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CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/p5-WWW-Curl

Module Name:    pkgsrc
Committed By:   wiz
Date:           Thu Jan  8 13:22:24 UTC 2009

Modified Files:
        pkgsrc/www/p5-WWW-Curl: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Update to 4.05:

4.05 Sat Jul 06 2008: - Balint Szilakszi <szbalint at>

    - Corrected the duphandle mechanism.
    - Fixed a typo (fixes RT #37253).
    - Added better Windows compatibility detection and separate
      installation instructions (thanks to Shiyu Tang).

4.04 Sat Jun 21 2008: - Balint Szilakszi <szbalint at>

    - Test::More and use_ok at begin time doesn't mesh with no plan.

4.03 Sat Jun 21 2008: - Balint Szilakszi <szbalint at>

    - Removing option to pass destination files as a typeglob as
      it is a backwards pointing magic and caused bugs.
      Use a filehandle or reference instead.
    - Fixed tests for 5.6, raised minimum Perl version to 5.6.1 due to tests.
    - Fixed a duphandle bug.

4.02 Thu Jun 19 2008: - Balint Szilakszi <szbalint at>

    - Adding forgotten backwards compatibility with older Perl versions

4.01 Wed Jun 18 2008: - Balint Szilakszi <szbalint at>

    - Reimplemented callback handling to fix several I/O issues (fixes RT 
    - Documentation showing example WWW::Curl::Multi usage is corrected (fixes 
RT #35520)
    - Should now compile on HP-UX and OSX (fixes RT #36058 and #35349)
    - POD validity fix (fixes RT #15850)
    - Added several new tests
    - Upgraded to Module::Install 0.75 as it now exits correctly on build time
      with NA if the required libcurl isn't available.

4.00 Wed Mar 05 2008: - Balint Szilakszi <szbalint at>
    - Rewritten documentation.
    - New test suite.
    - New build system: using Module::Install instead of ExtUtils::Makemaker.
    - New minimal requirements, Perl 5.6 and libcurl 7.10.8.
    - New WWW::Curl::Multi interface.
    - Removed WWW::Curl::easy.
    - Removed compatibility code for pre 7.10.8 libcurl.
    - Added lots of small improvements to setopt and friends.
    - Bugfixes, mainly for memory leaks.

3.12 Wed Feb 27 2008: - Cris Bailiff <c.bailiff+curl at>
    - New was missed from the MANIFEST, so was not in the 
distribution. Fixed.

3.11 Mon Feb 25 2008: - Cris Bailiff <c.bailiff+curl at>
    - Merge recent contributions.
    - Updates from various small bug/build reports

3.10 Fri Feb 22 2008: - Anton Fedorov <datacompboy at>
    - Fix documentation for multi interface
    - Added WWW::Curl::Share
    - Added strerror into Easy and Multi interfaces
    - Added support for CURLOPT_DEBUGFUNCTION in Easy interface

3.02_01 Tue Jan 29 2008: - Mark Hindley
    - Contributed CURLOPT_*_LARGE support

3.02_00 Fri Sep 16 2005: - Cris Bailiff <c.bailiff+curl at>
    - Workaround case-sensitive filename issues by making equivalent Easy
      names in easy namespace
    - Test scripts - Fixup ssl tests and remove leftover MUTE option
    - NOTE: That due to namespace changes (easy->Easy) you must change any 
      code to 'use WWW::Curl::Easy' instead of 'use WWW::Curl::easy', but
      you can still use the WWW::Curl::easy function names until they
      are removed in a future release.
    - Tested on Redhat EL3 (curl 7.10.6) and Mandrake 10.1 (curl 7.13.1)

3.01  Thu Apr 20 2004: - Cris Bailiff <c.bailiff+curl at>
    - Merged Sebastians changes into CVS
    - Updated remaining tests to Test::Simple
    - Added backwards compatability to V2 names (WWW::Curl::easy etc)
    - Dropped backwards compatability to V1.x names

3.00  Thu Feb 12 2004: - Sebastian Riedel <sri at>
    - Added multi support
    - New module names
    - New tests
    - New documentation
    - New examples
    - Big cleanup!!!
    - Too much to tell, it's worth an upgrade

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