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CVS commit: pkgsrc/games/gnome-games

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   jmcneill
Date:           Wed Mar 18 01:03:36 UTC 2009

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/games/gnome-games: Makefile PLIST distinfo
        pkgsrc/games/gnome-games/patches: patch-ae
Added Files:
        pkgsrc/games/gnome-games/files: msgfmtstrip

Log Message:
Updated games/gnome-games to 2.26.0.

gnom-games 2.26.0

This release is the first stable release in the Gnome 2.26 desktop
module. Other than translation updates, three bugs were fixed:

 - When using Clutter, draw Aisleriot card movement animations to empty
   stacks correctly (Neil Roberts)

 - Fix crasher bug where the a dict was being changed in one thread while
   another was iterating over the dict. (Thomas H.P. Andersen, Bug
 - Fixes a crasher bug when numpy is not installed. (Thomas H.P.
   Andersen, Bug #416249)

aklapper (2):
      Updated Czech translation by Petr Pulc.
aman (2):
      updating for Gnome Punjabi Translation by A S Alam
amitakhya (1):
      Updated assamese translations
claudep (3):
      Fixed wrong term and typo.
      Updated French translation by Bruno Brouard and Claude Paroz.
      Updated French translation (synced edit with aisleriot help)
dnloreto (1):
      Updated Portuguese translation
gforcada (2):
      Updated Catalan translation by Joan Duran
gintas (2):
      Updated Lithuanian translation.
hendrikr (1):
      Updated German translation.
icq (1):
      Updated Galician Translation by Suso Baleato.
ifelix (1):
      tamil translation updated
kelemeng (2):
      Hungarian translation updated
kennethn (1):
      Updated Danish translation by Ask. H. Larsen
kkrothap (2):
      Updated Telugu Translation
mateju (2):
      Updated Slovenian translation
mgiri (2):
      Updated Oriya Translation.
      Added entries for Oriya language Translation updation.
miloc (4):
      Updated Italian translation
nshmyrev (2):
      Updated Russian translation.
pwithnall (10):
      Added British English manual translation by Jen Ockwell
      Updated British English translation.
      Added British English translations by Jen Ockwell
      Added British English to DOC_LINGUAS.
      Added British English manual translations.
rranjan (1):
      hindi update by Rajesh Ranjan
sandeeps (1):
      Updated Marathi Translations
sprasad (1):
      updated kn.po
tvainika (1):
      Added initial Finnish translation of manual by Valto Wirkola
wbolster (1):
      Updated Dutch translation by Tino Meinen.
yairhr (1):
      updated hebrew translation

gnome-games 2.25.92

This release fixes a castling bug in chess, drops and bumps the
clutter dependency when building with --enable-clutter.

  - Add creator of "Tango" card set to Artists tab in the Credits dialogue
    (Christian Persch)

  - Stop king castling when blocked by pawn (Robert Ancell)
  - Use gtk.show_uri to show help (Thomas H.P. Andersen)

  - Bump the required version of clutter to 0.8.8 (Jason Clinton)

  - Use gtk.show_uri to show help (Thomas H.P. Andersen)

  - bg: Alexander Shopov
  - ca: Gil Forcada, Joan Duran
  - el: Marios Zindilis
  - en_GB: Philip Withnall
  - eu: Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio
  - fi: Ilkka Tuohela
  - fr: Claude Paroz, Bruno Brouard
  - gu: Sweta Kothari
  - it: Milo Casagrande
  - ja: Takeshi AIHANA
  - ml: Abhishek Jacob
  - pl: wadim dziedzic
  - pt_BR: Vladimir Melo
  - sv: Daniel Nylander
  - th: Theppitak Karoonboonyanan

gnome-games 2.25.91

This second beta release brings many bugfixes to aisleriot and also many
code cleanups all over the place. Bugs from bugbuddy are now sent to a new
component 'BugBuddyBugs' to help manage the bug flow. The new Gnometris 
engine based on Clutter is feature complete, though a few bugs remain to be
squashed. The engine was massively revamped to make it more responsive to
keyboard controls. This rendering engine will be the default in 2.27. For now,
it is enabled with --enable-clutter. Due to limitations in Mesa software
rendering, you cannot currently play this engine without hardware acceleration.

  - Send bug from bugbuddy to new component 'BugBuddyBugs' (Jason Clinton,
    Thomas H.P. Andersen)
  - Rewrite of GamesFrame (Christian Persch)
  - Code cleanups (Christian Persch, Thomas H.P. Andersen)
  - Autogenerate changelogs in po/ from commitlogs (Christian Persch)

  - Fix cards disappearing without pairs in Thirteen (Vincent Povirk)
  - Be more strict about allowing drops in Valentine (Vincent Povirk)
  - Fix crash when clicking an empty stock in Sir Tommy (Vincent Povirk)
  - Always reshuffle the deck properly in Scuffle (Vincent Povirk)
  - Respect the temporary slot setting in the hint code in Ten Across (Vincent

  - Fixed a translator comment (Claude Paroz)

  - New clutter rendering engine (Jason Clinton)

 - da: Ask H. Larsen
 - de: Hendrik Richter
 - es: Daniel Mustieles, Jorge Gonzalez
 - eu: Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio
 - he: Yair Hershkovitz, Mark Krapivner
 - hu: Gabor Kelemen
 - ro: Adi Roiban
 - sv: Daniel Nylander
 - vi: Clytie Siddall
 - zh_HK: Chao-Hsiung Liao
 - zh_TW: Chao-Hsiung Liao

gnome-games 2.25.90

This is the first beta release of gnome-games. Starting the stabilization period
this release includes fixes for two crasher bugs introduced in 2.25 as well as
some compiler warnings. Mahjongg got a scalable icon and lots of translations
were updated.

  - Separate needed CFLAGS into each games makefile (Thomas H.P. Andersen)
  - Fix warnings with -DGDK_PIXBUF_DISABLE_DEPRECATED (Thomas H.P. Andersen)

  - Fix compiler warnings (Christian Persch)

  - Fix GGZ config file exception handler typo (Robert Ancell)

  - Translate renderer-noclutter.cpp not renderer.cpp (Jason Clinton)
  - Fix for crash when setting background image by dnd (Thomas H.P. Andersen)

  - Add scalable icon (Andreas Nilsson, Robert Ancell)

 - de: Mario Blättermann
 - el: Jennie Petoumenou
 - es: Jorge Gonzalez
 - fi: Ilkka Tuohela
 - ko: Changwoo Ryu
 - mr: Sandeep Shedmake
 - pl: Joanna Mazgaj

gnome-games 2.25.5

The gnome-games team is proud to release another version with lots of nice
improvements. Many of the changes are under the hood but the users can look
forward to lower mem usage and a new game in aisleriot, possibility to add
network profiles in chess, and also undo support in chess. We hope you'll love
it :)

  - Move GThread and gettext initialisation into games_runtime_init() (Christian
  - Refactored card themes code (Christian Persch)
  - Change xml entities to utf-8 (Jason Clinton)
  - Fixed typoed XML files (Jason Clinton)
  - Allow ChangeLog from git-svn (Jason Clinton)
  - Distcheck and warning fixes (Thomas H.P. Andersen)
  - Add msg context to translations (Christian Persch)

  - Reduce memory usage in aisleriot/clutter by only caching the
    card textures and not the GdkPixbufs (Christian Persch)
  - Reduce graphics memory usage by drawing highlighted cards with
    a different colour instead of creating a separate texture for it (Christian
  - New game "Accordion" (by Ed Sirett in #526392)
  - Fix Treize in click-to-move mode (Christian Persch)

  - Add ability to resign AI vs. AI games (Robert Ancell)
  - Made GGZ config writable so dialogs can update it (Robert Ancell)
  - Added dialog to add new network profiles (Robert Ancell)
  - Added undo support (Robert Ancell)

 - de: Andre Klapper
 - el: Marios Zindilis
 - es: Jorge González
 - nb: Kjartan Maraas
 - sv: Daniel Nylander

gnome-games 2.25.4

This release brings the beginnings of an implementation of Clutter-based
Gnometris and a few minor tweaks to GLChess.

Gnometris renders with Clutter in an extremely rudamentary way, as a first
milestone on the way to a fully-canvas driven game engine. Right now, it's just
two ClutterCairo surfaces, background and foreground, which are used as
compositors. These two actors will end up staying: background for--eh--the
background, and foreground for display of Pango text. An intermediate layer will
be introduced on which game pieces are actually animated, rotated and exploded.

Sadly, even this stupid way of rendering is faster than the old method.

This pre-alpha 'leaks' memory like gang-busters, also. I do not know if it is
merely a i915 driver bug or something more fundamental. It's not a 'leak' in the
traditional sense: all the textures that are 'leaked' are still reachable in the
i915 driver code. It leaks on the order of 1MB of memory per frame of animation.
This will be fixed either by doing things the Right Way or mitigating i915 leaks
by avoiding the use of texture uploads at all costs (a tile cache).

Hopefully, the final rendering infrastructure will be in place by the next
development release.

  - Implement Clutter-based rendering surfaces (Jason D. Clinton)

  - Catch keyboard interrupts in AI monitor process
  - Apply antialias setting on new game (Robert Ancell, Bug #565743)
  - Ignore unexpected messages from the GGZ server (Robert Ancell, Bugs #559193,
  - Fix UI bug when players join a room (Robert Ancell)
  - Change GGZ language from hardcoded en_NZ.UTF-8 to use environment variable
    LANG (Robert Ancell, Bug #565402)
  - Describe reason for GGZ disconnection (Robert Ancell, Bug #564515)
  - Mark load game filters as translatable (Claude Paroz, Bug #565162)

  - nb: Kjartan Maraas
  - es: Daniel Mustieles
  - fr: Claude Paroz
  - el: Evgenia Petoumenou, Marios Zintilis
  - de: Mario Blättermann

gnome-games 2.25.3

This release brings a few UI improvements to the games. Beating the high score
in a game is now congratulated in the high score dialog and gtali now defaults 
the name of the player who won if there are multiple human players. Chess got
its "New Game" dialog cleaned up and mahjongg saw numerous great improvements.

  - Move the card textures cache to libgames-support (Christian Persch)
  - Move clutter-embed to libgames-support. (Christian Persch)
  - Use different message for getting the top score versus getting a score in
    the top ten (Robert Ancell)
  - Use g_timeout_add_seconds where possible (Thomas H.P. Andersen)

  - Add setting to enable animations (Christian Persch)

  - Removed icons from new game dialog for a cleaner design (Andreas Nilsson)

  - Use GamesClutterEmbed instead of ClutterGtkEmbed (Christian Persch)

  - Make the High score table allow the user to change name to someone other
    than their username. (Geoff Buchan)

  - Reword the change map dialog (Robert Ancell)
  - Use selected tile for hint if possible (Robert Ancell)
  - Refactor new game code so all state is correctly reset (Robert Ancell)
  - Add new game button when no more moves (Claude Paroz, Robert Ancell)
  - When cannot shuffle tiles don't display shuffle button in 'no moves' dialog
    (Robert Ancell)
  - Update documentation to correct the description of the high score dialog
    (Robert Ancell)

  - de: Mario Blättermann
  - sk: Marcel Telka

gnome-games 2.25.2

Lots of exciting new things in this release. The most user visible stuff are
the addition of Terrace aka Queen of Italy to aisleriot, anti-aliasing support
for Chess and fewer wakeups in Five or more, Iagno and Same-gnome.

The beginning scafolding for gnometris clutter support has also been added;
this is a compile-time option enabled by --enable-clutter. Note that none of the
game logic has been checked in yet.

  - Code cleanups and warnings (Robert Ancell, Christian Persch, Thomas 
    Zhang Sen)
  - High score lists are now always selectable (Thomas Andersen, Jason Clinton)
  - Makefile modernisation (Christian Persch)
  - Use games-runtime to locate files (Christian Persch)
  - Clean up linking in networked game servers (Robert Light)

  - Move hint code to AisleriotGame (Christian Persch)
  - Only update the game options once when chaning a radio option
    (Vincent Povirk)
  - Add Terrace aka Queen of Italy (Vincent Povirk, David Rogers)
  - Be more strict about rules in Seahaven (Vincent Povirk)
  - Rewrite Baker's Game rules (Vincent Povirk)

  - window-state-event callback needs to return gboolean, not void.
    (Christian Persch)

  - Added anti-aliasing support (Robert Ancell)

Glines, iagno, same-gnome:
  - Only run animation timer during animation (Robert Ancell)

  - Change Gnibbles to Nibbles in user visible strings (Thomas Andersen)

  - Scafolding for clutter support (Jason Clinton)
  - Use correct name in g_set_application_name (Jason Clinton)

  - Fix crasher bugs: #523062, #436275, #486385, #421487, #532937 (Robert 
  - Handle errors loading stock icons (Robert Ancell)
  - Show highlighter at game launch (Zhang Sen)

  - cs: Marek Lisy
  - de: Mario Blättermann, Ulf Ehlert
  - es: Jorge Gonzalez, Daniel Mustieles

gnome-games 2.25.1

This is the first 2.26 development release.

A huge amount of kudos should go out to Neil for his work on clutter and Thomas
for his work on killing off libgnome.


Gnome Games now optionally depends on clutter. We have run some preliminary
testing of clutter rendering on Intel, NVidia and ATI hardware and are
satisfied with the hardware accelerated state of things with regard those
specific hardware use cases. However, a wide range of graphics hardware still--
in 2008--doesn't have OpenGL acceleration. We have tested software-based
rendering with Mesa 7.2 and clutter and found it a little lacking, even on a
modern CPU.

Therefore, at this time, we recommend that clutter only be enabled by default
by distributors that ensure that OpenGL acceleration is working for hardware
from the three major vendors: Intel, NVidia and ATI.

We hope that in the future, low-hanging fruit in the Mesa software rendering
pipeline can be fixed enabling even software-fallback to work optimally for the
subset of OpenGL functions needed for rendering a clutter stage.


All games:
  - GTK req. bumped to 2.14.0 for libgnome killoff (thomashpa, chpe)
  - Remove directory defines from CPPFLAGs (chpe)
  - Kill off libgnome usage (thomashpa, chpe) YAY! All games now start faster!
  - Whitespace cleanups
  - All games now build with gtk-only. libxml now checked for independently.
  - -lSM is now only added in the XSMP case (chpe)
  - ggz-gtk dropped libgnome requirement, also.
  - GNOME_MAINTAINER_MODE_DEFINES enabled, maintainer_mode also (chpe)
  - ggz-gtk now builds better when out of srcdir (chpe)
  - Update libegg, add egg_sm_client (thomashpa, chpe)
  - -Wformat-security fixups (chpe)
  - -Werror fixups (chpe)
  - games-runtime: add runtime directory provider (thomashpa)
  - Refactor accel map loading code to load the accel map from
    .config/gnome-games/${game}.accels even in the HAVE_GNOME case, if the game
    doesn't use GnomeProgram (e.g. aisleriot). (chpe)
  - Scores: use g_get_user_name when g_get_real_name returns empty. Patch by
    Morita Sho in bug #544376 (chpe)
  - Read saved window configuration from correct GConf group (affects gnometris,
    gnibbles, gnobots) (Bug #544389) (rancell)

  - GUI sensitivity fixups (thomashpa)
  - Guard against accidental dancer activation Patch by Zhang Sen. (thomashpa)
  - Add, not overwrite, time and also remember to actually save the time in the
    file. Fixes bug #556155 (thomashpa)
  - Correct typo in error message that led to an exception. Patch by Zhang Sen
    in bug #530380 (thomashpa)

  - Fix warning (thomashpa)
  - Fix SM issue with -lSM

  - Aisleriot now optionally animated and accelerated in OpenGL through the use
    of clutter. Try it with --enable-clutter to configure. (Neil Roberts)
  - A littel clutter cleanup (chpe)
  - Check for HAVE_GNOME again (thomashpa)
  - Remove duplicate include (thomashpa)
    missing includes. (chpe)

  - Don't display failed to claim draw dialog when successfully claimed draw
  - Added support for Figurine Algebraic Notation (FAN) (Bug #556803) (rancell)
  - Fix crash in error handler when GGZ connection closed (Bug #553982)
  - Fix crash in empty scene when no AI engines available (Bug #551844)
  - Implement GGZ config parser instead of using Python config parser which does
    not handle '%' characters as GGZ does (Bug #554108) (rancell)
  - Ignore GGZ server remove player/table for unknown players/tables
    (Bug #545155) (rancell)
  - Handle exceptions loading OpenGL textures (Bug #548916) (rancell)
  - Reset pause menu when starting new game (gnomine, gnotravex) (Bug #552391)
  - Only allow one new/load game dialog to be visible at once. (Bug #546702)
  - Fix incorrect function call for single buffered 3D display (Bug #555567)
  - Fix errors detected by pychecker (rancell)
  - Handle fork() errors in AI processes (Bug #530425) (rancell)

  - Use games-runtime to locate its files (thomashpa)
  - Undoing 5 of a kind reduces the score by 50 as there might be multiple
    scores (Geoff Buchan, Bug #537673) (rancell)

  - Fix memory leak (thomashpa)
  - Reset pause menu when starting new game (gnomine, gnotravex) (Bug #552391)

  - Stop game immediately completing when started from high score dialog
    (bug #558904, rancell)
  - Stop paused tiles becoming visible after changing colour settings
    (Bug #550023) (Damian Peterson)

  - Use games-runtime to locate its files (thomashpa)

  - Fix missing prototypes warnings. (chpe)
  - Reclassify Gnibbles as Arcade game not logic game (Bug #553484) (rancell)

  - Fix constant string cast insanity (thomashpa)

  - Port game rules to GKeyFile

  - Use games-runtime to locate its files (thomashpa)

 - ca: Joan Duran
 - de: Mario Blättermann, Hendrik Richter
 - es: Jorge Gonzalez
 - et: Ivar Smolin
 - fr: Claude Paroz
 - fi: Timo Jyrinki
 - gl: Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
 - nb: Kjartan Maraas
 - pt_BR: Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle
 - sl: mateju
 - ta: Felix
 - zh_HK: Chao-Hsiung Liao
 - zh_TW: Chao-Hsiung Liao

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cvs rdiff -u -r1.24 -r1.25 pkgsrc/games/gnome-games/distinfo
cvs rdiff -u -r0 -r1.1 pkgsrc/games/gnome-games/files/msgfmtstrip
cvs rdiff -u -r1.5 -r1.6 pkgsrc/games/gnome-games/patches/patch-ae

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