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CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/puppet

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   tonnerre
Date:           Sun Feb  8 23:01:56 UTC 2009

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/sysutils/puppet: Makefile PLIST distinfo
Added Files:
        pkgsrc/sysutils/puppet/patches: patch-aa patch-ab patch-ac
Removed Files:
        pkgsrc/sysutils/puppet/patches: patch-ad

Log Message:
Update Puppet to version 0.24.7. Changes since 0.24.5:
 - Fixing puppetlast to make it work with 0.24.5 / 0.25.  Made puppetlast
   work on 0.24.5 by using the YAML indirector.
 - Fixed bug #1448: Puppet CA incorrectly writes out all certs to
   inventory .txt on each certificate signing.
 - Improve performance of group lookups.
 - Allow specification of --bindir --sbindir --sitelibdir --mandir --destdir
   in installation (TODOFIXME: Make it available to pkgsrc).
 - Ensure that we consistently use either string #{} interpolation or
   String.% interpolation, not both, to avoid issues where a #{}
   interpolated value contains a % character.
 - Expose all puppet variables as instance member variables of the
   template wrapper.
 - Updated console colours.
 - A working script to create an OS X pkg out of the Puppet repository.
 - Removed confine warning.
 - Add proxy configuration capability to yum repo.
 - Replaced use of Facter for report titling with certname.
 - Added stored configuration clearing script to /ext.
 - Add the -P/--ping option to puppetrun.
 - Storeconfiguration fixed for Rails 2.1.
 - Fixed poor stored configuration performance.
 - Added HP-UX package provider.
 - Moved individual functions out of functions.rb into
   lib/puppet/parser/functions directory.  New functions should be created
   in this directory.
 - Case insensitive match for error.
 - Removed storeconfig duplicate indexes.
 - Fixed leak in template.
 - Added spec Rake task.
 - Added simple rake task for running unit tests.
 - Added daemontools and runit providers for service type.
 - Changed permissions for man directory.
 - Fix exception for undefined hostname.
 - puppetmaster.freshness xmlrpc call returns incorrect type.
 - Adds HP-UX support for user type.
 - Updated Red Hat spec file.
 - Fixed debug messages in package type.
 - Changed password property of the user type.
 - Fixed debug messages in package type.
 - Adjusted hpuxuseradd user provider to confine to HP-UX and fixed HP-UX
   user provider path regression.
 - Puppet and Facter cannot both install the plist module into two
   different locations.
 - Puppet::Util::binary returns incorrect results.
 - Fixed issues with file descriptors leaking into subprocesses.
 - ldap user and password are now used with the default connection.
 - File purging now fails if remote sources do not exist.
 - Errors in the Puppet RPM spec file.
 - puppetrun now working.
 - Added support for multiple template directories.
 - Added support for appended variables.
 - Fixed puppetca --clean --all.
 - Internally, Property#retrieve is no longer called when no 'should'
   value is available for a resource.
 - Defined, exported resources in the current compile now get expanded
 - Multiple metaparams all get added to resources.
 - Added ubuntu to defaultfor for Debian service provider.
 - Added ubuntu to defaultfor for apt provider.
 - added confines for the gentoo, freebsd and smf (solaris) service
 - Added a number of confines to package providers.
 - ssh_authorized_keys provider does not crash anymore on SSH type 1 keys.
 - Raise "Filebucketed" messages to Notice priority.
 - You should now be able to create and find a user/group in one
 - Users and their groups should again add in one transaction.
 - Modified the behaviour of resource-level 'retrieve' -- it only calls
   'retrieve' on each property if the resource exists.
 - Modified the group and zone resource types to no longer call
   'currentpropvalues' as a means of setting all values to absent. There
   should be no behaviour change from this change.
 - Deploying file resources with ++ generates error.
 - Added support for running Puppet inside a Rack application (mod_rails)
   with Passenger and Apache.
 - Saving File#checksum to state.yaml broken.
 - Allow complex 'if' and variable expressions.
 - Add 'sles' to Puppet confines when 'suse' is used.
 - Specifying "fully qualified" package names in Gentoo.
 - Added RBAC roles to solaris user provider.
 - Updated puppet binary documentation.
 - The client environment will be substituted when looking up settings.
 - Changed node search to use certname rather than Facter hostname.
 - Environments no longer have to be listed out.
 - Multiline strings now correctly increment the line count.
 - Log messages are now tagged with the log level, making it easier to
   match messages in the 'tagmail' report.
 - Removed 'Adding aliases' info message.
 - pluginsync no longer fails poorly when no plugins exist.
 - Allow multiple overrides in one statement.
 - Added support for --detailed-exits to bin/puppet.
 - yum provider problems with RHEL 3.
 - Puppetd no longer stops with error after puppetmasterd is unavailable.
 - Collection attribute matching doesn't parse arrays.
 - With an inexistant (global) templatedir, modules can't access their
 - Uninitialized constant Puppet::Type::User::ProviderUseradd.
 - puppetdoc -r providers now working again.
 - Updated OSX package cleanup.
 - Service puppet status does not work as non-root on redhat system.
 - Provider::Confine::Variable tests are broken.
 - Regression relating to facter fact naming from 0.24.5.
 - Enhance redhat puppetmaster init.d script to easy start puppetmaster as
   a mongrel cluster.
 - Configuration Reference still references 'section'.
 - Adding support to the user type for: profiles, auths, project,
   key/value pairs (extension to Solaris RBAC support added in 0.24.6).
 - Added multiline comment support.
 - Added support for @doc type and manifest documentation support - see:
 - Added augeas type.
 - Removed conf/debian directory - Debian packaging information now
   maintained downstream.
 - Updated Red Hat spec file for 0.24.6.
 - Classes and nodes should set $name variable.
 - Type reference: tidy should specify manditory parameters.
 - All logs should now show up in the reports.
 - Added specific recurse values for tidy.
 - k5login fails to set mode when file is created.
 - Documentation should specify natural language regexs, not Regexp
 - Spurious output in test run.
 - Added uninstall functionality to yum provider.
 - Added preseed to apt uninstall and purge.
 - Unsafe crontab handling in Solaris.
 - Include spec directory in packages.
 - Replaced SELInux calls to binaries with Ruby SELinux bindings.
 - Sync SELinux file attributes after file contents created/modified.
 - Add filesystem type check to test for per-file SELinux context support.
 - Fixes to confine system.
 - Moved RRD feature from util/metric.rb to feature/base.rb.
 - puppetca now can clean unsigned certs.
 - Added versionable feature to the RPM provider.
 - Add an optional argument to Puppet::Util.execute to determine whether
   stderr and stdout are combined in the output.
 - Mac OS X DirectoryService nameservice provider support for plist output
   and password hash file.
 - Fileserver test fails due to incorrect mocking.
 - Minor fix to emacs mode.
 - Trivial fix for gentoo service provider.
 - Solaris 10 zone provider doesn't properly handle unknown zone
   attributes in newer releases.
 - nagios_serviceescalation not allowing host_name more than one type.
 - nagios_servicedependency needs a unique host_name?
 - Removing all mention of EPM, RPM, or Sun packages.
 - Refactoring of SELinux functions to use native Ruby SELinux interface.
 - Removing the included testing gems; you must now install them yourself.
 - Refactoring the thread-safety in Puppet::Util.
 - Added Rake :ci namespace and CI tasks.
 - Slight denormalisation to store a host's environment as a first class.
 - Add inline_template function.
 - Splay now hopefully behaves "better" for small values.
 - MCX Type feature.
 - Add ZFS support.
 - Add support for branded zones.
 - Fixing the AST constant warnings, using a variable instead of a
 - Allow rspec rake to run only some tests.
 - Using a mutex around the sending of the tagmails.
 - Add macauthorization type.
 - Deprecate the NetInfo nameservice provider. Use directoryservice
 - All of the properties and now :ensure check replace?
 - Rteturning sync when it is already initialized.
 - Tidy now correctly ignores missing files and directories.
 - Use 'zfs get -H -o value' instead of parsing output for value.
 - Zfs should auto require the ancestor file systems.
 - nagios_serviceescalation not allowing host_name more than one type.
 - nagios_servicedependency needs a unique host_name?
 - Added VDev and MultiVDev properties to the ZPool type.

NetBSD related changes:
 - Fix default NetBSD init script path to /etc/rc.d.
 - Use FreeBSD init service provider for NetBSD.
 - When enabling services on NetBSD, use servicename=YES rather than
 - Use OpenBSD package provider for NetBSD.

Pkgsrc related changes:
 - Added unit tests to package.
 - Fixed confdir paths in default config file generation scripts and some
   other stuff.
 - Create puppet.conf rather than puppetmasterd.conf.

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    pkgsrc/sysutils/puppet/PLIST pkgsrc/sysutils/puppet/distinfo
cvs rdiff -r0 -r1.4 pkgsrc/sysutils/puppet/patches/patch-aa \
cvs rdiff -r0 -r1.3 pkgsrc/sysutils/puppet/patches/patch-ab
cvs rdiff -r1.1 -r0 pkgsrc/sysutils/puppet/patches/patch-ad

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