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CVS commit: pkgsrc/finance/ruby-activemerchant

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   taca
Date:           Fri Jun 12 14:02:30 UTC 2009

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/finance/ruby-activemerchant: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update ruby-activemerchant package to 1.4.2, resulting fix recent
build problem.


== Version 1.4.2 (April 24, 2009)

* Fix typo in CIM [infused]
* Add missing ISO countries [Edward Ocampo-Gooding]
* Add support for Guernsey to country.rb [cody]
* Add American Express to the MonerisGateway [cody]
* Use :words_connector instead of connector in RequiresParameters [cody]
* Fixed CreditCard not validating start_month and start_year when set as string 
* Update PostsData to support get requests [cody]
* Fix broken Quickpay remote test [cody]
* Update Quickpay gateway to v3. Add support for offsite integration for Danish 
Dankort cards [Lars Pind]
* Use default partner id when passed in :partner is blank with PayflowGateway 
* Remove PayflowGateway.certification_id [cody]
* Set Response#test? to true in TrustCommerce gateway when using the demo 
account in production [cody]
* Correctly set Sage.supported_countries [cody]
* Add BogusGateway#void [Donald Ball]
* Fix PSL gateway capturing [cody]
* Fix failed Visa debit purchases with PSL gateway start date info is present 
* Support personal fixtures file on Windows [cody]
* Clearer variable naming for BraintreeGateway#authorize [Jonathan S. Katz]
* Fix brittle tests [cody]
* Add support for duplicate window [Seamus Abshere]
* Return transaction id for PayPal refunds [jxtps435]
* Allow storage of e-checks with BraintreeGateway [jimiray]
* Add test URL to PayJunction gateway [boomtowndesigngroup]
* More robust parsing for Wirecard gateway [Soleone]
* Pass the issue number to CardStream verbatim and update test card numbers 

== Version 1.4.1 (December 9, 2008)

* Update CardStream URL. Note that you will also need to update your login id. 

== Version 1.4.0 (November 27, 2008)

* Return failed authorization when SkipJack purchase fails [Tron, cody]
* Update README [cody]
* Add metadata to CIM gateway [cody]
* Make ActionViewHelper compatible with changes to concat method in ActionPack 
* Remove PayPal and Payflow Name-Value gateways. PayPal is no longer 
terminating the Payflow XML API. [cody]
* Don't directly use the inflector in the action view helper [cody]
* Work around Rails Inflector change [cody]
* Add configurable timeouts to PostsData [Michael Koziarski]
* Add valid_sender? method to gateway integrations [Soleone]
* Fix PayPal error parsing [cody]
* Fix MIT-LICENSE [cody]
* Add a payment gateway for Website Payments Pro Canada [cody]
* Fix shipping amount option in Sage gateway [Darrick Wiebe]
* Improved message and error message handling [Soleone]
* Get Wirecard working in the Live environment [Soleone]
* Remove dead code in PayPal Common API files [cody]
* Use the PayPal short error message if the long message is empty [cody]
* Fix unit tests when being run by Cruise Control [cody]
* Add support for PayPal Fraud Review Response [cody]
* Add testing support for German Wirecard Gateway [Soleone]
* Specify required version of ActiveSupport [cody]
* Make ssl_strict a superclass_delegating_accessor so the entire application's 
validation of SSL certs can be disabled in the event of certificate problem. 
* Make Gateway.application_id a superclass_delegating_accessor so it can be set 
from outside the subclass definition [cody]
* Add Discover to the list of supported card types for Braintree [cody]
* Add support for Modern Payments gateway [Jeremy Nicoll, cody]
* Add support for EFT/ACH and Interac Online to the BeanstreamGateway [cody]
* Document the SageGateway [cody]
* Add support for echecks with SageGateway. [cody]
* Handle all successful SecurePay AU response codes [cody]
* Get SageGateway working with real test account. Improve test suite. [cody]
* Unify TrustCommerce, Payment Express, and Braintree CC storage 
* Update to use new Payflow Pro URLs [cody]
* Fix missing Content-Type header for Ruby 1.8.4 [cody]
* Fix Authorize.Net CIM response.message [patrick.t.joyce]
* Add JCB and Diners Club as supported cards to SageGateway [cody]
* Add CA country code to Sage gateway's supported countries [cody]
* Add support for Sage Payment Solutions gateway [cody]
* Add test mode detection to Beanstream [cody]
* Add support for Beanstream payment gateway [xiaobozz]
* Add support for PayPal NV Pair API. Will be used to replace the usage of the 
PayPal SOAP API in ActiveMerchant in the future [Greg Furmanek, cody]
* Protx does support UK Maestro [cody]
* Add tests for length of UK Maestro cards [cody]
* Return all the error messages and codes from paypal responses [cody]
* Fail hard when attempting to capture without a credit card with NetRegistry 
* Add support for the order fields to the create_customer_profile_transaction 
in CIM. [Patrick T. Joyce]
* Strip invalid characters and limit lengths of Protx customer data [Simon 
* Fix empty start or end dates in Protx [Simon Russell]
* Add support for CIM [Patrick T. Joyce, Ian Lotinsky]
* Add option to skip order review to all PayPal Express gateways 
[garret.alfert, cody]
* Add capturing partial amounts, fix issue number formatting, fix authorization 
string when nil values returned, fix parsing of multiple '=' characters, 
simplify message_from [Simon Russell]
* Fix StartDate in ProtxGatewy [cody]
* Add support for refunds and continuous authority references to 
DataCashGateway [joel.chippindale]
* Fix gross in HiTrust notification. Don't use Money object in Verifi gateway 
* Initial implementation of Payflow Name-Value API [Greg Furmanek]
* Add support for CyberSource credits [mjuneja]

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    pkgsrc/finance/ruby-activemerchant/PLIST \

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