (parser_init): Only create a rawbuf if our stream isn't seekable
        or isn't persistent. Initialize our new message_headers_begin/end.
        (g_mime_parser_set_persist_stream): If our persist mode has
        changed, malloc or free our rawbuf.
        (raw_header_append): Don't append any data if rawbuf is NULL (this
        means we're keeping track of offsets instead).
        (parser_step_headers): Always update headers_begin/end since we
        now always want to keep track of all header begin/end offsets.
        (parser_step): Update our message_headers_begin/end state.
        (parser_scan_message_part): Set the mime-part's raw header stream
        on the message too.
        (parser_construct_message): Same.
        (parser_construct_leaf_part): Substream the input stream to get
        our raw header stream to set on the mime-part's header-list.
        (parser_construct_multipart): Same.

        * gmime/gmime-header.c (struct _GMimeHeaderList): Instead of
        having a string buffer holding the raw header block content,
        instead keep a stream. This not only makes it easy for us to keep
        track of what the header offsets on disk are should the developer
        want to know, but it also means we don't necessarily have to use
        duplicate the header block to memory.
        (g_mime_header_list_set_stream): New function that replaces the
        old g_mime_header_list_set_raw() and looks much cleaner.
        (g_mime_header_list_get_stream): New function to access said

        * gmime/gmime-message.c: Fixed uses of
        (g_mime_message_set_mime_part): Set the message's raw header
        stream to NULL.

        * gmime/gmime-multipart.c: Same.

        * tests/test-parser.c (test_parser): Updated.

2009-04-09  Jeffrey Stedfast  <>

        * README: Bumped version

        * Bumped version to 2.4.6

2009-04-05  Jeffrey Stedfast  <>

        * gmime/gmime-encodings.c (g_mime_encoding_uudecode_step): Fixed a
        bug wrt updating uulen when the data isn't an exact multiple of 3.

        * src/uuencode.c (uuencode): Don't bother dup()ing the stdout fd, just
        use set_owner(FALSE) so that it doesn't close when we destroy the stream

        * gmime/gmime-stream-file.c (stream_read, stream_write): Don't depend on
        simple arithmetic to update our stream->position on Windows since it
        may do line-ending translation behind our backs. Call ftell() to get
        our real position after reading or writing.

        * gmime/gmime-stream-fs.c (stream_read, stream_write): Same idea.

        * gmime/gmime-utils.c (mktime_utc): Fixed the Windows code-path.
        (charset_convert): In the Windows case, fake the E2BIG error condition
        if outleft <= inleft on any error as errno doesn't seem to get
        properly set in this case.

        * tests/test-headers.c: Removed unused headers to fix the build on

2009-04-04  Jeffrey Stedfast  <>

        * gmime/gmime-stream-fs.c: Ported to Windows by #including io.h

        * examples/basic-example.c: Reverted to the old GMimeStreamFs logic
        and #included io.h for G_OS_WIN32 systems.

        * examples/imap-example.c: Ported to Windows by #including io.h and
        using g_ascii_strcasecmp().

2009-04-03  Jeffrey Stedfast  <>

        * build/vs2008: New directory for Visual Studio 2008 Solution & Project

        * gmime.vcproj: Moved to build/vs2008

        * config.h.win32: Same.

        * gmime.sln: Same.

        * examples/basic-example.c: Fixed to build under Visual Studio by
        using GMimeStreamFile instead of GMimeStreamFs and by #ifdef'ing
        out the GnuPG code.

        * tests/testsuit.[c,h]: Fixed to compile under Visual Studio which
        basically means we can't use _try() as a function. Renamed to g_try().
        Also renamed throw() to g_throw() for consistency.

2009-04-02  Jeffrey Stedfast  <>

        * tests/testsuite.c: Modified to compile without the need for

        * gmime.vcproj: Added logic to the PreBuild step to copy
        config.h.win32 to config.h

        * config.h.win32: Added.

2009-04-01  Jeffrey Stedfast  <>

        * gmime/gmime-utils.c: #include <process.h> for getpid() and ws2tcpip.h
        for getaddrinfo() on Windows platforms.
        (mktime_utc): Use _get_timezone() when building on Windows.
        (g_mime_utils_header_format_date): Windows has gmtime_s() instead
        of gmtime_r(), so use that on Windows.

        * gmime/gmime-parser.c: If glib is >= 2.14, use GRegex instead of
        glibc regex.

2009-04-01  Jeffrey Stedfast  <>

        * gmime/gmime-utils.c: Need to #include <unistd.h> for getpid().

        * gmime/gmime-stream-fs.c: Need to #include <unistd.h> here.

        * gmime/gmime-multipart-signed.c: Got rid of an unused variable.

        * gmime/gmime-message.c: Removed unused variables.

        * gmime/gmime-content-type.c: Don't need to #include
        "gmime-table-private.h" here as we don't actually use it.

        * util/gtrie.c: Disable g_warning()'s when compiled w/o
        --enable-warnings and also fixed some compile warnings.

2009-03-31  Jeffrey Stedfast  <>

        * gmime.sln: New Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Solution file for GMime.

        * gmime.vcproj: New Microsoft Visual C++ Project file for GMime.

2009-03-31  Jeffrey Stedfast  <>

        * gmime/gmime-utils.c: Removed unneeded #include <unistd.h>

        * Check for unistd.h

        * gmime/gmime-multipart.c (read_random_pool): Implement using
        rand() in the case that unistd.h is not available.

        * gmime/gmime-parser.c (parser_scan_content): Fixed 'crlf'
        argument to be a guint to make it easier to avoid compile warnings
        about comparison between signed/unsigned ints in the callers.

        * gmime/internet-address.c (internet_address_group_add_member):
        Fixed g_return macros to return a value.
        (internet_address_mailbox_get_addr): Same.

2009-03-30  Jeffrey Stedfast  <>

        * Check for regex.h

        * gmime/gmime-parser.c: #ifdef out the regex functionality if the
        system does not have regex.h

        * gmime/gmime-stream-fs.h: Don't #include <unistd.h> here.

        * gmime/gmime-stream.h: Removed #include <unistd.h> as it isn't
        needed there.

        * gmime/gmime-part.c: Removed unused includes.

        * gmime/gmime-utils.c: Only #include <sys/utsname.h> if we have
        utsname.domainname. Helps build process on Windows.

2009-03-29  Jeffrey Stedfast  <>

        * README: Bumped version

        * Bumped version to 2.4.5

2009-03-27  Jeffrey Stedfast  <>

        * gmime/gmime-stream-buffer.c: Fixed to be more diligent in setting
        errno on error.

        * gmime/gmime-stream-mmap.c: Fixed to be more diligent in setting
        errno on error.

        * gmime/gmime-stream-mem.c: Fixed to be more diligent in setting
        errno on error.
        (stream_seek): If the user seeks beyond the end of the buffer and
        bound_end is unbound, then grow the buffer (e.g. a sparse file).

        * gmime/gmime-stream-file.c: Fixed to be more diligent in setting
        errno on error.

        * gmime/gmime-stream-fs.c: Fixed to be more diligent in setting
        errno on error.

2009-03-20  Jeffrey Stedfast  <>

        * Default --enable-largefile to yes. Looks like I
        forgot to do this before rolling the version to 2.4.0 like I

        * tools/ Fixed to include the porting script in
        EXTRA_DIST (instead of extra_DIST) so that the tarball includes
        it, doh!

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