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CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/vim-share

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   martti
Date:           Sun Mar 22 10:24:19 UTC 2009

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/editors/vim-share: Makefile.common distinfo

Log Message:
Updated editors/vim-share to 7.2.148

  1496  7.2.102  (after 7.2.100) BOM at start of Vim script not removed
  5153  7.2.103  tab page line isn't always updated, e.g. when 'bomb' is set
  1523  7.2.104  after ":saveas foo" the tab label isn't updated right away
  2159  7.2.105  modeline setting for 'foldmethod' overrules diff options
  3422  7.2.106  endless loop for "]s" in HTML when there are no misspellings
  1825  7.2.107  After a GUI dialog ":echo" messages are deleted
  1622  7.2.108  (after 7.2.105) can't compile without the diff feature
 11901  7.2.109  'langmap' does not work for multi-byte characters
  1407  7.2.110  compiler warning for unused variable
  2724  7.2.111  selection unclear for Visual block mode with 'cursorcolumn'
  1509  7.2.112  cursor invisible in first col in Visual mode if 'number' set
  2700  7.2.113  crash when using submatch() in substitute()
  2531  7.2.114  using wrong printf format: %d instead of %ld
  2716  7.2.115  some debugging code is never used
  1619  7.2.116  not all memory is freed when EXITFREE is defined
  2592  7.2.117  location list incorrectly labelled "Quickfix List"
  2068  7.2.118  <PageUp> at the more prompt only does half a page
  1550  7.2.119  status line is redrawn too often
  8305  7.2.120  location list is copied and then deleted when opening window
  4993  7.2.121  can't stop output of "!grep a *.c" in gvim with CTRL-C
  2472  7.2.122  invalid mem access if VimResized autocmd changes screen size
  1568  7.2.123  ":map" output continues after typing 'q' at more prompt
  3127  7.2.124  ":tselect" output continues after typing 'q' at more prompt
  3936  7.2.125  leaking memory when reading XPM bitmap for a sign
  4326  7.2.126  when EXITFREE is defined signs and keymaps are not freed
  1708  7.2.127  get another more prompt after typing 'q'
  1537  7.2.128  (after 7.2.055) ":lcd" causes invalid session file
  2229  7.2.129  opening command window from input() uses the search history
 12852  7.2.130  Vim may haing until CTRL-C is typed when using CTRL-Z
  2612  7.2.131  using wrong cursor highlighting after clearing 'keymap'
  7823  7.2.132  accessing freed memory when changing dir in SwapExists autocmd
  1665  7.2.133  ":diffoff!" changes settings in windows not in diff mode
  2314  7.2.134  compiler warnings for discarding "const" from pointer
  1991  7.2.135  memory leak when redefining user command with complete arg
  1326  7.2.136  (after 7.2.132) ":cd" still possible in SwapExists autocmd
 11328  7.2.137  wrong left shift of blockwise selection in tab when 've' set
  5428  7.2.138  extra part of 7.2.137
  2229  7.2.139  crash when 'virtualedit' is "all"
  1974  7.2.140  diff highlighting missing if Visual area starts at cursor pos
  6622  7.2.141  fixing bold spill redraws too many characters
  1753  7.2.142  Motif and Athena balloons don't use tooltip colors
  6830  7.2.143  no command line completion for ":cscope" command
  2304  7.2.144  colorscheme is reloaded when 't_Co' is set to the same value
  3379  7.2.145  white space in ":cscope find" is not ignored
  3394  7.2.146  v:warningmsg isn't used for all warnings
  1548  7.2.147  cursor in wrong position after Tab for small version
  4275  7.2.148  highlighting a character after the line doesn't always work

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs rdiff -u -r1.121 -r1.122 pkgsrc/editors/vim-share/Makefile.common
cvs rdiff -u -r1.109 -r1.110 pkgsrc/editors/vim-share/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r1.63 -r1.64 pkgsrc/editors/vim-share/

Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
copyright notices on the relevant files.

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