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CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/pcre

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Wed May 13 10:08:27 UTC 2009

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/devel/pcre: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 7.9. Set LICENSE to modified-bsd.

Version 7.9 11-Apr-09

1.  When building with support for bzlib/zlib (pcregrep) and/or readline
    (pcretest), all targets were linked against these libraries. This included
    libpcre, libpcreposix, and libpcrecpp, even though they do not use these
    libraries. This caused unwanted dependencies to be created. This problem
    has been fixed, and now only pcregrep is linked with bzlib/zlib and only
    pcretest is linked with readline.

2.  The "typedef int BOOL" in pcre_internal.h that was included inside the
    "#ifndef FALSE" condition by an earlier change (probably 7.8/18) has been
    moved outside it again, because FALSE and TRUE are already defined in AIX,
    but BOOL is not.

3.  The pcre_config() function was treating the PCRE_MATCH_LIMIT and
    PCRE_MATCH_LIMIT_RECURSION values as ints, when they should be long ints.

4.  The pcregrep documentation said spaces were inserted as well as colons (or
    hyphens) following file names and line numbers when outputting matching
    lines. This is not true; no spaces are inserted. I have also clarified the
    wording for the --colour (or --color) option.

5.  In pcregrep, when --colour was used with -o, the list of matching strings
    was not coloured; this is different to GNU grep, so I have changed it to be
    the same.

6.  When --colo(u)r was used in pcregrep, only the first matching substring in
    each matching line was coloured. Now it goes on to look for further matches
    of any of the test patterns, which is the same behaviour as GNU grep.

7.  A pattern that could match an empty string could cause pcregrep to loop; it
    doesn't make sense to accept an empty string match in pcregrep, so I have
    locked it out (using PCRE's PCRE_NOTEMPTY option). By experiment, this
    seems to be how GNU grep behaves.

8.  The pattern (?(?=.*b)b|^) was incorrectly compiled as "match must be at
    start or after a newline", because the conditional assertion was not being
    correctly handled. The rule now is that both the assertion and what follows
    in the first alternative must satisfy the test.

9.  If auto-callout was enabled in a pattern with a conditional group whose
    condition was an assertion, PCRE could crash during matching, both with
    pcre_exec() and pcre_dfa_exec().

10. The PCRE_DOLLAR_ENDONLY option was not working when pcre_dfa_exec() was
    used for matching.

11. Unicode property support in character classes was not working for
    characters (bytes) greater than 127 when not in UTF-8 mode.

12. Added the -M command line option to pcretest.

14. Added the non-standard REG_NOTEMPTY option to the POSIX interface.

15. Added the PCRE_NO_START_OPTIMIZE match-time option.

16. Added comments and documentation about mis-use of no_arg in the C++

17. Implemented support for UTF-8 encoding in EBCDIC environments, a patch
    from Martin Jerabek that uses macro names for all relevant character and
    string constants.

18. Added to pcre_internal.h two configuration checks: (a) If both EBCDIC and
    SUPPORT_UTF8 are set, give an error; (b) If SUPPORT_UCP is set without
    SUPPORT_UTF8, define SUPPORT_UTF8. The "configure" script handles both of
    these, but not everybody uses configure.

19. A conditional group that had only one branch was not being correctly
    recognized as an item that could match an empty string. This meant that an
    enclosing group might also not be so recognized, causing infinite looping
    (and probably a segfault) for patterns such as ^"((?(?=[a])[^"])|b)*"$
    with the subject "ab", where knowledge that the repeated group can match
    nothing is needed in order to break the loop.

20. If a pattern that was compiled with callouts was matched using pcre_dfa_
    exec(), but without supplying a callout function, matching went wrong.

21. If PCRE_ERROR_MATCHLIMIT occurred during a recursion, there was a memory
    leak if the size of the offset vector was greater than 30. When the vector
    is smaller, the saved offsets during recursion go onto a local stack
    vector, but for larger vectors malloc() is used. It was failing to free
    when the recursion yielded PCRE_ERROR_MATCH_LIMIT (or any other "abnormal"
    error, in fact).

22. There was a missing #ifdef SUPPORT_UTF8 round one of the variables in the
    heapframe that is used only when UTF-8 support is enabled. This caused no
    problem, but was untidy.

23. Steven Van Ingelgem's patch to CMakeLists.txt to change the name
    CMAKE_BINARY_DIR to PROJECT_BINARY_DIR so that it works when PCRE is
    included within another project.

24. Steven Van Ingelgem's patches to add more options to the CMake support,
    slightly modified by me:

      (a) PCRE_BUILD_TESTS can be set OFF not to build the tests, including
          not building pcregrep.

      (b) PCRE_BUILD_PCREGREP can be see OFF not to build pcregrep, but only
          if PCRE_BUILD_TESTS is also set OFF, because the tests use pcregrep.

25. Forward references, both numeric and by name, in patterns that made use of
    duplicate group numbers, could behave incorrectly or give incorrect errors,
    because when scanning forward to find the reference group, PCRE was not
    taking into account the duplicate group numbers. A pattern such as
    ^X(?3)(a)(?|(b)|(q))(Y) is an example.

26. Changed a few more instances of "const unsigned char *" to USPTR, making
    the feature of a custom pointer more persuasive (as requested by a user).

27. Wrapped the definitions of fileno and isatty for Windows, which appear in
    pcretest.c, inside #ifndefs, because it seems they are sometimes already

28. Added support for (*UTF8) at the start of a pattern.

29. Arrange for flags added by the "release type" setting in CMake to be shown
    in the configuration summary.

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